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Zelda tapped a pen to her desk. Then pressing her fingers to her lips to prevent herself from yelling at the person who paced her door. For some reason she was feeling very combative for the past few hours.

'Not surprising.' she mused, 'After all, scarcely yesterday she had been worried sick over her two children. Then finding out that not only had she been kidnapped but now she had two husbands." Zelda shook her head sharply, chastising herself, 'Mustn't think that he or they were her husband. That would not due at all.'

'She needed all her wits to prevent anything from happing to her daughter, or her son.'

Zelda lifted her head to stare out the window again. Instead of the picturesque rolling blue sky, and fluffy white clouds, it was only black with oranges and reds. She would have considered it pretty, had she been in a different state of mind. But all that it did was to reminded her of was a yearning to see the blues and whites again. Also it brought home that she was in an entirely different world that she had very little influence in.

If there was one thing she hated, it was feeling inept at something. Particularly if it involved her children and especially if it like failing to protect them.

Feeling restless Zelda noiselessly moved toward the window, taking in everything outside of it. Absently trying to formulate an escape plan however implausible it might be.

After a few moments of imaginary escape, ruined because she felt vaguely guilty for leaving behind Leia and Zeke.

Even if she had succeeded in mentally escaping.

Zelda let out a sigh releasing her own turmoil for a few hours at least and felt her mind sharpen.

Focusing on how to move the pieces on the board to her advantage.

What could she use? Well she might not have Hyrule, but she still had a great deal of magic in reserve. Warping was out of the question as she did not have the ocarina of time however, yet she might be able to acquire it.

She could also perhaps use Veran. She didn't want them here, and Vaati could be managed.

Zelda blinked, her mind prickled. Then she felt a slow grin creep onto her face. Perhaps she could warp. Knowing that she didn't have any pockets she went to the desk. It would be easier to make a vessel out of something already made, but if necessary she could make on out of magic.

Zelda felt her grin widen as she pulled out a belt, mentally reciting a spell to channel her magic. Easily the belt bent according to her will, and she ripped it in half. One side becoming a teardrop of golden light, the other side more of a vine shape, with clear bubbles where it branched off. Zelda nearly laughed. This was how she could get Leia out.

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