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Getting ready for Christmas


Fuji smiled as he saw Ryoma standing there, glaring at him. "Hm, what is it?"

"What did you do to Karupin?!" At that Fuji feigned confusion.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Echizen-kun."

Ryoma continued to glare at Fuji. How dare he just walk in to his house and mess with Karupin. The worse thing was the cat didn't even seem to mind the tensai. "Why in the world are you here anyways?"

"Because I missed you," Fuji smiled happily.

"…You saw me yesterday."

"But a day is so long, don't you think?"

"No it's not, and that doesn't give you permission to do whatever you want with my cat!"

"Karupin didn't seem to mind me," he replied simply. And as if to back up the boy, Karupin walked in and gave a happy mew. "See?"

It's not fair, now Karupin was siding with that… sadist? Even after what he dressed him up in?

"Besides, he looks absolutely adorable like that," Ryoma watched in horror as he saw the tensai take out a camera and started taking pictures of his cat. It was his cat damn it. If Fuji-senpai wanted to take pictures, he should at least get his permission, or go and find some other cat to model for him.

"Baka…" he muttered under he breath as he retreated to the side, sulking. Fuji stopped and turned towards the younger boy.

"Is something wrong Echizen?"

Ryoma paused, before he broke, "You just waltzed into the house, dress Karupin in that hideous outfit, took pictures of him without permission and completely ignored me just now. Nope everything's just fine."

Fuji frowned, "I-I'm sorry." He didn't think he'd get such a big reaction from the other boy. Inwardly, he smiled though. Ryoma looked quite cute when he was mad.

"Che, it's alright," he looked away and blushed a bit. He didn't think he'd actually say that out loud. His hand reached up to pull down his cap, only to realize he wasn't wearing it.

It was strangely silent. That is, before Fuji broke the silence.

The tensai smiled, "Ne, Echizen, were you jealous of your cat?"

Ryoma froze, "Why would I be jealous?" he wasn't jealous. No of course not, just because Fuji-senpai was paying more attention to his cat.

A soft chuckle was heard. "I can take pictures of you instead,"

"No thank you…"

"But you'd be cute posing with Karupin… although… you don't match."

Oh god, somebody save him. Why did he have to shout in the first place? And… Fuji-senpai had that creepy smile on again. That can't be good.

Ryoma sighed as he found himself sitting on the couch, holding Karupin as they wore matching outfits. "Why do we have to wear this again?"

"Because it's Christmas season of course."

"There's still like, 23 days before Christmas."

"I just said it was the season, besides, I was bored." Ryoma sighed. Note to self, never let a bored tensai into your house. He ran his hand through Karupin's fur until he fit the hat.

"You didn't glue it on did you?"

"It wouldn't stay any other way," he smiled innocently. Oh, Ryoma wanted to kill Fuji really badly now.

"You glued a hat and scarf on to Karupin?!"

"Why not? He didn't seem to mind."

"I hate you."

"I love you too Ryoma."


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