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"Off Stage"

Chapter 8: Pleasurable Agony

Katou sat down on a chair in his room, he stared at nothing but air, his body was immobile. He couldn't sleep, eat or even think. The man missed Iwaki so much that he couldn't seem to do anything at all. He didn't socialize with people anymore, he stopped partying and the paparazzi didn't seem to bother him at all since he wasn't doing something stupid to get their attention. Inside his head the whole day was the image of his lover, the way his eyes was coolly looking at him and the way his lips formed the three words sexily at him, his body was under him writhing and trying to get his attention. Iwaki was hot and he was the most wanted man ever in stardom.


"Katou…" he said softly, his voice was hot against his ear, Katou shivered at it. He felt his lover's long slender fingers squeeze his butt, Katou let out a moan, his manhood twitched at this action. Iwaki's tongue slithered along his neck then to his ear, he nibbled at the soft bone and sucked at it. Katou bit his bottom lip, he grinds his manhood against the creamy thigh of his lover. He bent his blond head and took one nipple into his lips, biting and sucking. Iwaki gasps and lays his head back down on the soft pillow, his cheeks were scarlet red against his pale skin. Katou wanted to take a picture of his lover like this, he was so hot and sexy, Katou gave him a grin and thought of what to do with his very sexy lover.

"Iwaki…Do you want me?" Katou and Iwaki looked into each other's eyes, the man under him was silent. Katou bent down to take his lips, to bite them and suck at them, Iwaki moaned at the pain and pleasure. His mouth opened to Katou and his tongue was being sucked by him delightfully. He could feel his lover's manhood growing hard against his stomach. Katou's eyes lit up in excitement, he wanted Iwaki to enjoy this moment a lot and he would do just that. Katou positioned themselves close together, he was on top of his lover, their manhood's was pressed against each other. Slowly Katou moved his hips; their manhood's were grinding each other, Iwaki moaned and Katou felt very hot. He wanted to take his lover right now but he wanted to do it slowly, to torment him and his lover. So he kept on grinding their manhood's together until he heard Iwaki whimpering and panting.

"Katou… Stop teasing… And just fuck me…" Iwaki panted, his eyes shown lust over the blond man who seemed to enjoy every moment of this pleasurable agony. Iwaki grabbed those golden locks and pushed his head down to take those beautiful lips against his. They made out like mad; Iwaki wanted to ravish the blond for torturing him like this. Katou pulled away from those addicting lips, he looked down with dazed eyes and saw how much lust there was in his lover's eyes. Katou grabbed his lover's manhood and his thumb traced the crown that spilled of precum. Iwaki moaned at that sensitive touch, his voice was low and sexy, Katou smirked at him. His hand explored the length of the manhood and then he wrapped it with his sly fingers tightly.

"K-Katou!" the beautiful man under Katou choked out his name, both from pleasure and in pain; pain in being tortured slowly by his blond lover's hand. Katou quirked up his eyebrow and slowly pumped the man under him. Iwaki held unto Katou's shoulders, his fingers digging into the soft skin, he bit his lower lip trying to suppress a moan.

"Say that you love me and I will love you right now by fucking you right into the mattress…" Katou whispered seductively into his lover's ear. Iwaki opened his mouth, a moan then a whimper came out. He couldn't take it in, he was about to come into those lovely hands. Katou's manhood twitched, it was dying to enter his beautiful lover's body, he wanted to feel so much his lover's tight and warm body wrapped around his manhood.

"I love you Katou… Please take me…" he panted, he couldn't say no more, Katou kept on pumping him. He was about to cum until Katou let go of his manhood and grabbed both of his legs to spread them wide. Iwaki groaned in disappointment, he wanted to cum, Katou hushed his lover and positioned himself.

"I love you too Iwaki…" Katou said as he positioned himself, he held one of his lover's legs and placed them on his shoulders, he hovered over his lover's body, they were both looking at each other's eyes. Slowly he pried his hardened manhood inside Iwaki's body and plunged himself deep inside that hot and moist warmth of his. Katou bit his bottom lip and moaned, Iwaki closed his eyes, his body was adjusting to the size of him. He started to feel good inside.

"Katou…" he said in a low voice, it was a signal that he can move now, Katou heard him and started to move slowly. Iwaki was still gripping unto his lover's shoulders. Katou moved his hips, going in and out, the speed was painfully slow.

"I love you Iwaki… I love you very much…" he kept on saying every time he plunged himself deeply into Iwaki's warmth. The blond kissed every part of his lover's face. He loved him so much he could feel his heart burst.

"Katou…" Iwaki always called out his name, he always did that whenever he felt very emotional in their joining, his silver cool eyes looked at the blond lovingly and he kissed back. One of Katou's hands grabbed his lover's manhood and started to pump him with the same speed as his thrusting. As time gradually passed by. Suddenly the pace of their lovemaking started to increase, they could both hear the board of the bed hit against the wall at every thrust, and they could hear the four legs of the bed scrape against the floor. Katou's body started to drive roughly into Iwaki's body, his pace was exceedingly fast, but he did not stop pumping his lover's manhood. Katou bent down and harshly kissed the man underneath his driving body.

"Ah! K-Katou!" Iwaki screamed but it was blocked by the blonde's hungry mouth. Katou repeatingly rammed himself into Iwaki very deep and hard. His movements frantic, his hand could feel his lover's manhood starting to loosen up.

"I love you!" Katou screamed out as he was in the brink of pleasure. Iwaki came into his lover's hand, he let go of Katou's shoulders and squeezed that tight ass of his. Screaming his pleasure with his lover, his cum covered both of their stomachs. Katou was still thrusting into Iwaki's body, he didn't want it to end yet, but he couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't hold it in any longer, with one last deep thrust he came into his lover's body. The blond collapsed on his lover's body and laid there for awhile, they were both breathing hard after that sexual activity. Iwaki's hand brushed those golden locks, comforting his tired lover who fell into slumber.

"I love you too Katou…" Iwaki said softly, he closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep. Following his lover into his dreams, Iwaki had a small smile on his face when he slept. And for the first time he looked forward for the next day to come.

End of flashback…

Katou suddenly was back to reality, his body felt hot that instant after that recall of that pleasurably agonizing memory. He was hard, very hard and he cursed himself.

"Damn… I got a hard on…" Katou stood up and touched the bulge in his pants. He moaned, he wanted to fuck Iwaki right this instant, but he just couldn't.

"I guess I have to take care of this all by myself…" he said in a low tone, he was miserable and he wanted Iwaki to take care of this with his wonderful mouth. Katou unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. He sat down again on the chair and closed his eyes. He wrapped his fingers around his own manhood and tried to picture something in his head. Slowly the image began to build up, when he opened his eyes he could see right before him his lover, who was naked and kneeling down.

"Iwaki…" he said in a painful tone. His hand tried to reach out for him but he just couldn't. His hand started to move automatically, pumping himself at this image. Iwaki slightly opened his lips and his tongue came out, he slowly slithered his tongue over his lips to make them wet. He could see that Iwaki grabbed his manhood with his long slender fingers and began to pump it himself. Iwaki looked at him seductively and flicked his tongue teasingly at his manhood. Katou moaned, he could feel precum spilling out of his manhood, the picture of his Iwaki doing that aroused him a lot.

"Katou… I love you…" Iwaki said his voice was sexy and low. Slowly he buried Katou's manhood inside his warm mouth. Katou's manhood twitch at the imagination. It was all too real for him; he could feel the warmth spreading into his insides. He began to pump himself faster. Iwaki was giving him the best blow job ever; he could feel his tongue flicker around the length of him. Katou's breathing was raspy, he was coming and he desired his release so badly. Iwaki moved his head up and down taking Katou's manhood in and out of his lovely mouth. After a few pumps Katou released into his hand, the cum spread over the lap of his pants and on the floor. He laid his blond head back and closed his eyes once again. The only sound in the room was his harsh breathing, when Katou opened his eyes he could see the white ceiling, he felt his flood of emotions come back to him again. The feeling of regret and loneliness grabbed at him. Tormenting him badly, he missed his Iwaki so much that he couldn't stand one minute without him anymore.

"Iwaki… I love you… And I miss you so much…" Katou looked around the room, desperately looking for his beautiful lover, which in the end he could find. He miserably sat there, he was sticky and longing. He wanted to go back to his lover right now, he wanted that man to take him into his arms and say I love you repeatedly into his ear. Katou was a miserable fool and he regretted for making a mistake of losing his beloved.

To be continued…