Originally this fanfic was between Anime Wildfire and myself, however as I had a friend over we both reread the first chapters, and as these chapter were from several years ago and my writing has improve since the time I wrote this I will be redoing several chapters for your continued enjoyment. Please bear with me as if you remember several of the chapters definitely need to be rewritten.

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Nayru-the golden goddess of wisdom, patron of the history of Hyrule, has sole dominion over time, as well as the protector of the royal family of Hyrule.

Farore-the golden goddess of courage, a green sprite as hard to contain or control as the wind that has become her element; she created creatures that would uphold the law of time. The Kokiri, or fairy children are the custodians of her forests.

Din- the red goddess of power, assumed to be the precursor to the 'goddess of sand' that the bandit females of the Gerudo Valley worship.


To Whomever May Read This:

As I am unworthy of this reader's personal attention, for greater relevance, I will state for credibility's sake that I have indeed worked at the palace until a few years ago, when I was dismissed from the royal service.

Now that rumors of her highness, the Princess Leia's safety is now secured, I am no longer in doubt.

I cannot tell anyone of what I know, not without putting my family at risk from Bryal, so I ask you, reader to give this account to whom you feel can give this to her majesty. I pray to Nayru that my dear Princess Leia also knows of this.

To you my Princess, here are the facts as I know them.

When your mother was not a queen, but only a princess, the King of Darkness descended upon the land. With the help and forewarning of a strange fairy boy clad in green, these Children of Destiny forced the King of Hyrule to rethink the honeyed words of a Gerudo bandit. The only male Gerudo that had been born for a hundred years, in his heart he desired to take Hyrule and rule it by the darkness' desires in his heart.

With the Gerudo's attempt thwarted and that threat sealed within the Sacred Realm with the Triforce of Power, the Children of Destiny grew.

When these children reached maturity, their friendship blossomed into love.

As time progressed, the Princess had many suitors that tried to win her heart. None of the foreign born were ever able to breach the walls of her heart.

Tired of their duty, the Children of Destiny, as they always did, sought comfort in each others' embrace.

They married secretly, the blessings of all of Hyrule were upon them, save one selfish man.

One at whose feet the entire situation can be blamed upon.

At an invitation from the king to another prince, a human named Bryal was encouraged by the king to win back his daughter's stolen heart.

Bryal was a minor son of a king, living in a war-torn land who had come to beg for assistance in a country that continually suffered under his rule.

The Children of Destiny obeying their king, separated. With only one knowing that she had conceived.

While the husband left to assist in the war, the wife stayed.

Despite sending many great gifts at the cost of his people, still the princess forbade Bryal her presence. His desire for greater power was thwarted.

Furious at being denied his obsession, and no longer patient to wait for Zelda to accept him, he returned to the castle with fabricated lies of the death of the princess' husband. With a bloodstained green tunic in his hands, a distraught Zelda revealed that she was with child.

Furious at her behavior, the king ordered that she marry Bryal on the morrow.

Another Child of Destiny ever attuned to the threads of fate, departed.

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