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Netherworld Lights

Chapter 5: Sinister Shadows/Desire for All That is Lost

Kitchen That Never Was

"Wow, that was kind of..." NegaDuck felt too light-headed to continue his sentence. Demyx took the last piece of pizza from the box, throwing it aside as he laugh at the exhausted duck. NegaDuck took all of his energy left to sit up and glare at the Nobody. "What's so funny...?"

Demyx shook his head. "You're going to need more than that to beat Sora... here..."

NegaDuck was handed a strange crystal bottle with several stars and moons inside of it, glowing brightly the contents of the glass seemed to be flowing like liquid. NegaDuck scrunched his bill up as he asked, "What's this for?"

"Drink it. Xigbar is expecting you; expecting you to show us a good fight against that Sora kid. Besides, you look like you need a drink, right?" Demyx stood up from the table they were seated at, carefully stepping over the form of Xaldin on the floor. "That wasn't a bad fight, now use all of your powers to --"

Demyx stopped mid-sentence, at the doorway of the kitchen stood Saïx, arms crossed and looking his usual angered self. NegaDuck quickly drank the potion, hoping it would do as Demyx said - give him more energy - and to his surprise it did just that. He felt a rush of light serge through him, and he was ready once more to fight. The duck's attention turned back to Saïx, giving the blue-haired Nobody a hateful 'hmph!' as he stood up beside the table as well. Saïx's mouth chanced a clever smile as he watched the two in the kitchen, his eyes going from them to Xaldin on the ground. "Demyx, you know you will be in big trouble with the Superior if he finds you've been picking fights with other members of the Organization. And you... duck... be taking your leave..."

NegaDuck grumbled an insult to the Nobody underneath his breath. Saïx turned swiftly around, narrowing his eyes hatefully at the duck; NegaDuck armed himself, waiting for the Nobody to make a move. Saïx only smile again, laughing lowly, before he threw something towards the duck - NegaDuck instinctively brought a hand out to block the projectile. Instead something came into his hand; another hammer much like his own, except the design was different than TroubleMaker. NegaDuck simply glared at the weapon for a moment, then looked to Saïx, "No matter how many gifts you give me: I won't go easy on you next time..."

Saïx's mood turned serious, "It's called Malice Omega [Ω. Far more efficient than that weapon you have, I might say..."

The weapon was crimson, ebony and violet, the handle much resembled a flame with a strange looking heart covered in thorns in the center of the staff. The end of the hammer was pointed on one end and broad on the other; unlike the TroubleMaker's double flat head. NegaDuck couldn't understand it but the weapon felt more powerful than TroubleMaker. He put Malice Omega into his hands and let TroubleMaker drop to the ground (it disappeared before it hit the tiled flooring however). "Don't expect me to thank you..."

Saïx was already gone from the doorway. Demyx nudged the duck towards the exit, not saying a word about the gift NegaDuck had received from the gruff looking Nobody, "Come on, let's go start that battle."

Great Maw

"Did you hear the one about Panda bear walking into the bar?" Xigbar asked to the bored looking group of heroes. Sora, Donald and Goofy were beginning to wonder if the Nobody had just brought them there for his (tasteless) comedy act. Donald was about to nod off to sleep, Goofy was twirling his shield on his fingers, dancing in a circle and Sora was drawing pictures of Kairi and Riku in the dirt. Xigbar's attempts to keep them occupied were failing, and in a last ditch effort (to get them to listen to his jokes) he threatened, "Come on, if you don't at least pay attention I'll have to bring out some Dusk, dudes!"

"There'll be no need for you to entertain them anymore..." A hole opened out of air, out of the swirling Darkness stepped NegaDuck, with Malice Omega over his shoulder. "I'm going to show them once and for all that NegaDuck does not lose a fight... they only got lucky!"

Sora stood up, careful not to disrupt his picture in the dirt, "There you are, Negy... whatever! Listen, we need to talk about something... you're choice in friends is really dangerous! These Nobodies are just using you and --"

NegaDuck didn't listen to the young boy; he just began to ease into his fighting stance. "I don't think you understand, kid. This isn't about the munny, or those Nobodies! It's about me getting rid of you!"

NegaDuck sprung forward, his power felt doubled due to the new weapon, bringing Malice down into the ground. Sora and the others, not expecting the formerly powerless NegaDuck's actions, were thrown into the air by the vibrations that run through the ground. Sora regained his balance in the air and brought his Keyblade out. Landing on the ground the hero bounded towards his attacker, striking the duck several times (much like he had in the previous fights), but to his surprise none of them hit NegaDuck. Sora grumbled, looking behind him swiftly to see where his companions stood, "You've certainly changed..."

"I was always like this, just not accustomed to anything but firearms! Now that I know what to do with this weapon -- there is no way I will lose again!" NegaDuck watched as Sora began to attack once more, but suddenly the boy dodged Goofy's shield as it was thrown through the air. NegaDuck brought his hammer up, bracing for impact as the shield struck against it -- sending him several paces backwards. Relentlessly Sora began to attack, taking the Keyblade in to stab at NegaDuck in various directions.

NegaDuck fought back with all of his might, meanwhile he could notice out of the corner of his eyes that the two Nobodies were watching from the distance. NegaDuck secretly was happy they didn't try to help him -- but something about the way they watched the action was bothering him. Maybe Sora was right: those Nobodies -- or whatever they were -- were dangerous things. But whatever they wanted with NegaDuck, he was determined to disappoint them.

NegaDuck was the epicenter of the action, Sora, Donald and Goofy circled him looking wary. NegaDuck himself was covered in sweat, but he being a Berserker (that was Demyx's word for it) did wonders for his stamina. Spinning Malice through the air, attempting to keep the three from attacking him simultaneously, NegaDuck knocked Goofy backwards -- the shield falling to the ground. Sora snarled as he backed away from NegaDuck to avoid the attack, "What'd we ever do to you, NegaDuck!"

Another hit sent Donald through the air, holding his tail-feathers in pain. NegaDuck was on the battlefield alone with the KeyBlade master.

Sora wasn't worried, only angry. He despised seeing his friend's in pain, especially Donald and Goofy. He held out his KeyBlade in front of him, "If that's the way you want it! Light Give Me Strength!"

Leaping through the air towards NegaDuck, Sora's outfit began to change into a bright red and another KeyBlade came out of nowhere. NegaDuck rose Malice to brace for the attack but it was useless this time -- Sora had more power than NegaDuck now. NegaDuck hit the ground, his hammer still in hand, as he skidded backwards in the dirt. His eyes turned crimson with hatred and wasted no time getting off of the ground, "What's with you, ki--"

It wasn't like before when Sora attack, it wasn't paced and it wasn't nice at all, it was a rage of attack with dual KeyBlades. NegaDuck couldn't even put in a single hit to the KeyBlade master; he was defeated before he even hit the ground. Once he did hit the ground, his weapon disappeared on its own. His head whirled as he looked up at Sora, his outfit still red but now he held no weapons in his hands, "Sorry about that, you just hurt my friends, NegaDuck." -- Sora's outfit turned back to normal, and pulled a potion out of his pocket and handed it to Donald (and another one to Goofy). "Now, listen. Now that we have the munny back we don't have any problems with you! Let's be friends!"

Sora leaned down, holding his hand out for NegaDuck to take a hold of. NegaDuck snarled, rage filling him as he realized that for all of his training and actions he'd still been defeated. Instead of accepting the hand that tried to help him up, NegaDuck mustered up the energy to bring out his weapon again. Sora barely caught the flash of the hammer coming into NegaDuck's hand before he was struck into the air. Sora's face filled with shock, as were the knight's and magician's own, as NegaDuck began the fight again. Next Donald and Goofy were struck, but it was not by NegaDuck's hammer.

Shadows began to crawl along the ground, taking form much like Demyx's water forms had, but they had blood-red eyes and no mouths. They were products of NegaDuck's dark wish to win the fight, no matter what the cost was to him, he wanted to defeat the KeyBlade master. He wanted to defeat Sora not because of his deal with Hades -- it was all about the pride the duck took in being undefeated by a hero. NegaDuck was used to coming out undefeated by Darkwing Duck, his doppelganger and arch nemesis; he'd usually insisted Darkwing won only by 'dumb-luck' and 'chance' when the hero did win. But to be defeated by a kid... NegaDuck would not stand for it.

So the shadows came... the Heartless that roamed throughout the World of the Light. NegaDuck felt a strange power filling him, a power that he desired more of the moment he'd tasted.

Sora attack him once more, but this time instead on one hammer NegaDuck had two. TroubleMaker was in his left hand while Malice was in his right -- just as Sora had been when he'd transformed. NegaDuck snorted, "How about round two?"

Sora gritted his teeth, "NegaDuck-k, you don't have any idea what're doing! You're going to lose your--"

NegaDuck's Heartless knocked Sora to the ground, clawing and scratching at t he hero's clothing. NegaDuck laughed darkly, watching the knight and magician struggle underneath a giant mound of Heartless. But this was not the way he wanted it -- NegaDuck wanted only he to defeat Sora -- not some shadow creatures. Hitting his hammer against the ground the Heartless flew from the heroes, leaving the three dizzy in the middle of the Maw (with dozens of Heartless limp on the ground).

An aura of darkness surrounded the duck as he approached the dazed Sora. Holding his Hammer at the boy's eye-line, "I'll lose what?"

Sora's eyes narrowed as he looked up to NegaDuck hatefully. Not speaking as he watched NegaDuck's greater-than-thou eyes closely.

"If you won't finish that statement, can I?" NegaDuck stepped back as he readied his weapon again. Donald and Goofy struggled to their feet, fear in their eyes as they fretted for Sora's life. "... I'll lose... my heart!"

Sora closed his eyes tightly, raising his KeyBlade in front of his face to protect himself.

A crash rang out. Sora's stomach lurched as he heard a silence that followed. Then, a familiar hand touched his shoulder, "S-sora!" It was Goofy. "Open your eyes! It's okay!"

"W-what's goin' on, guys?" Sora whispered, as Donald handed the young hero a potion. Sora's eyes searched for NegaDuck.

NegaDuck was at the edge of the Great Maw's valley, where the jagged mountains began to steeply climb upwards. Both weapons still in hand the duck and his Heartless were in hot pursuit of Xigbar and Demyx.

Sora was dumbfounded. "Why-y?"

"Come on, he's obviously on our side. Let's give him a hand!" Donald waved his wand in the air wildly as he dashed towards NegaDuck and the Nobodies. "Thundara!" He shouted at nearest water-form that Demyx had called out. Goofy and a reluctant Sora followed suit, attacking the Heartless with all of their remaining might.

Demyx dodged a thrown hammer, and a thundaga spell as he called out to Xigbar, "Doesn't it look like this plot of yours misfired?"

"My? I thought this was your idea, dude!" Xigbar's sniping guns blaring several times. "Enough of this, we're leaving. This game is over!" Xigbar whirled his twin weapons around, much like a cowboy would with pistols, and let out a giant shot into the air. The shot hit NegaDuck squarely on the chest, sending him to the ground, but the attack didn't stop there -- the shot bounced around looking for new victims. Donald's tail-feathers were burned, sending him flying into the air.

"Let's get out'a here!" Xigbar grumbled, opening the black portal to the World That Never Was before grabbing Demyx by the shoulder and shoving him inside. "Later, dudes!"

The fight was over. NegaDuck's Heartless faded into the shadows from whence they came and all of the weapons disappeared into clouds of light. Sora crossed his arms, "Goodbye to bad luck."

NegaDuck grumbled, opening his eyes from his place on the ground, "That's right. And if they come back I'll give them one-four again..."

Sora, Donald and Goofy all laughed. NegaDuck only snarled at them, getting to his feet shakily, "What's so funny?"

"You!" Sora insisted, pointing to the caped mallard, "You're not such a bad-guy after all, are you?"

"What! I am evil! I am the fiendish terror that flaps in the darkest of the nights, kid!" NegaDuck snapped, reaching behind him to grab his weapon again.

Sora shook his head, "But you still have your heart. What's more... you wanted your heart. If you were truly evil..."

Donald and Goofy agreed with a simple nodding of their heads.

"Of course I want my heart! If I become what they wanted... a heartless. Would I remember all of the pain I cause people?" NegaDuck laughed, "From what you let me understand being Heartless would cause me to be like those shadows I called out. NegaDuck is the ultimate destructive force -- not some mindless trouble-making shadow."

With that NegaDuck walked away without another word to the three heroes. Donald looked to Goofy, then to Sora, "That... kind of makes sense."

Sora scratched his head, "So... he didn't want to be Heartless, because it wouldn't be as great as when he hurt people...? Isn't that kind of..."

All three of them in unison chimed, "... Weird..."

Author's note: One chapter left. Sorry this is taking so long. --;;