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Loi 1 : Le dieu ou la déesse qui est le propriétaire de Note D'amour pourra le récupérer en deux jours.

Loi 2 : La personne qui touche la Note D'amour pourra voir le dieu ou la déesse qui le règne.

Chapter 2:

Matsuda sat by his kotatsu, his tea shaking violently in his hands. Or were his hands shaking? He couldn't think properly. Across for him sat the young girl with the black dress and oddly pink hair. Her tea sat steaming in front of her, but she didn't seem to notice it; her dull black eyes seemed to stare directly at him, or maybe even past him. Close to the middle sat the velvet book. Matsuda wished he'd kept walking.

He began to replay in his head what had happened since he picked it up...He'd gone home, taken out the notebook, and then the girl had knocked and he'd -wait what did he do? No he couldn't have done that, let's skip that part- invited her in for tea after she said he probably had her notebook, and now th-

"You have my notebook, you know," The girl stated, her emotions still unreadable. Matsuda jumped a bit. Things were going too fast.

"Um…I guess I do…" That wasn't the right thing to say. An awkward pause pursued.

"So what do you plan on doing with it?" That was a weird question. Wasn't this her book? Come to think of it, she hadn't given him her name. This wasn't adding up…

"Well…I can't read it; it's in French I think. Oh, by the way my name is Mats-"

"Why can't you read French?" The girl cocked her head sideways. The instant change of emotion and posture made him jump.

"B-because the only two languages I know are Japanese and English..."

"Oh. I see. One would think that French would have become the prominent language by now…" She looked down into her tea as if disappointed. Yet, she seems to speak Japanese fluently…

"You're a foreigner, I'm guessing?"

"I guess one could say so,"

"You speak great Japanese for one who thinks so highly of French."

"Oh, I've got the gift of tongues. I can understand anything." Another awkward silence. The rain rhythmically tapped against the windowsill. Matsuda inwardly smirked. Putting his hand on the velvet book, he felt as if he was catching on. He couldn't be fooled so easily.

"So…you earlier asked me what I was going to do with this, right?" The girl nodded. "So it's mine, if that's what you're saying?"

"Yes, you found it, so the book is now yours," Giving a sly grin, Matsuda held the book up.

"So…what's this called?"

"In Japanese, it's translated as a Love Note," This was only getting better and better. He watched TV. He knew what was going on. He'd go along with it.

"So, what exactly do I do with this 'Love Note'?" Matsuda busied himself by looking around his apartment space. They had to be here somewhere…

"Well, if you write two peoples' names plus a certain value, they will fall in love depending on the value input into the notebook. This is the simplest explanation."

Matsuda blinked. This was pretty interesting.

"Oh really?"

"Yes, really,"

"No way,"

"Yes, way,"

"So, Horogurafi-chan, if I name an ant 'Bob' and another ant 'Kim', and write their names in this book, they will fall in love?"

"Well, no because ants are se-; pardon, but what did you address me as?" The girl's eyes narrowed to a perturbed state. Leaning with his head on his arm against the kotatsu, Matsuda waved the book with his other hand.

"Well, sorry to burst your bubble on this plot that you've obviously worked hard on, but I'm not one to be fooled so easily by these silly hologram effects. I'm a cop you know."

"I don't get whe-"

"You know what I'm talking about…me not being able to touch you, this ridiculous thing about a Love Note…you might as well just stop playing and remove all of the cameras and come out. I'm sure you had fun with the whole, 'Hey, let's stalk the cop and make him think we're Kira thing!' but you know, that's passing the line by a bit. But the thing you didn't know is that I'm one smart cop. It's not that easy to trick a guy as intelligent as me. So yeah, whatever comedy show this is, I'm sure we all got our laughs, but you can actually play this again on someone…less gullible." Monologue done, he was content. Boy he got them!

"Tota Matsuda-san, I am not a hologram. I am not part of some candid comedy. I really do exist." Matsuda blinked. He'd never told her his name. "That book is my book, which you picked up, which makes you its owner, which brought mt to you, which gives you the power to control the love life of others." Matsuda shivered. That sounded a bit creepy.

"But still, I wasn't able to touch you. This could also explain why you haven't picked up your tea. Are you not able too?" The maiden picked up the cup. Matsuda began to feel his beginning apprehensiveness.

"Whatever I touch, I can move. Whatever comes to me, goes right through me." With this being said, she splashed the tea into her face. To his surprise, it went right through her and onto the floor. The cop twitched. "Please hand me the book." Matsuda instantly gave it to her. She then began to rip the pages out of it.

"Wha-what are you doing?!" Tearing the pages out, she piled them into a pile on the kotatsu. After about a minute of constant tearing, she closed the book up and opened it again. The book seemed to have the same amount of pages. Crap.

"This isn't really something that happens everyday, Matsuda-san." Matsuda reached blindly for his tea while unable to turn away from the girl's gaze.

"S-So what was your name?"

"My name is Laetieaux,"

"And what exactly are you again?"

"I am a renaigami."

A renaigami? He'd heard of shinigami, but who knew there were actually love gods…

Upon thinking this, he began to feel that he had a new type of power…the total opposite of Kira's destructive ones. With this, he might be able to change the world. Such chances must be incredibly thin…Carpe Diem. It was best to seize the day.

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