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Birthday Wishes

It was like any other day. With the exception of Sokka's birthday. She was at the mall with Toph, talking about boys (surprisingly. Katara yes. Toph, not at all).

Toph had recently run away because of her overly protective parents. Katara and Sokka were on a road trip with Aang and came across Toph. She used to live in Wyoming, near Yellowstone. They all had to fit in the car, and drive all the way back to New York City!


"Yes, Toph?"

"What do you think about Aang?" Toph paused. "Before I came along."

"Well, he was still strong, sweet, confident, and... I think he liked me. But don't worry. He's all yours.

"Heh heh. Yeah... did he still have those huge ears?"

"Yes Toph." She chuckled. "I need to go into Spencers. For Sokka."

"I thought you already had a gift for him."

"I do." She said as they walked in. She grabbed a package of candles. The ones that never seem to go out. "I thought I would just give him a little surprise." They went to the cashier and payed. Katara put on a little smirk.

"Hey Suki! Just in time!" Katara opened the door of her family's apartment. Suki held a small gift in her hand. "Right this way."

As Suki walked into the dining room (of course) she yelled,"Warrior! Face your superior!"

Sokka jumped at this and got a big grin. Toph, Sokka, Katara, Suki, and Gran-Gran were all there.

"Can we open up presents now?!?" Presents were always number 1 on Sokka's To-Do-On-My-Birthday list. Sokka grabbed Gran-Grans present and shredded the wrapping paper. When he looked at the gift, his eyes became waterfalls.

"Sokka, when your father visited the Makah tribe in Washington, he got this for you. He told me to give it to you when you turned 16." Gran-Gran answered his silent question.

"Th-Thank you." His voice cracked. In his hand was a Whale tooth boomerang. It was painted blue, black and white.

"Here." Suki's voice became unusually soft as she handed Sokka the gift. He ripped the paper off this present too. It was a book made by an author who had served in the war, in his dad's fleet.

"Suki, you are the best girlfriend. Ever."

"Yeah. I know."

Toph gave him a book of wrestling star's autographs.

"Thanks so much Toph."

Sokka then ripped open Katara's gift. He smiled and laughed. "Thanks lil' sis."

He had gotten a book of stickers saying things like: Warrior in Training, and Don't Make Me Go Over There!.

"Time for Cake!" Sokka yelled.

Katara and Toph exchanged glances and smirked.

"Too bad Aang couldn't be here." Toph mourned.

"I know. He is way to busy with that training he's doing. Bagwa, was it?"

"He told me at school that he would bring a gift over." The cake was brought out, the candles (wink wink) already lit. Sokka was really embarrassed to have every one sing Happy Birthday to him.

He blew out the candles. A candle lit again. He blew it out. More flames were popping up. Katara was laughing furiously.


Katara ran to the mall, being a block away. Sokka was behind her, by a few feet. He always gets lost in the mall, she thought, just run Katara, just run.

She was in the parking lot, and being just before school, most kids were mourning over the last day of summer, leaving the parking lot fairly empty. She looked behind her as she ran. She was gaining distance.

"Katara! Look in front!"

But before she could turn her face, she pushed someone onto the ground, adding more surprise that she fell down herself. One arm fell limply to the ground, while the other landed on his chest. Their noses pointed the same way, there faces touching. It took a few seconds for Katara to realize what happened. She rolled off of him, stood up and held out her hand.

"Sorry about that. Really." She gave a weak smile.

He got up on his own, and dusted himself off. Her hand recoiled to her side.

"I don't need your help." He said with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

"Katara! I thought I told you to never go near any boys!" Sokka yelled. That's for those stupid candles. It's even.

Her face turned red, as she scurrid inside the mall.

The siblings got their schedules in the mail that day.

"Let compare our schedules."

Katara's: Advanced P.E., Band, Science, Math, English, Choir, and Wood shop.

Sokka's: Science, English, Math, Advanced P.E., Tech Ed., Home ec, and Wood shop.

"Look's like we only have one class together Sokka."

"I saw that you ran into a girl today, Zuko."

"I didn't do anything! She ran into me!"

"Sure nephew, sure... So, what's your schedule?" His uncle asked, quickly avoiding the subject of girls.

Zuko's: Advanced P.E., Office runner, English, Math, Science, T.A. in Choir, Wood shop.

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