Unclaimed Words

Prompt: #005 Mother's words

Notes: Written for 2x5obsessions.

She couldn't remember whose words they were. Maybe they were Simon's. Maybe they were her father's or her mother's. Or they might be hers. She couldn't make sense of what they were saying and couldn't eliminate any possibilities of who the speaker was, until the words became clear.

She had the faintest impression that the words belonged to her mother. Although she couldn't make any sense of them, she could feel the warm waves of a mother's love encompassing them and when you deduced the options from that, it was only her mother who was left.

But Simon too had sent much love and care in her direction. Maybe they were really his words. There was every chance that she'd mixed the voices around so they were all in the wrong places, telling lies to her and trying to make her believe in that which was, in fact, not real but just an illusion.

It was too hard to tell. All of the words and faces and feelings contradicted each other, spinning falsehoods and turning her world upside down and inside out. For all she knew, the words had been forced into her brain while she had been used as a lab rat by the Alliance. She just didn't know.

Rejecting the near-impossible mission of determining the origins of the words, River let all the misplaced voices and thoughts wash over her, unable to fight them any longer. They weren't hers! They weren't! They were drowning her in memories that weren't her own! And she couldn't do anything about it.

She had tried fighting so hard. She had done all she possibly could. But it wasn't enough. Her mind was open to everything and it rejected nothing. No sense could come out of the words and she knew intuitively, that she'd never learn whom the words really belonged to. She was stuck with them, unable to return them to where they came from.

The words would remain unclaimed, taunting her in the back of her mind for as long as they were able to.