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Chapter 6- Hospital

Kari awoke to the sound of her brother calling her name. She was thrown from her dark dream, and shot up in bed. "Tai!"

Tai was by her bed, fully dressed, his cell phone clutched in his hand. "Kari, get up now, we have to leave." He said hurriedly, quickly turning and rushing out the room.

Kari, still dazed slowly slid out of bed and walked to her door. "Tai, what's going on?"

"Not now Kari, I'll explain when we leave, now hurry!" Tai shouted back to her from his room.

The girl did as her brother asked and quickly threw on a pair of cloths. From her bed Gatomon stared. "W-what's going on Kari?"

Kari shook her head. "I have no idea, let's go Gato."

With that her and her digimon partner ran quickly out of the room, almost bumping into Tai. "Let's go guys."

*_*_* In The car *_*_*

Right as the three got into Tai's car, he flew out of the parking garage and began racing down the street.

"Tai, what is going on?!" Kari asked, holding tightly to Gatomon and the handle above the door frame, looking at her older brother. "Where are we going?"

Tai gave a quick glance at the two and turned back to the road. "Matt called me about 15 minutes ago. Tk's in the hospital. Matt's there with his cousin."

Kari's eyes went wide with worry. "Why is Tk in the hospital?" her voice shook slightly.

"I don't know. Matt didn't give me any details." He looked and saw her face. "It'll be okay Kari, Tk will be fine. He's strong."

Kari looked out the window, memories of the nightmare flashing in her mind.

Tk's blue eyes were cold and lifeless, glaring daggers right at her.


"Look how weak you are"

"What a sad excuse for a joke you are."

"No Kari, stay away!"

"I-I don't want to hurt you again. You need to go now!"

Kari shut her eye's tightly trying to forget it all. It pained her to see him like he was. 'I don't understand. Was it really just a nightmare?' She thought to herself.

"Kari?" Gatomon looked at her partner expectantly. It took a moment for Kari to register that Gatomon had spoken to her and she looked at the cat digimon. "You had a nightmare didn't you? I can tell, you have the same look on your face that you had when the Dark Ocean was after you."

Tai had been listening as soon as Gatomon mentioned dreams, and slammed on the brakes when he noticed he was about to run a red light. Gatomon flew forward and almost hit the windshield had it not been for Kari holding her so tightly. "Tai! Watch where you're going! I don't think we want to end up in the emergency room either!"

"Sorry." He said quickly, trying to catch his breath.

The three were silent for some time and when Tai began to turn, seeing the hospital sign dead ahead; Kari gave a quiet "yes."

Kari looked down at Gatomon and drew in a breath. "I had a dream about Tk. It was strange. One minute he was…evil or something and the next, he was normal again."

She glanced at Tai who seemed to be lost in thought and Kari knew he didn't like the sound of it.

"Do you think it has something to do with Tk's dream?" the digimon asked.

"Wait so; both you and Tk had a dream about something?" Tai asked suddenly as he turned into the hospital parking lot.

"Yeah, only in his, he was in the digiworld being taunted by someone." Kari said.

Tai parked the car and looked at his sister. "Does anyone else know, does Matt?"

Kari shook her head. "No, I don't think he knows. Just me, Gatomon and Patamon."

Her brother gave a curt nod. "Okay well, we're going to have to discuss this with the others," His protective brother person doubled before continuing, "It sounds like Tk may be in danger."


Matt stood outside the hospital waiting for Kari and Tai. The others, minus Mimi who was at school in America, were inside one of the hospitals group waiting rooms while Kat and his parents were at Tk's bed side. He was holding his phone like a lifeline and felt his throught tighten. Everything had happened so fast. One second his baby brother was asleep, the next he was being strangled to death by something. Matt was terrified, old memories from past digiworld experiences hit him twofold and he feared something was coming. And whatever it was was going to get his brother no matter what the digidestend did.

"Matt!" Tai's voice called and Matt looked up. Kari was walking along side him looking somewhat pale and Matt noticed the large bundle in her arms immediately guessing it to be Gatomon.

"Hey." He replied in a monotone voice. The three began to make their way into the hospital.

Tai squeezed his shoulder trying to be of some comfort for his friend as the blond lead them to where the others were waiting. "How is he?" Tai asked.

Matt shrugged. "I don't know. The doctors haven't said anything. My parents and Kat are with him right now."

"I see."

The group arrived a short while later. Sora opened the door just as they reached the room. She gave a weak smile to them. "Hey guy's." She stepped aside and let them pass. The group inside gave a slight wave and waited for Sora to close the door and the new arrivals to sit. Kari let Gatomon out of the bundle and she joined the other younger digidestend digimon on the floor.

Izzy was hurriedly typing on his computer and Kari could only assume he was messaging Genni. Davis and Ken sat next to each other, staring at the little digimon on the floor.

She looked at Joe sitting next to Cody who was holding a sobbing Patamon in his arms, trying his best to comfort the little digimon.

"Shhh, Patamon, It'll be okay." He cooed, gently stroking him and rocking slightly.

"N-no i-i-it won-t-t. I co-ouldnt protect h-him." The orange digimon sobbed.

Everyone gave each other a lost look.

"What exactly happened?" Ken asked, his fist's held together.

Everyone was looking at Matt, who sat next to Tai on one of the couches, his head in his hands. "It-it all happened so fast." His voice was low and the group almost missed what he had said. Matt lifted his head up and sat back in the couch before beginning to recollect the night's events.

"Something attacked him, and whatever it was held me and Patamon back. H-he's been sick all day, and it just got worse. I was hoping that, it was just some kind of flu, I don't know. He looked horrible. But…"Matt trailed off, his hands began to shake and his lower lip trembled. "That thing almost killed him." He looked at the other's who's face's showed nothing but shock and disbelief. "I-I had checked his pulse and…Tk, h-he stopped breathing. My cousin called the ambulance, and by the time they got to the apartment, his breathing came back, though it was really shallow."

The group was silent. No one knew what to say or what to do. Izzy had looked up from his computer, eye brows knitted together in deep thought. It scared them all to hear news like this. The fact that a fellow digidestend was harmed by some unknown force made them all weary of the evil unknown.

Sora knelt beside Matt and took one of his hands in hers. "It'll be okay Matt. We have to remember to be strong, for his sake. Whatever it is that attacked him," she paused and looked at the others, "we will all be there to help defeat it." She gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

Matt looked sadly at her and tried to smile. That was why he loved the bearer of Love; she had always been like a mother hen watching over them on their adventures; helping them when they had a problem, helping them if they didn't feel well. "Thanks Sora."

She gave him a reassuring squeeze, with a smile.

Kari bit her lip and looked around at the rest of the group. Even more so than after her dream, she was truly terrified. "I-I have something to add." she said looking at the sweater in her hands and suddenly she felt every pair of eye's in the room right directly at her.

"What is it Kari?" Yolie asked.

The teen took a short breath before starting. "When I visited Tk after school today, he told me and Patamon about a dream he had had."

Matt sat up straighter, his face became stoic. "The dream with the dark figure." He said and eye's turned back to him. "Patamon told me." So he explaied Tk's dream to the rest of the group.

"Kari had a dream as well." Gatomon added when he had finished.

Izzy spoke this time. "Was it the same as Tk's?"

Kari shook her head. "No but he was in it." She quickly explained her dream and paused a moment before adding, "I-it was almost as if he were, possessed or something. The dark figure in both our dreams is the one doing it all."

"Well whatever it is, it sounds really powerful." Joe said, sitting back and stretching.


Knock Knock Knock

The digidestend turned towards the door just as the Doctor walked in. Matt immediately stood up.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Kimura. I've been taking care of your brother Takeru." He stuck his hand out politely and Matt shook it.

"Is he okay?" Matt asked.

Dr. Kimura nodded. "We've got him stable again and he's sleeping just fine right now."

A smile spread across all the friends faces.

"We do want him to stay overnight for observation though, just to be safe that something doesn't happen again."


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