Summary: The Dark Lord is defeated…but not everyone survived the battle…

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: To be decided

Warnings: Major character death, probably bad language

Disclaimer: I own nada

Author's Notes: After this chapter, I'll do the reactions of various characters to the deaths. Want to see a particular person? Ask and you shall receive…

Prologue - The Daily Prophet

With the headlines splashed across every page – Dark Lord Defeated, Wizarding World Rebuilds After War – people were so caught up in celebration that few noticed the obituary, still faithfully printed amidst all the happiness:


The Daily Prophet regrets to announce that the following people were killed in action:

Lovegood, Luna

Lupin, Remus

Malfoy, Draco

McGonagall, Minerva

Moody, Alastor

Potter, Harry

Tonks, Nymphadora

Weasley, Frederick

Weasley, William


And the few that did notice found no room in their hearts for celebration.