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"Here!" Sam shouted after scrambling up onto the edge of the pool, he reached out to Evan, slid a hand underneath each of Alex's arms and heaved her upper body out of the water as Evan gently lifted her lower half up to Sam.

"Alex?!" Sam said urgently, brushing her wet brown hair out of her face. He pressed two fingers to her neck and put his ear next to her mouth, watching her chest closely for movement. "Her pulse is weak, and she's not breathing!"

Evan pulled himself easily out of the pool and knelt next to Alex, he placed one hand on her forehead and the other underneath her chin and gently tipped her head back. "Help me out here, Sam." He said, nodding his head toward Alex's chest.

Sam knew what to do, he placed both hands, one on top of the other, just above the bottom of Alex's rib cage and locked his elbows.

Evan bent and gently breathed into Alex's mouth, then looked at Sam, "Go! One, two, three, four, five." He counted with each of Sam's chest compressions.

"Breath!" Sam ordered Evan.

Three more sets and Alex coughed roughly, releasing the water inside her lungs. Evan checked her pulse and breathing again.

"She's still not breathing…"

Four more sets…and Evan checked her vitals again. "Nothing! Keep going!"

Sam continued chest compressions, both he and Evan pleaded quietly "Come on, Alex...please."

Two more sets and two minutes passed since she'd been pulled from the pool when Evan said loudly, "Wait!"

Alex's pulse beat unevenly against Evan's fingers and he felt gentle breath against his cheek as he saw her chest rise slowly.


Evan hung up the phone after having dialed 911, and he and Sam jogged back down the hallway toward where they'd left Alex. Sam paused next to a large antique clock, then casually reached out and pulled it to the ground, shattering glass and wood splinters everywhere.

Evan whipped around and stared, "What the hell are you doing?!" He asked incredulously as Sam easily knocked a display of porcelain figurines off of the wall.

"Making things looks more believable." Sam told him.

"What do you mean?"

"We'll have to tell the cops something, so we might as well blame it on someone else. So listen up, you and I were playing video games when we heard something in the hallway smash. We ran out and saw Alex fighting with some guy, the front door was open -" Sam paused and walked over to the front door and opened it slightly. "The guy saw us and grabbed Alex, we tried to get her away from him and he backed into the pool room, when we got to close he knocked her out and threw her in the pool. We let him go and jumped in the pool to save Alex. We never saw what he looked like because he was wearing a ski mask…Oh, and we'll play stupid and act like Dean just got hit over the head with something too. Got it?" Sam asked, looking Evan in the eye seriously.

Evan took a deep breath, "Yea…I got it."

"Good." Sam replied.

"Look, the hospital is only a few miles from here, they'll be here in a few minutes." Evan said, rushing back into the pool room. "You should go check on Dean."

Sam nodded, his nerves threatening to overwhelm him, and practically flew up the stairs.

"Dean!" Sam yelled, hurrying to his brother's side.

Dean's breathing was labored, and his pulse was hardly there.


Ten minutes later, Evan and Sam trailed after Alex's and Dean's stretchers, trying to get the doctors surrounding them to explain what was going on.

They watched as doctors and nurses hooked both Alex and Dean up to a number of different machines before a young woman ushered them out of the room.

Sam stared in at Alex and Dean through the window, they couldn't hear what was going on, but Sam's eyes widened and his breath came in ragged gasps as he watched the computer screens showing their vitals.

Both Dean and Alex were flat-lining.


Dean groaned, slowly coming back from what felt like a really bad night's sleep. He rubbed a hand over his face without opening his eyes, then gradually noticed the noise that filled the room around him.

There were people yelling, a man's voice commanding, "Clear!" and a quiet, dull thud following. Multiple voices darted around the area, each of them sounding hurried, on-edge and worried. Dean shook his head to try and get rid of the ringing in his ears, but the ringing grew steadily louder and his stomach lurched uneasily when he realized what the very distinct, high-pitched, and drawn out beep was.

Dean sat straight up and opened his eyes wide; four people surrounded him. "What's going on?" He asked loudly.

No one responded.

A doctor on his right yelled, "Clear!" once more.

Dean jumped when he saw the paddles come toward him, but that wasn't nearly as bad as when the doctor's hands and paddles plunged straight through Dean's chest.

He quickly spun his upper body to look down and saw himself lying in a hospital bed; Dean yelled out in shock and swiftly scrambled out of the bed. He backed away from the scene slowly, watching in shock as the doctor again touched the defibrillators to his body's chest.

"I was hoping you'd be able to hold on..." Alex's voice said quietly behind him.

The same thing had happened to Alex minutes before; she woke up and found herself having a not-so-fun out-of-body experience. At first she tried to get the doctors to talk to her, but soon realized that her efforts were futile and gave up. Then she saw Dean and her heart felt like it had jumped into her throat – she could deal with her own death, but Dean? That was something she couldn't bear to think about…

Dean spun around and faced her, "Alex?!"

Alex smiled grimly at him, "Yea…me." She paused, frowning at him and looking concerned, "You're stubborn in every other aspect of your life, why couldn't you be stubborn about dying too?"

Dean stared at her, trying to comprehend everything, then dashed over to a nurse, trying to get her attention.

"Don't bother, they can't hear us." Alex told him gently, "I already tried."

"What the hell happened?" Dean asked, turning around and facing her again.

"You'll remember, it took me a couple minutes to remember everything too." Alex's voice shook and her face was pale.

Dean knew what she was thinking, and wrapped an arm around her back and pulled her in and Alex buried her face in his shirt. "We're not dead…" He muttered into her hair as he watched more doctors and nurses try and bring Alex back.

"What else could it be?" Alex said uneasily, her voice muffled against the fabric of his shirt.

He didn't know what to say, there was no bright side to their current situation that would comfort Alex, so he simply hugged her tighter.

Dean's heart ached when he saw Sam standing outside the window; Sam was staring into the room, the pre-teen looked close to tears, his mouth slightly open in horror.

Dean wasn't paying attention to anything around him as he focused on Sam's face until Alex pulled away from him and tugged on his arm. He looked down at her and saw her watching the hospital bed behind him, with his body in it, avidly.

"Look!" Alex said unbelievingly.

A nurse standing over Dean's bed said "We got him." And Dean glanced over; his screen showed a steady heartbeat.

Alex stared at him, distress etched all over her face, "So why are you still here then?" She asked anxiously.

Dean didn't respond, and Alex didn't expect him to, because both of them heard a change in Alex's heart beat too. The sound of flat-lining was exchanged for a slow but secure repeating beep.

"Nevermind. Why am I still here?" She said, confused.

"I don't know…but we'll figure it out."


Alex paced across the hospital room, glancing at both her and Dean's motionless bodies ever few seconds, and watching Sam the rest of the time.

Evan was sprawled out on one of the two couches in the room, he'd done his best to comfort Sam, but nothing that he said changed Sam's outlook.

Dean was standing behind his little brother with one hand on Sam's shoulder, as if he was trying to reach out to him, but it wasn't working.

Doctors would come in every half hour or so to double check Alex's and Dean's vitals and see if there were any signs of consciousness, and each time they'd merely shake their heads dejectedly.

Alex stopped and reflected on the situation; everything seemed so hopeless…their bodies just lying there, Evan's gloomy sighs every two seconds, doctors and nurses piling in all the time and talking about how Alex and Dean seemed to be simply sleeping and should wake up at any moment, and Sam hiding his face in his hands…

"I can't take this." She blurted out miserably to Dean, "I'm going to the bathroom."

Dean let his hand drop away from Sam's shoulder, he ran a hand over his forehead in an attempt to brush away the downcast emotions running through his head.

"We're spirits, do we even have to use the bathroom?" Dean asked with thoughtful humor.

"Oh, shut it…" Alex mumbled, grinning slightly at him, "I'll be back."


Alex walked down the hallway, at first trying to avoid running into the multiple people rushing about, but when one nurse jogged straight through her she decided it wasn't worth the effort.

She wandered into the cafeteria, down another hallway and into the pediatrics, and through radiology before she finally felt like she could handle going back to her hospital room.

Her mind was working overtime, trying to think of a way to, essentially, "bring herself back to life", when she bumped into someone.

"Sorry…" Alex muttered distractedly, then she realized what had happened. Alex quickly back-peddled away from the person she'd run into in order to see who they were, and the first thing she saw were the blazing green eyes…

A middle-aged man with blonde hair, about six foot, wearing a blue intern's outfit, stood in front of her.

"Shouldn't you be dead?" Alex growled bitterly, gritting her teeth and glaring at the possessed man in front of her.

"Aw, now that wasn't very nice, was it? Although, I suppose you don't have much reason to be nice to me, do you? I am keeping you and your boyfriend comatose, after all…"

Alex scowled, but didn't skip a beat, "Well, at least now I know it'll be easy for us to recover. We kicked your ass once, we can do it again."

"Not quite." His smirk widened, "Now, let's think about this, hm? You're a spirit, I'm a demon, you're weak and defenseless and I'm, well, not!" The demon lifted a hand and barely twitched a finger, but it was enough to send Alex flying back down the empty hall.

Alex slid across the floor a few feet before coming to a stop, she quickly regained her footing and faced the demon. "A bit useless, don't you think? Like you said, I'm a spirit, how the hell do you expect to -"

She didn't have time to finish her sentence before something painful pierced her thigh. Alex looked down and saw something buried in her leg, she swiftly pulled it out and tossed it across the floor away from her. The palm of her hand was burned where she'd touched the knife.

"That's pure iron, comes in handy when you've got a pesky little ghost problem." The demon told her, chuckling to himself.

"Damn." Alex mumbled, she backed up slowly away from the demon, and he swiftly caught up with her. "You've got weaknesses too, smartass. You might want to keep that in mind."

"Thanks for the warning." He was only a few inches from Alex's face when he lifted his hand again.

Alex reacted instinctively; she grabbed his wrist with both hands, easily twisted her body so her back was against his stomach, and then bent over, using her upper body to pull him over her.

The demon landed flat on its back in the trap it had laid for Alex seconds before without Alex realizing it, and now the demon's plan backfired and he lay on his back, a ring of salt encircling him.

Alex couldn't help it, "Ha! Who's weak and defenseless now? That's pure talent, it comes in handy when you're kicking a demon's ass."

Alex side-stepped around the possessed man and jogged down the hallway back to her and Dean's hospital room with her mind racing, her nerves snapping, and her worry growing, despite the small triumph over the demon.


It didn't take long for the adrenaline to wear off and for Alex to realize that something wasn't right. Her thigh throbbed painfully with every step, sending waves of pain up her leg and into her stomach and chest; she was two floors away from Dean and Sam when it finally gave out underneath her. Alex threw out both hands to break her fall, not that it hurt much anyway considering technically she wasn't alive to feel the fall anyway…

"Damn…" Alex muttered to herself, a group of three nurses came jogging up to her and Alex had the unpleasant feeling of having one of the young interns walk straight through her upper body. Alex pulled herself over to the wall and leaned up against it, one hand pressed firmly over the gash on her thigh. I'm not even alive…how the hell did he manage to hurt me this bad? Alex thought, angry at the fact that she had allowed herself even one moment of weakness when the demon might be after Sam and Dean right that second.

"Need some help?" A deep, gentle voice asked from Alex's right.

Alex's turned her head so quickly that if she had been alive she probably would have broken her own neck. She had to tip her head upward to look at him, and instinctively cringed away from his figure. In response to her fear, the man backed off slightly, holding both hands up as a gesture to show that he didn't want to hurt her.

He was slightly shorter than Dean with a large but muscular build, well-toned chest and arm muscles showed slightly underneath his white polo and looked to be around twenty four years old. Alex's own muscled relaxed and let loose most of the tension that had leapt into them after this stranger had snuck up on her; she couldn't explain it, but somehow she didn't feel threatened by him.

"Who are you?" Alex asked, watching his face curiously. He was reasonably attractive, but not "pretty boy" attractive like Dean or Evan. Alex saw that he had a small smile on his face; his dark, emerald green eyes revealed that he was worried.

"Fair enough." He knelt down next to her and offered a hand, "My name's Aaron." He grinned widely, what he was about to say was the complete truth, and he knew that Alex's reaction to his next sentence would be fun to watch, he told her cheerfully, "I'm your guardian angel."


Alex snorted back a laugh at the idiotic idea of guardian angels, wincing as another wave of pain shot through her thigh, but ignoring it as she tried, and failed miserably, to keep a straight face, "Excuse me? I mean, you're kidding me right?"

Aaron raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes at her, "Well, I can't say I wasn't expecting that…But no, I'm dead serious."

"Uh huh, right. More likely you're just some dead guy with a really lame sense of humor. How many newly demised ghosts have you conned into believing that story?" Alex asked, smirking at him.

"Oh come on! It's not that far fetched, is it? Alright, fine, we can settle this easily; I've been your guardian angel since the day you were born, before then, actually. Ask me anything about your life, anything at all, and I'll be able to answer it." Aaron said, glancing down at the gash on her thigh anxiously.

Alex wasn't sure what it was about him, but she trusted him, he had a certain tone to his voice…something that gave him an infectiously happy personality. And he felt familiar, as if she'd known him very well long ago and simply couldn't remember his name. She decided to humor him, "Okay then, my parents gave me a pearl bracelet for my tenth birthday and I lost it somewhere, so where'd I lose it?"

"Easy. You went on a field trip to the zoo and accidentally dropped it into the Bear's Den. Oh, and you never told anyone about it except for Megan Donnely, who was your best friend up until ninth grade when she started flirting with the guy you liked." Aaron sighed and added, "I never understood why Boss assigns male guardians to girl charges. I've got to tell you, that whole situation with Megan and, what was his name…Devon?" Aaron simply closed his eyes and shook his head. Alex could see a sly grin playing across his lips.

"Oh, shut up." Alex said good naturedly, "Just because you know about some stupid bracelet and a fight I had in the ninth grade doesn't mean you're my -"

Aaron couldn't stand it anymore, he placed a hand over the wound on her leg and seconds later held a small piece of iron in his hand.

Alex looked at him with slightly widened eyes and watched him chuck the fragment across the hall. "Okay, that was impressive, so fine, maybe you're a good guy…but I don't get it though, I'm not even corporeal, how the hell did he manage to do that?"

"You're not a typical spirit, the demon's keeping you and Dean here. I'm sure he's planning on keeping you and Dean here until he can kill you; see, he can make sure that you don't wake up, but he can't kill your physical bodies unless he were to possess someone and use them to murder you." Aaron told her solemnly.

"So why not just do that?"

"Too easy. You pissed him off when you tried to drown him. Killing you on his terms will be much more enjoyable, for him anyway."

Alex didn't respond, she tried to fathom the idea that this guy could actually be her angel, the fact that the demon was in a good position to kill she, Dean, and probably Sam too, was something she didn't want to think about, but had to. If she'd been in her body, she'd have had one killer headache.

Aaron situated himself so he was leaning against the wall just like Alex, he rested his head against the wood. "This entire situation is my fault." He said miserably, "You and Dean wouldn't be here if it weren't for me."

Alex glanced over at him and saw that he'd closed his eyes, his forehead wrinkled in anger and frustration. "What do you mean?"

Aaron opened his eyes and looked at her, "Long story short; my job is to make sure that you stay safe and reasonably happy. I rely somewhat on the people around you to help me out sometimes, and you rely on them completely because you don't, or shouldn't, even know I exist. Therefore, I'm partly responsible for the people you love and rely on. Anyway, with John going off on his own I was worried about him and convinced the Winchester's guardian angel to -"

"Sam and Dean have a guardian angel too?" Alex interrupted.

Aaron smiled, "Almost all hunters do. Boss is working on getting another angel assigned specifically for Dean though…"

Alex shook her head, smiling knowingly, and let Aaron continue with the explanation.

"So I was worried about John, and David, the Winchester's angel, was too. See, we get these vibes when something is wrong with one of our charges. I have it easy, you're my only charge, so I don't get these bad feelings all the time, although you should know that I've been getting more and more ever since you joined up with the Winchesters." Aaron told her, shaking a finger at her mockingly. "But I was getting one for John. Dave and I went to check on him, we were only gone for a few days, but when we got back you and Dean were comatose and the demon was hot on your heels. The demon must have interfered with our senses, made us think something was up with John to draw us off. Demons and Angels normally try to avoid one another, we can really cause each other some serious damage." Aaron frowned, "But the one after you is a low-level demon, and once Dave and I get our hands on him…well, let's just say I actually kind of feel sorry for him."

"So John was alright?" Alex asked nervously.

"Yea, perfectly fine. It was you and Dean we should have been worrying about." Aaron replied. "Dave's keeping an eye on Sam and Dean, but you and I should get up there before the demon worms his way out of that trap. Come on." Aaron got to his feet and reached down to pull Alex to her's.


Aaron and Alex jogged into the hospital room to find Dean and another man, whom Alex assumed to be David after seeing that he wasn't really attempting to hurt Dean, just hold him still; the two of them were in a funny looking death grip on the floor. Poor Dean was definitely being humbled…

David was probably in his late twenties, early thirties judging from the light gray hairs that were showing here and there in the dark black hair, and was at least four inches taller than Dean. He didn't look like much, but apparently he was a hell of a lot stronger than he looked because he had Dean down on his stomach, both of Dean's hands were wrapped behind his back and being held in place by David. David had one knee in the center of Dean's back, though he appeared to be keeping most of his weight off of Dean and on his other leg.

David looked up at Aaron and Alex and smiled hesitantly, rolling his eyes at the same time. "About time you got here, I told you Dean would go insane when I showed up. What took so long?"

"Sorry, Dave. I had to convince her too, remember?" Aaron said.

"Alex! Help me out here, will you?!" Dean yelled, flailing his shoulders in an attempt to shake Dave off the top of himself.

"No thanks, I'd rather stay on God's good side." Alex said, keeping a straight face as she jogged over to he and Dave, poor Dean looked pissed and embarrassed at being out-muscled by this new guy.

"What -" Dean started, but Dave let him go just then.

Dean got to his feet swiftly and whipped around to face Dave, but Alex side-stepped in front of him. "Dean, chill out! Did you even listen to what he has to say before attacking him?"

"How do you know I attacked him? He's the one who snuck up on me!" Dean said indignantly, sounding like a third grader who'd just been accused of pushing a classmate on the playground.

Alex crossed her arms over her chest, "Uh, huh. So you were caught off-guard and decided to attack him before he attacked you, right?"

"Right!" Dean told her, as if she'd just proved that he was right.

"Bone head…" Alex muttered, then offered a hand to David.

David grasped it and shook hands with her; Alex always liked shaking hands with someone she was meeting for the first time, it told a lot about the person. Dave gripped her hand firmly and easily and led hers in the shake, showing that he was a take charge kind of person. Alex watched his face, he looked her straight in the eye and smiled warmly, "That's exactly what I called him. I'm Dave."

"I figured." Alex replied, smiling back at him kindly; she liked him instantly.

"Someone want to explain to me what the hell is going on here?" Dean asked, throwing his hands in the air.

Alex giggled, looped an arm through his and leaned her head on his shoulder. "Aw, poor Dean…his guardian angel kicked his ass."

Dean pulled away from her slightly, his nose wrinkled and one eyebrow arched. "Angel?" He glanced back at Dave, "Him?" He looked at Aaron, "Who's he?" Then looked back down at Alex, who was grinning at him.

"Yes. Yes. My Guardian Angel, Aaron." Alex answered without using complete sentences.

Dean was scowling at both Aaron and Dave, "I don't buy it."

"You don't have to. All you have to do is stay out of our way while we work on getting the two of you back inside your own bodies." Dave replied.

Dean opened his mouth, no doubt to say some nasty comeback, but Alex cut him off with a look that said, I'll explain this later, just shut up for now. "How exactly do you plan on doing that?"

"We're not entirely sure yet. We haven't really had a chance to talk about it. Dave and I only just got back a little bit ago, we wanted to make sure you two were safe first." Aaron replied, plopping down on the couch.

Alex finally noticed that Evan and Sam were gone, "Where'd Sam and Evan go?"

"Out to eat." Dean replied, not taking his eyes off of Aaron and Dave.

"Are they safe?" Alex asked the angels.

"So far. I'm not getting any bad readings from Sam." Dave told her reassuringly.

"Back to the demon." Aaron said, almost to himself, he was sitting low on the couch, his arms sprawled over the top of the couch to either side of his body and his head leaning against the back of couch. "I say we kill it, but the only problem with that is we don't know what kind of hold it has on Dean and Alex. Two things could happen: Number one, Alex and Dean wake up as soon as the demon dies. Number two, they're stuck here forever."

"I think I'm going to have to veto that plan!" Alex told him with a humorless laugh.

"Or we can trap it, torture it for a little bit, get it to release its hold on the two of you, and then kill it." Dave tossed in his idea.

"And risk it being able to fight back, not all traps are impenetrable." Dean said.

Alex, Aaron, and Dave all looked at him.

"You believe us now?" Dave asked.

Dean shrugged, "We'll see."

"Anyway, what other options do we have?" Alex asked.

"None that I know of…But don't worry, Aaron and I are more than a match for this thing. Why do you think he drew us away from you in the first place?" Dave replied confidently. "Alex, Dean, we might need your help luring him in, if he knows Aaron and I are with you he won't come anywhere near you until he's sure we're gone."

"What do you need us to do?" Alex and Dean asked in unison, the two of them ready for anything and definitely ready to be back inside themselves again.


"Alright, you're going to have too hold him off long enough for us to get back." Dave said, looking at Alex and Dean.

"Which hopefully won't be too hard since, apparently, you can physically touch him. Just remember he can use telekinesis, so watch out for flying objects…" Aaron added.

"Don't let him get you alone, stick together." Dave told the two of them.

"And try not to let him get anywhere near Sam, it's a possibility that whoever's being possessed may get hurt." Aaron put in.

"The demon may choose to target Sam just for that reason too. Good thinking." Dave replied thoughtfully.

"Take these," Aaron said, handing Alex and Dean each a small dagger, "and don't lose them! They belong to Dave and I; Angels are issued one when they first begin their job as a guardian and if we lose them we don't get another. Anyway, if you pin the demon with one of these and he won't know what hit him."

Alex took it gingerly, removing the sheath and inspecting the knife closely. Her jaw dropped slightly when she brought it close to her face; the blade itself looked to be made of diamond and the hilt was made of another kind of precious stone, probably tanzanite, with an inlaid piece of topaz. Alex squinted and saw small symbols carved on the aqua colored topaz stones; on the first was two interlocking triangles that formed a star shape. The Seal of Solomon, used to invoke the Archangels and protect against black magic and the power of evil.

The second was a Pentagram, also known as Druid's Foot; a five sided star that protects against witchcraft. Alex remembered reading it was also supposed to return bad energy to the sender.

And the third piece of topaz had an "M" like shape on it which Alex didn't recognize, she nudged Dean and motioned for him to look at the last symbol.

Dean looked down at Dave's dagger in his own hands, but rather than answer Alex's silent question he just said, "The Seal of Solomon, Pentagram, these are some powerful symbols."

"It's what we stand for, what we fight for." Dave said dutifully.

"The last is called the Mannaz. It's a rune that represents the higher self, it protects against interference with your connection to God." Aaron explained.

Dean finally caved on his reluctance to trust these two new strangers, though he didn't say it aloud. They claimed to be angels, and those three symbols pointed to that claim being completely true. Dean caught Dave's gaze and held it as he smoothly slipped the sheathed blade into a back pocket and pulled his shirt down to cover it; it was a silent exchange of trust between the two of them.

"So, let's go over this one more time. We get out of here-" Dave started, but Alex interrupted.

"Where exactly are you going again?" She asked, sounding innocent.

"Nice try. You'll find out sooner or later, I'd rather it was later though." Aaron told her with a grin.

"Aw, come on! I mean, technically we are dead, aren't we?" Alex said.

Aaron and Dave both raised an eyebrow at her, and Alex shut up.

"Anyway, Aaron and I are going" Dave gazed at Alex, smirking, "up, and once we're gone we'll be off the demon's radar; he won't be able to feel our presence again until it's too late. I'm guessing he'll probably just assume we're checking in with the Boss and be on the two of you like a fat kid on a cupcake. You keep yourselves intact just long enough for us to beam back down here and save your hides. Now, we've got some pretty strong stuff magic on our side, not the regular Devil's Snare mojo you hunters use, so don't you worry about the demon being able to escape our trap. Aaron and I will, uh, ask nicely for him to let the two of you go." Dave grinned at that, no doubt he was eager to kick this demon's ass for interfering with his charges. "Then once you two pop back into your bodies, we'll finish him off, for good."

"You probably won't be able to understand the entire process, it'll most likely just sound like one big hurricane to you both, mixed with a lot of different sights. If something looks like it's going wrong, don't try to help us, we'll be fine. Remember, we're here to protect you, not the other way around." Aaron told them.

"Any questions?" Dave asked, giving Alex and Dean an opening to clear up any blurry parts of the plan that they may not have understood.

"What if things don't go as planned though, you can't expect us to just stand around and watch you get yourselves killed. It's not in our nature, you of all people should know that." Alex asked Dave and Aaron.

"First of all, we're already dead, so we can't exactly die again." Aaron told her, not telling her that it was only half true and that Angels could get hurt beyond a point of repair, and that once that's done, there wouldn't be another afterlife. "Just don't think about it too much, okay? If something happens to us, there are backup angels Boss can send down to help you. Any more questions?"

"No, we've got it." Dean replied, feeling a bit uneasy about what the two Angels may be getting themselves into, "How do we know the demon's gotten out of the salt ring yet?"

"He's not stupid, something that simple wouldn't have held him for more than ten minutes, if that." Aaron said, looking at the clock, "And it's been almost an hour since Alex fought him."

Alex glanced up at Dean, her mind was racing, preparing itself for the surge of adrenaline that was building up in her stomach; she was nervous. But Dean looked completely cool and collected; Alex admired that about Dean, no matter the situation, he always seemed to be so confident that the outcome would be what he was aiming for.

"Then you two should go, before he catches on to us." Dean replied, striding over to the couch and sitting down. "Meanwhile, we'll be here," He gave Alex a self-assured grin, "waiting patiently for our little bundle of demonic fun to arrive."


"Something doesn't feel right about this, Dean." Alex said quietly, crossing her arms over her chest and walking over to the window that over-looked the visitor parking lot.

Dean was still sitting on the couch as he nodded his head slowly in agreement; there was something in the air that just felt wrong and it was making him even more uneasy than he had been after Dave and Aaron disappeared. Dean turned his head toward Alex and watched her for a minute; her face looked pale, she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other, her right hand was crossed over to her left side and she was drumming her fingers slowly on the left side of her ribs. A large piece of hair had fallen out of her pony tail and obscured the left side of Alex's face so Dean couldn't see her eyes, but he could see that she was frowning, her light pink lips slightly pursed.

Alex gazed down over all the vehicles in the lot, looking for Evan's silver Mercedes, Dean's Impala, or her own Mustang; she didn't see any of them and hoped that it meant that Evan and Sam were still gone and hadn't parked in another parking around the hospital.

"Hey," Dean reached over and gently grabbed Alex's wrist, "come here." He let go and let her twist around and face him before he grasped her wrist again and tugged lightly on her arm to urge her to sit down next to him. Alex glanced around the room nervously and sat stiffly on the edge of the couch cushion.

"Just breath, okay? We're going to be fine, we're together, right? What's the worse that could happen?" Dean said, trying to be comforting.

"Don't say that, you'll jinx us…" Alex muttered, staring anxiously at all the shadows and empty corners of the room.

"Alex." Dean cupped a hand to her cheek and turned her face toward his, "We'll be alright, I won't let anything happen to you."

Alex gave him a small smile, and opened her mouth to say something, but wasn't sure how to respond to him. She gazed intently into his hazel eyes and the only thing she could think of was, "I love you."

"Yea, well, I'm a loveable guy." Dean told her, grinning.

"Oh, shut up!" Alex said, pushing him away from her, smiling and rolling her eyes, "One second you're all sweet and caring and the next you're -"

Dean pulled her face toward his and kissed her firmly, loving the sweet cinnamon-like scent of her breath. Alex was surprised for a split second and then closed her eyes and returned his kiss passionately until Dean pulled away and finished her sentence for her, "Sexy and irresistible?"

Alex still had her eyes close, the ghost of his kiss lingering on her lips, "Uh huh, that's what I was going to say…" She opened her eyes and watched him.

Dean was lost in the deep blue of her eyes as he replied, "I love you too."


"Okay!" Alex exclaimed, she'd been slouched boyishly on the couch with Dean's feet in her lap before she leapt to her feet, "Gettin' just a little bored here!"

Dean's legs were knocked to the floor as Alex jumped up, his head was resting on the arm of the couch and both arms were sprawled in either direction. The room was flooded with moonlight, causing tall shadows to stretch across the room.

"It's been hours, and I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to go looking for the damn thing myself." Alex told Dean moodily, stomping to the opposite side of the room only to stalk back to the couch.

"And I could really go for a greasy cheeseburger, but hey, that's right, we're dead!" Dean replied, equally touchy after all the tension of waiting around for an attack and seriously craving some fast food and coffee.

"Don't be a smartass, Dean."

"Try not to be a bitch, Alex."

"I can't help it; you just have that effect on me."

"Great, so I'm a smartass by choice and you're just a plain old bitch. We'll make a great old senile couple won't we?"

"Keep it up and I personally guarantee you won't live long enough to find out..."

"You know maybe if you weren't so damn quick-tempered you're parents would still be around and I wouldn't have to deal with you." Dean knew it was a low-shot even before he said it.

Alex was caught slightly off guard at the comment on her parents, but returned to the fight quickly, "Then don't deal with me. Maybe I'll just get back with Evan, at least he doesn't drag me all over the place to hunt God knows what!"

"Oh! I drag you all over the place? You're the one who dragged me and Sam back here, Alex! Demon killed your friends, your old boyfriend calls you up and asks for help, you jump at the opportunity to see your ex-pretty-boy again, any of this ringing a bell?"

"You didn't have to agree to it!"

"Well, forgive me for trusting and wanting to help my girlfriend!"

Alex and Dean each noticed a slight increase in light in the room, but ignored it and went back to trying the give one another a verbal whiplash.

"If that's what you wanted you wouldn't be complaining about it!"

"I'm beginning to think you getting back with Evan would leave me with the better end of the deal."

Alex opened her mouth to tell Dean something nasty, but then closed it.

"What, bitch-fest is over? Damn..." Dean said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"What are we fighting about?" Alex asked, a look on her face that said "Huh?"

"Who cares, at least it was entertaining." Dean replied.

Dean and Alex grinned at each other, they both were just about to say "Sorry." when their attention returned to the increase of yellowish light that they'd ignored seconds before.

"This is a damn hospital, I don't give a rat's ass what time it is, they need to have a doctor on duty twenty four seven."

Alex spun around quickly and Dean's eyes snapped toward the door, the yellowish light coming from the light bulbs in the hospital hallway.

"You do realize that this ward is for permanent residents, right?"

"I don't think they're really expecting brain-dead patients to pop up at three o'clock in the morning."

Evan, Sam, and John walked in the door, flipping the light switch on the way. John was fuming over the fact that no doctor's were on duty, and only one nurse who had been snoozing when the three of them walked in; Evan and Sam were the ones who'd explained the reasoning behind it.

"Dad!" Dean said unbelievingly.

"Damn…" Alex muttered.

"What?" Dean looked at her curiously.

"Evan and Sam must have gone to meet him, that's why they were gone for so long."

"And that makes you upset because…"

"Because they're here! Dean, we're waiting for a demon to attack, do you really think it's safe for them?" Alex asked rhetorically, she and Dean watched as John stood over Dean's bed and gently pulled his blanket up slightly while Evan and Sam weren't looking.

Dean frowned, "It's been hours though, maybe it won't even show up."

"Or maybe it was waiting for this to happen." Alex barely had the words out of her mouth when something hit her hard in the stomach, forcing her to double over painfully.

"Alex!" Dean shouted, springing off of the couch toward her, only to be struck heavily in the chest and sent backwards.

Alex clutched her stomach, and Dean gasped for breath. Alex looked down at her stomach and saw a dark, murky substance leak through over her hands from the wound on her stomach, it felt cold and slimy, but even though it felt like a liquid, it was almost smoke-like.

Dean closed his eyes and fought the pain in his chest as he inhaled and exhaled sharply; slowly he began to sink down to his knees.

"Dean!" Alex whispered urgently, unable to fill her lungs with enough air to scream, every breath coming in painful waves.

The two of them heard an angry shout behind them and looked back to see John dodging toward Sam and Evan; Evan was forcing himself back to his feet after having been thrown violently and Sam was struggling to get away from a tall, black-green figure. He was waving his arms madly, and Dean and Alex knew that Sam was unable to see his assailant.

Seeing Sam under attack made a bubble of rage form in the pit of Dean's stomach and he fought back to his feet, rushing toward his little brother and throwing his shoulders into the demons stomach.

Alex wasn't sure if it was the fact that they were ghosts, or that Dean was just that pissed off, but he was able to hit the demon with enough force to knock it away from Sam easily. Dean swiftly took the dagger that Dave had given to him and rammed it into the demon's abdomen, then backing off slightly when the demon writhed and shrieked in pain and anger at the brutal assault.

Alex ignored the pain in her stomach and hurried to Dean's aid. Alex and Dean ducked and dodged new blows from the demon, blocking attacks for one another, and stabbing with the daggers whenever they found an opening, for what seemed like ages when Dave and Aaron finally showed up.

Aaron had a deep gash running from the top left side of his forehead to a little past the middle of his cheek, blood flecked along his t-shirt and arms. Dave had a cut lip, a slash running down his right arm, and blood soaked and torn jeans.

"What the hell happened!?" Alex asked as Aaron and Dave leapt between she, Dean, and the demon.

"Apparently, this sorry son of a bitch has accomplices. They ambushed us on our way down here, we've got other Angels taking care of them for us." Dave said hurriedly, then returned his complete attention to the demon, speaking in a language neither Dean nor Alex recognized, an odd, illuminated and sparkling writing sneaking away from Dave's hands and encircling the demon.

"Boss was pissed." Aaron said, smirking, "Demons have never been able to get that close to the" he paused, thinking of a word to describe where they'd been, "upstairs before. There aren't just other Angels taking care of them for us, Boss came down himself. Whoever thinks he 'forgives all' never saw him punishing a demon." Aaron was still grinning, apparently thinking about demons being torn limb from limb by the Big Guy as he turned in to help Dave. "You two stay back!"

Alex and Dean were both weak, but struggled away from the two Angels and the demon. Sam, Evan, and John all looked confused; the three of them could tell something was going on, but only saw bits and pieces of it and heard wind and voices screaming throughout the room.

Aaron and Dave were having an easy time, the demon cringed and writhed in the center of their trap as they spoke commandingly in that strange language. Then, before either had a chance to even know what was going on, they woke up.

Alex ripped the oxygen mask off of her face and practically flew out of bed while, across the room, Dean was tearing the needle out of the crook of his arm and following suit.

John, Evan, and Sam looked completely shocked and confused; but Alex and Dean ignored them. They looked wildly around the room for Aaron, Dave, and the demon, but saw and heard none of what they were searching for.

"What happened?!" Dean asked.

"I don't know, I don't know." Alex replied, "Do you think they're alright?"

Dean calmed down slightly, "We are, so I'm guessing they are too."

Alex felt her stomach, but didn't feel any wound there, and she glanced at Dean's chest and saw no sign of an injury on him either.

"Alex! Dean!" Sam said incredulously.

"Are you okay?" Evan inquired.

"Who's 'they'?" John asked.

Alex and Dean just stared at each other, letting the adrenaline wear off slowly.


Aaron picked himself easily up off the ground and wiped away the blood on his lip, grinning at Dave, "Well, that wasn't so hard."

Dave rolled his eyes at the younger Angel, massaging a sore spot on his arm, "It might not be over yet, Aaron, we should check on Boss and the Angels before you say that."

"Oh, come on, you really need to relax a little bit, you know? Have some fun, live a little!"

Dave stared at him with one raised eyebrow.

"Ok…so not literally live, but you know what I mean." Aaron said, shaking his head.

"Incoming." Dave told Aaron, the two of them sensing another Angel's approach. They turned toward a spot in the middle of the room where a short, thin, red-headed woman appeared.

"We need you boys upstairs, Boss called an emergency meeting."

"Well hello to you too, Danielle." Aaron said teasingly.

"What's the meeting about?" Dave asked.

"The demons killed three Angels when they breached the border, so I'm betting Boss wants us to go over stricter security. He sent a messenger to the Basement to warn him," Danielle spat out the word him as if it tasted like sour milk, "that if it happened again Boss wouldn't be so kind the next time."

Aaron and Dave exchanged worried looks, then gazed back at Danielle.

"They killed the Angel; said they were sick of waiting for someone to make the first move."

"Damn it…" Dave cursed quietly, dropping his head in respect for the four Angels killed in the attack.

"You two should have been more careful. You know the guards have to let the border's security down when Angels pass, but you didn't check for demons before returning down here to help your charges." Danielle told them sadly, "Look, finish up here and I'll see you upstairs, alright? Oh, and, you might want to pay attention to what your charges are saying."

Aaron and Dave turned around and listened to Alex and Dean for a few seconds.

"We have guardian Angels, Aaron and Dave, we've got to make sure they're alright!" Alex was saying to John, Sam, and Evan.

"Guardian -" John started disbelievingly.

"Angels." Dean finished, "Yea, I didn't believe at first either. They saved our lives though."

"Oops…" Aaron said, then told Danielle quickly, "We'll see you upstairs!"

Danielle rolled her eyes, then disappeared.


"We'd appreciate it if you didn't go telling everyone about us." Dave said, making Alex, Dean, John, Sam, and Evan all whip around to look at him.

"Who are you?!" John said, reaching instinctively for the gun hidden in his coat.

"Aaron, Dave! Are you two okay?" Alex asked urgently.

"We're fine, there's some problems upstairs, four Angels were killed in the attack." Dave said sadly.

"Attack? What'd you mean?" Dean asked.

"They used us to get upstairs, we were too worried about saving the two of you and weren't paying attention." Dave told him.

"But there's no point in telling you everything, you won't remember it anyway." Aaron said, a slight smile on his face.

"Could you maybe not talk in riddles?" Alex told him impatiently.

Dave shook his head, also smiling, "We can't let you remember us. We've had Angels revealed to their charges before, and afterward the charges always tend to be more reckless because they think they're invincible."

"And the four of you are reckless enough as it is." Aaron said to John, Sam, Dean and Alex. "Not that I'm complaining, it keeps things interesting."

"Could I have that dagger back, Alex?" Aaron asked, holding a hand out to her. Alex placed it in his hand while Dean did the same with Dave.

"You do realize you aren't the Men in Black, right?" Dean asked them, grinning in belief that they were just joking around, "You can't just erase our memories."

"Good, if you really think that then maybe afterward you'll be less likely to dig up the truth." Dave told him.

"See ya on the other side." Aaron said, smiling and giving them all a small wave goodbye.