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To shikaruto

There was nothing wrong with what he did last night. A usual need to fulfill an urge. It was just like eating. He was hungry, he needed to feed. Well, the carnal hunger, that one. Almost every man does that! No, absolutely nothing wrong.


He was feeling rather… great. He woke up this morning with a feeling of two-thumbs-up, and he swore the sky was bluer today. His reflexes were extra smooth, his feet were twice as stealthy, and his breathing was perfect. His body was content. It was consolation for last night, his self-gratifying experience taking its good toll on him. Personal sex was good a bit, after all.

It was just that his conscience kept nagging him this morning. You used her, you devil, you used her!!! It kept resounding in his head. He would fight it off with a katana in his mind, saying, you enjoyed it too, you asshole! Stop pestering me!


She's my girl. Hinata and I kissed. We are more than official. We're a couple. We're together. Really together. For as long as they would be seen together, the word 'friend', 'guy friend', 'buddy' would never pop up. He would simply make sure of it. There was nothing wrong for thinking that she was the one he was having… (he blushed, unable to continue with necessary thoughts and word) with last night.

It was fun being out of character, he decided. It felt like he was breaking rules. And who the fuck ever told him that it was wrong for a boy to blush? From now on, he told himself mentally, blush whenever you like.

You went overboard over that one, you dickhead. That sounded gay rather than being liberated.

Sasuke groaned and had to agree. Okay, so maybe he won't blush every time he thinks he ought to blush. Let it be. Just don't stop it. Kami-sama, what is it with blushing.

He sighed again, for what seemed like the hundredth time. Watchtower again this afternoon and the stillness of the place started the ritual of boredom. He yawned. The Book was tempting him again. It was at the same place it was, on the base of his spine, held tight by his boxers and sweat. But he stopped himself. If ever he was going to read another chapter, he would waste a moment there. It felt like each word he read drew him closer to the last chapter and somehow, he didn't want it to end. He didn't want to get tired of it.

Dark eyes scanning left and right at the trees and mountains, he knew there was no danger to come. No trouble would befall Konoha. Unless it was he who would make a fuss. He groaned. There was no point in doing this, this guarding thing, but if ever he voiced out what he thought, a very aged yet young fist would land on the top of his raven head. Tsunade was getting stricter and stricter every time he saw her.

Ugh. He wanted to see Hinata. Maybe he could sneak off and meet her some place? He smiled to himself. Hiashi wouldn't mind him interrupting the family conference, would he?

His stomach grumbled unexpectedly.

"Kuso…" he whispered with a grunt. He leaned forward on the wooden borders of the tower and grunted again when the same grumble echoed in his ears. His eyes quickly found the special bento box his girlfriend prepared for him last night. But that was for dinner!

Sigh. What will be for lunch…?


Both ears twitched, his shoulders jumped, and the hair at the back of his neck went up. The voice made his eyes wide and he blushed. He suppressed the strong urge to grin as he gazed down at the bottom of the tower where the savior stood.


What will be for lunch???

"Hinata," he repeated to himself and prepared to go down when she waved him off. "Why?" he asked, one of his legs already hanging down for a step. "Only came to say hi?" He hoped his disappointment was not that obvious.

"No, you idiot," she replied with her usual voice, knowing he could hear her no matter how the long the distance between them was. "I'm coming up there. Just wait a minute!" She poised herself for the long climb.

The Uchiha unconsciously licked his lips as he watched her dark head ascend up the ladder, his breaths coming in short pants. "Be careful," he called to her. He saw her stop her movements, raised her gaze to meet his. The girl rolled her eyes and then resumed climbing. She was too stubborn nowadays. He hoisted her up as she came close to his feet, pulling her against him safely away from the edge.

"Hmm…" he moaned into her hair as he did not let go of her. He squeezed her tightly against him. "Smell good…"

"Sasuke… I think…"

"Give it to me, Hinata…" he said with a deep voice, almost growled it out.

Hinata gasped.

Sasuke drew away from her hair and looked at her. Her face was flushed. Inwardly, yet another victory dance was being executed in the brain. But the hunger was evident. He smiled faintly at her. "I know you brought me lunch."

Oh right, he was talking about the lunch.

Hinata smiled, ignored that she forced it, and nodded politely. She pulled away from his embrace and went to sit at the stool while he immediately sat on the floor beside it. She took her rucksack from her back and pulled out the bento box she did prepare for him. As she held it out to him, he took it like a child, with a shy smile on his face (and was he blushing???) and opened it quickly. She watched him with a small grin, happy that he liked what she prepared for him. Well, he did eat almost everything she made. It could be burnt weeds and he would still probably eat it. And he was eating the lunch like a selfish kid. Didn't care someone was watching him. "Like it?" she teased, interrupting his feast.

Sasuke paused instantly and snickered as his gaze met hers. After swallowing what was in his mouth, he chuckled. "Gomen-ne," he apologized. He pushed the box on his lap a little towards her direction. "Share?" When she shook her head, he blushed. "Again, I'm sorry. I was really hungry and…" He stopped talking and popped a gyoza into his mouth. "You're the best cook there is, Hinata." He gave her a wink and took a piece of something on the box. He lifted the chopsticks an inch close to her face. "Unagi?"

Hinata grimaced at the piece of eel. "I still do not eat that."

Sasuke snickered at her and ate the seafood with happy eyes.

"Tease," she said with double-meaning.

"I thought you wouldn't come today?" Sasuke asked as he stood up from the floor. He really did finish eating before getting in on a conversation with her. He just might get too distracted for… further plans. "The boss changed his mind?" he asked, referring of course to her father.

"Actually, I was on my way to Tsunade-sama's. Otou-san asked me to do a favor for him. 'Top Secret', he told me," Hinata said, placing the empty bento box back inside her rucksack. "The meeting is still set for tonight. Besides, I knew you would starve yourself up here."

So she still thought he was suicidal. Well, he still was. A little. "So 'Top Secret', huh?" Sasuke asked, eyeing her backpack. "I wonder what business does he want with the old woman."

"You know Otou-san. Could be my death and he still wouldn't tell me."

"What do you think it is? Is the package heavy?"

"Well, mister nosy, no. The package isn't heavy," Hinata said, standing up. She smoothed her clothes. "I better get going."

"Did your father say if it was urgent?"


"Then stay here with me for a while," he said, blocking the way back down. He took a step forward, his face with a serious look. "You didn't really think I would let you get down just like that, did you?"

Hinata faked a laugh and shrugged. "Haha… I came by just to feed you lunch. Nothing else." In the blink of her pearl eyes, she was enveloped in another embrace, but this time, she could not breathe. "S-Sasuke…!"

"Did you think I forgot?" he asked, his voice hot in her ear. His hands snaked to the curves of her sides. He pressed his palms hard against her hips and grinned. "Hinata…" he groaned. He kissed her lightly on the lips. "Where's the senzai, hmm?"

And she was just about to feel hot. She rolled her eyes and followed the path of his hands on her sides, almost sliding on the slits of her pockets. Digging for the small pouch she brought, she pulled it out and groaned. "These were mine." She pouted. "Tease."

"What's yours is mine, Hinata," he whispered, taking the small bundle from her fingers. He leapt back, now sitting on the stool and took a piece. He was about to put it in his mouth but he stopped. She was glaring at him like an adult would do to a naughty child who got away with trouble without sweat. He reappeared in front of her, trapped her in another body-crushing embrace and pushed the small piece of sweet against her flush lips and smiled. "And what's mine is yours." He ate the hanging half from her mouth, letting their lips press against each other.

What ensued after that was a heavy session of kissing. But they did down the sweet food first, gazed into each other's eyes, almost laughed softly together, gazed at each other again and then, went for the kill like there was no tomorrow. Their lips connected in perfect harmony, moving and moving, bodies pressing against each other closer. It was hard to think for them, the sweetness of the treat and the kiss itself fogging their brains.

Sasuke licked her lips, felt something hot build inside him, and when she parted her mouth to breathe, he invaded her mouth again, wanting more of the tingly sensation he was feeling all over his body. Her tongue responded soon the moment he massaged it with his, and he had to groan loudly –it was too much. He was hard in a heartbeat. Hinata gasped, really gasped, but he closed his eyes, kissed her hard and pulled her closer. She was definitely not going anywhere.

When she moaned, he twitched, all of him did, and they moaned louder. He squeezed her closer with his arms, his hands locking hard around her softness. His fingers started to massage, not her firm soft tight behind, but the outline of her trousers at the base of her spine, the spot where it edged to cover her southern privates. She melted into him and he wanted to fall back and let her land on top of him, but he wanted to keep standing still, just like the hardness between his legs, to make her feel he was there, real and strong. He wanted her to feel every part of him.

"Sasuke, ughh…" she breathed heavily as he started to nip at the soft skin of her neck, and she squeezed the hair on the back of his neck, pulling him closer against her.

Sasuke licked her pulse, kissed it and licked it again. He was about to kiss her again but growled thankfully as he felt her slender fingers find the fierce burning of his skin under his shirt, her hands exploring the tautness of his abdomen, his chest. He shut his eyes close, buried his face on her hair, and resumed on giving her more love marks on the neck.


"Mmmm," he whimpered, his lips traveling lower, lower, lower…


Oh, her zipper, he smiled to himself as he bit on it with his teeth, hearing it 'clank' against his teeth and pulled down…


"Whuuh!" he asked impatiently, meaning 'what', in tone in another of his 'I'm-serious-don't-mess-with-me-self-defense-mechanism'. He frowned at her, his teeth still clamped on the zipper. He realized that she was looking at him in an odd way. He licked the zipper of his lips. "What's the matter? Something wrong?"

Hinata tilted her head, as if examining him.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked. When she did not reply, the barrier of defense disappeared too soon, revealing a very vulnerable, love-sick, human-touch-hungry Sasuke. He felt weak, his chest uneasy. Did he kiss wrong? Did he scare her? Was he wrong to kiss her? Didn't she love him anymore? Was he that selfish? Or is it because of the senzai…?

Slowly, she raised something in front of his face, her face still in a confused frown. From his back it slipped, slid smoothly to reveal itself to them.

Of all the moments it had to be exposed, it had to be on this particular moment of need. Sasuke just killed himself ten-thousand times in his head as he saw the familiar words on the cover… The pearl eyes still in a bewildered expression, he couldn't help but wonder. Did this mean no Come, Come Paradise?

"Hyuga Hinata was supposed to be here an hour ago," the Hokage said impatiently, tapping the papers with her long fingernails. "I don't suppose you know where she is, Hatake? You've been standing there like a damn idiot for fucking twenty minutes already!"

A few meters away stood a silent ninja. The jounin did not respond, just continued to look at the city.

Tsunade rolled her eyes, her temper starting to flare. For the third time this week, he had asked to be in her office, saying that he wanted to spend some time alone on her balcony, saying that he was suffering from terrible migraines from the stress of teaching children. He said that her balcony had the grandest view in all of the places in the city, and also because he used to stay there and just relax when the Third was still alive. She agreed then, simply because she was going out. Might as well leave him a simple mission to guard her office from rats. Besides, it seemed like a dramatic moment, him mentioning the Third Hokage; he seldom showed emotion regarding sensitive matters.

But when she came back a day later, he still came, asking for another 'moment of silence'. She agreed again, thinking that maybe the jounin was looking for someone to talk to regarding matters. The jounin was a public figure of mystery and genius so she got the idea that maybe the man still had questions in life. Who is better to inquire to but the Hokage? She was old enough to give advice; she's made enough mistakes. But the man didn't even approach her. He just gave her a bow, and walked towards the balcony and gazed.

"Hatake Kakashi!"

The man jumped, almost causing his mask and eye patch to move out of place. He turned to her. "Hai, Hokage-sama?"

"I said your brains are leaking out from your ears!" she stormed, pounding her fists against the study table. "What is it with you and that place? You've been visiting me here just to stand there! Don't give me that lame excuse you just 'enjoy the view'!" She pointed a red fingernail towards the door. "You get out of here and get the Hyuga for me, you jounin-baka!"

With a smirk, the ninja nodded and left at once.


And no, senzai isn't something kinky. Not an aphrodisiac. Hahahahahahha. But it is a:

Senzai - soft bean jam, a Japanese treat; one of Hinata's favorite foods. (got the definition and info about Hinata's likes from Wikipedia.

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