Icons: The Pilot

Summary: When ace Air Force test pilot Hal Jordan stops by Smallville on his way to Washington. He meets Clark Kent and reveals to Clark the real reason he is being sent to Washington.

A/N: You should check out the other icons stories to get a better understanding of some of the other things in this story. I change the origin of Green Lantern a bit so please don't take to the wrong way.

The whole base was cheering as the XY-72 jet taxied to a stop on the runway. Crewmen ran to the plane. The canopy opened and Captain Hal Jordan climb out of the plane. He shook hands with the crewmembers and smiled. Hal had just flown the Air Forces newest spy plane.

Hal Jordan was a tall and fit man of 25 years old. He was a second-generation Air Force pilot. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He had spent all his life trying to be a pilot and now he was one of the best.

He snapped to attention when a General walked over to him and smiled.

"Outstanding job Captain Jordan you father would be proud." The General said.

'Thank you sir." Hal said and then saluted the General. Then Hal was led away by his friends to party.

It was later when Hal was able to get away from his friends that he drove out to where he saw the thing crash. When he first saw it he though that his eye were playing tricks on him, now he knew he saw something. But now as he saw it he knew that what he saw was real. He walked toward it and then he heard the voice that changed his life.