Clark was the first to stand after the attack. He looked through the smoke and saw Sinestro hovering outside the hotel. Hal was up moment later; he aimed his pistol at Sinestro and fired until his clip was empty.

"Give me the ring, human." Sinestro said.

"No." Hal said.

"Then die." Sinestro then aimed his ring at Hal and fired a blast of energy at him. Using his super speed Clark ran into the blast of the beam. It hit him in the chest and sent him flying out the room and into the hall.

"The ring, now." Sinestro said and took aim once more. He never got to fire a shot. Clark fired a blast of heat vision and then bum rushed, he leapt out the window and speared Sinetro in the gut and sent the two of them went flying.

The two of them came crashing down in a corn field out of town. Clark slowing got to his feet and looked over at Sinestro.

"Who are you?" Clark asked. He got his answer when Sinestro fired another blast from his ring. Clark flew back and hit a large tree. Sinestro walked over to Clark holding his ribs. No doubt the flying tackle that Clark gave him had hurt.

"The question should be what are you?" Sinestro said. He walked over to Clark and used his ring to take Clark in a death grip. Clark struggled to break free from the grip but he could not.

"Why do you what the ring?" Clark asked.

"It was once mine and I plan to take it back." Sinestro said. "But first I want to know what you are?" Then he squeezed until Clark blacked out.

Back at the motel Chloe and Hal were trying to convince the sheriff and fire department that the explosion was from the heater in the room. They were failing at since it was spring and the heaters were off. After answering a few more questions the sheriff walked away.

"I hope that little white lie holds up." Chloe said.

"Right, now I got to get out of here." Hal said.

"What are you taking about?" Chloe asked.

"I have warn the President that aliens are invading the earth." Hal said. Chloe grabbed Hal be the arm and lead him to a side street.

"You can't do that. " Chloe said.

"You saw what Clark did and then that other guy with the ring. I have to tell the government." Hal explained.

"You can't do that and besides that Clark is your friend he just saved your life." Chloe said.

"As far as you know Clark is just playing you." Hal said.

"Clark would never play me and if he was going to take over the world he would have do it by now." Chloe said.

"Okay, I'll give you one night tomorrow I got to Washington." Hal said.

"Fine, let's go find Clark."

Sinestro had found a small cabin to make as he base of operation for the time being. He lowered Clark on to the floor and stood over him. He studied Clark and from all appearance he looked like a normal human, but for his powers. However Sinestro knew that there was something familiar about the boy that was in front of him.

"Who are you boy?" Sinestro asked,

"My name is Clark Kent." Clark said.

"You are lying your not for this planet. You have powers are not of this world now tell me or die." Sinestro said and then aimed his ring at Clark.

"Go ahead and try." Clark said,

"You have bravery boy, too bad it won't save you." Sinestro said and then he fired. The beam hit Clark in the cheat and burned like hell. Clark tried to not scream out in pain but it hurt too much and he scream as loud as he could.

"Now will you tell me?" Sinestro asked.

"No."Clark said as he tried to catch his breathe.

"Very well." Sinestro then fired again. This time he waited a moment longer before he stopped

Clark was trying to keep from blacking out. He was hurting; he knew that he could only last a few more moments before he gave in to the darkness. As he tried to stay awake, but he could not and then he let the darkness come.

Sinestro looked down at the boy and smiled. He now knew where this boy was from. He was a Kryptonain and he was the last of his kind.

Chloe knew that she was running out of time. Hal had only given her one night to find Clark and then he was on his way to Washington to tell his higher ups about the aliens on earth.

They had stopped to grab some coffee and a bite to eat. They had been searching for Clark for almost ten hours straight and no sign of him. Hal took a sip from his coffee. He was deep in thought about the events that had taken place since he had found the Lantern.

He was thinking about what the guardian had told him about coming back when the time was right. He was now starting to think that maybe the alien was right. Maybe he needed to do this but he just was not sure. Hal had a duty to his country to tell them about a possible alien invasion.

"Hey." Chloe said.

"Hey. I was just thinking, maybe I might have been looking at this whole alien thing the wrong way. Well maybe about Clark but as for the other guy. I'm not sure about and then this thing." Hal said holding up the suitcase with the lantern.

"I have been doing a little research on that thing and found nothing but reports of green streaks flying around in space, but all it is talk." Chloe said.

"I have to tell you something. The day I showed this thing to you I was visited by a little blue man who said that I had been chosen to be a member of the Green Lantern Corp." Hal said.

"What is that?" Chloe asked.

"I don't know?'Hal said.

At that moment a blast of yellow energy hit the ground in front of Hal.

"They are a useless group of fools who think that they can police the universe." Sinestro said.

"Where is Clark?" Hal asked.

"He is safe for now. I give you one hour to turn over the lantern over his dies." Sinestro said and then he flew off.

"We have to give him what he wants." Chloe said.

"No, I have to do what I was supposed to do when I found this thing." Hal said and then he opened the suitcase and pulled out the lantern. It was then at that moment a Guardian appeared.

"You are ready now Hal Jordan. Take the ring and repeat after me" The Guardian said.

Hal took the ring and put it on his middle finger.