Almost Easy

Three pairs of eyes emptily stared at the redhead's request. It had been over four weeks since Roy Flores joined them. His energetic, welcoming smile faltered once he saw that the girls did not utter a word. The redhead could swear nervousness and paranoia punched his stomach a thousand times. In his mind, he skittered through ideas of whether he should wait for their answer or forget about it and leave the trio of girls be. He wanted the coward's way out. Instead, he shifted his eyes down toward the ground, prepared for the worst. At the same moment, Zelda and Samus' eyes drifted at Peach. Her answer was important because it was what she wanted.

It only had been two weeks since Peach felt fully comfortable and open around the two girls. During those two weeks, Peach spilled the whole details of Roy and her date. While Samus found more reasons to hate Roy, it was only Zelda who offered a different interpretation. She suggested that perhaps Roy was jittery and didn't know what to say. He might've gotten caught up with the demanding questions so he blurted out what was on his mind, but it came out wrong. It was hard to maintain a balanced view of the world, but it was part of growing up.

"... Well, Peach? What's your answer? Is he going to sit with us or not?" Samus demanded, breaking the silence.

Peach's eyes gazed into Roy's dark blue eyes. She said they'd continue to be friends, but they rarely even spoke to each other other than from working on the Bio project. It was so... bland – so professional and business like. She hated that. It reminded her that there was something more to the relationship she had with Roy Flores. It left her hanging, and tempted to start a conversation with him.

She blinked a few times, trying to sort out what she should do. Logic told her to stay away from him so she would never be hurt by him ever again. But her feelings were telling her to have him sit down and talk again like nothing had happened between them. Though, she tried to logic her feelings into trying to make herself hate him. But she just couldn't...

"... Go ahead and sit down, Roy," she told him clearly.

His head raised slightly upwards as he gave her hopeful look. A smile traced upwards in his facial features, happiness etched everywhere from the way he straightened his posture to his eyes. He happily pulled out a chair and sat himself down. He set his lunch tray down as he smiled again at Peach. The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom returned his smile with a shy one. She couldn't tell herself what to feel because emotions were always irrational. She couldn't hold a grudge or stay mad at something silly. Life was too short. The two started up a small conversation about what was going on. After a while, chattering came from Samus and Zelda as well. Even Samus "playfully" punched Roy's upper arm. But Roy was sure that a big, blue and purple bruise would appear in the next twenty-four hours.

Meanwhile, a pair of violet eyes barely glared at the table with three girls and a redhead. Envy, jealously, insecurity, and fury could be detected from across the cafeteria as the violet eyes continually gawked at the image before it. This person was not pleased about Roy's new friends.

"... Link, I hate Roy. He deserted me and left me to die in fifteen minutes for that horrid, World Geo test!"

The heroic Hylian glanced up from his lunch food to the prince of Altea. He inhaled sharply, impatient with the smasher's behavior. "Marth, you don't have a solid, good reason to hate Roy. You can handle yourself on your own. You don't need Roy right now. Goddesses, you're acting like a five-year old without his mommy."

"But I want him back!" Marth pouted stubbornly. The Hero of Time sharply sucked some air. Marth was being extremely inconsiderate; his non-stop, clingy behavior was becoming too much for today. His rose-pink, bottom lip looked swelled when he held it out as he pretended to whimper like a puppy.

The pointed-ear teen decided to speak up, "Well, if you want him back, why don't you just get him back?"

Marth's eyes darted at Link's face as though he said something brilliant. However, the thought took him a while to process as he carefully considered the idea: "... Hmmm... But you must come with meeeee!"

Link sighed, "Why?"

"Because it'll be fun! We must storm the castle together to reunite the Three Musketeers!" Marth exclaimed wildly. The Hylian glared at the other boy at his barbaric imagination.

"How so? I thought you didn't like Aran and her friends. You're not going to be able to tolerate her for five minutes. It'd be a miracle if you talked to her for ten minutes," Link pointed out.

"... We must get Roy anyway!" Marth quickly retorted. He tried to hide the pinkness in his cheeks: his developing fascination about the huntress and how she challenged his thoughts. Briskly standing up as though he was doing something very important, he stared at the Hero of Time for half a minute. The Hero said nothing.

"... What?" Link finally demanded, unsure and a bit freaked out of what the Altean planned to do.

"... You... will... come... with... me." Marth replied very sternly. His violet eyes stared deeply into the Hylian's as though he was hungry for human contact.

"I don't swing that way," Link replied as he shifted his eyes from one corner of the cafeteria to the other.

"No! Not like that!" The bluehead almost screamed furiously. His azure eyebrows knitted in his brow before seizing Link's left hand. "Stand."

Link's body wouldn't budge; he was heavy and still as though he was a Goron wrestler. Even so, Marth mustered up all of his strength to force the Hylian up. After the third attempt, he succeeded. Similar to a colt attempting to stand on its own for the first time, Link clumsily stumbled over a table leg.

"Ow," the boy said after his knee collided against the table.

"Off we go!"

"... So the other day, I read this really poor-written story online called "My Immortal". It had horrible grammatical errors, spelling, and bad characterization. The authoress seemed to really like to separate people as either: goths, preps, or posers. I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a -"

"Yo, what's up, yo?" Marth intervened, cutting off Samus' spiel. The trio of girls and the redhead all turned their heads at the prince. The prince wished to be perceived as surprisingly chill by his word choice.

"Ummm... Hi, Marth... Nothing much? We're just listening to Samus telling us a story." Roy explained slowly, nervous about what might happen next. Samus' eyes fixed on the other flirtatious swordsman, annoyed by his rude, inconsiderate behavior.

"Hey, dude. Don't talk all slow on me like that. It's not like I'm a retard," the prince said.

Link coughed, "Kalacccck... Yes, you are... Kalaaaccckkk..." He covered his mouth with his fist. The trio of blonds giggled like five-year-olds.

Roy smiled, "So what did you want, Marthie boy? Let me guess... You wanted me to help you on your World Geo studying because you're freaking out about it."

"That's it!" Marth grinned back as he snapped his fingers. He pointed his fingers at him like he was holding too pistols at him. "Roy, you have a gift of telepathy."

The Pheraen smasher's laugh rippled throughout the cafeteria, echoing back to the six smashers. "No, I don't, Marth. I just know you so well just like Link," he replied as he made an acknowledging nod towards the Hylian. The Hylian grinned and nodded back.

"Alright, get your textbook and notes out. You're going to need it if you want to pass Ms. Tran's class," Roy instructed. The Altean cracked open his textbook; he flipped through his scrawly notes in his binder while taking out a pen. "You have to study the notes about the Soviet Union and Germany, especially about the Berlin Wall. It's very important stuff that Ms. Tran is going to test us on. I created a review sheet. Here, I made some extra copies because I know you can't pass a course without them." The boy said as he whipped out a five-page packet of organized notes.

"Thank you, Roy!" Marth exclaimed as he happily mauled the other swordsman with a hug. "I love you."

"Yes yes, I know, Marth. Now get off me before I die of you choking me to death."

Marth released his grasp and laughed, slightly blushing. " Ahah. Sorry about that."

"Study," the redhead instructed. "If you want to maintain your GPA, you better study."

"Yeah, I know. But that shouldn't stop me from multitasking, right?" Marth said as he smiled innocently with his book open for only the ceiling to read. Before Roy could retort back with logical reasoning, Marth wanted to talk. "So I heard all of you guys passed the interview. Congrats. Do you guys all plan to attend the welcoming party?"

"I am," Zelda answered slowly, keeping a watchful eye on Link. She flashed her best smile as the other Hyrulean did his best to ignore it. Marth raised an eyebrow to the way Zelda acted towards his friend. Overly friendly much? Most girls would stare at Link with a hint of lust or infatuation, hinting at their desires for his attention. However, Zelda appeared to want something more than just attention for a romantic interest. It seemed she wanted respect or kindness or...

"Hmmm... I'm thinking about going, but I may have a doctor's appointment on that day," Peach commented with the tip of her finger on her bottom lip.

"I'm up for it. I love getting a free dinner!" Samus enthusiastically said.

"Mmm. This all sounds exciting. How about you, Roy and Link?" Marth asked.

Link had been staring off into space. His eyes were cold and unfeeling while he pretended he wasn't part of the conversation.

"Yeah, I plan to go." Roy answered. Link still said nothing.

"Liiiinkkkk... Answer me, boy! I'll give ya a treat if you do so!" Marth playfully said.

Link shot him a glare as he stoically replied, "I'll go."

Orientation glowed with welcoming and excitement. The dinner party settled at a banquet hall with a high ceiling in the west wing of the mansion. Silver lights glistened from crystal chandeliers while the walls were painted a light blue, a reflection of winter. Everything was set up carefully; blue and white balloons were in every corner of the room. Fresh mixes of delphiniums, white roses, lilies, and blue hydrangea made up beautiful bouquets of every table's centerpiece. White tablecloths cover every round, six person table available. A small, wooden podium was located in the front of the room. This orientation dinner would be classy, but not over the top or gaudy. Zelda's dropped slightly, in awe, when she stepped in.

"This is amazing, don't you think?" She asked Samus. Dressed in a small, white, satin dress with thin crossing straps on her back. The dress cut before her knees. The princess felt proud she was a smasher. Accompanied with white flats, the princess strolled as gracefully as she could with her arm hung around her friend's. Her silver bangles chimed as she pulled Samus along to move forward.

"Hmmm... It looks good. It's a little bit better than last year. Orientation dinner and party is alright. It's very casual and low-key. But they sometimes over do themselves with the decorations," Samus commented bitterly. Samus, on the other hand, wore a nice, crimson, glittery top which was a V-neck and three fourths lengths sleeves along with black pants and plain, dress shoes.

"Oh hush, Sammie! You never appreciate a good design to a party! I think this is a million times better compared to last year. They've got such nice flowers for the centerpieces! I wonder who arranged those flowers because they look marvelous!" Peach said.

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom had gone all out with her appearance. She dressed in a cute, soft rose pink, strapless dress made out of some gauzy like fabric. The skirt a few layers, and a nice, matching pink, velvet sash wrapped around the blonde's small waist. Four inch, silver strappy shoes had Peach's height to be dominating and demanding. With a diamond, tear drop shaped necklace and matching earrings, her jewelry glittered all around like fairy dust.

Samus only half smiled. "Well, I'm not a fan with just sitting around and eating fancy food. It's awkward when you're stuck at a table you don't know."

"Let's just all hope we're at the same table then!" Peach said happily as Samus shifted her eyes upwards, annoyed. The princess strode over toward the seating chart as her two other blond friends trailed along. "Okay... So let's see. Aran, Samus. Ooh. Table eight. That's good. Next, Harkinian, Zelda. Table eight! Great! You guys are together. Now me... Toadstool, Peach. Table... EIGHT! Yes! We're all together!"

"Whoot. Do you know who else are the three peeps who are at our table?" Samus asked monotonously.

"That would be us," a voice interjected. The three spun around. A pair of violet eyes contained a smug look. Prince Marth of Altea stood there, broodingly, in a midnight-blue, button-up, short-sleeved shirt. A silk, black tie hung from the collar of his shirt. A brown, single strapped bracelet snaked around his wrist with black, formal slacks. "What's up, lay-dees?"

Samus tried not to roll her eyes or groan. "Nothing if you don't get your mind out of the gutter and leave me alone," she muttered to herself softly. She regretted saying it though once she noticed Marth's downcast eyes and grim smile.

"You girls look lovely today," Roy said. He himself was dressed in a nice, crimson shirt with a silver tie. He also wore dark pants, but his seemed to be made of high quality material compared to Marth's.

Peach grinned as she gave the redhead a confident stare. The other smasher tried to look away, but he found that he couldn't turn his head away from her. He knew what she was doing. She was giving him a cute, yet alluring look where Roy couldn't resist it. He found her to be adorable. He wished to take her alone and maybe just-... But he cleared his throat to clear the thoughts out of his head.

"Anyway..." He began to comment when he realized he was lost with words for a moment. Never in Roy's life had someone distracted him by one look to have him loose his train of thought.

"Hey, Link! How are you doing?" Zelda said, trying to keep the conversation going and address the Hylian.

The Hero of Time stoically gazed at her, unfazed and unenthusiastic about everything. He down casted his eyes to the floor. He did not wish to speak.


Zelda frowned. 'Maybe I should stop being so pushy and forceful to get him to talk. Maybe... He'll come to me if I just give him space and respect while I try not to be intrusive,' she thought.

Though, she happily shrugged off her plans because she wished to enjoy her evening whether or not it consisted of Link. She faced Peach, chatting about the latest gossip on the runway in Nintendo City. Soon enough, the blondes were in their own little world about the art of clothes. Samus, on the other hand, found her eyes landing at the sight of Prince Marth of Altea. She noticed the plastic, glass-shaped cup in his hand filled with apple juice as he conversed deeply with Roy. She noticed his light, pale skin on his face. She noticed the set structure of his jaw and the color of his eyes. She herself wondered why she stared at him so much. She was stock still with no words coming to her mind. Marth noticed her gaze, and gave her a questioning, intimidated look. Her eyes widened as she darted her eyes away, ashamed and embarrassed at her gawking. Luckily for her, the Master Hand entered the room.

He floated slowly in, carefully observing everyone in the room. Once he was sure all of the smashers was here, he positioned himself more upright, showing he was pleased with how his night was going. As he made his way to the podium, all of the smashers slowly noticed the presence of the hand. A strange sense of silence crept through the room, hushing all of the smashers from their lively chats.

When the Master Hand finally reached his destination, he spoke: "Welcome all to the Super Smash Brothers Orientation! I am delighted to see you all could make this traditional banquet. Everyone in the Tournament should get to know each other so we can all smash on friendly terms with no judgments, ill will, or loathing. Nobody from the Super Smash Brothers should discriminate each other of sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or age. Anyone who violates these rules will be suspended from the Tournament for four weeks. Now, I hope you all enjoy your evening! Have a fine dinner and converse with the others! I shall be in my office if anyone needs me."

The Master Hand floated slowly away from the podium. He left the room so quickly it was as though he was a ghost. Silence crept in the room with most of the smashers wondering how to handle the situation. Fox McCloud began to clap to keep from the awkwardness and be polite. While most of the smashers meekly clapped as well, Zelda raised an eyebrow at the hand's behavior. It was quite odd that a hand would leave so suddenly, and avoid the social event. She brushed it off because she didn't want her night to go wasted.

"So we have assigned seating right here? This is fucking BULLSHIT!" Samus Aran said with the bitter most scorn.

Peach only smiled and cheerfully said, "Hey, it's just like a wedding! We have to mix and mingle with the other people in our table of six."

"Yeah, but why did I have to get stuck with him?" Samus asked, pointing at her all-time favorite blue head scarfing down his food.

"Ay! 'Un 'uk ah ee 'ike 'atuh!" He grunted through his food.

"Excuse me, but I don't speak douchebaganese."

Marth spat out his food on his plate as most smashers at his table gave him a funny look. With a glare, "I said, 'Don't look at me like that!"

The two other princesses smiled meekly at each other. The blonde and bluehead were at it again. The two girls wondered why Samus and Marth were in the same room. The mature (and wise) thing to do would be to simply ignore each other or just leave the room hastily. Yet, there was something odd the princesses noticed about the two. It appeared they liked arguing with each other. But it was impossible; Samus would deny any romantic feelings for Marth and vice versa. Then again, maybe Samus wasn't always honest with how she felt.

Peach, however, shrugged the thought off quickly as she glanced over at Roy Flores and grinned shyly. Once the redhead was aware of the female staring at him, he himself returned the same warmness with a smile of his own. There was a shot of joy which soared in Peach's chest, making it extremely difficult for her to control. She flushed as she darted her eyes back to the flat surface of the table. The future Queen of Hyrule stared at the Hero of Time as she carefully noted the way he sipped his water glass. His stern face with two slits above his nose glared at almost everything in sight. The truth was Link Wright wanted to be home.

Meanwhile, Peach's embarrassment of staring at Flores was cut off when Samus threatened to castrate Marth. She couldn't take it anymore, "Give it a fucking rest, will you?" The arguing duo stopped in shock to hear Peach using foul language for the first time. Peach rolled her eyes.

"Seriously, we're at orientation and the least thing you could do is just get along rather than act like five-year-olds. I remind you, this is a Tournament Orientation and not a playground. Do us all a favor and just get some food right now so I can enjoy my night in peace."

The arguing duo's mouths were dry in shock and their brains could not articulate any words. Once again, Peach always surprised them with her new found voice. The bounty huntress, not knowing what to exactly do, could think of only one way to respond:

"Fine," she said bitterly. With that said, she silently got up from her seat and headed towards the buffet table.

Marth, on the other hand, wasn't sure either of what to do. Instead, he whipped out his cellphone and pretended to be playing games on it so he wouldn't interact with anyone or stir up Peach's temper again. While the Mushroom Kingdom princess stared intensely at the other smashers, Roy Flores only smiled meekly.

"Peach," he said softly. She whipped around and grinned. "I want to talk to you in private." She gave him a funny look as Roy still smiled at her. "Let's go to one of the lounge rooms. I want to go there."

The blonde princess only nodded. "I'm going to get myself a drink before we go. Do you need anything?"

The redhead smiled, "Nope. I've got my cup of water. I just need to talk to you in private."

The princess shyly grinned back as she nervously turned around and headed towards the drinks table. In her chest, her heart was ramming against her ribcage, feeling as though it would never rest. She poured herself a drink, but her hand shook slightly as splatters of punch juice stained the white tablecloth. Peach took a deep breath. She had to remain her composure and not get too excited.

She flashed Roy a bright smile with determined eyes staring straight into his own. Roy froze. She looked so sweet, cute, and carefree with the way she looked at him. He never thought one glance could throw him off. "Uhhh... This way," he said as he directed her outside of the room.

Princess Peach continued to walk confidently in silver stilettos, having them click loudly on the floor. While most of the males in the room watched her, Peach ignored them. She strutted her body flawlessly in those thin heels as Roy Flores tailed along.

"Let's turn left here." He said as she followed. He led her into a cozy, warmly-lit room with two brown couches and coffee tables, complete with a huge, flat-screen TV. He gestured his hand towards one of the couches. "Please, have a seat."

Peach did as she was told. She smoothed her skirt of her dress and sat down comfortably. Roy inhaled sharply as he took a sip of his water. He gulped.

"Peach, I've been thinking about that date we first had... And well, I know it wasn't the best way to start off things. For example, I made you upset, I think the date we had was too formal, and I feel like I just approached everything the wrong way. For all of those mistakes, I sincerely apologize. I acted like an idiot. When you asked me why I wanted to date you on our first date, I gave you the wrong answer. I don't think you're just "hot". I think you're more than that. For some reason, I feel as though I see that more than most people in our class. I just don't sometimes don't know what I'm doing when I'm around you because... Well, the truth is... I really like you."

That was when his bright blue eyes looked at her. Peach also looked up at him for a moment: breathless, happy, yet also excited. She quickly looked down at her cup of fruit punch. She smiled softly, taking another sip from her cup. Roy faced back into the front of the room, staring off into the distance. He didn't say anything.

"I see," she tried to say very seriously. Inside, she couldn't help smiling. Roy, on the other hand, felt as though he was numb. He didn't know what to do. Did she feel the same way?

"I don't want to force anything on you. I understand if you're not ready for some things, and I'm a fool if I can believe that I can just dive into a relationship without considering how you feel. I know I kissed you that night, but... I sometimes worried if I acted too fast. If you don't want to be with me, I understand," he went on, noticing Peach was still and silent like a rock.

Silence crept into the room, leaving Roy Flores anxious and nervous as ever. His whole body felt as though it was shaking. His whole world felt like it was completely empty and cold. Maybe he did fuck things up. He knew things didn't go the way he always wanted them to. But he what he wouldn't give to spend his time with Peach Toadstool? A warm hand touched his shoulder. He looked up, and he saw a gentle face smile at him.

"Roy, I know you think I'm bitter from that time you said you only wanted to date me because you thought I was hot. Of course, I find that a little bit offensive because I look at the term "hot" as "I-wanna-just-bang-you-and-that's-it". I don't think you implied that. It's sometimes hard to believe someone when he does one thing, but says another. I understand now that you've cleared it up. I agree with you about taking things slow. I'll confess, I may not be ready for some things yet," Peach began to say.

"So am I!" Roy exclaimed. "I want to be honest with you right now. I'm struggling to get over someone."

Peach's heart plummeted to her stomach. "Is that so?" She said, hiding all of the disappointment and sadness in her voice.

"Yes, but I know I like you. So why not give things a shot?"

Peach smiled. She tried her best to forget that there was once another girl who had Roy's heart. She wondered what she must've been like though... Who knows if she was incredibly pretty? Or intelligent? Or perhaps she had a sweet personality. Or maybe she had a fiery personality. Or perhaps she could act sexy like a model on the runway, and have men gawk at her with once glance...

"So I'm taking that as a yes?" He asked, snapping the Princess out of her thoughts.

"Yes!" She blurted out, not realizing how loud she said that. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand as if she could hide her embarrassment and her words. She could feel her cheeks growing hotter and hotter, and her heart pounded in her chest because it was the only thing that she could hear.

Roy laughed. "It's okay. You're probably just as excited as I am."

Peach giggled a little bit as well. "I confess, I am. But I want you to realize something before we start this. I'm not the type of girl who beats around the bush or plays any games. When you're with me, you're with me. I want someone who's honest and who's not afraid to speak their mind. And I know I say these things now, and I may go against my word. But this is the person I aspire to be and I'll try my best to be that person."

Roy took this opportunity to stare at her in bewilderment. He was speechless with her maturity and words. He finally understood how she felt about him, but also how she felt about relationships. It was only now where he felt confident than ever he could make her happy. After a few seconds, he was finally able to articulate an answer. "You completely blew me away with what you said."

The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom smiled once again. She threw him a confident, seductive look. "Come here," she said slyly.

With her stare, she told him to lean forward with her right, index finger, curling it towards her. Roy grinned. There was nothing, but silence in the room as the Pheraen crept closer to the princess on the sofa. He raised his right hand and brushed his hand past Peach's ear, running his fingers though her soft, golden hair. He didn't say anything more before leaning in and giving Peach an affectionate kiss on her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and gently pulling him down on the sofa with her.

Before she knew it, she felt her body sinking more and more comfortably into Roy's body. They laid there together, kissing each other affectionately. He kept kissing the Princess, from her mouth to her neck, and everywhere. With each kiss from Roy Flores, Peach felt as though she was she dancing on a cloud. His kiss told her a lot about him: how much he liked her, how he was sensitive as a human being, how he cared about her, and how he wanted to be with her. When they were finally done being affectionate, the two laid together on the couch. Their two bodies felt like one; the blond could hear his heart beating softly like a steady drum. It calmed her; she felt as though the world was entirely beautiful. As the night went on, she found herself closing her eyes while the redhead did the same. They both had drifted off to sleep with comfort, love, and understanding between them. Tonight, they were finally together: as one, as a couple, and as lovers. This was the most perfect night of Peach's and Roy's life.

Link was not pleased with his night. So far, he had been bored out of his Goddesses damned mind and desperately wished he was back home at Kokiri Forest where he didn't have to deal with anyone. He wished he was in the solitude he preferred. He could be doing a million other things right now. He could be riding Epona until she was breathing heavily and neighed for some water. Or he could be working on his archery or fencing. Or he could be looking up at the stars with Saria in the Lost Woods. He liked doing that. It gave him some peace and quiet to help clear up his mind from the troubles. And Saria looked at him in this way that made him feel special as though he was the only person who could make her feel safe. That didn't sound too bad. At least he wouldn't have to deal with...

"Link, so tell me about why you decided to enter the Tournament," a Hylian princess asked.

Link tried not to grit his teeth. It was a bad habit. "I needed the money. Let's leave it at that. No more questions." He said abruptly. Zelda's eyes casted down to her lap, focusing on her cloth napkin.

"Okay," she said.

Link scoffed and looked away. He turned away from the princess as he placed his left elbow on the table and rested his jaw in the palm of his hand. He closed his eyes and sighed. Even though this was a dull night, he was pretty tired from having to deal with people. He wasn't allowed to leave until the party was over. The party didn't end until eleven so he'd have to find something to do. He looked around the room.

Falco and Fox were talking in one corner. He never knew what to say to the two Starfox pilots. From his interactions with them, they seemed to be concerned with racing each other to see who was a better pilot. There was Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Unfortunately, he didn't understand half of the things they were saying. Also, whenever he tried to talk to Pikachu, the little Pokemon always believed Link wanted to play with him and so he'd end up either electrocuted or have Pikachu leeched onto his back. Ness and Yoshi seemed to get along quite well with Ness riding the little, green dinosaur like a horse. The psychic boy hooted with glee as he praised Yoshi's fastness.

Link sighed again. There was nothing interesting to do. Unfazed and unamused, he played with the food on his plate. He glanced up at the food table to see if there was anything better served. Oh, the workers of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion were putting away food. Shame. Instead, he glanced at the drinks table. There seemed to be a lot of bottles of drinks and soda still left. The blonde smiled as he rose up from his seat and made his way to there. He looked at his options: cola, lemonade, apple juice, red wine, white wine, beer, water, and... Sparkling Grape Juice? That sounded good. The bottle was sealed, unopened, and probably still fresh.

"Oh hey, Link," said a voice behind him.

"Hm?" He whirled around. It was Fox. He decided he'd be a little bit polite to him. "How are things?"

"Okay, you're going to drink all of that by yourself?" Fox gestured at Link's hand. The Hero of Time grasped the bottle of Sparkling Grape Juice tightly.

"Oh, this?" He raised the bottle in the air. "Yeah, I love this stuff. It's my favorite. I'm surprised that the Master Hand got it this year. I think it's because I complained last year since he didn't have it. I guess he took my request in consideration and made sure they had it this year."

"Ah, cool. Maybe I should do the same if I want more variety of drinks." Fox replied. "What are you doing for the rest of the night?"

"I'm going to head off and drink this stuff alone and think about my future," he said blandly. "What about you?"

"I'm going to see if I can beat Falco's time of flying around this mansion," he said with a wink.

"Have fun."

"Yeah, you too!"

With that, Link quickly walked out the door of the main room and headed off to another lounge room. He unscrewed the top. Strange, the top seemed as though it wouldn't come off easily. It had a cork on the bottle top instead of a cap. He brushed it off since he was thirsty. He grasped the cork firmly in his hand and yanked it off as much as he could. The juice had a weird smell to it, but he shrugged it off. He took one huge gulp. It tasted a bit different for juice...

"Hey, Fox," Falco said.


"Where is the champagne bottle here at the drinks table?" The bird asked curiously as he pushed the other soda bottles away. He moved the other sparling water around, reorganizing every drink at the table. He glanced at every label looking similar to his beloved champagne bottle, reading it carefully in case he misplaced it.

Fox took sip of water and shrugged. "I don't know."

Falco frowned. "I bought the champagne specifically for this event! I normally don't drink alcohol that much, but I figured we'd all celebrate."

"Hey, I have no idea, buddy. But I know Link earlier-... Oh wait... Oh my GOD."


"Uhhh... I think Link has your champagne bottle, dude."

Link had never felt better than this. He knew for sure that this wasn't Sparkling Grape Juice. But it made him feel happier. Here he was: on a couch, just drinking the champagne he mistook, and enjoying life. He liked being alone, drinking his bottle, even though it was considered to be depressing to society. Whatever. They could all fuck themselves in the asses. This champagne had an interesting taste. The champagne fizzed on his tongue while sending a sweet yet slightly tangy taste. It was delicious. He could feel his cheeks burning red. He raised his hand to feel how hot they were, and they were warm like a hot plate. He giggled.

"This is pretty fucking awesome right now," Link said to himself. "I don't have to deal with problems, society, and that princess... I should do this every night until my liver dies! I love you, champagne!" He hugged the bottle tightly to his chest with the dorkiest and giddiest smile on his face. He generously allowed himself another mouthful of champagne.

"Link?" A voice said. Link swallowed the alcohol. Great.

"Link!" Princess Zelda exclaimed as she rushed to his side. "What on earth are you doing here?"

"Isn't it clear?" he droned, raising his bottle in the air. "I'm drinking this lovely bottle and it's making all of my problems better."

"So that's where Falco's champagne bottle went! He asked for us to look for you because he claimed you'd have it. Oh, he's going to be disappointed once he found out you drank it!" Zelda said nervously.

Link took another swig of champagne. "I don't give a fuck," he proclaimed before belching very loudly. He patted his stomach.

"Gross," the Princess commented with a bit of a cringed, disgusted face. Not knowing what to do, the Princess decided to seat herself on the coffee table across from Link. She couldn't leave Link alone, drunk and helpless. What if he passed out? What if (though, not likely) gotten alcohol poisoning? Or what if he barfed all over the lounge?

"Ugh," Link said suddenly. He grasped his bottle tighter and held his forehead in his hand.

"What's wrong?" The Princess asked.

"I think I've reached my limit..." Link said softly as the princess stared at him, slightly baffled. He knew what his limit was with drinking? This wasn't good. This meant that Link had been drinking before. Zelda frowned on the idea of the hero having drinking problems.

"I know what you're thinking," the teenage boy said blandly, loudly, and obnoxiously. Zelda's eyes faced him curiously. "I don't have a drinking problem, alright? I don't. I just have a low tolerance."

"I don't think you did?" she told him uncertainly. She wouldn't take his word for it though. Then again, she knew Hylians had a low tolerance for alcohol. However, Link would never admit in a million years that he was a Hylian instead of a Kokiri.

"Meh. You're no fun. Do you know that, Priiinnnccceeeessss?" He asked, putting a childish tone on the last word. He belched again. "Ahhh..."

"Hm," Zelda said. "If that is the case, then perhaps I should leave."

She stood up and adjusted the skirt of her dress. She didn't have to babysit Link Wright if it meant dealing with his mocking. This was unreasonable. Why should she deal with him anyway? He clearly hated her company. She tried, but she was failing at getting Link to open up. With fierce eyes, she began to head for the door until she heard something else:


He said that one word with abruptness and childishness. It was like that one word told her to stop completely and face him. She looked at the Hero of Time. He had sit up from the couch and hunched his back over with the champagne in his hand. His hair was a mess; it was like a pile of hay: messy and uneven.

"Come over here. I want to tell you something."

He had turned serious all of a sudden. It was as though she had offended him, but she didn't understand what was going through the other Hylian's mind. She stepped forward cautiously until she finally reached him.

"You're a stupid, poopy head!" Link screamed before letting out a low, yet long burp. His face beamed in a satisfactory way. He lifted his legs up on the couch, and his stretched his body out on the couch. He got comfortable before closing his eyes.

"What the fuck!" Zelda exclaimed. "What the fuck is wrong with you? I can't put up with someone like you if you can't tell me what's going on."

She had extremely low patience with Link Wright. The past few days she tried to be as patient as possible with Link. She remembered how she was full of determination that day Saria told her everything about Link's traumatic past. She remembered how she wanted to "help" him. In the end, it was all blowing up in her face with everything she did. She was beginning to think that Link didn't need her help neither did he want it. Then again, it had been clear from the start Link didn't want her help. It seemed he hated her because of it.

"There's a lot of things wrong with me," he answered seriously with his eyes closed. That caught Zelda's attention. She didn't expect him to answer her question.

"You don't even understand that I don't like people. It's not that I don't know how to interact with people. I just don't trust them."

He took another swig of champagne before continuing:

"Everyone just lies, cheats, and deceives. Why would I want to be a part of that? Why be part of a society? Sometimes, people are just so fake. I can just see it in our school. I see Caitlin Russell with her shitloads of make up, and I'm just disgusted. Why do the MRL worship us? I don't know. I just fucking hate it all. High school... it's all just a joke. Nothing is real. Everybody gets so worked up about shit that won't matter in a few years. Everyone knows once you enter a university and start a job, you become closer with those people than the ones in high school. So why should I care? Why should I have to be a part of everything?"

The young Hylian glanced over to see how his Princess was taking all of this information. There had been no comment, noise, or word uttered from the young lady. Zelda sat still through out his whole spiel, stone-cold and blank. She didn't know how to react to Link's cynical comments. Link smirked at himself once he knew that the Princess understood what he was saying all too well.

"You even know it's true, Princess. That's why you can't even utter a word," he said crudely as he took another gulp of his champagne.

But Link didn't even know what was on Zelda's mind.

"You poor thing," she stated clearly.

Link glanced up. He raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"I can understand to an extent of what you are getting at, but I just don't understand at all. Everyone deserves a chance. You can't just judge people by first glance. Surely, some people are what they are. But to cut off everyone else in your life and not depend on anyone... It's impossible. There is a reason why even animals live in packs. They are fully aware that they cannot and will not survive on their own in the wild. It's the same with people. Society exists for a reason. While you don't have to follow all of its orders, you still need to rely on people. If you can't even let people in your life now, you will never be able to let anyone in later. The people who care and you and love you will stick around for you and help out. Honesty and justice will prevail over anything and everything because people can't hide anything from others forever. People have to help each other out; it's just the way this world works. You'll get no where without any support or love. If you do, then you must be filled with hate and vengeance."

It was at this moment where the Princess stared into Link's eyes with understanding, fierceness, yet also compassion. With her gaze, the Hero of Time felt his world stand completely still. He even felt his heartbeat slow down to one beat per minute. He glanced outside the window. He saw the snowflakes dance in the air, making their way to the ground. He wondered how people in the cold can survive all by themselves. Zelda seemed to have a point with everything she said. Winter was the coldest time of the year and it was tough without any help from anyone. He thought about everything she said for a moment.

"You can choose not to believe me. I know I'm not convincing you to go socialize more or be more open, but I speak with experience. I only hope one day you'll believe in what I've said and you will find the people in your life who you can love, depend on, and help... Because, believe me, it's a wondrous thing to have when you have people around you to support you."

She smiled softly with her eyes downcast to the floor. Link's eyes fixed on the princess' face in silence, pondering every sentence she spoke. His mind did wonder how his relationship would change with Roy and Marth if he was more open and outgoing with them. However, Link hated the idea of having to compromise with other people's wishes sometimes. He disliked how he sometimes was forced into doing things he didn't want to do when he was around people. Maybe he was just too afraid all of this time...

"Well, I'll leave you in the solitude you prefer so much, Mr. Link Wright. You know, the winter semi-formal is coming up. I don't think you're interested in dances, but how often will you get to live your life by getting dressed up and dancing when you're older? You're quite good at dancing too. I'm sure someday you'll get a nice, pretty girl to dance with if you just open up more. If I don't see you at the semi-formal, I hope you have a good night alone at home."

With that said, she smiled for the final time and started to make her way to the door. She didn't have any regrets about what she said. She stated her honest opinion and all of her beliefs. Maybe Princess Zelda was a romantic and an idealist, but she didn't care. She knew what made her happy and she believed it would be the same for Link.

"Wait," he said before she made it past the door frame. She turned on her heel. He was still sitting on the couch. His face was serious: he wasn't smiling, but neither was he giving her an icy look. His eyes were soft and alive. He finally was looking at her as though he respected her and wanted her to look at him dead in the eyes. He got up from the couch and walked towards her, still giving her that gaze.

"I'm sorry," he said softly once he had gotten close to her. He didn't know what came over him to say that. Maybe it was the alcohol that influenced him to say that... at least it was honest though. But when Zelda was saying all of those things, there was something deep and down, making him feeling as though he was sinking down and down. It was as though he was spiraling down the drain and couldn't get help from anyone because of his loneliness.

"... I guess I owe you a dance at the semi-formal."

Zelda's eyes widened in shock. What in the Sacred Realm had gotten over him? The corners of his mouth slightly twitched upwards, but it lasted less than one second. Not sure of how to react, she decided to smile sweetly at him. Link's heart skipped a beat.

"Alright," she said to him. "I'm presuming it'll only be one dance and that is all. Well, I'm sorry... But I have to go now. It's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow for some duties for my father."

She smiled once again before staring him deeply in his eyes.

"Good night, Link."

Without another word, she walked gracefully out the doorway and down the hallway for the night. Link watched her figure become smaller and smaller until she made her way back to the ballroom. What had gotten over him? After she voiced her views, he felt he couldn't avoid her. It was as though she had become a huge part of his life all of a sudden. For both Link and Zelda, this truly had been a strange night.

"... Oh shit. I have to puke."

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