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Nick walked out of David Whitney's house feeling extremely empty inside. He felt as though he had failed his best friend yet again. To Nick, David was the prime suspect, even though everyone else had already decided that Warrick was guilty. Grissom was beginning to succumb to the pressure as well. He had been doing his best to hold off the press, but now that Eckley was breathing down his neck, he had given Nick 24 hours to come up with something or he was going to have to make the investigation public. It had been 23 hours since Grissom had laid down the ultimatum, and Nick still had nothing. David Whitney turned out to be a bust. He was just your average, single, middle aged man. Mid thirties, lived in a small house, held down two, low paying jobs. He did weekends at the cable company, just like Brad, the manager had said. Worked weekdays as a janitor at Crescent Lane Medical Centre. Nothing conspicuous. Feeling utterly frustrated, Nick decided to go back to his original theory, Melissa. As much as he would hate questioning her, he was running out of options.

Warrick sat in Tony's recliner, playing with his keychain. The keychain was a present from Melissa from when they first started dating. She had had it custom made, and on it was a picture from their first date. Warrick had taken Melissa to a movie at the mall. It was pretty low key and he had continuously told her that he was more than happy to take her to a fancy restaurant for dinner or something along those lines, but she refused, saying it was what she wanted. Melissa was not a high maintenance girl, and for that, Warrick was grateful. She was a simple woman, with simple tastes. Anyway, after the movie, they went into one of those corny photo booths and took a whole bunch of snaps. She had picked one of the worst days to take photos, as it was a very humid day that day, which made his hair frizz way out, making him look like a mad scientist. Warrick smiled to himself as he reminisced about old times. The adrenaline from the past few days had worn off, and he felt less wound up. Less tense. But now had come an overwhelming sense of helplessness. He could do nothing but sit and wait for his fate to be decided for him. He was going crazy out of his mind with boredom and just wanted to do something. Anything that could help his case. But he knew that the best thing for him to do was just to wait it out and trust Nick and Tony to save him. Just then he noticed something. He brought the keychain closer to his face for a more focused inspection. It wasn't the keychain which piqued his interest, it was the actual key. There was some sort of bluish like clay stuck in the ruts of his house key. He picked it out and held it in his finger. It was only a small amount, but straight away he knew what it was. Warrick practically leaped out of the recliner and sprinted for the phone.

Nick stood outside the interrogation room in which Melissa was waiting. He had just got word back from the lab that the sticky substance found on the victim's body came from the adhesive side of an electrical tape of some sort. He didn't read much into it. Electrical tape could be bought at any kind of hardware store. The killer probably used the tape to wrap the body up, which would explain how it was in such good condition. The more Nick thought about it, the less he began to suspect the woman sitting in the interrogation room. There was no way she was capable of such acts. Yet, he had no other options. She was the best lead he had. He placed the report into his case folder and walked into the room with his poker face firmly on.

"Nick! How's the investigation going? Have you found the person responsible? And where the hell is Warrick? I haven't heard from him in days! Is he alright?" The questions came pouring out fast and furiously as Nick tried his best to settle the frantic woman down.

"Sit down, take a deep breath." He ordered as he did the same opposite her. "Look, I'm sure Warrick is fine."

"How can you be sure Nick? You don't even know where he is for god's sake!"

"Melissa! You need to calm down right now. Ok? I understand your concern, but we are doing the best we can and right now, I need for you to calm down."

Melissa slumped forward, her head in her hands, posed a figure of defeat. "Oh…I just don't know what to do. What to think. People are saying this and that about Warrick and I just don't know…I'm so confused."

Nick really dreaded the situation he was in. He could almost feel her pain. Pain that wouldn't be there if she was responsible. Yet he had to do it. No one else was going to.

"Melissa, I have to ask you a few questions…questions about your past…"

Tony drove full speed back to his office. He had received a phone call from Warrick on his cell phone, which was extremely dangerous. If Gibbs found out that he was receiving calls from his house, he would become suspicious. But the news he received from Warrick was good news. It seemed as if Warrick had discovered some kind of moulding plaster on his key. That means someone could have made a duplicate of the key and would have access to Warrick's house. He had gone back and retrieved the plaster sample and was on his way back to the lab to test it. He would call Nick once it was confirmed.

"Why are you asking me these questions Nick? What could this possibly have to do with Warrick?" Melissa cried out.

"Mel…just answer the question ok? Where were you Thursday afternoon?" Nick repeated his question.

"What? You think I had something to do with this? You think I did this to Warrick?!?"

"I didn't say that."

"Just say it Nick. Don't bullshit me. I deserve better than this. Just tell me you think I had something to do with it. I want to hear you say it!" She was livid and on her feet now. Nick was speechless. He didn't know how to respond. Luckily he didn't have to say anything just yet as his phone saved him.

"Hello?" Nick said into the phone as he pleaded for Melissa to sit back down. She did so with her hands crossed and her eyes staring daggers into him.

"Hey Nick. Tony here. I got something for you."

"What? Give me something good Tony." Nick said desperately into the phone.

"Warrick found a piece of moulding plaster stuck in the ruts of his house key. I just had it tested in the lab. It's consistent with the plaster used by blacksmiths for key moulding." "Although now, you can get that stuff pretty much anywhere." Nick said sounding less enthused than Tony.

"Yeah, but at least it puts the cable guy back on the cards."

Nick hadn't thought of that, but Tony was right. The cable guy could have made the moulding whilst in Warrick's house fixing his TV. He took out the sheet of paper from his case folder with David the cable guy's information. "Alright. I'll pay him another visit." Nick said as they concluded the conversation. He put his phone back in his pocket and shifted his gaze back to Melissa, who still looked extremely angry.

"Hey, sorry about all those questions. I didn't mean to offend you. And no. Honestly, I don't think you are responsible."

Melissa's face lightened up a little. "But you did, didn't you?" She questioned.

"Well, yeah. I did." He admitted. "But I was desperate. I'm just trying to find out who is trying to frame Warrick."

"So you still think Warrick is being framed?" She asked, her face now back to it's kind, normal self.

"I would bet my life on it." He reassured her. She let out a sigh of relief.

"Good. At least there is one other person besides me who thinks so."

Nick smiled at her. He put the piece of paper in his hand down on the table to rub his face.

"David Whitney?" Melissa asked inquisitively.

"Sorry?" Nick said, half not paying attention to what she had said.

"Are you looking at David as a possible suspect?"

"Um…sort of. He's just Warrick's cable guy, we aren't too sure if he is even involved at all."

"Cable guy? I though he worked at the hospital…" Melissa questioned.

"Yeah he does. He works weekdays at the hospital as a janitor and weekends at…wait…do you know this guy?" Nick asked, just realising that there could be a connection.

"Janitor? He's not a janitor…he's a doctor isn't he?" Melissa had a look of absolute puzzlement on her face. Nick had no more of an idea of what was going on either.

"Do you know this guy Melissa?" Nick repeated.

"Yeah…we used to date…"

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