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Important Note: This story is completely fictional. Please ignore the silliness of it. If you can stand foolishness, then please do continue reading. Thank you very much.

"Faith is the bird that still feels the light when the dawn is still dark." – Rabindranath Tagore.


By: Babykoalaprincess (BKP)

Chapter 1 – New Beginnings

"So…What did you want to tell me?" a red haired girl asked.

The young woman with red hair, which went down to her waist, was sitting cross-legged on her bed in the late night of Lon Lon Ranch. She faced a blonde figure sitting across from her, as her friend looked her straight in the eye. The faded light, lighten from a small lantern, was the only thing that allowed two Hylian girls to see as their conversation would continue to progress. The two young Hylian teenage girls were having a sleepover at a late summer's day, as they sat on two separate twin beds in Lon Lon Ranch at five past eleven o'clock at night. One of them was a ranch girl that went by the name of Malon; the other was the Princess Zelda of Hyrule. Zelda gave a sigh of fatigue and was almost ready to not say anything. She paused for a moment. The Princess of Hyrule bit the bottom of her lip for a moment, pondering about what she would say next, and how Malon would respond.

"I will be attending a public school this year. My father wishes that I should be no longer tutored by advisors from the castle, and wishes that I should receive education from other people. I am not aware of all the details, which my father wishes from me at this school. However, I felt that I really needed to tell you this… This is a huge step for me. I will be attending a school, where I will actually be learning material with people of my age," Zelda explained.

At the announcement of the Princess' news, Malon's eyes widened a bit, as her eyebrows raised. She was shocked to hear this sort of news from the Princess of Hyrule. Normally, princesses would be never allowed to attend school. They were always locked up in the castle, in their own rooms, with tutors being their only company for the day as they lectured to them about life and life itself. However, leaving the castle walls to educate herself from other people at a place, where other people of her age would also be attending, was a huge step for the Princess in her life. The ranch girl sighed heavily at the news, for she knew that her dear friend would be on a completely different voyage compared to her.

"Well, I do not know what to say, Zelda… I do agree that perhaps this is the best path for you as your way to become the queen of Hyrule, though… I do wish you all the luck for your journey. Remember that I shall always be here to support you with any troubles you have. Know that I shall be always here for you, so no matter how tough everything is going over at that school, I will be here for you. I am glad that you have told me this news," Malon told Zelda.

At the soft, compassionate words from her dear friend, Zelda's face immediately lit up. She was so gratified to have such a supportive friend. She smiled warmly at her friend, for being the person she was as she nodded her head. She didn't know what else to say after this. Her loyal friend had been with her ever since the age of ten. The two could not be separated from each other, despite their different living differences. Zelda had always come to Lon Lon Ranch to visit her dear friend, and liked it. As a matter of fact, she found it more comforting to be in an open, carefree place rather than a grey castle with high walls. Malon felt a little bit useless, not knowing what else to say. Though she tried her best to cheer her friend up.

"I wish you all the luck in the world with this new school. I really hope that you are able to make some friends there," Malon comforted to the Princess. The Princess only sighed heavily.

"I don't know… What if everyone there hates me? What if I do not do well in this new school? I am only worried with everything and everyone that will be surrounding me…" Zelda's voice trailed off. Malon gave her a steady, concerned look as she did not know what to say.

"How could anyone hate you, Zelda? You shouldn't be so self conscious of yourself. Normally, you are never like this… But you shouldn't worry about a thing! It's alright if you are hated by some people, but that's because everyone is not perfect," Malon stated.

Zelda smiled at her friend as she nodded her head in agreement. Though she tried to ignore the last statement for everyone not being perfect, because she wished to believe she could achieve perfection. This was only the beginning, anyways. She would work hard to make sure that she would not fail any classes at school. She smiled at her friend, as she thanked her dearly for being the greatest friend she could ever have in the world. Some of her confidence was restored once again, though only some of it still lingered in her mind as her fear was only temporarily gone. As she left her friend's house late at night, she couldn't help but smile at the world. This was a new chance, and a new path for her journey on the road. This was a new beginning for her.

The next week on Monday morning, the Princess Zelda was fast asleep in her bed. Her body was lazily laid in her bed, as her hair was spread around her pillow and covers. The curtains of her room where closed shut, as the Princess still snoozed away. She was dreaming. Dreaming of someone. Dreaming of meeting someone. Someone familiar, yet stranger to her at the same time. The figure in her dream was shadowed, as the blinding light shined from behind him. She kept on asking for his name, however, he did not respond. It wasn't long when Impa knocked on the bedroom door a few times, to see if the Princess of Hyrule was awake. Without receiving any sort of response what so ever, she poked her head in the Princess' bedroom door. At the sight of seeing the Princess still sleeping rather deeply in her dreams, she let out a long heavy sigh and simply shook her head at the Princess. The Princess was going to be late on her first day of school if she continued to sleep like this. Impa crept quietly towards the right side of the Princess' king sized bed and told her to get herself out from her bed.

"Zelda... Zelda! Zelda, wake up!" Impa said, as she gently shook the sleeping princess.

"Just five more minutes, Impa," Zelda muttered, as she rolled to her side and pulled her blankets over her head.

"Zelda! You are going to be late if you don't get up now!" Impa warned.

"Just five more minutes!" Zelda said irritated, as she tried to fall back asleep. Impa glared down at the Princess, for a moment and knew that she would have to do better than that, in order to awake the future Queen of Hyrule. The Princess' nursemaid rolled her eyes, took a deep breath, and bellowed.

"ZELDA! GET YOUR BOTTOM OUT OF THAT BED RIGHT NOW!" Impa screamed at the Princess.

Zelda's eyes snapped open at Impa's screaming. Her body sprang up from her comfy, warm feather bed, as she was up. Her eyes had slight dark circle underneath her eyes, though she rubbed them away with the back of her hands. Her eyes lazily glanced at Impa in the eyes, to see her serious face staring at her. Impa definitely had a face filled with disappointment. Still clueless with her surrounds, she quickly ripped off the covers from her lap, and glanced over outside to see the sun shining brightly over the world. Realizing the time, her voice produced a small yelp.

"Crap! I will be late for my first day of school!" Zelda cried out, as her feet touched the wooden floor of her bedroom and she stood up.

"Zelda! Mind your language! You shouldn't be swearing like that. Now, this is your school uniform," Impa said.

Right after she said that, Impa held out a pleated navy blue skirt, a navy blue necktie, a white blouse with a patch of the school's crest on the right side of it, and a navy blue jacket also with the school's crest on the left breast pocket all hanging down from a clothes hanger. Zelda raised an eyebrow at the clothes that stood before her. She had never seen clothes like the ones that Impa was holding up before her. Usually, she was accustomed to the normal elegant silk dresses that she always wore when being tutored. Those clothes were somehow different; they seemed to be more fitting and less feminine. Zelda had heard about this new school was going to be different than most schools. The skirt seemed to be so… short. It was almost as if she was going to be naked and show off a lot of her bare skin, particularly in the bottom half of her body. Her father said there was something called time compression that had to do with it. However, Zelda had no idea what her father was talking about, and her father gave up trying to explaining everything to her, so he just told her to wait and see.

"What? This new school I am going to has school uniforms? Why did my father want me to go a school like that? It's not fun if I can't wear my own clothes!" Zelda cried out angrily with what was happening on her first day of high school.

"Quit complaining and put it on!" Impa ordered, as she dumped the clothes in Zelda's arms.

Zelda gave a sigh as she quickly started undressing from her nightgown and started putting on the school's uniform. Impa had already gone down stairs to get her ride to school ready. When she was finally dressed properly, Zelda examined herself in the full length mirror to make sure that her appearance was fine. She took out her brush and combed through her fair golden hair, quickly, as she brought two long, thick strands at the side of her face. She plaited both of them and pulled them across the side of her head to meet at the back. The Princess reached for a bottle of face cream and plastered it on her face and hands as she dashed down stairs in the castle. She entered the dining hall where her father was seated while reading the newspaper on Hyrule's news. Her father sat there at the head of the dining table with his reading glasses on the bridge of his nose with his auburn hair slightly covering his blue eyes, as he was fully dressed in his normal royal clothes. He didn't look at Zelda as she entered the room, but instead kept on reading the news.

"You are going to be late, Zelda," the king said, without looking up from his newspaper.

"I know," Zelda said, a little bit irritated at everything that was starting out for her day. She quickly grabbed a piece of bread from the table and spread some butter on it. After spreading on the right amount, she stuffed it in her mouth, and started getting her high school uniform jacket on.

"Good bye!" Zelda said with a muffled voice with the bread in her mouth. Zelda quickly sprinted to the main door of the castle while she bit into her piece of toast, to where Impa was waiting for her. Impa watched the Princess, as she hastily put on her brown shoes, as she had her arms crossed and her foot tapping on the ground.

"Quickly, now! Into the carriage! Now!" Impa demanded, after the Princess had adjusted her shoes on her feet, and she hoisted the door open for Zelda.

She quickly grabbed her school bag, as she looked up from her feet to see that the carriage driver was standing at the door of the passenger's door, waiting for her to come forth so he could open the door for her, and four white horses all perfectly lined up, leading the front of the carriage and ready to go. She quickly walked to the carriage door, where the driver finally opened the door for the Princess as Zelda dashed inside the carriage as she finished chewing her breakfast. The Princess of Hyrule plopped down on her seat in the carriage, and sighed. The driver asked her if she was ready to leave, and Zelda replied saying yes. With that being said, the driver of the carriage cracked his whip at the four horses and they were off.

Zelda was tired, sad, and scared for the first day of school. She had no idea where this new school was, what the school's education system was like, and she didn't know anyone from the Super Smash Brothers High School. Zelda thought deeply about the name. Who would name a school like that? According to her father, this school was for top students across the countries that were rich. Meaning that, this school was only for rich snobs, who were attractive, but most of them were jocks, and preps that could care less for education.

"So, Princess, how are you today?" asked the driver, trying to start up a conversation of the Princess of Hyrule.

"Koji, I would appreciate it, if you could stop addressing me like that. I am not fond of being called "Princess". Oh Koji, I am worried about this school. I am going to be late on my first day of school, and it wouldn't be a good impression on my classmates," Zelda said, as she sighed. Her driver chuckled at the young, mature woman.

"Zelda, you don't have to worry about your new school. I am sure it will be fine, and there's nothing to worry about," Koji reassured her as he turned the horses left.

Zelda raised an eyebrow at her driver and sighed again. Despite all the reassuring attempts from her father, Impa, and even Malon, she was still a bit nervous. She was already confused with what was going to happen when she arrived at the school. What was she supposed to do when they arrived? Koji would abandon her for the day, as she would be on her own. She could only hope that she would survive for the rest of the day. Trying to not think about school, she rested her head against the carriage window staring at the trees outside. Though she was nervous, it didn't stop her from wondering what her new school would be like. Without realizing it, the Princess of Hyrule fell asleep during the rest of the ride.

"Well, here it is... Your new school, Zelda," Koji said, as he stopped the carriage.

Zelda slowly opened up her eyes, and looked over to her right where she saw a large white building in front of her. She slightly dropped her mouth at the huge building. Zelda used to being tutored in the castle. However, her father decided it would be better if she attended the Super Smash Brothers High School. She didn't know exactly why he decided to make this choice, though he said it was because these teachers and school consisted of knowledge "way beyond our time". He told her that she would learn a lot from this experience. Zelda stared deeply at the building, studying it closely. It looked like your typical private school. Zelda sighed as she opened the carriage door. She slowly stepped out of the carriage and waved good-bye to Koji.

"I'll pick you up, right after when school ends!" Koji shouted at the Princess as he drove away.

Zelda watched the old Hylian man disappear down the road, as she sighed again and turned to face the building. Zelda was nervous that she would have to start a new school year like this. There was a slight lurch in her stomach, telling her that she was all tense from her anxiety in her body. She felt her heartbeat beat a little faster than normal with ideas of failure coming into her mind. She had only stepped out of the carriage, yet she felt that she was already confused with everything going around her. She never did want to be separated from her dear friend, Malon. She wondered if Malon would be lonely by herself at the ranch.

Malon and Zelda were best friends ever since they were little. From the first time they met at Hyrule Market, they had an unbreakable bond between them, and they promised each other that they would remain friends until they died. Her friend had always been loyal to her at times when she was depressed or feeling stress out, and she always felt that she could talk to her about anything that was troubling her. It would be very difficult to attend another school, but she would have to take Malon's advice and try her best. Even if things got tough, she could always still go back to Malon at Lon Lon Ranch, and tell her everything that was going on.

She stared up back at the building. It was prodigious. The white school had at least three floors, with square windows covering around the building, and the cement stairway that she was currently standing at the base of, that was leading up to the doorway of her new school. The structure of the building was very unique, compared to most of the buildings back at Hyrule. It looked so... square. Normally most of the buildings that Zelda had seen would have a roof slanting downwards, at both sides. This one, however, didn't, and the roof was flat and went from one side to another. Zelda was carefully studying the building, as some students passed by her, until another student bumped into her. Instead of saying sorry the person responded at her angrily for zoning out.

"Watch it!" the female classmate said to her in a loud, harsh tone. Zelda blinked a few times at the person who was glaring angrily at her for several seconds until she was finally able to produce a sound from her mouth.

"Sorry," she spat out quickly.

The student still kept her eyes angrily locked on Zelda for a few more seconds, until she finally broke her gaze off and turned around to walk up the stairs up to the school. Never, in her life, had Zelda experienced with a person acting so rudely towards her. She was a princess, so it was expected that anyone would treat her with this sort of respect. Her father may have mentioned that in this school, everyone's manners would be different. Her father also mentioned to not expect that everyone to treat her as if she was royalty. Though, this girl seemed to be ruder than a usual girl you would encounter in Hyrule Market. Zelda let out a sigh of relief, knowing that nothing else had happened to her besides that rude encounter with that girl.

"I guess things are a lot different compared to everything in Hyrule," Zelda concluded to herself, as she proceeded to step up the stairs.

When she finally reached the top she yanked open the silver door handle for her. She looked around the building, amazed, with everything she saw. There was something really different about this school. She couldn't really put her finger on it, but it seemed so modern. There were objects and things in the school she had never seen or heard of. Her father did tell her about that this school had equipment way ahead of her time, but Zelda didn't understand what he meant by that. She obviously felt out of place and didn't feel that the time she was currently living in was right. She still wondered what her father was talking about, but she shrugged it off as she took out a sheet of paper that had her schedule written on it.

"Now let's see… Where is room 182?" Zelda asked to herself, as she looked around at her surroundings.

"Ah! Another school year with you, eh?" said a voice coming from a blue haired prince.

The Prince had just stretched his arms out in the air after he put his arms down; he nudged his blonde haired friend that was standing right next to him, a few times with his elbow. He grinned at him, and even winked him a few times. The young man was excited and prepared to start the first day of school at the same, old high school he had attended last year. His friend just simply rolled his eyes at the Prince named Marth, and tried to pretend that he was not annoyed by his friend's actions. He was holding off his temper for now. If that blue haired boy was not his friend, the young man would have been sure to retort some nasty comment to him.

"Marth, you knew that I would be attending the same high school as you, so it's not a surprise. Goddesses, why must you always be like that?" the young teenage man said, a little annoyed at his friend always being happy-go-lucky and carefree.

"Ah, come on, Link! You gotta loosen up! No girl is going to fall for you if you are always in that stiff, cold attitude you always put on," Marth said. Link rolled his eyes again at his friend for always telling him to be more cheerful.

The two teenage boys were standing at the left side of a hallway both leaning against a wall. One of them, named Link, had his arms crossed, as he was always frowning at everything he saw. His body was right up and facing at the other side of the hallway, as his right foot was up and pressing against the wall. His ice cold, crystal blue eyes were staring at the ground as his brow was furrowed. Link was known for his cold, serious, pessimistic, and cynical attitude towards everyone he encountered, except his friends, of course. He was a little bit softer on his friends compared to his classmates. Link had sunny blonde, short hair and his bangs were streaming down the front of his eyes. Unlike most students that attended the school, he had pointed ears with piercing of two silver earrings and was considered to be a Hyrulean by all the teachers and the other students. However, that special physical feature somehow made him more popular with the girls than Marth. His neck tie that he wore was loose and he didn't bother fixing it. He wanted it to remain that way. The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up to his elbows, as the collar of his shirt was up against his neck and a few buttons were unbuttoned down in front of his chest. On his right side, his school bag was just only a few inches away from him and his jacket laid on top of it.

The other boy that went by the name of Marth was completely the opposite of one of his best friends. He was happy, talkative, easy going, optimistic, and somewhat of a playboy. He always seemed to be grinning similar to the Cheshire Cat, and never seemed to be down on the first day of school. Marth had his right elbow touching the wall as the side of face was leaning on his hand. His feet were crossed at the ankles and he stood at Link's left side as he smiled playfully at him. His azure hair was a complete mess on his head, and he liked it that way, because according to one girl, she considered it sexy. His deep violet eyes always had a twinkle in them, always looking out for a young, beautiful girl that he could easily flirt with. His uniform was complete ironed and starched as he also had his tie loose and not fully on. Marth's school bag was also located near him to behind him on his left side. Like Link, he only had a few buttons unbuttoned down his chest. Link slowly took a deep breath as closed his eyes trying to imagine he was somewhere else, rather in the school he was attending to now.

"God! I can't believe those girls over there, are also attending this school too! How the hell, were they able to pass the finals exams from last year?" Marth asked, as he motioned his left, free hand towards a trio of girls that were standing northeast of where Marth and Link stood. Link shrugged his shoulders, as he still ignored Marth. Marth let out a huge sigh as he decided to not disturb his friend any longer.

One of the girls from the trio, that was about five feet and seven inches, smiled at him flirtatiously, and winked at him. Marth was somewhat disgusted by her. It's not that she was very ugly or anything, it was quite the opposite. She was a very pretty young teenage girl that could be a model when she grew up with her long, lanky legs. However, the reason why the Marth was disgusted by her was mostly because she had liked him a lot, and he was just simply not interested in her. She was still smiling at him flirtatiously and Marth felt somewhat pressured by her, so he just gave a small little wave. Marth didn't want to interact with the girl that had a huge infatuation with him, so his eyes wandered around the hallway of the school's building until his eyes focused on a girl striding nonchalantly down the hallway.

This girl had fair blonde hair that fell down past her shoulders, with a few books clasped around in her left arm, pressing against her chest. She looked around as she passed by a few classrooms. Marth closely watched her and observed her physical features. She had a porcelain doll face, with deep sky blue, bright eyes and a nice thin rose pink lips and beautiful ivory skin. Her body was a little willowy as she stood up straight with grace and poise. Another thing that caught Marth's attention was her ears. Her ears were similar to Link's. They were pointed and she was probably a Hyrulean just like his dear friend, and she lived in Hyrule. The uniform that she was required to wear was ironed with her necktie being in the perfect place, as her shirt was straightened down in the front, everything seemed to be in place and Marth could tell right away that this girl was probably a perfectionist. Her backpack was strapped on both sides of her shoulders and wasn't out of place. She was definitely unlike most girls, that would have tried to make their uniform look more appealing to the boys, by lowering their necktie probably a few inches down, and maybe unbuttoning the first few buttons of their white blouses to reveal their chest.

She was very beautiful for a young teenager, and Marth was already deeply interested in her. He could tell that she had already attracted a lot of attention because some boys that she passed were giving wolf whistles. She, however, paid no attention to all the boys that were waving at her, and who were trying to get her to look at them while trying to impress her. She was still focused with finding the classroom for her homeroom.

"Oh… my… GOD," Marth said softly to himself, as he continued to watch the girl stroll pass the classrooms. At the sound of Marth's voice, Link opened his eyes for a moment, and turned his head to face Marth. He had broken his concentration. Marth was going to pay for that one.

"What?" he snapped, irritated, that Marth had interrupted him from his thoughts.

"Get… a load… of… her," Marth said, as he motioned his left hand towards the girl walking down the hall. Link tried to ignore his friend, as he kept his eyes focused on the ground because Marth probably was drooling over some average day blonde ditz that cared nothing more about her clothes and her hair.

"Whatever," Link said dully, as he was going to close his eyes once more, until Marth continued to say more.

"Oh, come on! Seriously, you should check this girl out! She's beautiful. Come on, Link, just look!" Marth said to his friend trying to convince his friend to look at the beauty.

"Why?" Link said coldly, as he lifted an eyebrow; he didn't why Marth was always obsessing about attractive, young girls.

"Just look! Come on, you'll thank me later for it," Marth convinced Link.

Marth was not going to let him get away with this one. There was no point in arguing with Marth on the first day of school, and it would only be best to give him what he wanted. Link let out an irritated sigh and his eyes shifted towards where Marth gestured his left hand to. When he saw the girl, he had to admit that she was pretty. With her fine eyes and a body of a dancer, he could see why Marth would easily fall for a girl like her. She did look interesting, and Link wouldn't deny that. She didn't seem to be like most girls in the school, and he decided that he may want to keep an eye on her. However, compared to Marth, he was not impressed with what he saw.

"So what? It's just a new girl," Link replied placidly to his friend. Marth was practically outraged when he heard his friend say that.

"So? She's hot!" Marth exclaimed, as Link rolled his eyes with great annoyance again at Marth's immature, play boyish character.

"Your point is… that she's hot? Who cares? I don't fucking care!" Link snapped, a little bit angry that his friend went through all this trouble just to show him a pretty girl that he was not interested in. "She maybe pretty, but she's not that beautiful."

"Whatever. Think what you want. I think she's gorgeous," Marth told Link.

Right after Marth had finished his sentence, the girl who had winked and smiled at Marth let her right foot slip forward to trip the girl. The blonde girl fell for the trap by just taking a few steps forward, causing her to trip over the other girl's leg. She came tumbling down after tripping over the girl's leg, while her books slipped out of her arms and scattered all over the floor. All of the girls and a few other boys in the hallway sniggered at the golden haired girl for tripping. Even the girl, who tripped her, cackled with delight to see that her plan had worked. After sitting up and rubbing her forehead with her right hand, she started to scoop up all of her textbooks on the hallway floor. Marth, who had also watched what happened to the girl, immediately rushed to her side where he helped her gather her books for her. As he helped her, the girl who had flirtatiously glanced at Marth and tripped the new girl, was now glaring at both of them down on the floor.

"Uh… Thank you," the girl squeaked out nervously, as Marth handed her the textbooks. Marth smiled warmly at the girl who had helped.

"No problem," he said to her. "So, um… What's your name?"

"Ah, it's Princess Zelda Harkinian of Hyrule. I am a new student here," replied the girl with blonde hair. With that being said, Marth's eyes widened a little bit at the girl.

"Really? Well, you certainly are a beautiful princess. No wonder why you look so attractive," Marth flirted, as Zelda blushed. "You know, if you really need a guide around the school, I am always willing to help you. By the way, my name is Prince Marth Lowell of Altea. So anyways, like I said, I can always help you with whatever you need help with. Oh say for example, tutoring, and-"

"Flirting, Lowell?" said a voice from above. The Prince and the Princess eyes both shot up to see who was talking to them.

Their eyes located on a young blonde woman with shimmering green eyes. She was very tall for a freshman in high school, about six feet, and her eyes were glaring down at the blue haired prince that was flirting with Zelda. Her body was big, muscular, and robust, as her chest was rather large for a girl for the age of sixteen. Her uniform was all crumpled at the edges with a few dirt stains on it, her skirt was a little low on her hips, and her necktie was loosened up. The right side of her face was covered with her dusty, desert golden hair that was down in front of her like a mop. Her school bag was slumped on her right shoulder, where it was nearly falling off. The tall girl that stood before them wore mascara and some black eyeliner, with a dark shade of blood red lipstick on her lips. She was also very pretty, however, by the way her uniform was; she looked more of a tom boy rather than a girly girl.

Behind her, another girl stood there, also with blonde hair as she glanced down upon them. Even though she didn't look like it, she was quite, and queer as if she was a mouse. She had stunning ocean blue eyes that had a petrified look in them as if someone was going to march up to her and kill her. The mouse seemed to be frightened at everything in the world, and seemed to look slightly insane and paranoid. Unlike the other girl that had just spoken to both of them, her uniform was neat and tidy. Just by looking at this girl, Zelda could tell that she was obviously very rich. She wore elegant jewelry around her neck and wrists that glowed around her, as if she was a celebrity. Her golden hair illuminated the room with the brightness of her golden hair. With her skin being ghostly pale; Zelda wondered if this princess ate any food since she seemed to be scared at everything. For a moment no one said a word, until Marth finally broke the silence.

"Hey, Aran! I was just trying to help her, ya know?" Marth said slowly, worried about how the former female motorcycle gang member would say next. The tom boy's anger immediately flared up at the moment she heard Marth's reply. She furrowed her brows down at the young teenage boy sitting on the ground and replied angrily to his response.

"That's bullshit! I know what you were up to. How dare you try to hurt a poor innocent girl that doesn't know anything about this school! I hate guys like you that are always trying to "help" girls like her when you just really want to get laid with a pretty girl like her!" Samus snarled angrily. She turned her attention to Zelda and spoke to her. Her expression changed instantly, as she had gone from being a vicious female into being a kind, soft hearted woman.

"Here, let me help you up," she said kindly, giving her right hand. "Don't mind that jerk over there. He is one those playboys who always likes to flirt with any girl he sees."

"Hey!" Marth exclaimed at Samus.

"Erm… Thank you," Zelda said, as she took the girl's right hand and pulled herself up from the ground. Zelda brushed off all the dirt from the floor and turned to face the girl named Samus, but the girl was too busy talking with Marth to notice her at the moment. Samus crouched down in front of Marth, where their faces where just inches apart, as she glared heavily at him.

"I'm warning you now. You don't want to mess with me, Lowell. I will seriously take you down, if you mess with innocent girls like that chick over there," Samus said in harsh tone as she pointed to Zelda, who was watching their whole conversation along with everyone in the hallway.

"Er… Why do you think I would try to hit on girls like her?" Marth lied, as he feared about what Samus would say next. She opened her mouth to say something when a new voice interrupted them.

"Because you are always like that, Marth. You always flirt with any pretty looking girl you see, to get what you want," a young teenager flatly said. They both looked up a moment to see another young male teenager with flaming, short red hair, standing behind Marth and Zelda and in front of Samus. He glanced down at the two students with his blue eyes.

"Roy!" Marth shouted angrily at his friend for not defending him. "You are supposed to be helping me out here!"

"Why should he?" interrupted Link, who had also noticed what was going around. He broke his pose from leaning against the wall and walked up to them, as he glared down at Marth for being an idiot. "It's your own fault for whatever you did."

Just when Marth was going to say something more, the first warning bell rang out through the hallways, telling everyone that homeroom was starting soon. They all perked up and Marth quickly jumped to his feet, as Samus properly stood up. Link quickly swiped up his bag from the side of the hallway, as Roy speed walked to the homeroom near the right. Marth also gathered his belongs together, as he began to enter homeroom. As Marth was turning in the other direction to go to his homeroom class, Samus pulled at his left arm for a moment to speak with him.

"I'm watching you," she said in a dangerous tone of voice, as her eyes glowered at the Prince of Altea. Marth stood there a little shocked, knowing that a girl was threatening him rather than a guy stronger than him, but he shrugged it off, as he continued to walk to his homeroom.

After almost everyone abandoned Zelda in the hallway for a moment, she was left with the girl who had just helped her out and her companion. She stared at the girl who was claimed to be called Samus, and studied her a little bit more for a while. Zelda admitted that she never saw any girl in her entire life walk straight up to a man and threaten him. In Hyrule, it was deeply frowned upon since it would be considered unlady like. This girl seemed to be daring, and bold enough to take on any risks in her life, and Zelda could easily see that. Homeroom wasn't going to start for another five minutes, but everyone had left early. The tom boyish girl let out a long, stressful sigh and shook her head as she finally turned to face Zelda.

"Hey, sorry about all that. I forgot to properly introduce myself. My name is Samus. Samus Aran," the tall, blonde haired girl said to her.

"Mine is Princess Zelda Harkinian," she said, as she lifted her right hand for Samus to shake. They shook their hands a few times when they finally let go. "Thank you for helping me out earlier, Aran."

"Oh, it's nothing! Hey! You don't have to call me that, you know... I prefer it if you called me "Samus". We're friends, okay?" She said, as she winked at her.

Zelda's face was masked with shock, for she did not know what to say. She never thought she'd make friends that quickly with another student, but she decided that Samus was nice enough to be her friend, anyways. Zelda turned to the other girl as she introduced herself.

"So, erm… Nice to meet you. My name is Zelda Harkinian," Zelda said, as she held out her hand again for the girl standing beside Samus.

The girl didn't respond in anyway, as she blinked at the girl a few times. She still looked frightened at Zelda either way, and refused to speak or show any signs of emotions. Her facial expression remained the same through out the conversation with the Princess of Hyrule and Marth, and during Samus' little warning towards the Prince of Altea. The other blonde haired girl was finally able to slowly lift up a shaking hand and wrapped in against Zelda's, as she shook it once. She was barely able to produce a sound from her lips.

"Peach," she whispered so softly that Zelda could barely hear it.

"So, do you need help with anything?" asked Samus.

"Er… Yes… I am having trouble locating room 182," Zelda said to the girl, as she held up her schedule to Samus.

"Ah, 182? That's to your right!" Samus said quickly, as she pointed to the classroom that was right next to Zelda. "So you have Mr. Jones as your homeroom teacher, as well? That's great! Peach and I both have him as our homeroom teacher too! Except, we are probably stuck with that jerk, Marth, in that class as well."

"Oh, well. I am sure he's not that bad…" Zelda began to say, as Samus gave her a horrified look.

"Believe me, he's the worst. What makes him even worse, is the fact that he's popular, and that every girl would die to have either him or one of his two other friends as their boyfriend," Samus said coldly.

"Anyways, you're better off having someone like me guide you around rather than a guy. I mean, like, you never know what they can do to you when you are alone…," Samus said, as her voice trailed off and her eyes slowly shifted towards the ground. Zelda blinked at her a few times in confusion.

"Erm, right?" Zelda said a little awkwardly at the tom boy. The Princess was completely clueless with what the bounty hunter was saying. In fact, the Princess was clueless with everything around her. The bounty hunter's face lifted up to look at Zelda and her mood completely changed from being somewhat sad to being normal and cheery.

"But anyways, let me help you around the school. However, I think its best that we go into homeroom now," Samus quickly said as she motioned her head towards the room to their right. Zelda nodded her head as she, Samus, and the girl named Peach, walked into their homeroom class.

If there was any way to describe Zelda's homeroom teacher in just one word, it would be: crazy. Mr. Jones was one of your over enthusiastic men with white hair, even though he was very young and that reminded you a lot of Jay Leno. He was very tall, and was married to probably some nice young woman, who he always was able to produce a smile for her. The teacher was loved by all of his students, mostly because of his humor and the feeling that students could always joke around with him whenever they were around, as he would make fun of them, using appropriate jokes. There was never a moment that you could sense him angry and you wouldn't think that no student alive ever saw him angry, sad, depressed, or any negative emotions. He would always be filled with life, and energy, and that's what made him likeable as a teacher.

However, for Princess Zelda of Hyrule, she was practically scared by the man because in her kingdom, men would never be so full of life and always seemed to remain dull as a kitchen knife with long droning conversations. From the moment Zelda saw her future homeroom teacher, she thought he was weird by the unnatural color of his hair, and the fact that he always seemed to be so laid back. She personally preferred serious teachers that knew how to take care of things instantly, compared to a male teacher who seemed to dilly dally with some subjects and works he had to do.

"Alright, kids! Welcome to the Super Smash Brothers High School! I will be your homeroom teacher for the whole year, so you better get used to having me around. So now, I am going to assign you your daily homeroom seats. I will be making a map here on the board right now, so for now, you can just talk to people," Mr. Jones said in his usual enthusiastic voice. He turned his back on the class as he took out a black marker and began to draw the seating arrangements on a white board, while people turned to face their friends and chatted lively. Zelda faced Samus and Peach to see what they were going to say now.

"Okay. So, erm. Since I met you and all, you wouldn't mind me checking out your schedule to see if we have any classes together? I have Gym, Biology, and Study with Peach, but nothing else. God, did the guidance councilors from this school somehow knew that I was friends with Peach from last year, and wanted me to separate her? What the hell is this? Hmph! To think, Ms. Rosedale could tell me that I should take crap from those three bitches that were tormenting Pea-" Samus said, when Peach quickly darted her eyes off the ground to Samus' face and clamped her right hand over Samus' mouth before Samus could say anything more.

"Samus… Please… Don't…," Peach whispered in a terrified voice in Samus' ear, even though Zelda could hear what she was saying.

As Peach unclasped her hand from Samus' lips, Samus faced at her friend for a moment. She noticed the look in Peach's pleading eyes telling her to not tell her about what happened last year. That same petrified, scared look after Samus had encountered Peach. Samus knew Peach for over a year, and she knew that her friend would never in a million years want to tell a new, exchange student about something that she had suffered. Even though Samus was not aware with whatever had happened to Peach over a year ago, she could tell that she had definitely changed from the last past years. Samus' expression changed from being somewhat annoyed, and her rambling about any complaints about the new school she could think of, into becoming softer, and warm. Samus nodded her head to show that she would carry on Peach's wish.

"Alright. Never mind about that, Zelda. Anyways, like I said. Could I see your schedule?" Samus asked, as Peach sighed in relief. Zelda blinked a few times as she opened her back pack. She slowly produced the same schedule; she had when looking for her homeroom classroom. She extended her paper out towards the tom boy with desert golden hair, as she rested her elbow at the top of her chair. Peach peered over from behind Samus' left shoulder to read the paper as well.

"Hm…," she said with her head tilted to the left, as her hair covered her right eye. "So, you have Biology with me, eh? Well, that's good. Oh yes! Also Geometry, eh? Great! I could really use a buddy in that class, even though I get perfect grades in math. Whoa! Are taking French… and Spanish? Well, I know that you will have Spanish with me, but you will have French with Peach. By the way, why are you taking two languages?" Samus asked, as she looked up at Zelda. Zelda shrugged her shoulders, as she faced her two classmates.

"I don't know. My father did that against my will. Since I'm a princess of a country, I should be fluent in few languages in case if I need to make any negotiations with any foreign countries. It was requested by my father that I know a few languages so the language barrier between another ruler and I, won't be so… complex for communication," Zelda finished, as Samus raised both of her eyebrows and gave a low whistle from her lips, as Peach stared blankly at her for a few seconds.

"Wow. You are going to have a lot to study then. I know Peach here, is a princess as well, but she doesn't have to study both French and Spanish. I bet you haven't heard of the Mushroom Kingdom, have you? Well, that's where Peach is the ruler of," said Samus.

Though, Zelda was not listening to a word that Samus said. Zelda only watched Peach for a minute, despite the fact that she seemed to refuse to interact with the conversation that Samus and her were having. She observed the other princess' face, as the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom did not reply or look into Zelda's eyes at all. She kept her eyes focused at her hands that were folded in her lap, and when she did finally look up at Zelda, she did not make any communications with her what so ever. After a while, Samus noticed at what Zelda was observing, and decided to answer the question that Zelda had.

"She's not going to speak, you know. She rarely does. I know it's a harsh thing for me to say, being her friend and all, but it's true," she said somewhat flatly, as she shrugged.

"Erm… Right…" Zelda said hesitantly, as she still watched the other princess.

Shortly after the Princess of Hyrule said those words, the bell rang. The students of the Super Smash Brothers High School immediately stood up from their chairs as they quickly exited the classroom for the day. They were all packed together tightly as they made their way to the exit of the room. As if they were a bunch of grapes, they all shoved and pushed each other as they were all finally able to move on the next class on their schedules. Only Samus and that girl, Peach, were the only ones left in the classroom. They were both watching their other classmates abandon the room until they both finally faced Zelda. As Zelda stood up as well, to exit the room she immediately tripped over the leg of a chair, which someone didn't push in to the table, and fell down. At the sight of the Clumsy Princess, Samus sighed heavily.

"My God, you are a bit of a klutz…"

After helping Zelda up, the Princess turned to her and smiled meekly at her mistake. She brushed the dirt off her school uniform, as she faced her new friends. It wasn't until a few seconds later, when Samus faced her and smirked at her.

"So anyways… What now? Oh yeah! Introductions! Welcome to the Super Smash Brothers High School, aka your new version of Hell!"

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