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I had no idea if I should try to post this or not. I know some people might like it, but I just had it in my head to do this for a while. I didn't know whether or not to post it in Kingdom Hearts area or Darkwing Duck. So I chose Darkwing Duck.

For those of you who don't know Kingdom Hearts, I apologize. I don't know if this little summary will help but I will try:

You might find this hard to understand, actually. Kingdom Hearts is a Playstation 2/Nintendo GameBoy SP series. It is a crossover of Disney characters with Final Fantasy characters. The main characters (meaning the ones you control) are Sora, a boy with a weapon called a Keyblade, Donald, King Mickey's court wizard and magic user, and Goofy, a royal guard. Sora comes from another world entirely with his friends: Kairi and Riku. Seperated from his friends when he enters the "disney" universe, Sora finds Donald and Goofy who soon become his companions. Donald and Goofy are on a quest to find King Mickey and stop a growing force called the Heartless. Heartless are creatures that come from the souls of people who've lost their hearts--the Heart's darkness so to speak. In addition to this, everytime a person loses their heart, becoming a Heartless, a creature called a Nobody is also made from what remains of the body. Sora, Donald and Goofy travel through many of the Disney worlds including: Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Alice in Wonderland and Hercules. Several places that were featured that were special to the game where: Castle Oblivion (home of Organization XIII, the ones able to control the Nobody's), Disney Castle (Where Queen Minnie and King Mickey rule), and Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden (a city hard hit by the Heartless invasion, at the base of Malificent's castle).

Never once did they go into Darkwing's world. Or even hint to Darkwing's existance. So I was disappointed... hopefully in the future they will add in some Darkwing-ness.

I'm sorry if my explanation isn't very good. If not their are PLENTY of sites about Kingdom Hearts. Hope you enjoy the fic.