Demyx is much like the tide, and he doesn't mind it, either. And it's just as well that his music flows too, in harmony as he would put it.

And one would think that this would carry onto his music, smooth and calm one moment, violent and raging the next. But, of course, they're naturally wrong.

Demyx bitterly knows the basic rule that all musicians know-Music isn't music unless one's heart is poured into it.

So he knows this isn't real music because he has no heart to give.

At night, he cons all his Dancer nobodies with this fake music, not that they know. But they dance anyway, because it's an unwritten deal that if he gives them their music they dance, (they fight) for him.

He finds it sad, really, because they have such an empty existence that they have to latch onto this empty melody coming from a washed-up tide.

Demyx smiles anyways, because there's nothing left to do in that false world of theirs and he hopes for a brighter future with his goofy smile and--

But they can't fool the sea.

But he doesn't think they have -no- hearts, just duller versions of them. Of course, Demyx thinks, almost was never good enough.