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No Death In This Life

Chapter 3

No News is Bad News


"Good, we wouldn't want any problems,"

The servant found himself against a wall…and slowly…




Monique hummed to herself as she turned the key to her house. She really didn't know the song or for that matter care. It seemed to be pointless to wonder as she was reliving her date tonight in her mind. Actually, very little seemed to matter now afterwards. All that matter was that she had an awesome date with Felix Renton. Life seemed to glow as she skipped all the way up to the stairs of her home. As she twirled (a tad over the edge but hey, this had been the first date she had been truly thrilled about in about eight months) around she noticed there was a message on the home phone.

It actually wasn't her home phone, her parents actually. She had decided that she would reside there until she moved to her new dorm room. The dorm room that was about ten miles or so-down the street from Middleton University, really-from where he would be staying at the Middleton Institute of Technology (MIT). (Yes, after a truly long and trying court battle Massachusetts's was renamed the FMIT (Former Mass. Institute of Technology).) It had been the whole reason he had come back to Middleton after a year in Florida. Well, that and her he had said slyly during their date.

It had actually been by chance that they had met up and then Felix had asked her out, Monique remembered wistfully as she walked over to the phone. He had walked into Ron first, had a heart attack upon realizing that Ron was holding Kim's hand (he had left before the Junior Prom due to an urgent transfer to Florida because of his mom's work) as he walked Kim to work at Club Banana, then walked into CB with them, before seeing Monique and then eventually asking her out. To an observer it may seem like Valentine's Day playing out over again but this time she returned the attraction. Not just that, she truly enjoyed and fully returned the attraction. Her face lit up as she remembered kissing him (and him shocked for three seconds) and then him kissing her back as she bade him good night at her doorstep. He was a really good kisser. Monique remembered to call Kim and gush about him for three hours. Or more. she grinned slyly. Monique felt she was owed that honor as she had listened to Kim's gushes after her dates with Ron. (And she hadn't rolled her eyes more than once every five minutes.)

Dating Felix had so many perks.

A lump caught up in her thoat. Were they dating? After about 8 months was she going to actually have a relationship? God, she hoped so. The Wade ordeal had done little to help resolve the matter.

Felix was just so…Felix. There was no other way to describe him. He excited her. He was smart and informative. He was a lot like Ron actually, but smarter. Plus he had those bright handsome, cute, and simply gorgeous blue eyes. And the way his whole face lit up when he smiled made her go weak at the knees. She remembered the elegantlance of the restaurant that was prefect but not too flashy for a first date. And he looked so stinkin' hot in that light blue t-shirt that was fashionably un-tucked with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. Then he had those dark blue jeans that she was sure were above the typical guy bought-at-Smarty-Mart clothes. That had to mean something.

She glanced quickly at the clock. Shoot. 1:45. Oh well, she was a legal adult, so her parents couldn't be that mad. Well, she hoped. Maybe Kim was still up. Monique hadn't heard from her since yesterday when Kim mentioned Ron would be coming over for movies and snackage. (His words not mine, had been her plea.) Well, no news was good news right?

Wait, wasn't she supposed to be checking the phone's messages? Oops.

She quickly crossed the rest of the distance as strained her ears to hear if Felix had left yet in his specialized car. She would have to call him in twenty minutes, just to give him a chance to ask her out again. That and she still wanted to talk to him about pro-wrestling and he wanted to tell her about a game called Mummy Mayhem. Or was in Zombie Mayhem? It was one or the other, of that she was sure.

She pressed the play button on her answering machine. She quietly hummed to herself again as she waited.

A plain voice that sounded like she had said this a million times began. "Hello! This is your friendly neighborhood Middleton Hospital." Here Ron said his name "Ron Stoppable would like to inform you that," Here the voice of Mrs. Dr. Possible said her daughter's name. "Kim Possible is here in Room 108 and would like to invite you to visit. Thank you and have a great evening." But Monique did not hear the rest of the message for she had already dashed out the door, grabbing her discarded purse and cell phone left next to the phone.

After becoming a member of Team Possible, she knew more about the dangers they faced every time they went out to defeat villains. She knew of the pain some of them had caused and the stress they could have so easily avoided. But, they still they kept beating them, knowing they were probably the only people who could. They seemed to evade danger easily, but had their luck run out?

As Monique whipped out her cell phone, she realized what had scared her the most.

Kim wasn't well enough or, Monique gulped, alive enough to say her own name.

This wasn't supposed to happen.


"No, I won't let you leave,"

"Please, what did you ever care,"

"But I care now! And…I'm sorry,"

"I don't think I've ever heard such words come out of your mouth,"

"I'll even forgive for that if you stay,"

"Tut, tut, how impatient we've become," He smiled as he took her in his arms. "Has that Irish in you reared its ugly head?"

"Yes, I know how much you seem to enjoy it,"

Bonnie ejected the video. Like she really needed anything else to prove how pathetic she was watching some stupid tearjerker to bring her out of her misery. As well as the gallon of chocolate ice cream in her hands. And the credit card bill she would be receiving as she looked helplessly at the shopping bags from Dacy's, J.C. Nickeel's, and other stores.

Well, it was hard for her to just let go like that after all. After 4 years of on and off dating with Brick Flag, he had actually said, "It was over," and he had meant it. It was her who decided when she wanted to date him and when she didn't want to date him. He should be lucky that she should grace him with her presence. After college he was nothing. He would be a standard "I was cool in high school and was a big shot in college." He really did have no future, she told herself impudently. She was better off without him. She crossed her arms. There that was it. He was nothing more than a simply boyfriend.

,,,Who she had had for 4 years. No, it wasn't a continuous relationship at all. It wasn't consistent or anything important. It had just been a relationship for her status. Nothing more, nothing less. Then why did she care?

And then why was she was acting as Possible would if Ron broke up with her?

She snorted. Like that would ever happen. Ron was bound to pop the question before they went to college. She would have to get used to them around a lot considering…

That was a whole other rant. The fact that she had that small-chested goody-two shoes as a roommate during her four years of college was unthinkable. That she would now have to deal with Possible running in and out at all times of day. That she would have to stand her bossy attitude…

Ugh, sometimes it would be better if she didn't exist.

And worse, Bonnie considered as she looked to her left, Tara wasn't going to be there. Admittedly, Bonnie had not been the best of best friends she could have been and didn't seem to care, but now she more acutely realized how much she herself needed Tara's bright and happy sprit. Or just the fact that she needed one person in the world she could share her burdens with. Tara was a loyal friend and as much as Bonnie hated to admit it, she needed her more than Tara needed her. She did give Tara popularity by being best friends with her as Bonnie was a popular ice queen who always dated the right guy, but it wasn't enough. Tara was too sweet and loving to say a mean thing to anyone and there was something about her that Bonnie hated yet desired. It was a similar thing inside Possible. The thing that everybody loved them, yet no one loved her.

Curse that stupid Brick. Curse Tara with her cheerfulness and going to Go City University instead of staying here. Curse that stupid Possible for overshadowing her.

What was worse was that Possible seemed to do no wrong. She was prefect in every single way, when Bonnie herself was not. Kim had been the cheer captain since freshman year (with exception of Bonnie's brief two week period). Kim had the prefect grades. Kim had the prefect family. Kim was the one who everybody loved. Kim had a boyfriend who would always be there and truly loved her.

Bonnie had none of those things. Bonnie had never really been cheer captain. Bonnie never had those grades to impress her family (especially her sisters). But even if they were they didn't seem to notice. Bonnie never had a loving family. Her mother attached herself to Bonnie as an anchor. Her mom had never had any gumption to do anything and had never really made a choice in her life. But at least she meant well. Her father, ha! He was just there to provide money. Nothing more, nothing less. He was always busy with something and would never show a hint of emotion at any accomplishment. One of these days she was just going to go off the deep end to wake him up to reality. She was shocked how well her sisters turned out. Well, that was if you considered them any good.

Bonnie had always been bullied. She was the youngest, the baby of the family. It did nothing for her self-esteem. Whenever she did something great, it was always Connie or Lonnie shoving it back into her hands as something unworthy of praise. Her mother will smile and say what a sweet little girl she was. Her father would be on the phone.

When Kim did something, Ron would be there supporting her. Ron would be there saying she was smart and pretty. He was the sole reason she had such confidence in herself. Her father, though a tad clueless, would smile and say how proud he was of her. Her mother would hug her and say how she was so happy for her. Her brothers would unleash fireworks in her honor as long as it caused destruction. Kim had more friends than she had. Bonnie didn't have any real friends, other than Tara of course. Sweet, innocent Tara, too nice and saw good in everyone. Her clique held no friendship since graduation. She could call now one other than Tara a friend until she had established herself as royalty among the society at Middleton University. Until then she was a no one really. Kim would already have friends and a boyfriend (though how he had managed to actually get in was a mystery to her). She herself would have to start from the ground up to gain popularity. It simply wasn't fair that she should already gain entrance to the hall of popularity so easy by just being oh so famous.

So in a way Bonnie was jealous, but she would rather it mystery meat than admit it.

Bonnie began to take her thoughts off that annoying Possible, too sweet Tara, and idiotic, self-centered Brick and concentrate on the TV. But it was hard to concentrate when a relationship you've had for so long is permanently flushed down the toilet.

It hurt to be on the receiving line of the dump. The dumpee, as she thought it was called. She wouldn't know. Bonnie Rockwaller had never, ever been dumped. It was she who would wore the pants in any relationship. She was the indispensable girlfriend. She broke up when she wanted. She made out with a guy when she wanted to. No guy should ever dare to cheat, forget, or dump Bonnie Rockwaller in any way. But Brick had, and it hurt.

It hurt to be sitting there watching pathetic tear-jerkers and eating a gallon of triple chocolate chip ice cream. It hurt to only have one friend to comfort her in her time of need. It hurt to know she would be starting at the bottom at the ladder yet again. And Bonnie Rockwaller did not like being hurt.

She flipped to Mousey Channel, then to Doodle Network, then to Pickolodean. Wasn't there anything on other than that blasted CoralJoe CircleShorts? It is nauseating. Good thing ice cream went down so fast. She quickly changed the channel to Wolf News Channel, saw some boring stock figures, before changing it to the local XYZ channel. She decided it would be best to get some better nourishment and wait for Pathetic Housewives.

She slowly stood up, her legs numb from sitting for over two hours. Tara mumbled, "Josh, mmm…" She rolled over as Bonnie rolled her eyes, though a tad jealous. Tara had gotten back together with him after a very horrible date (as she described it) with Jason Morgan. Didn't Tara know how many strings Bonnie had pulled in order to get them together? No matter, she and Josh would be going to Go City University together and that was the end of that.

I don't mind being single. Bonnie thought repeatedly. Tara turned over and grabbed a pillow and began to hug it tightly burying her head into it mumbling something with the word 'Josh' evident. Bonnie crossed his arms. I don't mind being single. I don't mind being single. I don't mind being single. I don't mind being single.

Truth was Bonnie very much disliked being single, but she wasn't about to admit it. She needed more chocolate.

As she slunked to the kitchen she passed by the mirror in the hallway. Her appearance shocked her. Her eyes were sunk in and her hair was a nightmare. Pieces of hair were sticking out of her head and there were numerous tangles. Her arms and back seemed to slump dejectedly. Her eyes moved from the mirror to her cell phone standing on the mini-table for keys and purses. She picked up her cell phone and looked at the caller ID. There was Brick's name. There under phone was the recent batch of Mrs. Brick Flag writings in numerous colors and styles. The tears came again and slowly trickled down her face.

Bonnie slowly slumped down, dragging her phone with her. She looked at all the pictures of them. Her and her Brick. Pictures of them laughing. Pictures of them at the beach. Pictures on their numerous dates. She deleted them all. The happy memories they brought were too painful. More tears flowed out as she deleted them. Bonnie leaned over and grabbed the papers with Mrs. Brick Flag written on them. She looked at them wistfully. She had spent two hours drawing them, waiting for Brick to call. She choked on her tears and wished he had never called. And had never broken up with her. She ripped up the papers into the smallest bits she could. She scattered the pieces, letting them fall to the ground, dejectedly. Like she had.

So she loved Brick Flag. No, correction. She had loved Brick Flag. It was just one guy. She could have any guy in the universe if she wanted. Well, with the possible exception of a certain Ron Stoppable. A laugh traveled up her throat at her pun but died in her mouth and ended up as a weak chuckle. There had been little to laugh about since 1:29 PM when Brick had called and broken up with her. She was so pathetic.

No, Bonnie Rockwaller was NOT pathetic. She had an entire life in front of her to find a guy worthy of her. It was none issue. It was not an issue that she had been happy at the fact she would have been going to the same college as her now ex-boyfriend. Now she didn't know if she would have the strength to face him.

At least she hadn't lost her virginity to him. That vile low-life jerk didn't deserve what she could offer. She crossed her arms. She may be vicious and down right mean at times, but she was not a slut. Innocent happy Tara never planned on doing said activity until she was married. Bonnie was waiting for something else. Love.

The kind of love that Kim and Ron had. The kind of love where you could talk about nothing for hours and not notice. The kind of love where you just texted to say 'good morning'. The kind of love where you kissed and felt fireworks. The kind of love where you called the other person just to say "Hi," and "I love you,". The kind of love where you would die for that person. The kind of love that was just…perfect. Why couldn't Bonnie have that!

It was unfair. Once again Kim swooped down and got everything. Had it not been just last year Kim had been jealous over some Yori girl. Or jelling as that girl Monique had said once to Kim. She had been down the hallway and to resist the urge to flaunt Kim's jealously as she would have been late for class. Kim always had Ron, whether or not she realized it. Ron was the prefect boyfriend Bonnie would never have. Bonnie place her head in her hands and a few more tears fell.

Would she ever find what she wanted? Was that too hard to ask?

Bonnie wearily got up. She dusted off her clothes and wiped her eyes, pushing the tears away. She walked back off to the kitchen, leaving Brick and her troubles surrounding her behind. It was over. Bonnie was done crying about it. Crying never solved anything but getting rid of some unneeded emotions. Well, Bonnie Rockwaller was done with crying and being pathetic. Brick was over. Bonnie had bigger fish to fry. Brick was old news.

Bonnie had taped up her heart and she didn't plan on having it broken again, cause she just plain didn't like it.

She strolled into the kitchen, not smiling exactly but still not crying. She opened the cupboard and selected a bright purple bowl, her favorite color as a matter of fact. She leaned down and grabbed a spoon from the silverware drawer. She put the obtained items on the counter before opening the fridge and getting more ice cream. This time though she wasn't getting the ice cream because she was depressed. This time she was getting the ice cream because she wanted it. She skillfully scooped out the ice cream and, after putting away the container, left the kitchen to watch more TV.

She walked in discretely, as to not wake up Tara. She paused, watching her sleeping friend as she slept peacefully. Tara was so lucky, just like Kim, having a boy-no, she had left those thoughts back near the wall she had slumped against.

She turned her attention back to the TV in a deft movement. Surprisingly, Pathetic Housewives was not on. A curious expression came over Bonnie face as a special alert came on. A young African American woman in a blue suit stood near Middleton Hospital delivering her report.

"Good evening, I'm Jill Yonring bringing to you live that Kim Possible of Middleton is apparently hospitalized. She is in critical condition, but may be dead. Not much information has been released but it appears that she and side-kick Jon Floppable-" Here Bonnie unconsciously muttered 'Ron Stoppable'. "-were on a mission that went horribly wrong-"Jill went on but Bonnie wasn't listening.


Those were the only real words that registered in Bonnie's brain. Admittedly, the former MHS cheerleader was not the best of friends with Kim, but they did have an understanding. And if she was dead, Bonnie would never forgive herself.


The bowl of ice cream had dropped, partially waking Tara up. An incoherent mumbling was heard from Tara as Bonnie dashed to grab her cell phone and purse. Being the middle of July, Bonnie felt she didn't need a jacket. When Bonnie quickly opened the door, said fact was disproved. It was raining. Hard. In short quick jabs, it fell. Down. And down. A drip, drop on Bonnie's all ready horrible day.


Bonnie looked desolately down at the rain. Hell, she thought determinedly, it's just a little rain. She ignored the rain and its trifle consequences. The lessons taught by her mother went over her head. It could make you sick. You will get all wet and cold. It will feel horrible to be all wet. Bonnie felt like a little girl as she dashed through the rain and not caring. In fact, she stopped for a moment and opened her mouth to drink in the rain. Her lacy pink camisole stuck to her slim figure and she felt weighted down by her sweatpants. It was those moments where you go 'What the hell am I doing?' and everything that has happened comes rushing back at you at full force. She had been dumped by Brick. Kim Possible was dead. What the hell?


Ignoring the absurdity of it all, Bonnie dashed into the garage and looked at the white convertible. She had managed to have it fixed after Kim's little brothers fixed it and destroyed it again. Her heart caught in her throat as she wondered whether or not they knew that their sister may be dead. No, don't think about that.


She quickly dumped her cell phone and purse on to the passenger seat. She ran her hand through her tangled hair. At first, her brain screamed, Brush! I need to look hot! but then she thought, Who cares what I look like, it is the middle of the night! Plus, if Kim's still alive and I missed talking her by making sure I look nice I'll never forgive myself either. It was so ridiculous that Kim might even be dead. In fact, she had probably been in several similar situations. She would be fine. But, then why did Bonnie have this feeling that she would never even give a sneer remark toward her again? Bonnie frowned and began to pry the convertible's top up.


But, it refused to budge. She pushed; she pulled. She tugged; she did ever conceivable thing poss-doable? Credible? No, probable. It just wouldn't work. Why would it work? How could this happen to her? Why did God hate her so? Why? It was just so stupid.


Just as the tears felt like they were going to fall, Bonnie heard Tara from behind her, standing in the garage's doorway from the house. (Why hadn't she used that way? It would have been so much faster.) Tara, a very heavy and hard to wake sleeper, was up and about. Her questioning gaze made Bonnie pause and finally realize what she was doing.


Bonnie Rockwaller was running off, in the middle of the night, to see her former rival. Without a coat and in a lacy pink camisole and black sweatpants, she was going to drive off in a top-down convertible. She looked like a mad-man (technically woman) with her tangled hair and blotched make up.


But despite all this, Bonnie didn't give a damn. All that mattered was seeing Kim at this moment. A tear fell down her cheek. As much as she hated to admit, she didn't want Kim to die. Kim Possible is what she always wanted to be and right now Bonnie needed to see that she was okay. Because, Kim had everything she wanted and didn't gloat. Because Kim was probably one of the best people to ever grace the earth. She didn't deserve to die. She couldn't leave yet.


Tara looked over at Bonnie, shocked. A few quiet minutes passed. Tick. Tock. Inside their heads. Ding. Dong. A moment completely frozen in time. Tara was confused. Bonnie, distressed. Tara, feeling her best friend's pain. Bonnie, wanting help but not asking.

Drip. Drop. The rain went outside, oblivious to all the pain and confusion.


A question formed on Bonnie's lips, but it would be a few more moments before it actually formed itself into words. Bonnie didn't need help. But, she did. She did. She need help to ease the burdens off her shoulders. She needed help right now, standing there with a huge mess in her hands.


"Tara, we need to go to the hospital." In an instant, the words were communicated. Tara didn't question with who or why. Tara simply understood that Bonnie just needed to get to the hospital. That Bonnie needed to get a raincoat. That Bonnie needed to get the top up on her convertible. That Bonnie needed to look somewhat presentable. That was it.


After five minutes Bonnie found herself in the driver's seat of her car with a simple, sleek black jacket on. Her makeup had been removed so it wasn't blotched and looked more put together even if she didn't look drop dead gorgeous. She had run a brush through her hair so she looked less like a mad woman and more like a person with a touch of bed-head.


Tara opened the passenger side door. She glided in, wearing a wrinkled but fitting light blue T-shirt with worn dark blue jeans. Being that she had fallen asleep on the couch right when they returned laden down with shopping bags, she hadn't had a chance to change her clothes. So she looked more normal, even if her hair looked a tad messy.


As Bonnie pulled out into the pouring rain, that What the hell? feeling reared its ugly head again. Bonnie's mouth formed a straight line that would have made Professor Mcgonagall proud.

You know what? What the hell! Bonnie reared the car in gear swiftly pulling out of the driveway. Bonnie paused for a second as she looked at her house. Her sisters were…somewhere. Her father on a business trip. Her mother on retreat sponsored by the church they went to.

Bonnie mentally snorted. She hadn't been to church since freshman year. She sped up, determined now more than ever to see Kim. That is, talk to Kim and laugh about the irony of it all. That Kim was going to be fine. Bonnie needed support, she needed something that would lift her spirits and know that something good was in the horizon. Truth be told, not much was looking good, but there was something good. What it was Bonnie didn't have the faintest idea. But she decided it would be best to just to not Tara that it was Kim in the hospital…lying there with a cloth over her head.


Bonnie forced the image out her mind and in her moment of desperation turned to God. What other alternative did she have? Well, sit in silence and hope for the best. Somehow an almighty divine being would be better.


Soon after Bonnie's unknown silent prayer, Tara broke the silence.

"So who are we going to see at-" Tara paused to look at her watch, "2:00 AM?" She said it so innocently; it was as if she didn't know the true significance of the question. As if the answer would not affect her life. As if the question wasn't causing many other anguish right now. As if it was a typical simple question.


Bonnie gulped. It was judgment day and Bonnie was there staring down the face of God, attempting to say something. Or at least that's what if felt like.


"After a few moments Bonnie stuttered and repeated what had been running through her mind since the newscast. The words that had haunted her and totally effaced all memory of being dumped by Brick Flag and the credit card bill she would soon receive.


And to think Bonnie had thought her lucky.

This wasn't supposed to happen.


As a 'number one' agent of a top secret crime-stopping organization he did have a rather cool job. He did have a lot of perks with said job. One being that three years ago he was allowed to drive a hypersonic jet. Back then when he was sixteen, most kids were lucky to even drive a car. He also could have a lot of free time on his hands, depending on what silly assignment he was being told to do.

Yes, they were indeed silly assignments. He may be a 'number one' agent, but he wasn't the number one agent. He was in the junior line-of-work, more or less. It was 'technically' called the official Junior Department, consisting of lackey geniuses who were sent on trifle missions in order to gain more tax payer dollars. 'Promoting Youth Evolvement In Our World' or something ridiculous like that.

The thought that if Possible or Stoppable had agreed to work for GJ, they would all be in the same boat did cheer him up a tad though. Not friends in the same boat, but merely stuck in the same silly situation. Though it did tweak him that they had such freedom. Sure, he had been sent after the mad golfer, but had not been given clearance for the supposed 'Ron Factor' or been allowed to later help defeat Gemini. The golfer had been one of the last 'exciting' missions he had gone on. There wasn't much use for him or his department after Possible appeared on the scene.

Betty Director was another issue he had. Big issue in fact. For one, she lied, saying 'our number one agent', (or as she put it 'withheld information') upon the first encounter with Possible. Plus, any other leader would have busted in, guns blazing, when Gemini had kidnapped Stoppable. Plus, if they had such 'secure' prisons, then why did everyone always end up escaping and roam free until Possible came in and put them back there until they could escape again. Heck, he was surprised that Adrenna Lynn hadn't busted out yet. It was enough to drive him crazy. No one doubted she could be commanding, but sometimes she didn't seem to be much of a good leader.

Especially all those 'whooshing' tubes as means of travel. Easy to spring from prison with those tubes, right? You could easily put a shield over your tube to hide your identity or deflect attempts to stall your tube of transportation. You could also easily speed yours up or change course. This had come after Possible had traveled through them, three years ago. They had modified them after that. Ugh, that had been a nightmare.

This whole GJ experience had left a bad taste in his mouth. He saw crime-fighting wasn't as simple as going out in brightly colored spandex with a cape and a whole assortment of gadgets. (Not that he tried, of course.) It was more than cool kung-fu moves and a few punches. It involved much more work and dedication. It involved a bunch of paperwork and lack of sleep. It wasn't a glamorous Superman job. It wasn't pretty, actually. You saw things that most people want to ignore and just go on with life as if it didn't happen from day to day. That people weren't killed or abused, mentally or physically. The things that kept him up at night, haunting his every waking moments, that's what they all were. They changed him; hurt him inside to see the world's underbelly.

But he had made a promise a while back and he wasn't about to go back on it.

Ignoring the pains of those memories, Will Du looked laboriously to the pile of reports that needed his seal of approval. Then, glancing at the twin pile to the left, he saw the notes of other missions that needed to be turned into reports up for approval. This was another one of those things that rather stunk about being a 'junior officer'. He was unfortunately subject to long hours of reading and writing reports. He suspected they all just went straight to the dump and were simply a ploy to make agents feel useful and gain more government funding through 'developing the young minds of minors through disciplined help'. Or at least that's what Dr. Director had said.

He sighed and looked at his watch. 3:00 am. He'd better be getting paid overtime.

As he turned to his computer a message appeared. Only, it was through a tube system similar to one that he had been grumbling about earlier. It would be easy to steal the valuable information. Email was so much easier.

He hadn't received any news or messages in a while. So much for the 'number one' agent of the junior department. But no news was good news, right? Well, or so he hoped. Hopefully this paper was indeed good news. Or easy to ignore news, like the TBS reports had to have covers now or something. Easy to ignore and he could get back to finishing his work and catching a bit of shut eye.

His quick and alert brown black eyes darted quickly across the pages from the tube. One was a piece of paper with a few lines on it. The other was an itinerary of the event described on the previous page. He paused for a second after reading it, unsure for moment. He read it again. And once more. After a few more moments of stunned silence, he dashed out the door in his jeans and blue polo shirt, grabbing a black jacket. It had looked like it was going to rain the last time he checked. He quickly stuffed the papers in a pocket, it didn't really matter what happened to them at this point.

In his mad rush to leave the office in pursuit of GJ's transportation system, a piece of paper fell out of his pocket. A bunch of words could be seen by the dim light of Will Du's computer screen.

Miss Possible, whom you met on your mission to locate Duff Killigan, has been declared dead and your presence is required by Dr. Director at the Middleton Hospital. A list of the time of the events, has been included. Thank you.

This wasn't supposed to happen.


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