A/N: So... yeah. Part two.

Dreams of Steel

He's not alone, he knows that much. He can't see anyone around him, but he knows that he is not alone. It's the chaos, the unforgiving chaos. He's too young to have to know it.

But in the center of the chaos is a single column of ice. It stands straight and tall, unyielding, braving the chaos just like him. He can see a fierce flame burning inside the ice, and he wonders how the ice has not melted. If he gets close enough, he can feel its heat. He doesn't want to admit it, but the warmth is nice.

He starts to move away from the flaming ice, not wanting to be distracted by it. He turns his back on it, but is still able to feel it. He wants nothing more than to turn around and go back the column and the fire, but he can't. There's something he has to do, no matter the cost, even if it means going out into the unknown.

He moves forward into the chaos surrounding him, all mountain and rocks. If he falls, he will be hurt. There's no doubt about this. He stumbles a few times, but it's nothing big. It's cold where he is and he shivers, wrapping his uneven arms around his frame.

He catches his foot on a rock and trips, falling to the ground. It's the only thing the chaos needs to surround him, rushing to attack him as he's down. It's the end, he knows it. He can feel the crushing darkness smothering him.

Then the flames break free of their confines, burning a path right to him. The chaos leaves him, afraid of the fire, and he can breathe. When he looks up, he finds that he's in the middle of a ring of fire. Not trapped; he knows that he can leave whenever he wants to. But he doesn't want to, and when the flames know this, they engulf him completely.

It's terrifying, being covered in flames. He's never felt this before, and doesn't know how to act, but he soon finds that the fire is gentle and that he has nothing to be afraid of. It's still terrifying, but he likes these flames and wouldn't give them up for anything….

Edward blearily opens his eyes, remembering that he fell asleep in the break room, resting his head on the table. He looks up only to see the colonel standing over him, smirking, but it lacks its normal venom. Roy places a hand on his human shoulder. "If you're that tired, Ed, you should go to your dorm," he says…

But all Ed can think about is how warm the hand on his shoulder is.