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The world had always seemed cruel, a thought that never left his mind during the times of struggle. Life wasn't what the innocent little boy had always believed it to be, and growing up was harder than he could have imagined. Slowly, but surely, his world had started to right itself and now, even now, he was forced to stand here and take the fact that nothing was as it should have been. Here he stood, lost in his own thoughts, gazing down at a grave that he knew he should have felt some sort of emotion for, but struggled to find it, leaving his heart empty and cold.

He raised a hand towards the beautiful, smooth stone, white in color. He couldn't tell what it was made of, though his mind screamed at him that he should have known that too. His heart gave a terrible flutter when the pad of his 'finger' touched it, tracing over the letters inscribed there. It meant nothing. Nothing came that should have and immediately he began yelling at himself, telling himself he was worthless, pointless and was never worth the trouble that someone, anyone, should have gone through.

The little one sighed softly, curling up beside the stone and searching for the warmth that his heart told him this person could give, but his mind scolded. He didn't know anything. Who he was, where he was from, or even why this person seemed so gentle and loving, like a mother. A she... that was all he knew. She was a strong person, fierce, but still a motherly figure in a life that seemed to be from another.

Again his heart flipped, looking towards the setting sun where a tall, large, round figure stood. Maybe... someone who could give him a place to call home? Someone... who would love him? Someone who, as rare as it seemed, knew him and could give him the information needed to find what he needed to know? The little blonde curled up tighter, ears twitching and tail coming to an abrupt stop. Humans were cruel. It wasn't the world he needed to hide from, it was the human race. That shadowed out face that brought him a surge of anger yet a certain attraction was the only thing he knew he could trust in now.

The little one sniffled, slipping around noiselessly into the nearby woods.

... where was his savior now?

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