Summary: The Dark Lord is defeated…but not everyone survived the battle…

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: To be decided

Warnings: Major character death, probably bad language

Disclaimer: I own nada

Author's Notes: After this chapter, I'll do the reactions of various characters to the deaths. Want to see a particular person? Ask and you shall receive…

Chapter 8 – Petunia

It had been a perfectly normal day – more normal than any other I'd had since my sister's spawn was deposited on my doorstep. And then the owl arrived.

Ever since I had first seen one, owls had always to me been the bringers of bad news and ill fortune. An owl had brought the letter that took my sister away from me. One had brought the horrible knowledge that we had failed to set her son on the straight and narrow. And now one was perched insolently on my kitchen counter as my hands trembled and tightened around the letter it had brought, bearing news I was in no way prepared to hear. My nephew was dead.

I didn't particularly like the boy: I'm not going to pretend he was anything other than an annoyance for most of his life. I couldn't have been happier if he'd walked out of our door and never returned…but liking the idea of not having to deal with someone is a long way from wanting them dead.

I'd never been particularly nice to the boy, never given him the love and the happy family he should have had. But even so, despite everything about him that drove me insane, the fact remained that he was my sister's son…and now he was gone. I should have taken better care of him. I should have been his aunt instead of just his keeper.

I'm sorry, Lily. I truly am. But I was never as brave as you, and magic frightened me. Maybe if I'd been a little more like you, your son would have survived. Maybe he wouldn't be with you now.

I'm so sorry.

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