Memories of Years Gone By

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Chapter 1: Storytelling

Lily Potter woke with a start. Careful not to disturb her husband, James, she got out of bed and walked into the next room. Trying to make out shapes in the dark room she could distinctly see the movements of her son in his bed.

"Up again, dear?" Lily inquired of her almost one year old son, Harry, who just made baby noises. "I couldn't really sleep either. Hmm, what am I going to do with you? Harry you have to get some sleep."

With a sudden feeling of alarm, Lily glanced out of her window. The Fidelius Charm had only been enacted a short time ago and she still did not feel comfortable. Turning back to Harry, she scooped him up in her arms and carried him over to the wooden rocking chair.

"Okay darling, how about if Mummy tells you a story?" Baby Harry made appreciative noises, "You see, once not too many years ago there was a girl who had no idea that she was a witch, until that day when a letter came...


Lily Evans was, to say the least, startled when a great tawny owl flew in her kitchen and landed in front of her as she was eating breakfast. It dropped a letter on her plate and flew out again. Filled with curiosity, eleven year old Lily tore open the envelope. Inside was a letter written in emerald green ink and it said:

Dear Miss Evans,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed you will find a list of books and supplies you will need. You will find everything on the list at Diagon Alley. Term begins on September 1. You will take the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 and 3/4 at eleven o'clock. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

At first Lily was sure it was a joke. But who would bother to pull such a prank? It couldn't have been her older sister. Besides not having that much imagination, Petunia hated animals; where would she have gotten the owl? She read the letter again. A school of witchcraft and wizardry? Magic?

Lily had always been the odd duck. Her parents loved her, perhaps even more than they loved Petunia (not that they'd ever admit it), but she had no real friends. She was always doing weird things. Could it really be magic? She had grown up reading books about magic, her favorite being the Chronicles of Narnia, but she had never imagined that it could actually exist. There were times, she thought back, that the strangest things had happened. Things for which she had no explanation. Her parents worried about her, they had tried all sorts of things to get their daughter to go out and have more fun. None of it seemed to work, she was just a normally reserved child.

This was very strange. Just as Lily was deciding what to do about it, her mother and father came down for breakfast.

"Oh, good morning Lily dear," her mother said cheerfully.

"Did you sleep well?" her father inquired.

"Very well, thank you," Lily answered, "Umm Father?


"This letter came for me and it is sort of confusing."

"What do you mean confusing?" Mr. Evans asked as Lily handed him the letter. "Oh, I see. Well we'd better figure out how to get you to Diagon Alley."

"There's a map inside, but Father aren't you even the least bit curious? I mean I can't possibly be a witch, can I?"

"Well Lily," her mother began, "You see, when you were born we received a letter. It told us that you had been born with magical powers and that when you turned eleven, you would have to go to this boarding school."

"But wait I don't understand. Why didn't you think it was a joke?" Lily asked.

"Who would play such a trick on us? The letter was accompanied by an owl and there was a note at the bottom."

"What did it say?" Lily asked.

"It said do not be alarmed, this is not a prank. Your daughter is a witch, or something like that," replied Mrs. Evans.

"Really? You mean this is for sure? How great!" Lily exclaimed.

"Now let's see how we are going to get to Diagon Alley."

As they poured over the magical map, Lily's older sister Petunia came down stairs. She looked extremely tired and grumpy at the noise her family was making.

"Do you have to be so loud? I was trying to sleep," Petunia said.

"Sorry sister dear, I just received this letter telling me I'm a witch and now Mum and Dad have to take me to a place called Diagon Alley to pick up my supplies," Lily responded, enjoying the look on her sister's face.

"It is too early to make jokes, Lily. You know that there is no such thing as magic."

"Oh, but there is. In fact I'm going to a boarding school where they'll teach me how to use it," Lily said.

Lily did not get along with her sister at all. They were complete opposites in every way. When they were younger, they played together, but Petunia had long since grown out of playing dolls with her little sister. Lily tried to be nice to her, but it was Petunia's decision whether or not to get along. This whole magic thing was going to break any bonds that the sisters still had left. Lily knew it and somehow she wasn't upset about it.

"Mum, Dad, what is Lily talking about?" Petunia asked bewildered.

"It's true, honey. Lily is a full witch. We will let you stay here while we take her to buy her things for school," Mr. Evan's told his eldest daughter.

They left Petunia, still shocked at the news, a few hours later. Mr. Evans was following the map which led them to a tiny grubby pub in London. The sign outside declared the place as The Leaky Cauldron. The Evans' walked inside and the place went quiet.

"What do you want?" The bartender a little bald man with no teeth asked them.

"Uh, we're looking for Diagon Alley. The letter from Hogwarts told us to come here," Mr. Evans said, a bit nervously.

The entire bar relaxed their vigilance.

"Oh, so you're starting Hogwarts?" he asked Lily. When she nodded he continued, "Well then follow me."

They followed the man, who introduced himself as Tom, to the back of the pub and out into a small courtyard. He tapped a certain brick in the wall with his wand (though it just looked like a stick to the Evans') and suddenly the brick he touched seemed as if it had grown a hole. The hole grew larger and larger until they could walk through. On the other side they could see a cobbled street with cute little stores on either side. Lily was amazed that all of that fit in there. It was obviously enchanted.

"Now you'll need to change your money for wizarding money. Just head over to Gringott's and the goblins will help you. It's that big white building over there," Tom pointed down the street.

Gringott's? Goblin's? Lily's mind was already spinning and she knew that this wasn't even a fraction of what she was going to learn. They walked up to Gringott's and exchanged pounds for gold Galleons, silver Sickles and some of those little bronze Knuts. Her pockets filled with money, Lily wandered down the street looking in the various windows. She looked over at one shop with a sign that said 'Everything Quidditch!'. Standing outside, looking at the broomsticks in the window with a wistful look on his face, was a boy about her age. He had messy black hair and glasses over his deep brown eyes. Noticing her stare, the boy turned and nodded at her.

"Pretty smashing, huh?" he asked, pointing to the broomsticks.

"Well I suppose so, but I don't really understand why you'd need one so fancy. It's not as if you do anything special with them," Lily answered.

The boy looked at her for a moment and then burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry," he said when he noticed her offended look, "You're Muggleborn, aren't you?"

"I'm what?" she asked, confused.

"You have non-wizard parents. You are obviously new to the wizarding world."

"I guess so. What does it matter?"

"Well not much, but you don't sweep the floor with these brooms," the boy said.

"Then what do you do with them?" Lily inquired.

"We ride them."

"Ride them?" Lily asked with knots in her stomach.

"Yeah, they're our most common mode of transportation," the boy looked at his watch. "Oh, darn I have to go or Mum'll be after my blood. I guess I'll see you on the Hogwarts Express in a few weeks. Good bye!" The boy flashed her a smile and ran off.

What a peculiar boy, she thought. Then she laughed. Before the letter she was always the peculiar one. Now it looked as if her whole world was peculiar. Still laughing, Lily continued down the street until she got to Ollivander's. She was a bit nervous about choosing a wand, after all this was a big deal in the wizarding world.

"Ah, Lily Evans," said the soft voice of the man Lily supposed was Mr. Ollivander.

"Umm yes sir?"

"Let's try you out with some wands shall we? Which is your wand arm? The one you write with, dear." Lily held out her left hand. "Good. Now you see," he said as he began taking measurements, "All of Ollivander's wands are made with a powerful magic substances, such as unicorn hairs, phoenix feathers, and the heart-strings of dragons. No two wands are exactly alike. Now then," he said as the magical measuring tape stopped measuring her, "I have an idea that this wand will do just right for you. Ten and a quarter inches long, willow. Contains one unicorn tail hair. Go ahead and give it a wave."

Lily took the wand from him and feeling foolish waved it around. Almost as soon as she moved it a rainbow shot out one end.

"Excellent! I do believe that wand was waiting just for you."

Something about Mr. Ollivander bothered Lily. She paid for her new wand and left the store quickly. She ran over to the post office and sent an owl to Hogwarts confirming that she would be coming. After buying all of her necessary supplies, she met her parents at a charming little café in the main strip of the street. So tired she nearly collapsed, Lily slept for most of the trip home.

For the remaining month until she left for Hogwarts, Lily amused herself by reading her schoolbooks and examining her equipment. She enjoyed scaring Petunia a little by pretending to cast spells. Finally it was September first. Lily jumped out of bed and ran downstairs for breakfast. She had been packed for a week so she had nothing to worry about. She was so nervous, Lily couldn't eat. Her parents tried to calm her down while her sister was only thinking about how she would soon be out of the house, and her life.

They loaded Lily's trunk into the car and drove to King's Cross Station. Lily kept repeating the platform number in her head. 9 and 3/4, 9 and 3/4, but then Lily stopped. She didn't think there was a Platform 9 and 3/4. What was she going to do?

They got out of the car, Petunia had to come too, and sure enough there was a Platform Nine and a Platform Ten, but not 9 and 3/4. Petunia laughed. Lily turned, furious at her sister.

"Well Lily, shouldn't your train be around here somewhere? I don't see it," Petunia teased.

Lily was about to say something really nasty to her sister when she saw a familiar mop of black hair.

"Mum, that boy over there is going to Hogwarts. I met him in Diagon Alley, I'll get on the train with him."

"Well I suppose..."

Her parents hugged and kissed her goodbye. Petunia just sniffed and huffed her way back to the car. Reminding her to write, her parents waved goodbye. Lily summoned up all of her courage and walked over to the boy with the messy black hair. He was having a casual conversation with another boy about their age.

"Uh, excuse me, but can you tell me where the platform is?" Lily asked them. She missed the wink that the messy-haired boy gave the other.

"Oh, it's you! Can't you see it? It's right in front of your nose."

"No I can not see it. Would you please show me?"

"Sure." The boy with messy black hair, started walking towards a wall in between Platforms Nine and Ten. Just as Lily was watching him a crowd of people walked by. When they had cleared the boy was gone. Bewildered she turned to the other boy, who was tall with shaggy black hair that reminded Lily of a dog.

"I can see you're still confused. Allow me." The second boy walked over to the same wall, but as before a crowd of people walked by and suddenly she was alone.

Lily was about to burst into tears. She glanced at her watch and was dismayed to see that it was almost eleven o'clock. What if she missed the train? Just as she was about to ask the conductor for help, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around she saw that boy with the messy hair again. He was grinning.

"Sorry about that, I couldn't resist. Here come with me and bring your trunk."

Curious and slightly desperate, Lily followed the strange boy. He led her straight to a brick wall.

"Is this supposed to be some kind of gag?" Lily asked.

"No. Look the barrier is disguised magically. All you have to do is walk through this wall. Just make sure that you're not afraid of hurting yourself. It can't hurt you. I promise."

For the fist time since Lily met him, the boy looked absolutely serious. Maybe she could trust him.

"I can see your still having doubts. If I walk through with you, will it make you feel better?"

Lily nodded slowly. The two of them walked through the barrier lugging Lily's trunk behind them. Suddenly a platform bearing the sign 9 and 3/4, and a scarlet train materialized. Lily was stunned. There were many people running around, talking and laughing. The boy with the messy hair looked at her and smiled.

"Welcome to the Hogwarts Express," he said.