Chapter One - Birthday Boy's in Love

Vivian Parker fingered the silver tinsel adorning the mahogany staircase that spooled into the foyer as she made her way down the crimson stairs in a crème fitted dress that fell midway down her tanned silken thighs, enfolding taut across her breasts, constructing a pool of shadowed cleavage. Her long flaxen hair fell midway down her small frame in loose waves, the way he liked it best. She strutted across the pallid tile floors in stiletto pumps, feeling the weight of her faux eyelashes every time she blinked; which was often. The massive resplendent chandeliers dangling in a flash of golden glory from the domed ceilings disturbed her dreamy olive eyes and she quickly twisted the small bottle of eye drops closed and fit it into her tiny clutch purse. She put a manicured hand to her perfectly curved nose and inhaled before continuing towards the ballroom. The comforting smell of marijuana had her head spinning. She could hear her own heart beat rapidly inside her swelling chest. It was Draco's duty to greet the guests, it being his twenty-first birthday and all, so he apologetically excused himself from his sweating bedroom and left Vivian alone to smoke a quick joint before following. As the THC filled her lungs, she sat limply against his headboard. She giggled airily, running her hand against the length of the board, fingering the imperfections of the black wood as she recalled the endless times it had been broken. Smoke clouded the spacious room and the muffled noise of the growing throng below reminded her that she had people to mingle with. An alarming sight of a permed blonde head and a tall broad frame had Vivian hurrying in the other direction when she entered the ballroom.

"Vivian, dear!"

She cringed, pausing in her audible steps and hesitantly turning around to face her parents. Eric and Eva Parker bid their daughter over and she shuddered at their contemptible state. Good friends of the Malfoy family, the Parkers were always at these sorts of gatherings. Eva was of course stunning, looking more like Vivian's older sister than mother, courtesy of various Wizard plastic surgeons. Vivian wasn't nearly high enough to overlook the distinct fragments of white around her mother's inflamed nostrils. Noticing the direction of her daughter's gaze, Eva ineptly sniffed, brushing her nose with bony ringed fingers. Eric was astonishingly handsome, considering his age. Pushing sixty, he had a fifteen year gain on his wife. Vivian's father was clearly drunk and her mother was coked up enough to afford to eat an éclair that was adorning a silver platter on the palm of a passing maître d'.

"Where is Draco, darling? I want to wish that beautiful, beautiful boy a happy birthday,"

Eva drawled in a syrupy voice as she sipped her flute, leaving a maroon lip-stain upon the glass. Vivian had no idea herself and even if she had the slightest clue, she would in no means tell her drunken mother. Being the opportunist that she was, Vivian had a plan:

"It would be so important to him," She lied with glimmering eyes. "I'll go look for him for you, mother."

With that, she stumbled away, through the bustling crowds of people with sticks up their perfectly toned asses, whisking a few flutes of champagne off their trays as she went. She spotted the platinum head immediately, engaged in hearty conversation with his parents. She grinned devilishly, adjusting her coral lacy thong as she made her way towards the birthday boy. The girl slid her hands over his unknowing eyes, his eyelashes fluttering under her familiar fingers. Her ruby lips breathed against his ear,

"I'm going to make this the best birthday you've ever had, stud."

She informed him huskily, maneuvering around him and sliding into his grasp. His arm was slick across her back, grasping her waist tightly. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy smiled lovingly at their son and his girlfriend and before Narcissa could suffocate them with conversation, Lucius simply nodded his head knowingly.

"We'll leave you here, boy. With this heaven-sent toy of yours."

Normally, Vivian would quiver with disgust at a remark like this, but she was too high and excited to think of a coy remark. Instead, she buried Draco's neck with butterfly kisses as soon as his parents disappeared from view. His nostrils immediately recognized the smell of marijuana on his girlfriend and he grinned. She was stealing from his stash. Draco pulled away, eyeing her intensely. "No matter how good you look all dressed up in these outfits," He began gruffly, turning her around and smacking her ass. She howled, wrapping him up in her arms and kissing him lightly. "I still think you look better with nothing on."

She growled into his hot skin, alcohol strong on his warm breath. "Maybe I'll allow you such an honor later tonight." Vivian grinned at the sparkles of lust in his grey eyes. She loved making him hot for her. She was in control. "You have guests to entertain," She whispered, answering the repetitive question in his hollow head, why later tonight? She grabbed him by the shoulders and kissed him hard before turning on her heel and striding away.

The marbled toilet seat was cold on Vivian's bare ass after she locked the bathroom door and yanked off her aching shoes. She sighed as she stretched her dangling feet, her clutch lolling in her lap as she fingered through it. She whisked out a full bag of weed and sampled the smell of the leaves in their plastic bag. She ripped off a piece of wrap and expertly rolled a tight joint, then brought it to her lips. She lit it, inhaling deeply before exhaling a cloud of smoke. She closed her squinted eyes as she took another hit, resting her heavy head against the wall. An abrupt knock at the door sent the stray weed on her lap flinging across the tiled floor. She cursed silently, jolting to her feet as she ran around the bathroom, collecting the spare nuggets on the floor.

"She's going to puke! Open up, man!"

A deep voice on the other end of the door called, the crystal knob twisting desperately. Vivian impatiently made her way to the door after disposing the roach out the window. She opened the door and blinked as a petite feeble girl raced passed her and retired at the toilet where she kneeled flaccidly, heaving into the toilet bowl. Following was an attractive brown-haired guy that smiled at her wearily upon realizing that she was a girl—and a gorgeous one at that, as he made his way across the room and rubbed the girl's lap as she vomited. Vivian was way too stoned to stand the gagging noises she heard behind her. She hastily removed herself from the bathroom with her shoes dangling on her forefingers, and returned to the ballroom where the shrill violins made her head throb.

Five champagne flutes and thirty minutes later, Vivian found herself horny and impatient. She kept finding herself running into the birthday boy, doing everything against her desires to hold herself from jumping him in the middle of the teeming ballroom. Finally, she passed him on her way to the foyer, "Meet me upstairs in fifteen minutes or I'm not waiting for you," despite her cottonmouth and the fact that her words were slurred, her voice was firm as she walked by. Draco pretended not to notice her as his guests carried on their conversations with him but his lustful eyes said otherwise.

Vivian was at ease, lying in Draco's plush oversized bed, wrapped up in his silken sheets and downy comforter. The room was foggy with smoke and her heavy breathing as she impatiently waited. Vivian flicked her cigarette remains in the crystal ashtray as silently watched her favorite movies; the ones that were still classically in black and white with cigarette burns and film grains interlacing the entire idealistic film. Her entire body thrived with anticipation as she heard footsteps by the door. She peered through the crack of the doorway from where she lay and watched, dissatisfied, as a maid scurried by with heaving laundry baskets in her troubled arms. She stretched her aching body, stretch stretched until she was certain her muscles would rip apart, taking in deep delightful breaths so far that she heard the seams of her dress daring to come apart as she exhaled.

She closed her eyes idly, her small hands journeying down across her hard stomach, down to the anticipation between her endless legs. She pulled her lace panties to the side and brushed her thumb across her clit, thwarted at the feel of her familiar thumbprint. Her hand was replaced with a bigger version, and although the touch was also familiar, it delivered enhanced effects. Her eyelids immediately snapped open and her gaze of questioning instantly shifted to consent. She arched her back up against his body as his lips pressed along the skin of her neck.

"It's only been ten minutes and you've already started without me."

She wriggled underneath him.

"I couldn't wait." She confessed and he chuckled into her ear.

The old fashioned movies played on for the rest of the night and only when the chaos of the party downstairs died down, did they settle down and actually watch them, soundless beneath the warm covers. Amid the daze and passivity, an idea sparked Vivian to jump out of bed and head towards his bathroom. Her bare feet padded across the tiles as Draco sat up and watched her naked backside draw a bath within the spherical Jacuzzi.

"I don't like bubbles,"

He told her from the next room as she reached to draw on the soap machine. She paused to turn around at him inquisitively and his wicked smirk revealed he was up to something.

"I like to see everything through the clear water."

Vivian returned the sinful looks and laughed as he raced over and tackled her into the tub. Nearly half of the balmy water exploded over the sides but there was enough left to still send electric tingles up and down their spines. The loud noise must have alarmed the others in the manor and the young man from the bathroom stumbled in, turning away immediately due to their nudity.

"Damn it, Nathan!" Draco did his best to conceal his girlfriend as the boy walked out of the room. Vivian was guessing he was important to the manor.

"Who was that?" She inquired and Draco mindlessly drew circles in the water with his finger. "My cousin, Nathan. He can be a real idiot sometimes." He kissed her lips, then her breasts as they sank back down in the water. She had never seen Nathan before, nor heard about him. She was usually up-to-date with Draco's relatives—especially if they looked that good. She groaned and tossed her head back as she felt a sudden vigorous pressure between her legs and realized that Draco had deviously triggered the water jets. Pleased with her reaction, Draco pinned her arms to the edge of the Jacuzzi and mounted her. They kissed noisily as they leveled themselves with each other. The weight of his body over her and his tip slightly entering her was setting her off the edge, combined with the relics of her high and the calming caress of the water on her hot skin. With each thrust a hearty moan escaped her turgid lips and she came when her ears grew attentive to the sound of his fast-paced grunts that meant he was almost there. More water was splashing over the edge by the end, but they didn't pay any notice as they trembled in place for a while. Then, Draco rolled off of her and reeled her into an embrace from behind. She felt good in his arms, with her legs intertwined with his. She felt him limp against her back and she wondered if she were up to making him hard again. They smoked a bowl in the tub, then got out and dried off, slipping back into bed devoid of their clothes. The silk on her bare skin was making her shudder and she tilted her head up to kiss him.

"I think our relationship is strictly sex-based."

The break of silence made Vivian jump. She peered up at him, a smile escaping her tired lips.

"It's nice to have a healthy sex life." She said, kissing him again. "Other parts of our relationship aren't healthy, though," He argued, but kissed her back no less. "Shouldn't I be worrying about this?" Vivian pointed out against his lips. "I suppose so," Draco agreed, easing forward as her hand grasped him forcefully. "But you haven't brought anything up so I thought I could take a stab at it." Vivian barely smiled as she sank down under the sheets and took him into her mouth. She sucked as he squirmed and writhed beneath her tongue. She went fast, and then slow, then fast, the stopped. She looked up at him and he could barely see her through his heavy eyelids. "I'm a party girl, Draco," She explained mindlessly. Suddenly things became extremely distant. "I don't belong to anyone." She rubbed him softly. "I like to fool around and feel good." She grinned at him and kissed his nose. "I don't like to worry about our relationship," Vivian stepped over him and lay back at his side, closing her eyes. "It's better when things are left unsaid."

Draco unleashed a feeling he had never felt before, and he slid out of bed, his inactive heart feeling very hollow as Vivian fell asleep before it could be end of the first day of his twenty-one years of life.