A war is coming…

"The Council has no partake in these killings!" a council god stated. "These pestering of inquiries from the demons are nothing more than a rouse to start their own territorial war on us! If they want a war, we will give them a war!"

Two sides with conflicted interests…

"The Dark Assembly has already been asking for answers in Heaven… yet they keep ignoring our calls! Our demon agents on earth are missing one by one for almost a year!" an overlord stated with fire. "They are either responsible as they keep saying, or guilty! We cannot linger or spare a moment! We should get our answers by FORCE if necessary!"

Where two celestial worlds collide, Earth will be the battleground.

"Keitaro… heaven and hell are at unrest," Laharl looked at Keitaro. "If a spark is produced, there will likely be a war between the two… and Earth will be caught in the middle of it."


"There has been strange things going on here… and while I train you… I also have to find out what's going on," Laharl looked at him. "K2… do you want to help me in this one?"

Two agents… one goal.

Demon Eyes Laharl

K2: Keitaro Urashima


The Crimson Daylights

(Title is now official!)