The Price for Loving You
A Gravitation Fanfic

The underground club throbbed with music. It pounded through the room, reverberating off of walls meant to deflect the sound and keep it from reaching outside as much as possible. To those on the crowded dance floor the music vibrated in their heads; raced through their veins. They only broke from the dance floor to grab a drink from the equally crowded bar, or to disappear with a partner - or in some cases partners - into one of the secluded side rooms.

One dancer broke away to head toward the bar, much to the dismay of his dance partners. They tried to plaintively call him back, but gave up - it was impossible to hear anything over the music. You didn't come to the club to talk. You came for the music, or you came to escape.

The dark haired youth heading for the bar came for both. He brushed his hair out of his midnight eyes, though it only fell back. It was out of habit more than anything. He squeezed through the crowd to the bar. Recognizing him as a regular one of the younger bartenders came over, leaning over the bar to shout in his ear - the only way to be heard in the din. "What'll it be tonight, Tatsuha?"

"Sake!" The youth shouted back.

"Must have been a terrible week!" The bartender commented, then pulled back to fetch the drink.

Tatsuha snorted, and turned to look out over the dance floor. He usually drank beer - which he could drink to excess before really getting truly drunk. Sake had more of an effect on him, and he only drank it when he'd had a really, really bad week.

It had been one of those weeks.

He'd mispronounced a name at a funeral. His motorcycle had broken down on the highway on his way back from a different ceremony - prompting an argument between him and his father. His father insisted that the motorcycle was a) Not a safe mode of travel and b) Not appropriate for a monk.

Even his usual statement that he never wore his robes while riding the motorcycle had not calmed the old man down. He'd had to resort to reminding him it had been his sixteenth birthday present from Mika. It had taken months of pleading to convince her to buy it for him. He'd be damned before he gave it up.

And to top it all off, he'd missed the special preview of Ryuichi's new movie because he'd forgotten to check how much room was on the tape he set up to record it while he was away. The damn tape had cut right when they were about to show it! He still couldn't believe it.

The bartender returned with the sake cup, and he payed him before taking a gulp of the burning liquid and turning back to watch the dance floor. As the song came to an end, the DJ grabbed the mic. "Hey! We've got a special surprise for you all tonight. For those in the know about the underground music scene, these guys probably won't need any introduction. But for the rest of you in the house, this band is at the top of the underground Tokyo music scene. Put your hands together for Vendetta!"

Tatsuha arched an eyebrow, curious. The underground music scene was quite a seperate entity than the main music scene. Some were bands who'd tried for years but couldn't succeed anywhere else. Other were musicians who rejected the main music scene as fake - being about glamour and glitz instead of music. Others were just plain awful. Still, he was surprised Kyoto's sole underground club had managed to nab a Tokyo underground big-shot. Unless it was all just hype.

The first chords sent his blood pumping. He froze, still nursing his drink - not even joining in the cheer that the rest of the crowd let loose. 'These guys are good...'

The intro came to an end, and the swirling spotlights fixed into place - revealing the band's three members.

"Bleed for me."

The first words of the song caught Tatsuha off-guard, and he found himself staring. The lead singer had jet black hair that fell to his shoulders, and intense brown eyes. Certainly not as intense as his beloved Ryuichi, but still very intense - and fierce. And somehow hot and cold at the same time.

"I'll take the blame,
If you'll take the pain.
Nowhere to run means nowhere to hide.
No place to release the cold fury inside.

"I can't take the agony.
Bleed for me..."

There was a blonde who's hair nearly fell to his waist, and another brunette with cropped hair who were playing the instruments that screamed out the fast but somehow eerie score. Tatsuha could only note that in passing, though, because suddenly the singer's eyes met his. The intensity took his breath away and for a moment he wondered if the guy somehow knew him, the way his eyes narrowed and he kept staring. When he finally broke his gaze away, Tatsuha found himself shaking. He drank the rest of the sake, letting it burn down his throat. But with the singer's strong voice still filling his ears, he wasn't sure it helped.

"Bleed until your veins run dry.
Die, just a little for me.
Cry until no tears remain inside.
Hurt, just a little for me.

"I won't be satisfied until your empty.
There's a bloodlust inside of me.
Bleed for me."

Tatsuha signaled for another sake as the music interlude played. Despite the rather twisted lyrics, he felt an empathy with the frustration in the song. The jealousy the songwriter felt. His eyes turned slowly back toward the stage when the singer resung the chorus.

"Bleed until your veins run dry.
Die, just a little for me.
Cry until no tears remain inside.
Hurt, just a little for me.

"I won't be satisfied until your empty.
There's a bloodlust inside of me.
Bleed for me."

The singer's eyes met his again on the last line, and held them. There was something unreadable in them, and Tatsuha found himself strangely powerless against the singer's gaze. When the singer turned his eyes away again, he hastily downed the second cup of sake.

He stayed through their entire performance. Even though it was getting late, and he knew his father would worry. Even the thought that he'd barely have laid down before it was time for the early morning prayers at this rate couldn't motivate him to tear himself away. It wasn't just that they were good - he'd heard good bands play at the underground clubs. It wasn't even the effect the singer's intense eyes had on him. He knew himself well enough to know the stirrings of attraction, though the way those eyes left him breathless startled him. Still, even that wasn't the sole reason for his choosing to stay. It was the music too - so full of frustration and jealousy. Of anger; bitterness. He could relate to those feelings - perhaps too well.

'Game set and match to the angry youth of Japan.' He tormented himself when the performance came to an end. Paying for his last sake cup, he stood - and was surprised to feel himself waver.

A strong hand caught his arm. "I think you overdid it a little!" A voice shouted in his ear.

Tatsuha turned to tell whoever it was to bugger off, and found himself looking into the same intense eyes that had gazed at him from the stage only a few minutes ago. "" Was his suave reply.

"Nagi!" The singer shouted.

Tatsuha blinked. "Nagi?!" He repeated blankly.

"I was actually kind-of hoping you'd reply with your name, not mine!" The other man smirked.

"Tatsuha! Uesugi Tatsuha!" He found himself looking down at the floor, blushing, and not very certain what was the matter with him. It wasn't like he'd never been picked up before. He needed to get a grip - he was usually much smoother than this.

"Tatsuha." Nagi seemed to savor the name, his eyes tracing over the teenage monk's features. "I like it...! So, you heading out now?!"

"Gotta get home!" Tatsuha replied, vaguely aware through the fog of sake around his mind that the other man still had his arm.

"Walking home?!"

"Too far! I came on my motorcycle!"

"Hmm...well, I don't think you should take that way home! If you wrap yourself around a lightpost it would definitely be a shame!" Nagi opinioned. "Got someone to call for a ride?!"

Tatsuha blinked. "Not without getting slaughtered for drinking too much!"

"Which brings me back to my point - you overdid a little!" Nagi offered a slanted grin. "Why don't we try a walk to clear your head?! If all else fails - I know how to ride a motorcycle!"

Tatsuha didn't protest as Nagi led him outside the club. He was making alot of sense, for one. And another part of him just wanted to stay in the singer's company a bit longer.

"What the hell is he doing?!" The brunette musician of Vendetta asked his blonde bandmate, watching from across the club as Nagi led Tatsuha outside.

The blonde sighed, his look worried. "I don't know! But I don't like the way he called going to meet him settling old business!" He shouted back over the noise of the club.

"We've just got back on our feet! This is no time to mess around!"

"I know! But you know him!" The blonde looked away, defeated. "Let's just hope things don't get out of hand...!"

To Be Continued...

This will mainly be a RyuxTat - HiroxAyaka fic. (Yes, Ayaka! I happen to like Ayaka! Sue me!) But there will be EirixShuichi as well. As you may have noticed, though, it starts out ?xTat. That's a big part of the plot, so it will take some time before Ryuichi fully gets involved. The lyrics to Bleed to Me were written by me. Please don't take them without permission. I'll try to get Chapter One up soon. R&R please.