Hermione Granger set down the last box of abundant rubbish at the front door. Her honey eyes surveyed the door. It was a deep shape of purple and the brass doorknob hardly made her feel protected from intruders. She curled her long fingers into a knuckle and knocked at the door hesitantly. After much stumbling and trouble unlocking the door, it swung upon and a stunning figure greeted her. Vivian Parker smiled at her new roommate. She was kind of cute. Her unruly hair frizzed at the ends but with Vivian's help, it could become a heap of sexy curls. She had big brown eyes and long eyelashes even with the absence of mascara. Her pouting lips could potentially be sexy but Vivian could tell that they were highly inactive. Vivian sighed. It was sad to see cute girls going to waste. Vivian did her best to put her perky inviting act on.

"Welcome! Come in; come in—mi casa es su casa!"

Vivian giggled wildly, and then turned her head so she could grimace at her disgustingly sprightly self. Hermione stepped inside, a cautious puppy letting her guard down to this stranger. She could hardly find herself warming up to this playmate and she couldn't help but feel jealously beat strong in her chest.

"Kay, so I doubt you have any plans tonight," Vivian sat back in a lounge chair and crossed her tan legs, smoothing down her denim jeans. "So I say you chill out with me and my boyfriend." Boyfriend sounded like such a funny word to describe Draco. He was more of a fuck-buddy with strings attached—only some strings were cut loose. Hermione narrowed her eyes at the truth in her new roommate's words. She really didn't have any plans; and it was a bustling Saturday night. She didn't want to come upon bad terms with this girl, especially so soon, so she nodded in agreement. Besides, she wanted to meet a guy that a girl like this belonged to. Only Vivian didn't belong to Draco. She had him.

Vivian eyed her new puppet. Usually, she didn't give a damn, but she couldn't help but ask questions. "Tell me about yourself," The perk in her voice never faltered, "Tell me your story." If Vivian was asked to tell her story, she'd talk about her sex life. That was the most reoccurring, most exciting part of her day and she intended to share that with everyone. Only Hermione didn't ask Vivian about her story, she was too busy thinking of what to say for hers.

"I'm a journalist for the Daily Prophet," She began breathlessly and Vivian tried her best to look interested, immediately regretting asking such a boring question. "I don't know really. I'm boring, really." Hermione confessed. She was fully aware that she no longer kept Vivian's interest. The blonde walked across the room and began fixing them both martinis. "Not with my help," Vivian assured her, gulping down her glass and catching the droplets that escaped her lips and rolled down her chin. "I'm Vivian by the way." Hermione meekly accepted the glass and took a vigilant sip. "Hermione," She said in return. Vivian laughed. "That's cute. I'll call you Stella." Hermione had no idea where she grasped that name from but Vivian looked so pleased with the nickname that Hermione didn't question it.

"So Stel," Vivian luxuriously stretched on a leather couch. The room was modern yet homey with a hardwood floor, leather furniture and dark blue walls adorned with vintage movie paintings of Hollywood history and lime green throw pillows. "When was the last time you had sex?" Hermione nearly choked on her own breath. She set her glass down and shook her head, "Why—" Vivian's eyes widened. "If you're a virgin—" Color immediately rushed to Hermione's face. She wasn't a virgin but that one time with Ron hardly counted and—"Oh Stella, let me just call my friend Paul for you—" Hermione almost felt angry. "I'm not a virgin," She informed her firmly. "It's just been a while." Vivian blinked. "Like a week?" Hermione took in the sight of the official Sex Goddess. "A year, maybe?" This was a lie. It had to be two in the least. Vivian blanched but before it could be questioned any further, the front door opened and a blonde man appeared, wearing jeans and a ripped grey t-shirt.

"Drakie, baby, meet my new roommate!" Vivian wished Hermione was a fun-loving party girl like she was. But this could be fun, like playing with a new doll. Draco walked around the living room and looked at Vivian happily, then gazed at Hermione. Even with the before sight of his beautiful Vivian, he couldn't help but stare at the girl beside her. She had a fox-like face and tussled hair with wide inquiring eyes. Her cheeks sat high on her face and her lips pouted perfectly at the ends. She looked at him with adoration and immediate fantasies played throughout his mind.

Hermione stared at Draco Malfoy with complete astonishment. Of course, the two vainest people in the world had found each other. She was readying herself to deny the offer of the house after all and just leave while she could. But curiosity got the best of her and she stayed seated, staring.

"Hi," Draco reached forward to shake her hand. Hers was small in his but her shake was firm, her gaze never leaving his face. "I'm Draco Malfoy." He said, drawling out his last name arrogantly for emphasis. Hermione smiled at him. Why not make things fun? She fluttered her lashes before shaking his hand again, then pulling away to take a sip of her martini, "Stella," and Vivian daftly nodded, then took out a magazine and began to read to herself as her boyfriend stared on at her new roommate in awe.

Smoke escaped her lips before it could grace her lungs and Vivian cringed as more of her joint was put to waste. Hermione had never smoked pot before, and after Draco prompted her to try it, she finally gave in. Only, she couldn't inhale and Vivian grew impatient while Draco taught her how to smoke it. Vivian sat back quietly in her chair, occasionally leaning over to kiss Draco. He'd kiss her back, lacking the passion he would ordinarily give up. Vivian was too stoned to notice, and she lit a cigarette. Hermione eyed the cigarette and Vivian looked up.

"It's an addiction." She said forcefully. "If you don't like it, I'm so sorry for you." Hermione's head felt light from the marijuana and she simply nodded. "Yesterday was Draco's twenty-first birthday." Vivian smiled delightedly. "What does that mean? Nothing. We abused the booze before anyway!" She lazily giggled to herself. Draco turned towards the only brunette in the room. "How old are you, Stel?" Hermione stifled her laughter. "Twenty." She said. Her voice was airy and different and her friends at home would never recognize it. Hermione felt splendidly at ease.

Vivian observed her sudden contentment and cocked a finely plucked eyebrow. "Feeling like a real BA, huh?" She mocked, grinning devilishly. Draco recognized that look. Vivian never failed to be malicious. In response to her puzzled expression, Vivian rolled her eyes. "Bad Ass," She rolled her head back against the couch. "Doing drugs, drinking alcohol…" She looked up at Draco. "I'd hardly call weed a drug, though. Would you baby?" She let herself fall against him and kissed his neck messily. Hermione was becoming tired with the constant feeling of awkwardness. She stared at the roach between Draco's thumb and index finger. "Can I finish that?" She asked hopefully. Draco hastily handed it over and Vivian glared as she pulled her lips away from his skin.

They sat in silence for a while, floating on a cloud of euphoria. "My cousin wants me to go out to the bar with him," Draco then said randomly. The girls turned to look at him. Vivian furrowed her eyebrows and let her lower lip protrude. "I'm cooking dinner," She said. "You boys can go out to drink another day." Hermione shrugged, putting out the roach in an ashtray. "Invite him for dinner so that way everyone wins." Vivian stared at the girl across the room from her as Draco agreed it was a good idea. "Not everyone can win." She said softly, but no one heard her as Draco whisked out his phone to summon his cousin over.

Vivian gazed languidly at the startling green eyes that sat across from her at dinner. Freckles grazed the boy's tanned face. Vivian thought freckles were gross but these ones were barely visible and were distributed evenly upon his nose. Nathan and Draco Malfoy hardly looked alike. But they were cousins nonetheless. As Draco helped Vivian clean up after the meal, Nathan volunteered to show Hermione to the bathroom.

"To get back to the kitchen you just come down this hallway and take a right," He explained once they reached the door. Hermione smiled gratefully. "I didn't catch your name." She said. "Nathan." She leaned against the door, her hand grasping the knob. "Hermione." She said, and then disappeared through the doorway.

Vivian felt like a trophy wife, lounging in Draco's arms. They all sat around the living room and Vivian was barely paying attention to the conversation. She never noticed how Draco talked to her in a condescending tone and now, she was beginning to feel like those blonde dumb bitches that would have the audacity to utter a dim-witted comment like, "Like…how long have you two been cousins?" Even though Vivian was painfully gorgeous and basically considering a nymphomaniac, she was smart. Vivian loved that about herself and she was growing very, very impatient with Draco's baby talk. When Nathan talked to her, he was unfazed by her beauty and seemed completely uninterested. He was becoming engrossed in his conversation with her new roommate and Vivian wanted desperately to get his attention.

"Nate," Vivian purred. The boy didn't respond until Hermione completed her sentence. Vivian narrowed her eyes. "Do you want a glass of champagne?" The decline made her insane. Frantic, Hermione stroked her boyfriend's arm. "Baby, do you?" Draco shook his head. "I think I'm good." He said. His embrace was stiff and unaffectionate and she was becoming all too aware. She looked at him intently. "Can we talk in the other room?" Draco looked like he wasn't planning to get up for a while. "If by talk you mean sex then, honey, I'm kind of tired…" "No! No. I don't mean sex. I really want to talk to you." The pleading in her eyes convinced him enough to follow slowly while she nearly ran towards her bedroom.

"I don't know about the new roommate." Vivian began, sitting cross-legged at the end of her bed while Draco kept his distance by the door. "She's nice." Draco defended, a little too quickly which caused Vivian to raise an eyebrow at him. "She's just…so nerdy." Draco laughed to himself. "Oh Viv, everyone's a nerd at heart," In response to her open mouth, ready to protest, he went on, "I don't care how cool and sexy you are." Vivian was satisfied with this compliment and she slinked across the room and wrapped her arms around him.

"You think I'm sexy?" She murmured against his cheek and he grinned. "Vivian, you know you're sexy." He kissed her deeply, and all the missing passion and affection returned. "I was beginning to think you had a thing for that Hermione Granger," She giggled. The kisses stopped and he looked at her with complete question. "What?" Vivian smoothed out the wrinkles in his shirt. "My roommate, Hermione," She kissed him again, oblivious to his unease. "I thought her name was Stella." Vivian shrugged. "I gave her that name." Awareness slowly flooded his body and he could hardly remember the face of his classmate a few years back. Now, he could only picture the pretty face back in the living room. "I guess that's who she is now." He said, more to himself than his girlfriend who was busy inspecting her nail beds. She tossed her long blonde hair to one side and smiled. "Let's go befriend her, then," She prompted. Draco followed her out of the bedroom. He intended to befriend her all right, in a way that Vivian would never see coming.