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Summary- Modern W/E (little bit of J/A) Will is the President's son. Elizabeth is a normal college student. But her life is about to be turned upside down by one trip to the mall. Please review, people! Kinda like the plot from the book "All American Girl," so I guess you could call it a movie/book crossover. But I only used the whole 'main what happened' detail... If I'm not making any sense, just ignore me and read on...

Chapter 2 UP!

"Well, William, are you and Jack even planning on coming tonight?"

"Of course Mother, just give us a little while. We'll be there in 20 minutes. Tops."

"Alright...and please William, please try to at least be civilized to Lilliana tonight...I know she's a pain, but she is Benjamin's daughter."

"Alright Mother, I'll try. I gotta go, see you tonight." And with that he hung up, and headed towards his apartment that was just down the block from the building he had just left, which was thankfully his last class for the day. You see, Will Turner is a Med student, so that takes up most of his time, but unfortunatly for him, that's not the only thing that requires alot of attention. He is also the son of the leader of this free nation, and in result, was always in the limelight: not something he particularly liked.

One of the responsiblities that he received was that he had to show up at most, if not all, of his father's speeches. And another(this one seeming more of an unwritten rule than a responsiblity) was that he showed up at events like the one he had to attend to that night: Dinners with the Vice-President and his daughter, Lilliana.

Lilliana Reed. The one person who could make him shudder and cringe in disgust. It seemed like her one goal in life was to marry him, and she was constantly hitting on him. But with good reason, for he was a god that most women would die to go out with. Also acommponying his toned and tan physique and deep chocolate eyes, was a funny, sweet, caring, and romantic person with a completely disarming personality. Luckily he could bring his roomate Jack(also his best friend) to possibly ward her off and make the night a little more bearable. If that was possible.

He opened the door to the apartment and was temporarily paralyzed with fear when he saw a figure peeking inside the refridgerator, but relaxed when he realized that it was only Jack, already dressed in his suit.

"Hey whelp, what type of food you think they'll be serving? EDIBLE I hope?"

"Yes, Jack, it will be edible, so stay away from the fridge. I'll be right down..." He said, went to get dressed.

Ten minutes later he came back out dressed in a good suit, with his hair pulled back neatly, and looking sharp.

"Let's go."

"William, there you are!"

"Hello mother..."

"And Jack, so wonderful to see you again."

"Thank you Mrs. Turner, it is nice to see you too."

"Come sit down, the both of you. Our guests should be here soon."

No sooner had the words come out of her mouth than said guests turned the corner and entered the dining room, followed by Will's father, Bill.

"Kathlene!" Came Benjamin's booming voice. "Might I say you are looking as lovely as ever!"

This caused Will to roll his eyes, but he barely had enough time to do so when Lilliana came barreling towards him.

"WILLIAM!" 'Oh god... just kill me now!' he thought. "Why I haven't seen you in so long! What has it been a week?"

"As always, you are right." He said, forcing a smile.

"Why, if you don't mind me saying, I do beleive you get handsomer by the week!" She exclaimed, followed by a hideous laugh that sent chills down his spine.

The rest of the evening went much better for him, since everytime Lilliana made an attempt to make a move on him, Jack interceded by asking her a question that he knew would get her distracted for a good ten minutes.

Once they had all left, Will and Jack said their goodbyes and headed back to their apartment. But it wasn't over yet...they still had to attend a speech that Bill was giving at the Mall the following day.

Oh joy.

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