The tapping sounds of the keyboard were rich in the empty dark room… the only thing visible was the hands, and a silhouette of a female figure, chewing something as she began to continue typing. In the screen, the names Urashima and Hinata-sou came clear, and next came a blueprint of the hotel. The figure paused, grabbed a box to extract a rather long stick, and began to chew on it.

"Sister… did you find it?" a figure behind the girl came up.

Looking back, the girl showed the figure behind her what she was looking up. "I've hacked into the records, sister, but so far they have kept their foundation a secret…" She offered the figure behind her a stick, who accepted it without question, and began to chew on it as well.

"They keep their secrets well, don't they?" the second figure asked.

The first nodded. "Well… it is to be expected from such a long line of supernatural operatives in Japan." Typing again, she began to look for even more maps. "It is underground, sister… it is deep in the foundations. The gem of power… of our dreams."

"Will we get it sister?" the second figure asked.

The first figure turned her table around to face her sister, and nodded. "Of course…"

Then, they began to kiss deeply. Now ignoring the computer, the two figures hid in the darkness, only sounds giving clues what they were doing.

"We will get the stone of our dreams…" one said. The other just moaned.

"Yes sister."

K2: Keitaro Urashima


To Hinata-sou with Love

Keitaro watched with amusement as he slowly folded the page of his file book as all the available tenants gathered around. The young girl he met earlier, sweeping the grounds, and still with a blush on her face, had taken the offer to call everyone else down.

First who arrived was a Molmol descendant, easy to spot through her brown skin, blonde hair, but more specifically, that small dot almost unseen. She had her eyes closed when she came down, with a big banana on her arm, and eating it with gusto. When she saw Keitaro, though, she dropped her food, and began to stare at him, moving around him in circles. Keitaro just smiled a bit back, with a small wave of a hand. She smiled, and waved back, and went back to her banana's, and sat on the floor.

Next was another curvy and well filled woman that Keitaro noted was almost the same as Mutsumi… except for a few notable exceptions. Her eyes were half open, seeing him for the first time, then slowly smiled, and sat down near him.

"Why, hello, handsome," she said with a flirty smile. Keitaro gave his own flirty smile in return.

"Hello to you too," he greeted.

"Not that I don't mind you being here," she started, seemingly trying to think of a way to say what's on her mind, "But… what are you doing in a girl's dorm?"

"I'll have an explanation soon, after we've all gathered," Keitaro replied smoothly, still smiling at her.

"I do hope you have a good one, handsome," she relaxed back, arching to put emphasis on her chest. "Because there are some tenants here that don't particularly like having guy's around."

"Must be because they have such a beautiful tenant, who needs to beat away chasing boys with a stick," Keitaro smirked at her.

She smiled, widely. "Hmmm, are you a chasing boy, handsome?" she asked, leaning in a bit.

Keitaro leaned as well, his lips almost touching hers. "No my dear, I'm a perfectly well behaved gentleman…" then he whispered in her ear, "Until there's no one around to see me act like one."

She grinned. "No one?"

Keitaro's eyebrow seemed to rise up, and a small twinkle in his eyes showed itself as he smiled. "Well, almost no one… when no one's around, its private time, but you can join in."

"Ooh, really now?" she winked at him. "When is that?"

A voice suddenly interrupted them. "Who are you?"

Keitaro smirked, and winked at her. "That's private," and seeing the new figure, he's mind clicked suddenly, remembering one of his promised girls. She has grown, and definitely changed. But she didn't seem to have a memory of him.

The girl he knows as Narusegawa… she was glaring at him in an angry manner, her fist seeming shaking as if wanting to hit him. He was a bit surprised… she's very hostile to him. Well, no matter. The promise was long ago and it really wasn't that important to him now… though it's nice to see another promised childhood friend.

When the blue-haired girl came back, he knew someone was missing. "Hmmm… we seem to be missing one," Keitaro said as a matter of fact.

"Ah… Motoko-sempai has a camp now," the shy girl replied almost at once, before Narusegawa could say anything.

"Really?" Keitaro nodded to himself. "Well, I guess I can introduce myself to her later, now, down to business, I say." Standing up, he did his customary bow. "Good afternoon, my name is Urashima… Urashima Keitaro, and as of yesterday, I have received a letter from my grandmother."

He put two folders down, and opened it. The well filled girl who sat near him looked at the papers with sudden interest as she caught the deed title in her sights. Narusegawa didn't bother to look, still staring at him. Keitaro ignored both.

"These papers represent my ownership of Hinata-sou, and as the owner, I'm automatically placed as the manager…" Keitaro sat back down. "Now, I know it is -"

"THE HELL YOU ARE!" Narusegawa shouted all of the sudden, cutting Keitaro off. Her stare suddenly became a glare. Keitaro's eyebrow rose a bit.

"As… I was saying earlier," Keitaro continued like he didn't hear her. "I know it is a rather -"

"Hey! Don't ignore me!" the brown haired tenant interrupted again. "I don't care what papers you produce… we're not letting some male manage an all girl's dormitory!"

Keitaro felt a tick appear on his head. "Hmmm, maybe we ought to have some tea…" looking at the blue-haired woman for a moment, he smiled at her sweetly, and asked, "You don't mind if…" he let his sentence linger a bit.

"Oh, no… sure… I'll get some tea," she said as she caught on, and disappeared. Her blush once again became pronounced.

Keitaro nodded, and relaxed a bit, closing his eyes. Seeing that the man was not doing anything for a few more moments, Narusegawa once again was about to raise her voice, when Keitaro's hand just popped up and seemed to stop her. "Please… sit down, relax, and we'll have tea. Grandmother Hina said that tea is a good way to break the ice between hostiles."

Narusegawa's eyes darted at him when he mentioned the name Hina. "… you're grandmother is Hina?"

"Yes," Keitaro answered evenly. "She was the earlier owner of this dormitory, and hence, she is the only one who'd give me these papers," he then showed them all a pile of folders on his left. "These files are your files, given to me also by grandmother. She told me for a manager to run a dorm, he or she has to know its tenants." Shifting a bit, he relaxed on the couch.

Narusegawa and the silver haired woman looked at the stacked folders.

"Now, I'm not much of a believer of knowing people through a few leaves of papers, hence why I have not started to open any of these," Keitaro continued. "I want to know you in a rather personal manner. But, miss," he gave Narusegawa a very cool stare. "Keep this up, and I will be forced to look in these folders. And from what I've heard, there are some things here you'd rather keep for yourselves."

She stared back at him hard, almost as if challenging him to. "You take one look at that file, and I'll make sure you're children will regret it."

Keitaro smiled, and grabbed the file on Naru Narusegawa, and flippantly read it in front of her.

"Hmmm, Naru Narusegawa…" he smiled. He remembered the beauty slime gel branded 'Naru-Naru Slime', who was in competition with Nuru-Nuru X Slime. "Naru-Naru… good God I hope you gave your parents hell for that."

The silver haired woman stifled her laughter as she got the reference while Naru's head went crimson. "Naru Narusegawa! Not Naru-Naru Segawa!" she shouted, standing up.

"Wet your bed until you were 7?" Keitaro's eyes widened dramatically. The silver haired woman didn't bother to hide her laughter anymore as she giggled loudly, as Naru looked like she was burned. "Hmmm… fits with your name."

"It does not say that!" Naru stood up and was about to grab the folder when Keitaro closed it and put it back in the stack.

"Naru wet her bed! Naru wet her bed!" the Molmolian was shouting at full force that changed Naru's face from red to a rather nasty shade of puce.

"Now, now… don't you see why it's easier to not be difficult?" Keitaro smiled.

"… I'm gonna kill you, you bastard!" Naru seethed and charged at Keitaro, her fist now raised... but before she could, someone entered the dorm, and greeted them.

"Hello, everyone," Haruka said as she came in, in her 'teashop' clothes.

Naru stopped to her tracks and Keitaro, without wasting a second, stood up and went to his aunt, and greeted her, "Hey, aunt Haruka… still beautiful I see."

The aunt comment almost made Haruka get her paper fan out and hit him, but stopped the moment the word 'beautiful' came out. Now, she then didn't know whether to hit him or not. She sighed. "Damn it, Keitaro… you actually got me there."

Keitaro grinned, and patted her back. "Ah well, its true."

Haruka gently grabbed his patting hand, and shoved it away. "Alright… so, I'm gathering you met everyone."

"Hmmm, close, but no cigar," Keitaro replied. "Naru-Naru and I are having slight difficulties entertaining each other."

Naru's jaw came down as the word entertaining popped up. "Enter… what the… Haruka… do you know him?"

"Him? Keitaro? My nephew? Yeah," Haruka answered evenly, getting a cigarette and lit it. The blue haired girl arrived, and seeing Haruka, smiled a bit as she settled the tea down where everyone gathered. Asking if she'd want tea, Haruka shook her head, and looked back at Naru. "I just got the fax from Hina… according to her, she gave the deed and title of this place to him."

"But… but this is not right!" Naru pointed at Keitaro, who was now back in his place, and sipping some tea while thanking the blue haired girl. Su meanwhile was still dancing around about Naru wetting her bed. "A man cannot be a manager of a girl's dorm!"

Haruka just shrugged. "If you want to, take it up with Hina… or you can leave if it makes you that uncomfortable."

Naru suddenly clammed up, and quieted down, and muttered something about not wanting to leave. Sitting down on her original position, Keitaro looked at his aunt, seemingly impressed. "You have to teach me that."

"It's a woman's secret," Haruka turned around and left.

After a while, Naru, still mumbling at her space, Keitaro faced them all. He smiled. "Well, since Naru-san introduced herself… shall I have all your names?"

"Konno Mitsune," the silver haired girl smiled, and offered her hand.

Shaking it, Keitaro smiled. "Charmed I'm sure."

"Shinobu Maehara," the blue haired woman introduced herself, bowing shyly. Keitaro smiled, and bowed back.

"Su Kaolla," the brown girl said with a wide smile. She then jumped up and landed on Keitaro's lap, to Naru's apparent surprise. "So… you staying here?" she asked, looking at him in the eyes.

Keitaro nodded, and smiled at her. "Yes."

She gave a quick hug, and jumped, yelling about having a new playmate, and then scampered off suddenly with her banana's and left the meeting place quite so sudden that even Keitaro was surprised at her speed.

"Cute kid," Keitaro said. Naru glared at him again. "What?" he asked.

"She's just 15!" she said rather scathingly.

"And I'm 20…" Keitaro replied. "How old are you?"

Her head began to produce a rather good quantity of steam. "Age isn't the point! You shouldn't hit on her!" Naru exclaimed. "You pervert!"

Keitaro looked at her, smiling like she was an idiot who seemed to grow another head. "Oh… I thought you wanted to know my age as well. What's your age, Konno-san?"

"Call me Kitsune," she replied, with a small smile. "18."

Keitaro nodded, and then looked at Shinobu who answer came at once… but not really the one on topic. "Um… I'll go and prepare dinner. Nice meeting you Urashima-san…"

"Please, call me…" she left just as fast as Kaolla. "Keitaro…" Keitaro scratched his head. She is horribly shy around him. "Hmmm… oh well, dinner conversations would be more… fruitful, or so I hope." He then suddenly looked at Naru, and smiled, forcefully, and asked… "You never said how old you are."

"I'm leaving," Naru muttered, looking at Keitaro with what he would be calling soon as the hate-glare. Pointing at him, she said, "You come near me, and I'll make sure you're eating a knuckle sandwich."

"If made by you, I'd rather not," Keitaro replied. "With your temper, I don't think you'll make a very good cook."

Her mouth formed into a rather nasty frown, and turned around with an 'Hmph' and left, leaving him and Kitsune alone. Smiling at him, she asked, "So… is your private time now?"

Keitaro smiled, and looked at her. "Hmmm, well, depends on why you're asking."

"Do you really have to ask?" she said with a slight smirk.

Room 205

A few minutes later…

Kitsune's door slid open and two bodies hit the floor. Keitaro, his jacket removed, sliding into Kitsune who seemed to welcome him with very open arms and kissing back as they rolled around. Groaning at his touch, Kitsune's thoughts were not one about sex, but about money… how much rent months would she able to get with this little escapade of hers? Inwardly, she was smiling… getting rent and enjoying his touch at the same time. Not a bad deal for her part.

As they continued to kiss, Keitaro grabbed her arms and stretched them above her head, essentially pinning her down, and she didn't notice that she was coming near her wooden drawers. Nor did she notice Keitaro's slight movement. What she was noticing full force however was his slight touches around her, and the hotness of his lips and his breathe on her neck.

Then, like a car crashing to a wall, everything stopped as she heard a small clicking sound. Wondering out loud what just happened, she noticed suddenly something in her wrists, and looked to see it was a pair of handcuffs.

"Ooh, kinky, aren't we?" Kitsune asked, smirking.

Keitaro smirked back, and began to kiss her navel, and then her thighs, and then, just stood up, and began to walk away from her. Kitsune's eyes widened suddenly.

"… hey…" she said weakly.

Keitaro walked back towards his jacket, and smiled at her. "Yes, dear?"

"What are you doing?" she demanded, and now trying to get out of the handcuffs uselessly. "This is not funny!"

Keitaro nodded. "Of course its not," he agreed. "I'm not the type to have a rude bedside manner, but from what vibes I've been getting, Kitsune-san… you're not into it."

"… wh… what are you talking about?" Kitsune tried to smile, but seemingly, her smile came out a bit wrong. "I am into it."

Keitaro smiled, and approached her. Grabbing the keys of his handcuffs in her inner jacket pocket, he felt a small piece of paper, and took it in his hand. Grabbing the keys, he gently placed it in Kitsune's stomach, and smirked at her.

"I've been with a girl who really was interested in me," Keitaro said. "And I didn't get that from you… it seems you're more interested in something else. Now, usually, I'd have ignored it, but you flirting with me in the beginning actually was showing interest… but now, after probably knowing that I'm the new manager and owner of Hinata-sou, I'm thinking of ulterior motives for this as I felt nothing else."

He bent down, and looked at her, and gently said, "If you're looking for a good time, and really want to know me better… then I'll be more courteous to you than I am right now… but if you're doing it for just rent, Kitsune-san… then you'll never know how good of a 'linguist' I can be."

Winking, Keitaro left the still sputtering Kitsune handcuffed in her drawer leg, leaving the room while reading the piece of paper he found in his jacket pocket. After reading the short note, he read it again, and made sure he read it correctly. He frowned.

Manager's Room

Another few minutes later…

Keitaro only had a suitcase with him… inside that suitcase were a few clothes he got with Mutsumi in Kyoto, and some other more rugged clothes he'd wear during some harder missions. Also in that suit case were his rubber shoes, slippers, and of course, his gun. Grabbing it with and checking it for bullets, he put it behind him again, and placed it in the waist of his pants, and then slowly slid out of the room.

Moving up one floor, Keitaro briefly wondered how to confront the one who gave him the paper, and then, slowly quieted as he used his ninja training to hide his presence. Coming up to room 301, he slowly slid the door open, and went in.

To his surprise, the whole room was nothing but a forest. Trees and leaves seem to sprout from everywhere, and Keitaro briefly wondered how anyone could actually make a room like this.

"Hiyas, K2," a voice on his right called. Automatically, he raised his weapon and aimed at Kaolla's head.

"Who are you?" Keitaro demanded, his gun trained at her.

"Kaolla Su," she responded at once with a smile. "But… well, you know that in our business, code names are kind of the norm. My codename is KU."

"… Q?" Keitaro asked, not quite catching the name she said.

"No, no… Ki-Yu…" Su said, smiling. "It sounds like Q though, so I guess its close."

"Alright… but it doesn't explain who you are," Keitaro said, not lowering his gun. A slight movement behind him got him to put the gun, instead of Su's head, to the figure that suddenly appeared behind him. He dropped his aim when he saw Haruka.

"Oh… H, sorry about that," Keitaro apologized at once.

"No worries, I'd be jumpy too if someone from my faux job suddenly tells me he knows my codename," Haruka shook his head at Su. "KU, couldn't you at least tell him your job here?"

"And what would the fun be in that?" Su smiled. "Come on, I'll show you to my lab!"

Su seemed to press a hidden button among the many trees around her room, and a slight humming sound echoed in the room. After a moment, a large tube seemed to appear from the floor, rising up until the humming stopped.

Keitaro looked at looked at Haruka who motioned to go with Su as the girl entered the tube through a opening. Shrugging, he followed her and Haruka behind him as well. The opening of the tube closed, and Keitaro found himself inside an elevator. Su pressed another button, and the elevator swiftly moved.

"… so, KU, what is your job here?" Keitaro asked.

"It's a surprise!" she replied, smiling widely. Haruka just sighed, and shook her head.

"Kaolla Su, the princess of the Molmol Kingdom, also a genius with computers and technology… she and her family are quite close to the Urashima faction," Haruka began to explain.

"No, no, Haruka, surprise!" Su seemed to admonish.

"K2 isn't the type that likes surprises," Haruka replied. "Look what happened when you tried on him once… he tried to shoot you. 2 days ago, he shot the one testing him of his abilities."

"Hey, I thought he was a real bad guy," Keitaro muttered. "Which reminds me, by the way… where is Laharl?"

"Who knows…" Haruka replied. "He's got his own thing going on…"

"He doesn't work for us?" Keitaro asked.

"Nah… he works for himself," Haruka took a cig and began to light. Su pushed another button which had the smoking sign on it, and another hum was heard. Keitaro guessed it was the ventilation. "He's got various connections with heaven, hell, and even knows some mages. He's very well connected. We're quite lucky to have him as an ally."

"So… we trust him?"

"As much as we should," Haruka emphasized 'should' and Keitaro understood what she meant. "Anyway, about KU… she's the head of our R&D department. She is the one that provides tools and other things to us. She's the one that set up the Inter-U Link that we use for info on missions and other stuff. It also helps that her country has the highest currency rank of all to help us with expenditures."

Keitaro smiled a bit. Molmol currency was worth almost twice the value of British Pounds, as the kingdom is very technologically advanced and yet quite simple in living life. Low crime rates, high incomes with just the right amount of tax implementation made it the country a heaven to live in… which is the reason why Molmol's has very strict visa and deportation laws. Even Keitaro himself has never been to the place yet.

The elevator seemed to stop moving, and the doors opened to reveal a very white and brightly lit room. Su smiled, and exited first, and spread her arms out and said, "Welcome to KU's ultimate secret laboratory!"

Keitaro smiled, and nodded. "Nice place."

Su nodded, and began to drag Keitaro in. "Come on, Hina said we should outfit you with new stuff!"

"Sure, sure," Keitaro replied as he followed the hyperactive girl, with Haruka behind him.

To Be Continued…

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