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Love Note

Chapter 1: Encounter

Eden. A perfect utopia of trees, fruits, and rivers among the open sky. The wind carried a calm sense of refreshment from the west while the voices of laughter could be heard from any direction.

This was too perfect.

The usually schedule of the day to residents that resided here were the rituals of dancing, singing, harvesting, and playing. There was nothing to be afraid of in this land of perfection.

"This is boring."

This world was just too cheerful. Things were just to happy here. Of course, she could be playing with the other gods and goddesses, but their happiness made her depressed. The same feelings everyday…

Being happy all the time is boring.

The wind began to blow the trees with a hint of lilac and lavender in its wake. The trees swayed within it giving the area a perfect mixture of green and blue. Except for one tree. This particular tree bared only a few leaves while the soil around it was nothing but a dull black. It's trunk was large and thick while its branches were thin and brittle. The tree of the human world.

The breeze blew again while the goddess stood before the tree, in her hand, she held a light pink velvet notebook whose pages ruffled in the passing wind. Her grip loosened. The book slipped. Her note of happiness had descended into the land of the land of corruption.

The weatherman said it was going to snow today, but then again, the weatherman wasn't usually right. From what he could see, it was nothing but rain. Rain was good though; it's not that cold and gives you a refreshing vibe. Matsuda walked energetically from the third hotel that L (no wait, Ryuuzaki) had decided to work in for confidentiality. It was felt kinda weird though that he was the only one able to go home now…but then again Ryuuzaki had said that he should take a break and rest for a bit. He replayed it in his mind.




"You can go home now and rest." He sat with papers balanced on top of his knees and his finger pressed against his lip. Ryuuzaki wasn't looking at him, but sure he'd notice that he was still going through a lot of paper work…

"B-but what about the papers? I haven't finished reading the-"

"I'll have Watari read through them," He made eye contact with the young cop. "I feel that for you to fully be aware of what you're doing and to work at full efficiency, you would need a break. Please do so." Matsuda blinked. Was he worried about his health? He probably was. Ryuuzaki shouldn't be paying him so much attention…

"Alright! Thank you, Ryuuzaki. Is this alright with you chief?" Though L was in charge of this mission, Mr. Yagami was still his boss.

"I can understand where he's coming from. Come back tomorrow afternoon, Matsuda." The chief must be right, Matsuda thought to himself. I'd work twice as hard if I just had some rest! Gathering his things, he left the hotel room and proceeded to where he was now, outside in the light drizzle of rain. He was beginning to feel revitalized already due to the cool breeze and gentle sound of the rain. Along the sidewalk, Matsuda paused for a second to twirl his umbrella. Why? Why not? It was childish, but who couldn't resist watching the water fly everywh-

"Ah, what's this?" On the side of the sidewalk, a bright pink notebook sat near the bushes. Rain still pattered against it's velvet cover, and soon it would be drenched. A little girl must have lost her diary… Matsuda thought to himself. If he just left it there, it'd feel like letting a cat who missed it's owner wander stray. He'd also be letting that poor girl's memories fall into the hands of someone else who just might use this in very scary ways. He'd feel guilty if he didn't save it from the weather; diary or not. He stooped down on the wet pavement and reached over to the pink velvet book. He shook it a bit as an attempt to dry it out and placed it in his briefcase. Maybe he'd go back there tomorrow morning and see if it's owner was searching for it. The rain was getting harder, so he began to pace towards his apartment.

"Whew, it feels like I haven't been home in forever…" Matsuda sighed as loosened his shoulders and dropped his briefcase at the doorway. Fighting Kira was good and all, but L was right, he really did need a break. Funny how he'd only personally met three days ago and yet he could tell that he was exhausted. More than Matsuda thought he was himself. "Ah! That diary…maybe the owner wrote their name on the inside of it…" Matsuda reached into the side of his briefcase and took out the book. Funny, it was completely dry already… Matsuda sat by his kotatsu and put the object in front of him.

"Eh?" He cocked his head sideways. The cover of the notebook seemed to be in another language… "Note D'amour…?" He'd only taken English in school, but he was pretty sure that this was a French phrase. Intuition said so. Should I still open it? He questioned to himself, this really isn't mine and I would hate to violate someone else's private property… Matsuda placed his hand at the edge of the front cover. If he didn't now, it'd be practically impossible to locate the past owner. Yes. He should open this fancy pink notebook. This didn't make him a pervert, right? Matsuda began to open the notebook when he heard a knock on the door.

Matsuda was went rigid. No one usually came to his apartment, except for Lia who was the landowner of the apartments about his rent. He was sure he'd paid it off this month… Wait. It could be Kira. Kira had followed him home. The thought made his whole body shake. Kira had come wanting information on L. The knock came again. Gaining the courage to stand up, he looked around for any type of weapon. He didn't carry a gun so…the bat in the corner of the room would do nicely. If it was Kira.

"Just a second…" Bat in hand, Matsuda felt a serge of confidence. Boy would the chief and L be happy when they found out that he'd captured Kira… Matsuda placed his hand on the door handle, it was now or never… With a metallic Click! he thrust the door open. Standing there was a young girl at about five-feet tall with a long black Olden English style dress and dull black eyes. Her skin was fair and her hair flowed down to her waist, colored bright pink with an oversized black bow in the back to finish. Her expression was bored and dull, his expression was surprised and shocked, and there was a wooden bat going through her neck. Two seconds seemed to last an eternity. The young girl quietly backed away from the bat, so that it disappeared from her neck.

"Is this really how all humans greet each other?" She asked. Her black eyes remained lackluster.

"…" Matsuda's brain was not registering.

"I'm pretty sure you have my notebook, monsieur."

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