"Greg, come on we're going to be late!" Cameron called from the living room.

"But I don't wanna go!" he whined like child from the bedroom.

Cameron rolled her eyes and checked her hair in the mirror on the wall and smoothed out the creases on her dress.

"You'd think three marriages would be enough but no, he had to go for another one and make me best man. Again. What an idiot." House grumbled as he made his way down the hall, he lurched forward his hand gripping the top of the cane tightly.

"To have you as his best and only friend, yeah I have to say I agree." She said as she approached him and smoothed her hands over his chest before doing up his shirt buttons and tying his bowtie with precision.

House sighed and rested his cane against the table and wrapped his arms around her possessively and pulled her body to his and kissed her forehead. "Why did they have to pick today?"

"Because it's they only day where the garden's availability and the start of their honeymoon cruise coincided."

"But it's our anniversary." House mumbled kissing her lips softly. "I've been looking forward to this all year." He said nipping her lips.

Cameron moaned abandoning his tie and sliding her arms around his neck as she kissed him deeply. "I've been looking forward to this too." She said between kisses. "But I wonder…" kiss, "… after two years…." kiss, "…if you're still up to it."

"Just you wait until I get you home tonight." He growled pressing her against the wall. "I'll fuck you just as hard as I did that first time."

She moaned softly into his mouth and kissed him back feverishly.

"We start the minute we get back you hear?" she demanded. "I want to get my whole three weeks out of you."

"And I'll be sure to get my three weeks out of you too." He said with a grin.

It had been two years since that fateful night and they were still together. A year later House had surprised Cameron some what by very nearly assaulting her the second they made it through the door after work. She was shocked to say the least but such passion was not uncommon in their relationship and she went along with it with a huge grin on her face. It wasn't until much later after several hours of primal love making and tender fucking that House whispered, "Happy Anniversary," and it all clicked into place. She smiled and kissed him tenderly and left him sleeping as she walked down the hall with bowed legs and made a quick dinner for them and came back to him still shaking lightly. Three weeks of hard romps in places they'd never imagined and tender touches with exquisite familiarity followed. It was sort of unspoken that a tribute would be made to the odd conception of their relationship. And in the run up to this year's anniversary they'd unconsciously slept more and made love less in preparation.

Though that didn't quite go to plan on the weekend of Wilson's stag night and Cuddy's hen party.

"Come on we're going to be late." Cameron murmured, feeling glad that she'd decided to forgo the mess of lip stick for the simplicity of lip gloss.

"But you taste like raspberry." He said kissing her again, tasting her and licking her lips gently.

"And I'll taste like raspberry again later. I promise." She said drawing back from him her hand smoothing over his cheek. "I still can't believe you actually shaved."

"Cuddy would have my job if I didn't. She wants everything to be perfect including me." He said with a hint of emotion, a hint that Cameron wouldn't have been able to discern two years ago.

She moved forward and kissed him softly. "Be what ever you have to be, just be yourself when you come back here okay? That's the man I love."

House looked down at her fondly, love shining in his eyes and kissed her temple. "Come on then. The quicker we leave the quicker we can send them on their merry way and we can head home and leave everyone else to trash the place and say it was me."

Cameron chuckled and headed outside checking she had everything in her purse. House's eyes followed the sway of her ass, mesmerized by it, as his feet carried him outside after her.

"I can't wait to come home." He whispered.

Though House was best man he sat beside Cameron in the front row, for the sake of his leg. There was a bunch of babble that he'd all heard before and once again he paid little attention to. A small breeze blew over their corner of the garden where the ceremony was being held, roses shivered on their bushes and Cuddy's dress rippled gently. He watched Cameron with some care through the ceremony. She was holding it all back, that much he could tell, so many emotions and memories and dreams.

"You want this, don't you?" He murmured.

He felt her tense as if she was suddenly aware of his gaze and his curiosity.

"I want you." She said certainly as she met his eyes.

"You wanted it before." He said referring to her first husband.

"I was young." She said turning back to the front hoping that would be the end of the conversation.

"Doesn't mean that you didn't know what you want." He answered softly.

"Look I want you, okay? I want you more than anything else I might have dreamt of and I'm willing to sacrifice that. Is that okay with you?" she snapped lightly.

House frowned and turned back to the ceremony and thought.

Cameron sighed and turned back to the couple as the exchanged rings, she knew better than to interrupt him when he was thinking like that.

"Are you happy?" he whispered.

"Yes." She said slipping her hand in his.

She was sure it was only her imagination but it felt as though the touch of his finger tips kept returning to the base of her third finger all through the rest of the ceremony and "the Wilson's" obviously rehearsed boarder-line passionate kiss.

"Thank you so much for helping House with his speech." Lisa Wilson said thankfully as she hugged Cameron. The two women had grown much closer ever since they'd started dating the odd pair of friends that were their partners.

"Oh don't worry about it." She replied with a kind smile. "He knows how important today was for you and he knew you'd fire his ass if he put a single toe out of line. He even shaved! He wouldn't even do that for me!" She said jovially.


"Thanks House." Wilson said with a happy grin slapping his friend on the back.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just don't make me do it again." House grumbled.

"You've got to be kidding me if I'm doing this again. Lisa is the one."

"You said that about Janet. And Hannah. And…."

"Yeah I get it I've made mistakes, but not with Lisa. I just feels different you know?" he said beaming with happiness. "I can imagine us years from now and I feel happy. I've never been myself until I was with her. I want kids for the first time in my life. And I want them with her." He said gazing over at her lovingly.

House's eyes fell on Cameron as she turned and smiled at him; that smile that melted his insides and made his stomach quiver.

"I know what you mean." He murmured with a gentle sigh.

Wilson looked over at his friend with a gentle knowing smile. "I can't thank you enough for getting Lisa and I together."

"Allie did all that. I just thought it would be a great way to stop you acting like a boy scout around the boss if you actually knew what she looked like naked instead of having to picture it."

"Then I'm going to do her a favour too." He said with a grin. "Don't let anything hold you back and just follow what's important and what feels right in your heart."

Wilson stood and left him with a lot to think about as he walked over and took his wife's hand for the second time that day and drew her onto the dance floor for their first dance as man and wife.

About an hour after the dancing had started Wilson and Cuddy snuck away to get changed and ready for their flight. The dance floor was still filled and in one corner, where the music was subdued and unobtrusive, House and Cameron swayed softly with their arms around each other with silence between them.

"You're still thinking about earlier aren't you?" Cameron asked perceptively. "Please don't." She murmured afraid she could lose him.

"But…" He stopped and sighed. His arms tightened around her and he kissed her softly. "I love you so much."

Cameron could feel her eyes watering. "Not here Greg. Not now please." She begged fearing that this could be the end.

He cupped her cheek and looked into her eyes. "No, because matter when I do it I doubt I'd be able to get down on one knee. Sure if I waited a while I might have actually bought a ring by then but then there would be the nervous will it or won't it fit thing that would define whether or not fate agrees with us or some heeby-jeeby crap like that..." He said babbling on nervously.

She grinned and kissed him deeply tears of anguish quickly turning to tears of happiness.

House smiled and kissed her back thoroughly and squeezed her body to his.

"So is that a yes?" he asked eagerly for the answer.

"I don't think I even heard the question." She answered chuckling softly. "But I doubt you could do much better than that and I don't ever want you to ask again. So yes." She said as her lips split into a grin.

House grinned back and kissed her softly. "Happy Anniversary."

She laughed loudly and hugged him tightly.

"So what made you decide you want this?" She asked curiously.

He winced slightly and readied himself to bare everything. "You would have sacrificed your dreams. You give me everything and expect little in return because I'm only capable of so much. But I can give you this. I can give you this promise and I can make you as happy as you make me."

"Oh Greg, I am happy. I'm so happy already I told you that." She said not wanting him to feel pressured or trapped.

"And your eyes lit up when I asked you to marry me." He answered back.

She sighed unable to deny that it brought her happiness at the promise of spending the rest of her life with him.

"I just want to be yours and for you to be mine." She whispered.

"Then we can do it small. Run away to Vegas or something and then move on to lots of sex and babies bit."

"Babies?!" she hissed shocked.

"What can I say? I'm becoming paternal in my old age." He said with a grin, wriggling his hips against hers.

She moaned softly and kissed him with equal tenderness as her muttered words, "I love you."

"I love you too."

The garter and bouquet were tossed.

House was sure there was some conspiracy going on because they landed on him and Cameron. He pretended it had absolutely nothing to do with the perfect way in which he hooked the garter mid-flight with the end of his cane, nor the utter precision of "Mrs Wilson's" throw and Cameron's elegant dive over some old lady.

Definitely a conspiracy; especially with the wedded couple smiling knowingly and evilly.

Their poor kids would be able to eat the spawn of Satan alive in kindergarten, he thought. But then he shook his head knowing that his own children wouldn't be much different with his wit and Cameron's sweetness.

He smiled. His children. Their children. What a beautiful thought.

Holding his fiancée tightly with the arm that clutched the bride's still warm garter he watched as the " Wilson's" were carted away in their limo. Seconds later sparks came spewing from the exhaust pipe with a cacophony of bangs from the fireworks he'd put there just a few minutes earlier.

Cameron giggled breathlessly beside him and clutched at her sides. He grinned wondering how long they'd have to stay before they could get back to his apartment and celebrate their anniversary and engagement in style before settling into the happily ever after he'd never thought was possible.

She was really his.

And he was really hers.

"Mine," he whispered, that one word filled with all the emotion he felt for her as he kissed her temple softly.

"Forever." She whispered back with equal reverence as she lifted her lips softly to his.