An Act of Mercy

By: SilvorMoon

Yami no Malik and Yami no Bakura sat across from each other at the table, drinking and chatting about old times. They'd already spent the better part of an hour telling tales, most of them true, about past acts of destruction, treachery, and general not-niceness.

"Come on now, admit it," said Yami no Malik. "When it comes to pure evilness, I've got you beat."

"Not hardly! I've been doing this three thousand more years than you have. I brought villainy to an art form before you were even thought of."

"You spent most of that time in a chunk of jewelry," Malik pointed out. "It doesn't count."

Bakura gave him a long cold look. "You are six years old. I still have a lifetime's experience more than you do."

"So what. You're still human, sort of. I mean, hel-lo, I'm a being of pure darkness and hatred here! I'm about quality, not quantity."

"Fine, fine," said Bakura. He took a long drink from his can. "I confess, you've got me beaten. I once - just once - committed an act of goodness."

Malik looked interested. "Really? What was that?"

"Well," Bakura said slowly, "I hate to admit it, but... I use a night-light."

"You? Use a night-light?" Malik exclaimed. "Don't tell me you're afraid of the dark like my pathetic host!"

"No," said Bakura. "It's an act of mercy. You see, the dark is afraid of me."

Malik was silent for a moment.

"All right, you win," he said.