Something Wicked

Hey ya'll! I'm back with a new story to tell. This is a cross between a X-men Evolution Universe (with some changes) and an AU Harry Potter Universe (lol where I've cut off Harry Potter's character and resurrected a few dead characters)

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Chapter One – Toil and Trouble

The fire and smoke had only just started to calm by the time they'd reached the top of the hill. The smoke and fumes from the ruin below intoxicated the small group as they made their way further into the bush land but despite the strong putrid smell that hung in the air there was nothing that could compare to the pain and anguish that they felt about their loss. Their home was gone, their refuge was burned to the ground and there hadn't been anything they could do to stop it.

One of the group, Kitty Pryde, couldn't help but lag behind her fellow team mates as they pressed on to find a safer position. Her once bright and energetic blue eyes were dull with tears as she looked back through the clearing, through the smoke that now hung over head but the fire was miles away.

Kitty bit down on her lower lip as her tears swelled and finally began to run freely over her ash smudged face. Though they had been lucky to survive and escape a firry death, she could not help but feel helpless at this point. She'd done nothing to try and help everyone get out, she'd been too panic stricken and horrified to do anything but let them take care of her instead. Though she knew that none of them would hold it against her, she couldn't help but hold it against herself.

Kitty was broken from her thoughts when she felt the sudden weight of a gloved hand rest on her shoulder making her jump instantly but calm once she turned around and saw the hand's owner.

Rogue gave her friend a sympathetic and yet slightly worried expression but it was indecisive of which one it was for her face and clothes were just as grubby with ash and dirt as her own. Her Gothic make-up seemed to have added to the smudged ash across her face as she tried to keep her two toned hair out of her eyes as the smoky breeze in the air ruffled it lightly.

"I'm- I'm sorry R-Rogue I j-just like, need a- a second…"

Kitty stuttered this through sobs and tears but Rogue knew better than to be harsh or overbearing like their leader Scott Summers would be in this case, she put down the mask of the unfeeling Goth and became the real person she was as she pulled her friend into a careful hug so not to accidentally absorb her and make matters worse with the tearful Kitty's thoughts combined with her own.

Kitty finally broke down the moment the older girl pulled her into the much needed hug, not really noticing the change of mood that Rogue was acting on. She was never one for human contact, not with her powers so dangerous, but in these times of need she could be strong enough to over power that fear of touch.

After a few minutes of tears and hugs Kitty finally pulled herself together, whipped away her traces of tears which only seemed to smudge her ash soiled face as she tried to pull on a bright smile for her friend.

"Like, Thanks Rogue. I- I needed that. Where are, like, the others?"

Rogue gave her friend an encouraging nudge to move her in the direction they had all been heading as she replied.

"They're almost at the top, Storm send meh down t' get ya. Ya okay now?"

Kitty nodded silently and they continued to walk in silence, the smoke coming thinner and less malodorous as they went but the silence came to a stop when Rogue raised a hand in front of Kitty and stopped her in their tracks. Something had made the hairs on the back of her neck prickle and a familiar sort of chill had run down her spine but she couldn't believe what it meant just yet.

"He couldn't beh here…"

Kitty's edgy voice brought Rogue out of her small trance of though but she didn't move a muscle or speak a word until Kitty spoke first.

"Rogue? What's-"

"Shh. Somthin' or someone is around here an' it ain't anyone from the X-men. Jus' keep quiet Kit an' follow meh."

With a gulp Kitty nodded in agreement and did as she was told, keeping close, she followed Rogue's lead as they walked carefully off the track and deeper into the unknown parts of the woodland.

After a few short minutes Kitty's anxiety was draining and he boredom was increasing as she grew slack with Rogue's orders and began to lag behind. It was when the boredom was resting on irritation that Kitty finally snapped and said irritably.

"Rogue we've been walking in circles for like, ages! There's nobody here, let's just like go find the others, this is totally pointless!"

Rogue, who had put her attitude of the Goth back in place, merely rolled her eyes at the obviously back-to-normal Kitty and replied just as irritably as she pushed past a bush in a her path.

"Ah know ah saw somethin' around here, jus' pipe it down an' keep followin' mah lead."

"But Rogue-"

But Rogue didn't hear what Kitty was meant to say for a second later she found herself knocked over, her back on the ground and a heavy black form on top of her.

She heard Kitty's scream of fright but she didn't take much notice because she was too focused on the hulking form that had just jumped her and continued to pin her down like a weight on paper. A pair of large gleaming eyes stared back at her from above while its wet dog-nose sniffed her out making her squint slightly as the great black furry head that was just inches away from her face.

"Rogue! Like, get off her you- you big brute! GET! Get away-"

Kitty didn't even get the chance to utter another yell or get a reply from Rogue for the next thing the two girls and the bear-like dog knew there was a great blast of crimson light and a discharge of flames that encircled them. The great dog got off Rogue and helped her up in a way by pulled gently on her shirt sleeve with his teeth then backed her closer to Kitty and began to growl defensively as if he were protecting the girls from the flames and explosions or more whoever was making them.

Panicking and frightened Kitty grabbed Rogue's shoulder and yelled through the blazing resonance of the flames and explosions.

"Rogue-?! What's going on?! That dog was gonna totally like-"

"Don't worry bout him, jus' be ready t' fight ah think ah know who our stalkers are!"

Just as the two girls spoke the flames began to wane and the explosions stopped all together until there was nothing but smoke surrounding them. Rogue and Kitty began to cough from the fumes but the loud growling from the black shaggy dog ceased them instantaneously as four figures began to enclose them but they were unable to distinguish who exactly they were. Not that they needed to however.

"Y' might wanna step away from de dog petites. De mutt be a wild one non?"

The familiar drawl of a Cajun accent was none too indistinguishable for a glare had set across Rogue's face as the insufferable owner of the voice finally came into view as the smoke began to clear as his companions came into view as well.

Gambit along with his other Acolyte teammates, Colossus and Pyro stood around them all ready to lock and load as it would seem but from the looks of it, they weren't there to make a fight or a much of a fuss. But that didn't stop the Dog from wanting to protect the girls.

The Black dog gave a meaningful growl towards the infamous Gambit as he came closer to the girls. Remy Lebeau however wasn't scared so easily by the shaggy dog. He simply gave his trademark smirk as he casually came closer to them while shuffling a deck of cards as he went.

"That dog happens t' beh mahne swamp rat, so unless ya want him t' bite off that big head o' yours ah suggest ya stay back."

"Now c'mon chere. We came t' help y'-

Rogue hissed this angrily towards the Cajun but he simply chuckled and replied. As he'd spoken Remy had carefully made to pass by the dog but the dog didn't let its guard down. He let out a loud bark of warning that made the Cajun's pyromaniac friend laugh at the hilarity at seeing his never-phased-or-put-off friend jump slightly at the dog's warning.

"Oy mate, I think that Sheila be right. That Mangy Mutt is real protective o' his pups eh?"

St. John Allerdyce was never a very sane person, but he sure had the sense of humor of a crazed person. He laughed even harder when Remy had sent a glare towards him. Obviously he didn't appreciate John's ethics of dog loyalty.

Meanwhile, Rogue and Kitty were staring at the Acolyte boys with question for they still didn't know what or why they were there but their questions were answered when an obviously annoyed Colossus, who was growing tired of his comrades fooling around, stood forward and tried to take within reason with the girls.

"Your comrades are already at the top of the hill, Magneto and Professor Xavier sent us three to find you."

Both Kitty and Rogue's expressions turned from questioning to confused so Kitty asked curiously.

"You three? Why did they like, send you?"

The three acolytes grew silent for a few moments before Remy let out a depressing sigh and replied for his teammates.

"Dem anti-mutant mobs found our base et burned it t' de ground. Bucket-head t'ought y' X-men would be in de same boat so we headed out t' find y'. We met up wit' y' amies 'bout an' hour ago et de leaders be tryin' t' t'ink o' a plan t' get us all t' a safe place."

"But why did they send ya three t' get us?"

Remy grinned charmingly at Rogue that only continued to win him a returning glare and a raised brow so he replied truthfully but nonetheless as devious charming as always.

"Mais we couldn't jus' stand around et wait f' y' deux belle femmes t' get back. Truthfully, we were gettin' stir crazy. So we decided t' go see where y' two had taken off t'. Happy t' see moi cherie?"

"-pfft- As if Cajun."

"Y' wound Remy chere!"

"If only Cajun."

"Mais Remy knows y' care chere. Y' always 'ave no?"

By this time Remy was getting increasingly closer to her but the dog proved its worth and kept him a good foot's length away from her. Nevertheless Rogue rolled her eyes as he winked at her shamelessly as if his advances weren't obvious however before she could say anything more to try and stomp on that mighty ego of his, the dog or more what was the dog seemed to beat her to the punch- literally.

It all happened in a sudden flash of seconds, first Kitty was screaming, John was swearing up a storm and Colossus simply watched attentively as did Rogue and Remy as the dog began to shape shift and twist rapidly as the dog that had stood at around waist height in front of the cocky Cajun had suddenly twisted and reshaped to stand on two feet and what was once black shaggy fur was now a black set of long tattered robes and what was once the hulky form of bear-like-dog was now a tall lean frame just a few inches taller than Remy and his formerly shaggy dog head was now a human head of long black hair pulled back into a low tail and pair of smoldering blue eyes much like the dog's that glared meaningfully at the Cajun just as the dog had.

Before the Cajun could even react or let alone speak, the man pulled something from his robes and revealed it to be a long thin rod of some sort, only about twelve inches in length and raised it under Remy's chin in a threatening way and hissed between clenched teeth.

"Stay away from my daughter boy or I'll make sure you regret it."

All save for Rogue's mouth was left agape after the obvious mad-man's words. None of them could believe what they'd seen or heard but it was purely standing right before them. It was only when Rogue stepped forward and rest a hand on the man's shoulder that any of them found the nerve to breathe let alone speak as Rogue hurriedly tried to reason with her father but it wasn't about sparing the Swamp Rat's life that was her first priority.

"Dad! What are ya doin' here?!"

The man, still not letting his weapon down, turned his head to face Rogue, a stern look across his pale face as he replied.

"Do you think I wouldn't know if my daughter's life was at risk? Marie Lilianna Black I thought I taught you better-"

"Wait- Marie? Rogue? Why is this guy- uh- or- whatever he is, calling you Marie?"

Kitty hadn't meant to butt in so rudely but to say the least she was stunned as were the other three. All eyes turned to Rogue who began to blush slightly as she tried to figure out a way to explain this but it seemed too hard to put to words. However after an encouraging glance from her father she pulled herself together enough to speak.

"Look- uh. Ah'll explain later but raght now- Dad let the Swamp Rat go. He ain't worth it."

Though Rogue's father was reluctant to let Remy go without some kind of punishment, he gave a defeated nod and let Gambit go, pocketed the sharp rod and gave Remy a last warning glance before standing beside Rogue in a protective sort of manner.

There was silence for a moment before Rogue brought herself to speak. Clearing her throat slightly she replied everyone's puzzled and watchful glances by speaking first.

"This is mah dad. Dad meet Kitty an' the Acolyte boys. Everyone, meet mah dad, Sirius Black."

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