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Icha Icha Paradaisu Come Come Paradise




Uchiha Sasuke run his calloused palm down his handsome yet languid face, in the midst of being ashamed of his appearance and not caring at all. Boredom wasn't one of his favorite things and now definitely was a killer. In his usual days, yawning and groaning were not in his 'things-to-be-caught-doing' list. But now that he was alone, he knew he had to cut himself some slack.

Uninjured and rather sane, Sasuke knew he was up to any kind of mission. But ever since Peace spread throughout the countries, the thrill of life seemed to have left with the previous danger that had lurked in the land. Along with that thrill also left the stamina, motivation, the energy and all was replaced by absolute boredom, useless surveillance on watchtowers and more boredom. Sasuke even bet that young genins, silly pathetic dreamers they were, were given more responsibility of stupid fetch missions than high-ranked –eherm– ninjas. Roll of eyes.

Another inevitable yawn escaped his lips and after that, he angrily grit his teeth. There just has to be something better than staring at Konoha's green forest alone at the tower, right? Groan. His sensitive hearing getting a bit of the town's normal routine, he groaned again. Same boring people. No, there wasn't anything better to do.

Damn restraining order. If only he didn't choose to be the rebel he was, he probably would turn out like that baka yet lucky Naruto who was fortunate enough to be in a journey with his foolish and pervert Sanin mentor. But he didn't regret doing all those crazy things –except now that it put him in such a monotonous life, maybe the power wasn't worth it. And they told him peace was better? Now he remembers why he chose power-crazed alter-ego. It was simply more exciting. Itachi was a real magnet for well-deserved adventure.

"The law is the law," Kakashi told him. The jounin smirked, then added before he left, "This isn't a demotion. Consider this a break."

Law my ass, Sasuke thought for the nth time. Besides, law couldn't be this boring. Sasuke clenched his jaw. He stood up from the wooden stool he sat on and depressed on the planks of the watchtower. Might as well take a nap, he thought. Hawk eyes spied left and right and when he knew no one really saw him, he ignored his conscience and lay down the floor. A quick snooze on the job wouldn't hurt. Don't worry much, he convinced himself, you're a ninja with exceptional skills. Consider this training. On guard while sleeping. Shifting from one side to another, he finally found a comfortable position.

Unfortunately, unlucky son he was, sleep did not consume at all. Instead he lay wide-eyed on the floor, staring at the dusty roof of the watchtower, mind filed with thoughts of his conversation with Kakashi before he was sent to mission boredom.

"And what do you expect me to do here while everybody's busy?" the raven-haired young man retorted angrily. His statement could be easily translated as: Why is Naruto getting all the fun? Most childish but Sasuke was stubborn. Of course, the older ninja knew of this.

"Get laid."

"What the fu-"

"I'm serious," Kakashi's voice replied without emotion, his face covered entirely by his latest edition of Icha Icha Paradaisu. After turning a page, his eyes peeked up from the book and he snorted. "What's the matter? You're not twelve! You could at least get a girlfriend."

"But I do have a girl-"

Kakashi shook his head disappointedly and closed his book. "Let me give you a quick assessment, Sasuke."

Sasuke raised a dark brow. "And you honestly think you're the right man to give me this 'assessment'? You don't even have a steady girlfriend yourself!"

Kakashi rolled his eyes and shrugged. "Look. What I'm saying here is that what you have with that Hyuga girl might be considered something special but the fact is, its not enough. Silence will never be enough, Sasuke."

"But we-" he was about to tell the man that he did kiss her once before but he realized that he shouldn't get too comfortable talking about his personal life with Kakashi, as much as the old man knew.

"Whatever," Kakashi replied with another roll of eyes. "All I know is, you shouldn't claim the Hyuga as a girlfriend when you barely know what it means. I prefer you call her 'best friend' or 'buddy.'"

What is it about stereotype relationships anyway –the usual courtship stuff? Sasuke really didn't get it. Besides, he knew that Hinata felt things were okay between them. When they were together, the silence was considered as comfort and understanding. Right? Nothing was wrong with that! He liked to be with her and it seems that she liked to be with him too! He didn't know how else to put it. Sure she was his girlfriend –she touched his hand with such warmth one too many times before, and he kissed her on the lips (corner of those, actually), so they were an item. Right?

The boredom had seemed to left Sasuke and now he was replaced by a calm feeling. Why didn't he think of Hinata any sooner? She was a real good thing to muse about. Probably because she was weird for her taste. Deep, dark violet hare that fell down her elbows, pale yet soft skin, her cute nose and lips and her peculiar serene pearl eyes. Though the Hyugas had their fair share of oddness, Hinata struck a different force in him. Not the sexual way most of perverts out there would think of, but it was something undefined and indescribable. Maybe she was right to call them–

"Soulmates," she whispered, her dainty yet skillful hand blindly reaching out through the green grass to hold his own.

Holding hands were for girlfriends/boyfriends, right? It was warm –when they held hands. It was something they got accustomed to as they got to know each other better. When they held hands, he didn't find her skin or her presence foreign anymore. He felt her more like rest.

Sasuke closed his eyes and wished to have held her hand in the watchtower.

How could he ever regret doing all the mess he did? Good as a one man army, the lot of trouble he did was too infamous, he knew, especially what he did to Naruto, but it seems, now that he was in his present life, all were for a purpose.

If he hadn't been much of a shit head, he probably would have ended up like a good ninja that he was trained to be, well-practiced and at the top of his game, have all the fake friends he could have and yet, wouldn't be able to hear a gentle nymph whisper the word 'soulmates' to themselves. If he hadn't met and fought a terrible fatal war with Naruto, he couldn't have met Hinata, couldn't have known who she really was, couldn't have felt her aide him into full restoration –Sasuke suddenly felt grateful for the boredom Konoha offered him. Though there was a lot of dullness in his existence as of now, just the remembrance of the real Hinata once he went down from the watchtower was enough to sate him into a weak smile. Just thinking of Hinata made him think of a nice warm bed. Comfort, Hinata was. He wanted to be with her now.

Sasuke shifted on the wooden floor and turned to his side. As he settled in silence, his eyes noticed too quickly the colorful gloss cover of a very familiar book. Sasuke's eyes almost widened. Why the hell was Kakashi's book here? Maybe he left it when he was on guard… His arm stretched instantly, his fingers reaching out towards the book and in realization of what he was doing, his reach froze in midair. What the hell –he wasn't going to read this… right… Soon enough, the book was in his hands and he lay flat on his back, the book a ruler away from his face. His throat felt dry and his hands were sweaty as he read the bold title: Icha Icha Paradaisu.

If it weren't for the movement from the base of the watchtower, Sasuke wouldn't have stopped reading even if the sky grew dark. He had failed miserably to be a noble watchdog and occupied himself of the book. He scrambled to his feet and immediately looked down. On the ground he saw two figures and one of them was climbing up the ladder. As the climber approached, his nerves tingled and froze and made him pace almost back and forth on the little hut.

What to do? Should he hide the book or leave it there? But leaving it there would give the next guard the impression that he was reading it to pass his time, which wasn't a lie at all, but come on! No one else in Konoha would admittedly be so open being caught reading one of Jiraiya's blasted books! Only Kakashi had the guts for that! No wonder he kept a mask about his face! That cheater… As the intruder's presence came into fullness, the book was at once concealed inside the back of his dark shirt, trapped between his lower back and the garter of his boxers.

The stranger turned out to be Shikamaru. He let out a groan and went to the stool. "Hey… I'll be next here."

"Uh… yeah…" Sasuke muttered and motioned to leave.

"Oi, Uchiha," the ninja called. Having had Sauske's attention, Shikamaru grinned. "Someone's waiting for you downstairs. You should give her some credit for reminding me it was my turn. Kami I just knew you were enjoying your loneliness up here." Shikamaru winked at him. "The woman needs some lovin', I suppose?"

Sasuke blushed, failed miserably to hide it. Mumbling incoherent nothings, the flustered ninja climbed down slowly from the ladder. No. Wrong. Shikamaru shouldn't have said that. He really shouldn't have. His chest felt constricted with too much tension in wonder if Shikamaru knew he was reading the specific book. No. Hinata did not need some loving. Kami, but did she? Did she? The question took him by surprise, leaving his heart and mind in total blunder. Was he supposed to show her? But he was not even sure that he loved her… Maybe he did but it was difficult to define that certain emotion he tried so hard to erase from his vocabulary. NO! he mentally scolded himself. He was probably just too flooded with the explicit scenes of lovemaking found in the book. Yeah, most surely that was the reason. No other. No other…

When his feet finally met the ground, he turned around with much nervousness and came to look down on Hinata. At that specific moment he realized that he was taller than her petite form. A vision clouded his brain all of a sudden. He wondered if ever they would lay down in bed, would she allow him the comfort of cuddling her close like a child –oh Kami-sama, where did that come from?! He shook his head, disoriented. He was a mess, wasn't he…

"Sasuke-kun… are you alright?" Hinata frowned and reached out to put her palm against his forehead. When he winced, she drew it back quickly against her chest and blushed profusely. "Gomen-ne. You are feeling that miserable?"

Was she teasing? He shook his head. No. Why were they standing here like this? He shook his head one last time and cleared his throat. "I apologize. I am not ill. At all." That book definitely wasn't going to be reread. How could it disorient him this much? How could it? It was too… embarrassing! He eased out an uneasy arm for her. "Let's?"

It took a while before Hinata took the notion that she was supposed to take his arm. Smiling faintly, she settled herself beside him as they walked, close against each other.

Sasuke was very aware of her nearness, his senses and skin seemed to have been extra attentive of her warmth and softness, it drove him quite wild in his mind. The confusion that built inside him sent warm jolts throughout his body, the most obvious evidence so far, was thankfully, a hard blush painted across his nose, ears and cheeks. It was as if he was to explode. He stole a quick glance at her and saw that she was perfectly calm. Putting his gaze back on the road before him, he clenched his jaw. Why was she so peaceful when he was here, just an inch –a breath away from her, and he was already going crazy? He wanted to commit harakiri then and there. How could Jiraiya –that good for nothing sonofabitch… have such an affect on him and his damn wretched body!

A firm tug on his arm stopped his steps. Unconsciously, he sent a furious glare at her direction with a very hard, "What?!"

Hinata's eyes widened again in shock and her warm grasp on his arm almost froze that instant he sent daggers her way. But she remained calm, took a deep breath before talking. "I understand you're not feeling well. We shall eat dinner together tomorrow then." She slid her hand from the corner of his arm and made a bow. "I will head home. Goodnight."

Sasuke stunned as he watched her frame disappearing in front of him. What just happened? Looking around his surroundings, he realized that he was in the middle of somewhere not quite directed towards a restaurant they were supposed to dine in. Now it was his eyes that widened in surprise. How stupid of him! And he scared her in the process… Without second thoughts, he went after where she had gone, hoping that she wasn't angry with him. He just couldn't risk it.

Hinata wasn't timid as she used to be, he reminded himself. She was stronger now, yes, but something about her told him that she still was delicate and he… just wanted to take care of her. He didn't want her mad. As much as he didn't care what other people thought about him and his shitty life, it was Hinata, he found out, he didn't want to disgruntle. He didn't want to burden her with his life, his emotions and his self-inflicted problems. Hinata was breath of fresh air –how could he drive her away? But now seems proof of that, he just scared her... because he was starting to think some ungentlemanly things about her. CURSE that Jiraiya, wherever he is!

"Why are you here? I don't need this," he replied simply, not even bothering to look at her face. He gazed out the window that gave him a view of Konoha's life –which he really didn't want to see right now. Her presence was annoying him, softening him it made him angry. "I don't need you." She was supposed to cry and she did –but she didn't exactly convulse into helpless girl-sobbing. Instead his peripheral vision have him a perfect heart-striking pose –big teardrops that brimmed on her eyes fell without shame on her cheeks and she blushed, wiped them away with shaking fingers and nodded. Her intention to look strong made him clench his fist –she was affecting him.

And… she was supposed to leave, but she didn't.

"Let me… help you, Sasuke," her small voice spoke, wavering, pleading and clanking against his strong hard walls. She took a step forward. "Please…"

But he was Uchiha Sasuke. Nobody deserved the access she was asking of him. He raised a brow and finally looked at her. "And why should I let you help me?"

"Because I don't want to fail myself again."

Her answer came too direct that it took a while before Sasuke realized she actually did answer back. He expected more weeping and a breath-taking walk-out, but she stood there, a few meters away from his bed where he recovered without progress. He didn't know how to react to her response –in fact, smart ass that he was, he didn't know what to assess of her statement. But she spoke further, before he even got to think of a snap.

"All my life, I've wanted to reach out to someone, to hold him, to be with him, to love him," she whispered, only good for him to hear. "I tried. But I was a coward. And when he left, I knew that I have failed. I am good for nothing…"

"You wasted your life for someone a fool like Naruto!" he retorted with mockery. He snickered. "You're pathetic…!"

"I know!" Hinata exclaimed, looking him in the eyes, that the strength of her gaze making him the one to turn away. "That's why I want to change. I want a difference. I don't want to sulk with the bitter taste of my defeat. Let me help you–"

It angered him even more. "Many people are suffering more than I am, why not help them? I am not completely helpless!" he growled, the intensity of his aura knocking over the flower vase that she gave him on the end table. The sound of the vase clunking against the table, the water against the floor, the ruffle of flowers in disarray managed to break the strain on his part. He took a deep breath, stared at her. "Why me?"

Now he thought of it, maybe he wanted her in his life since then.

She walked closer and he almost grimaced, but she only came to reach out to put the vase back in order, the flowers back in place. As she held the stems that held the colorful petals in beautiful collection, she sighed. "Because you're you. We can do it together, I know." She looked at him bravely and smiled. "You might not admit it, but I can see how you are pained by everything around you. I am not pitying you, though."

"Then why?"

"Don't you understand… By helping you, I also heal myself…"

Sasuke groaned mentally, the remembrance of what transpired between them that changed everything, gave him goosebumps. How could he ever forget that? That was when he changed. That was the both of them changed. And now, just because of that stupid book, he was close to losing her! "Hinata!" he called out, forgetting of all the people that could hear him. His feet was lightning and it did not take long for him to catch up with her. He instantly grabbed a hold of her wrist. "Wait!"

Hinata, most patient, just appeared to be surprised that he ran after her. "Sasuke-kun! What is the matter? You should go home and rest…"

"No!" he cut her off immediately, as if he ran out of time. "Come with me. I'm starved. I promised you dinner."

"No you didn't promise me dinner…"

"Yes I did. And you forgot about it?" he asked, trying to sound firm.

Hinata giggled softly. "Whatever could be happening to you, Sasuke?" She took hold of his arm and nodded. "Very well, I'll have dinner with you. But before that, you have to promise me something."


"You have to tell me what got you so worked up." Hinata smiled sweetly at him. "No escaping that, Sasuke. Now, let's eat."

All Uchiha Sasuke was able to do was gulp as he felt the object that was still intact on his back. Damn. He knew he couldn't lie to her for long.

Damn you to hell, Jiraiya!!!

Sasuke sighed as he was the one to be dragged by Hinata in a random restaurant. With another sulky exhale, he thought, Come, Come, Paradise

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