What would happen if a certain woman and Mara ever got alone together? (No, I'm
not gay, get your mind out of the gutter.) This takes place right before Specter of the Past.
Anyway, gomen to George Lucas for creating the Star Wars cast, and I think Timothy
Zahn should get the Nobel Peace Prize for creating Mara Jade. Love ya Tim! (grumbles)
*If only I could get an autograph...*

Mara frowned, Luke had said he needed to see her right away. Funny, on the comm it
didn't even sound like Luke. Oh well. Mara keyed open the door to his suite and felt her
lip twist into a scowl.
"Hello again Mara." the person sitting in Luke's chair said.
"Hello yourself 'Luke'. You look a bit off." she growled.
"Now now, anger is the path to the dark side." the young woman reprimanded gently,
letting her silvery laugh float through the air.
Mara decided to switch gears. "So what is it you wanted to talk about 'Luke'?"
"That's just it, you seem to have a thing for my Luke."
Mara frowned. "Do not." she answered quickly.
"Then why is it I always see you staring at that Holo of the two of you?" Mara
couldn't help but smile, she knew the one. She and Luke had run into each other on
Corellia a few years back. She was undercover for Karrde and he was on a leave of
absence. They'd spent the day together and had their picture taken in front of the CorSec
main building. His arm was around her shoulders and she was giving him 'bunny ears'
which seemed to be all the rage with kids these days.
Luke was hers, even if she didn't show it. Unconsciously Mara pulled her blaster.
"I love Luke with all my heart, and I won't let you stand in my way." the words
sounded strange even as she said them.
The lady smiled faintly. "Tell Luke I'll always love him." she said before Mara pulled
the trigger.
Several minutes later Luke Skywalker ran in. Mara nearly smacked herself, of course
Luke would feel a disturbance in the Force!
"What happened!?!" Luke demanded.
"She said she'd always love you." Mara pointed out, still staring at the charred remains of