Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

AN: This is a poem from Beast Boy's point of view about how he feels about Terra and the realationship he has with her. This is my first attempt at poetry so go easy.


I watch you with him, you seem so free

My heart is torn in two

Part is happy, part is destroyed

I envy him so, wish it was me

But if you are happy, then so be it

I'll try my best, to support your choice

Sacrifice everything, so you remain happy

Keep you in the light; I'll sit in the dark

To protect your happiness, I'll break my heart

He pushes you away and I see the years

You call to talk your pain away

I listen to you talk about him, help you find ways to keep him

You tell me how much you appreciate my listening

You tell me that you couldn't get by without me

But you go back to him; I help you on your way

My love for you never died, in fact only got stronger

The person in the mirror is not who I want to be

Hoping you leave him or him you, so I could have another chance

But I don't want you that way or to put you through it

I'd rather suffer for eternity, than be the source of your pain

So I sit here and listen to your heart

And pray that there is still something in there for me

AN2: Hope you guys liked it. Please let me know what you thought if it good or bad.