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A/n: Set six years after the end of series Aang is 18, Katara is 20 and Sokka is 22

Marriage of Love

Kana sighed as she thought of what her granddaughter would have to do… she had left her home just to get away from that fate and now it was befalling her granddaughter, arranged marriage. Katara had never met the boy she was to marry, but now she was being forced into this, but not if Kana had any say in the matter.

"I understand you only want the best for your granddaughter and I will try to give her that" the young man stated

"I am sure you will" Kana replied

"I would tell you where Katara is, but unfortunately I don't even know that," Kana said

"Don't worry, I'm sure I can find her"

"I don't doubt it"

The man left and Kana sighed… the only reason her granddaughter hadn't been married earlier is that her father hadn't found someone he thought was worthy of his only daughter.

Katara wanted to scream… arranged marriage indeed, she would rather leave than do that. She didn't see the drop in the path ahead of her and soon ended up unconscious in the freezing water below

The stranger traveled a good distance before he saw the outline of a young woman in the water.

"Katara?" he wondered and then approached and realized to his horror, he was right.

Hours pass as she warms up in the relative peace of the alcove.

"Huh?" she muttered sleepily "where am I… what am I feeling… fur? Why is my hair down?" Katara was a little shocked to realize that she was resting against an air bison

"Appa?" she looked down at the little furry creature on her chest "Momo?"

Momo's ears perked and Appa grunted in reply.

"Oh my gosh, it's been too long since I've seen you two…" Katara paused briefly "hold on, if you two are here" Katara got up and walked around Appa and saw a young man sitting at Appa's side, leaning against the bison.

"Aang?" She asked hesitantly, almost fearing the reply, she wanted it to be him, oh how she wanted it to be Aang, six long years, had he come back to her?

"Yes, Katara" was the only reply she got, she could have fainted to the snow at that moment, six years and he never forgot her.

To Be Continued…