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Summary- Modern W/E (little bit of J/A) Will is the President's son. Elizabeth is a normal college student. But her life is about to be turned upside down by one trip to the mall. Please review, people! Kinda like the plot from the book "All American Girl," so I guess you could call it a movie/book crossover. But I only used the whole 'main what happened' detail... If I'm not making any sense, just ignore me and read on...

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"Hey Liz, what's up?"

"Not much...I just wanted to see if you picked up those groceries today."

"Yeah, I did, are you on your way back?"

"Yep, I should be back in like, ten minutes."

"Cool, see you then!"

"See ya, Ana!"

The rain was pouring as Elizabeth Swann drove her 2006 Malibu down the main highway through Washington D.C. She knew the confusing D.C. roads pretty well, for a person only having resided there for about three years. But it was a talent she had picked up during her childhood while she moved around the entire globe ( it seemed ).

You see, Elizabeth's father was a General in the Military, so she had never stayed in one place longer than a year and a half. The list of her hometowns just kept growing, including Des Moines, Iowa, Long Beach, California, Detroit, Michigan, and Baltimore, Maryland. Not to mention places much farther away, including Barcelona, Spain, Toulouse, France, and Shanghai, China ( which resulted in her speaking a colorful variety of foreign languages ).

Her mother had lost a battle to cancer when Elizabeth was a little girl. And to make it worse, since she was so young when her mother died, she barely remembered anything about her. She never got to actually get to know her mother, or spend time with her. When she felt alone, she would look up to the heavens, and speak with her mother, asking her for advice, for guidance.

Finally, she had come to rest in Washington, D.C., when she was accepted into James Madison University. She definitely had been happy to be on her own, and even more happy that she had a chance to run her own life. Not to say she'd never had any control over her life, it was just that with her dad's job, it seemed like everything was decided for her. Where she lived, where she went to school... for once she had complete control.

Of course her dad still had his job, and was currently in Iraq. Her first thought every morning is usually something along the lines of ' I wonder what dad's doing right now...' She was always scared for his safety. But there was nothing she could do except pray and read his letters saying how much he missed her, and how he was going to visit her as soon as he could.

And now she was in her last year of college, and she enjoyed every minute of it. She met her roommate Anamaria in her second year of college, and they became best friends almost immediately. They were roommates for the last three years...Liz's first roommate being an extreme gothic who slept in a coffin.

But she always felt that there was something missing in her life: love. She was considered gorgeous by all of her peers, although she never was caught up on her looks...she was very modest, a quality her friends admired. She had long flowing blondish-brown hair, deep brown eyes, high cheekbones, full, pouted lips, and a toned figure. It seemed like all of the men she'd dated (or met) had one thing in mind. Yes, you all know what I mean... She wanted someone committed to loving her, not to get her into bed. She deserved that much. She just hoped she would find it someday.

She slowly turned the corner so she wouldn't lose control on the icy road, and pulled into a parking spot close to her college apartment. After she locked her door, she headed into the building, came up to her door, and while searching for her keys, mentally scolded herself for not picking up that extra key, suddenly remembering she had lost her pair. Instead, she resorted to knocking.

"Who's there?" came Ana's joking voice.

"C'mon Ana, just open the damn door, I had a hard day..."

"Alright! Geez, ruin my fun why don't you?" With that she opened the door, letting one very disgruntled Elizabeth Swann inside.

"So how was your day?" Anamaria asked, getting a very pissed-off look from Elizabeth.

"Well, let's see shall we? I woke up this morning, broke the toaster, spilled coffee on myself, my car stalled, I was late for class, the time of our meeting at work was changed to two hours earlier, and I was the only one who didn't know, might I add, there was a traffic jam on the way back here, and I forgot to replace my key. How's that for you?"

"That sucks... well, let's just change the subject... how was your date with that James guy last night? You know, I never got to ask..."

"Ugh, don't remind me... I'm never going on a blind date again! This guy was the weirdest man I've ever met! It's like he was obsessed with me or something! He just stared at me and nodded every once in a while... even when we weren't talking! Plus his eyes just kept heading further and further south. It was so weird!" She told Ana, a disgusted look on her face.

"Gee, sorry to hear that... that guy sounds like a serious perv! You know what you need, a shopping spree! Tomorrow's Saturday, plus I heard the President's going to give some big speech nearby, maybe we could check it out..."

"Sure, that sounds good! Thanks Ana... you always know how to lift my spirits."

"What are friends for?"


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