It's a Genly! I don't own Monster Rancher or the song. This takes place after the end
of the series when Genki is back in his world.
Genki looked out at the stars and thought of Holly. Her gentle smile, her warm touch,
her beautiful face. He chuckled when he spotted a constallation that looked for all the
world like Suazo.

Deep in my soul,
Love so strong,
It takes control.

Holly stared into the fire and remembered. Today was her 16th birthday. A year earlier
Genki and the others had thrown a party for her. Now, Genki was back in his own world
and the other five were who knows where. They hadn't come back after the final battle
with Moo. "Oh Genki..." she sighed.

Now we both now,
The secrets bared,
The feelings show.

Genki wished Holly was there beside him. He was so lonely. After coming back he'd
kept to himself, making no friends. He glanced at the stars again and saw a shooting star.
"I wish I could see Holly again..."

Driven far apart,
We make a wish,
On a shooting star.

Holly laid on her back and stared through a gap in the treetops as the fire died down.
She spied a shooting star. "I wish Genki and I weren't so far apart..."

There will come a day,
Somewhere far away,
In your arms I'll stay,
My only love.

Genki and Holly, in their two seperate worlds, whispered their wishes in unison, and
they were heard. "Blue, I'm going to do it."

Even though you're now gone,
Our love will still live on,
The feeling is so strong,
My only love.

"No Master Pixie! Using that skill could kill you!"
"Blue, you know as well as I do they deserve to be together."
"Yes Master Pixie." With that Pixie flew into the air.

You've reached the deepest part,
Of the secrect in my heart.
I've known it from the start,
My only love.

Hovering over the ground yet under the stars Pixie slowly began to spin. "Pixie portal."
she whispered, tears glistening in her eyes. A bright pink light began to form around her. A
portal opened in front of Genki. A voise called to him from the other side. "Go find your
true love Genki."
"GO! I can't hold out much longer."
"Thank you Pixie." Genki dove through the pink sphere.

There will come a day,
Somewhere far away,
In your arms I'll stay,
My only love.

"Be happy Genki...." Pixie's eyes closed as the light in her faded.

You've reached the deepest part,
Of the secret in my heart,
I've known it from the start,
My only love.

Holly's head snapped up as someone landed with a thump in front of her. "Genki!" she
He looked up at her with those clear eyes she loved so much. "Happy birthday Holly!
She smiled. "I love you too Genki."

My only love....

From somewhere above a winged monster looked down at the couple. "Aishiteru
Genki. I hope you're happy with Holly."
Dedicated to my only love. I'm glad you're happy, even if it's not with me.