A/N: Right-o. These are my attempts at being symbolic through dreams, something I think I did pretty okay with. First up is Roy, then Ed, and then one featuring both of them.

Disclaimer: Not mine, you know the drill...

Dreams in Flame

He doesn't quite know where he is. There isn't anything around him, not really. It seems as though he's the only one around for miles. Just him, floating in a dark empty space…

But then there's a light. Fierce, burning, golden. It burns him, it lashes out at him. He can't look at it head-on; it blinds him. He raises his arm over his eyes to shield them from this light. It's harsh.

He tries to get closer to its source. The closer he gets, the harsher the light is, trying to push him away. He can feel it, like a physical force, whipping around him, trying to make him run away, but he will not be deterred. He wants to get closer, he needs to.

He forces himself to reach out and touch the source of the light. It shudders, pulls back into itself… but then it hesitantly wraps around his hand. As soon as he assures it that he won't hurt it, the light engulfs him completely. It's still uncertain, and he thinks that its shyness is sweet, almost child-like. It's the complete antithesis to its previous behavior. It surprises him, and he laughs.

The light is pleased, coursing around him, flowing into him and filling him like nothing else has. Again, he is surprised, but pleasantly so. He likes this light. At times he wishes he could mold it, bend it more to fit him… but he realizes that if he were to do that, the light would change, and it would no longer be the light he liked in the first place….

A hand on his shoulder shakes Roy awake. "Hey, come on, Colonel. Wake up."

The colonel looks up to see Edward standing beside him, smiling lightly, perhaps amused that he has caught the great Flame Alchemist slacking off. "Y'know, you're lucky I caught you before Hawkeye. I'd hate to be you if she finds you sleeping on the job," the Fullmetal says…

But all Roy can think about is how bright his smile is.