A/N: Okay, a few notes: YES, some of the facts in this story contradict each other, but I'm not going to go back and change them. I don't care. Oh, and Sam's starting rank is a full-fledged Colonel.

Chapter One

Brig. General Jack O'Neill stood up to answer the incessant ringing of his front doorbell. When he reached the door and opened it, expecting the three members of SG-1 or the pizza deliveryman, he was more than a little shocked to find a petite teen with dark brown hair that was very similar to the shade his used to be standing there instead. She had a suitcase at her feet and a duffle bag in her hand.

"Hi, Uncle Jonathan," she said in a very small voice.

"Hello Kristina," Jack responded. He stared at her for a few minutes in silence, taking in the sight of the seventeen year old before him.

The forest green eyed girl smiled weakly at him, "I guess you're wondering why I'm here."

"Ya think?"

Kristina looked at her feet for a minute before taking a deep breath and saying, "They kicked me out."

Jack ushered her into his house without a second thought. He steered her toward the couch, setting her duffle and suitcase down by the television. He sat her down on the couch and sat down by her, "What happened, Kristie?"

"I – before I say anything, I want you to promise me that you will let me finish without interrupting me." She looked Jack in the eye, "Promise, Jack."

Jack nodded, "I promise. Now tell me what happened."

"A month and a half ago I went to Melanie's birthday party. It was a fairly large gathering with about a quarter of our class there." She paused, taking in a shaky breath, "Someone must have drugged my drink because one minute I was dancing with Melanie's brother, Todd, and the next I was in Melanie's bed – naked. When I skipped my period this month, I got a home pregnancy test." She met her uncle's eyes, "When it came out positive, I went to the open door free clinic and found out for sure. I'm pregnant."

Jack was processing this information slowly, too slowly for Kristie's comfort. "Say something, Jack!"

"Did your parents hear that story before they kicked you out?"

She shook her head, "No, they heard that I was pregnant and they wouldn't listen to anything after that. They just told me I had half an hour to pack my bags and leave before they threw me out."

"What are you going to do now?" Jack asked, concerned that his brother and sister-in-law would just throw their oldest daughter onto the streets.

"I was on my way to a friend's house, but decided to come and tell you first. At least that way you won't be shocked when Dad or Grandma calls to tell you."

"Which friend?"


"Last name."






"I won't let my oldest niece stay at someone's house that I don't know. You're staying here and that's the end of it."

Tears welled in Kristie's eyes, "Thank you, Jack. I have a job, so I can pay rent. And I'll be going to school the whole time." She smiled broadly, "I'll even cook and clean for you. You still have that job that takes you away from home for a few days don't you?"

Jack smiled, proud of her memory, the last time he had seen her had been right after the second Abydos mission. "Yeah, I still have that job, but I don't have to go on so many trips now because last year I made Brig. General, and I'm now in command of that base."

Kristie's grin grew wider, "That's wonderful Jack! I'm so proud of you!"

Jack grinned, a grin he had saved for the only member of his family that had spoken with him after his divorce with Sara. Granted she had only been eight at the time, but Kristina's parents had stopped talking to him and even his own father didn't talk to him. All because they thought he was in the wrong and had sided with Sara.

"I knew you would be."

There was a compatible silence for a few minutes before Jack spoke again, "I'm going to put your stuff in the guest bedroom across the hall from the bathroom, okay?"

"That's fine, Jack. But, where's the bathroom, I really need to pee?"

"Hey, Kristie?" Jack called a few minutes later from her new bedroom.

"What?" She asked, walking in.

"Can I take you up on that cooking offer right now? I have some work friends coming over and I think they would enjoy the O'Neill family secret recipe for chocolate-chip cookie dough."

"Sure, I'll go get started."

Chapter Two

When Colonel Samantha Carter pulled up into the driveway of her CO's house, she saw an unfamiliar silver Honda Civic that was parked next to Jack's – no General O'Neill's truck.

She got out of her small car after parking behind General O'Neill, and walked up to the door. A few seconds after she had rung the doorbell, Jack opened the door and admitted her into his 'humble abode'.

"Hi, sir." Sam started, "Am I intruding? I saw another car in your driveway."

Jack smiled, "Yeah, that belongs to Kristie, and no, you're not intruding."

Sam smiled quickly, "Who?"

"Just a second and you can meet her." Jack waved to Sam to sit down on the couch before sitting in his favorite chair. "Hey, Kristie!" He called into the kitchen.


"Come in here! There's someone I want you to meet!"

"One second! I'm almost done with this! Did you or your secret guest want something to drink?"

Jack turned to Sam, who was looking at him like he was a crazy man. "Carter?"

"A beer would be fine, sir."

"Two beers!"

"Nope! One beer and one spring water! You drink too much beer, Jack!"

Sam stifled a giggle at the voice coming from the kitchen as a young girl with very long brown hair and laughing green eyes came into view. She was carrying a bowl with a big spoon hanging out of it, two spring waters and a beer.

The young woman smiled at Sam before turning to Jack. "Here's your water, and the cookie dough." She turned back to Sam, "And here is your beer."

Sam smiled and took it from her. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, the young woman elbowed Jack in the ribs; "Introductions are oh so very nice when they are made by someone, Jack!"

"Ow, you didn't have to elbow me!" He turned his attention to Sam, feigning hurt, "Carter, this is my niece, Kristina. Kristina, this is my 2IC, Colonel Samantha Carter."

Sam extended her hand to the young girl she now could identify as a member of the General's family. "It's nice to meet you." She glared at Jack playfully, "Frankly, it's nice to meet anyone from the General's family. We don't know anything about them."

Kristina smiled warmly and extended her hand, which Sam took. "It's nice to finally meet you, too. Jack talks incessantly of you, actually. And you can call me Kristie. My grandmother is the Kristina of the family."

"Thanks, you can call me Sam. So, what exactly does he say?" Sam asked - she was beginning to like this girl. "And why don't you call him uncle?"

Kristie laughed, "Jack, you were right! She does ask a lot of questions." She turned her attention back to Sam, "When I started to learn to talk, I tried calling him 'Uncle' a few times, but he always corrected me. Later, when I was about five or six, he said that me calling him uncle made him feel old. I've just always called him Jack. And he only says good things about you."

"Like what?"

Kristie sat down on the other side of Sam and turned toward her, "Well, there was this one time. I think it was the first time he mentioned you to me. He said that he had just come from the briefing for his new station under Cheyenne Mountain and that he had just met one amazing, attractive and I think he used the word saucy Captain Sam Carter." She raised one eyebrow as gracefully as Teal'c, "Challenging him to arm wrestling? Reproductive organs? I actually used that line on a guy about two years ago when he thought that the only reason I was on the debate team was because I had sex appeal." A grin of pride appeared on Jack's face.

"What happened?" Sam asked, curiously.

"Let's just say that he said it during a debate, I won and he got kicked off the team."

"Wow! Remind me never to get on your bad side!"

"I don't know what you're talking about, it was you who originally said it."

The doorbell interrupted their conversation. Jack, who had been contentedly eating his cookie dough while listening to the conversation, was about to get up when Kristie waved him down and went to answer the door.

On the other side she found two formidable looking men. One was African – American and appeared to be about 6'4" and the other was white and just a few inches shorter. Both had the muscles of soldiers.

"Um, hi." The white one with glasses said.

Kristie sported the O'Neill family smirk, "Hi."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Kristina O'Neill, who are you?"

"I'm Daniel Jackson and this is T. Murray. It's very nice to meet you," he said, extending his hand.

Kristie took the offered hand and smiled as realization dawned on her youthful face. "OH! You're that Dr. Jackson! It's very nice to meet the man who somehow always manages to break his glasses at least twice a month! And you must be Teal'c! Jack always talked fondly of your skill in the battle field."

Teal'c bowed his head in respect, as Daniel looked at this new person, confused. "Who are you?"

"I'm Jack's niece, Kristie. But I'm sure that that means nothing to you whatsoever as Jack hates to talk about his family. I'm actually the only one that still talks to him. But please, I'm being rude! Come in; come in. Sam's already here."

Kristie ushered the two men into the living room and stayed standing as they sat, "Would you like something to drink?"

"A beer would be great."

"No, Jack talks a lot about his old team. Including the fact that you can only hold two." Daniel shot a glare at Jack, who sheepishly looked down into the bowl on his lap.

"Then can I get some orange juice?"

"Sure. Teal'c, what would you like?"

"I would greatly enjoy some Diet Pepsi."

"Great, I'll be right back."

When Kristie had left the room, Daniel shot another glare at Jack. "She regulates who drinks alcohol?"

Sam chuckled, "She wouldn't even get the General a beer. She made him drink water."

Chapter Three

There was a sinking feeling in Kristie's stomach that she had come to recognize as the first sign that she was about to throw up. She quickly rose from the seat she was standing in, interrupting what Daniel was saying about some set of ruins in Egypt. It wasn't that she wasn't paying attention, she was actually thinking about painting her interpretation of the ruins.

Daniel stopped talking as Kristie stood, her eyes getting bigger by the second, "I'll be right back," she nearly whispered.

She ran from the room and into the bathroom, where sounds of someone's lunch and breakfast coming up were soon heard. Sam was about to get up to check on her but Jack held her back. "It's all right, she'll be fine."

"Jack!" Daniel said, irritated, "She's throwing up in there! She could be carrying something really serious!"

Jack met Daniel's gaze and gave the younger man a look that shut him up. "Oh, she's carrying something serious alright. She's carrying a baby."

"She's what?" both of the other Tauri in the room exclaimed.

Teal'c looked at them both calmly, "I believe O'Neill just informed us that Kristie O'Neill is pregnant."

Sam glared at Jack, "I heard, Teal'c. But why didn't he tell us?"

Jack sighed; sounds of retching could still be heard from the bathroom. "I found out about ten minutes before you showed up, Carter. And I figured that if she wanted all of you to know, she would be the one to bring it up."

"Then why didn't she?" Daniel asked after he had sufficiently calmed down.

"Because her family – our family – kicked her out when she told them. I know what it feels like to live with that family and believe me she's still thinking that most people are going to react to it like they did."

"Then why did she tell you?"

"I told Jack because when I was little and got into trouble, he was always the one to smooth over things with my parents." Kristie smiled stiffly as she sat down again. "We were always in the same boat, so to speak, at family reunions and holidays. No one talked to him except for me, and everyone looked at me as a nuisance because I did things that they considered 'not appropriate for a young respectable lady'. When I told my parents that I was pregnant, they looked at it as the proverbial straw and kicked me out."

The part about no one talking to Jack at family functions caught Sam's attention, "Why does everyone hate the General in your family, Kristie?"

Kristie looked at her uncle for permission to tell them the truth, with a look Jack told her what was okay for them to know. "Well, we are a very Catholic family and the divorce between Aunt Sara and Jack was blamed entirely on him." She grimaced, "It doesn't help matters that our family is one of the major 'clans' in Ireland and we're respected and looked up to. Whenever someone makes a huge mistake, they are disowned." At this she started giggling, and much to the surprise of the three others in the room, Jack joined in.

"What's so funny?" Daniel asked them, with a strange look on his face.

As soon as Jack got the laughter under control, he explained, "The last patriarch of our clan, Connor O'Neill, was a misfit in his family and was disowned from his family himself. He was the only decent person left in our family besides the two of us. When he died ten years ago, he left me the cabin and lake in Minnesota because he knew that if he left it to anyone else they would sell it, and a substantial amount of money for both Kristie and myself. Everyone else got nothing."

Kristie started giggling again, "It tells you a lot about who he liked the most."

"So, what are you thinking about naming the babies?" Jack asked curiously.

"Jacqueline and Michael are top on my mind, Jack," Kristie responded plainly.

"And, who's your doctor?" Sam asked, concerned with the girl's welfare.

Kristie looked at her fondly. She was beginning to like this woman, "I was using the family doctor, but I'll probably have to find a new one since they kicked me out."

Jack and Sam locked eyes before Jack said, "I want you to use Dr. Fraiser."

Daniel furrowed his brow, "Jack, I'm not so sure that would be a good idea considering the nature of her work."

Kristie looked at the archeologist's worried expression and laughed, "I know all about the SGC, Dr. Jackson. There's no problem with that from my end."

"How is it that you know about Stargate Command, Kristie O'Neill?" Teal'c asked solemnly.

Jack and Kristie exchanged a look before she said, "I'll just show you." The young woman rose from her seat and left the room, only to return a few minutes later with a gray stone in her hand that looked remarkably like an Asgard communication device.

When she put it to her heart, the response was almost instantaneous. A voice SG1 recognized as Thor's penetrated the silence, "Kristie O'Neill, greetings."

"Hello, Thor," the girl said with a smile on her face at her shocked companions, "Would you mind beaming down, please? I'm in a secure place."

Moments later a blinding white flash of light filled the room. When it dissipated, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, Thor, was standing next to Kristie.

Chapter Four

Thor blinked as he registered the people in the room. He turned his head so he was looking up at Kristie, "Kristie O'Neill, you did not mention to me that there were others in the house."

Kristie smiled like a child who was caught with their hand in the cookie jar, "Well, you didn't exactly ask. And plus, I thought the Asgard could detect how many life forms were present in a room."

"We can. However I did not do so before I beamed down. I trusted that you would not compromise me."

"And I didn't. You know all of these people."

This brought Daniel out of his shock at seeing the Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet beaming into his best friend's house in the presence of a civilian. "What the hell is going on here?" he demanded harshly.

Jack winced at the younger man's tone. "Calm down, Daniel. It's nothing to get excited over."

Daniel sent Jack a look that would have made Ba'al quiver in fear. "Nothing to get excited about! Jack! First we find out that you have a niece, and then we find out that she's pregnant, and finally to put the icing on the cake – we find out that she knows Thor! How the hell is that 'nothing' to get excited about?"

Kristie couldn't help but start laughing at Daniel's outburst. When he shot her a glare, she just started to laugh even harder.

Sam, realizing the hilarity in the situation, soon joined her. One by one, all the Tauri in the room and the sole Jaffa started laughing.

Thor just stood there blinking, attempting to comprehend what was so funny.

When everyone had finally calmed down, Kristie led Thor to the couch so he could sit down and then sat down in the seat she had vacated earlier.

"I'll explain everything, just promise no more outbursts like that Daniel."

Daniel looked at the ground sheepishly, "I promise."

"Okay, to start, the first time Thor visited me, I was about four years old. He has visited me ever since then, telling me about the Asgard, Goa'uld, Tok'ra, Knox, Furlings and the Ancients." She smiled, remembering her childhood, "I wasn't really given very much attention as a child. My parents were and still are always off at parties and trips around the world. Thor got me through all that. Every changing Nanny and maid that my parents hired for me, he was with me through it all." She took a deep breath, preparing herself for what she had to say next.

"About nine years ago, Thor showed up to give me a birthday gift. While he was showing me how it worked, he said that he had met a different O'Neill. When he said that it was Jack, I got rather excited and asked if I could share what I knew of the Asgard with him. Thor consented and ever since then I have shared all my knowledge of the Asgard with Jack and he has shared all the really funny stories of SG-1 and the other SG teams with me."

Sam and Daniel were in shock with this declaration. "Does this mean that you have knowledge of the Stargate, Kristie O'Neill?" Teal'c asked, trying to get a better grip on things.

The young woman nodded, "Thor told me all about the Stargate system."

"Why?" Daniel asked curiously.

"Why what?"

"Why did he tell you about the Stargate?"

"Thor told me that I was special and I had the right to know."

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Daniel, Teal'c and Sam all came to the conclusion that Dr. Fraiser as Kristie's doctor would be the right course of action.

When this decision had finally been made, Thor turned to his young Tauri friend, "Kristie O'Neill, I beamed a gift for you into your room. I really must get back to my ship now." He stood and looked at everyone in the room, "Goodbye O'Neill, Colonel Carter, Dr. Jackson, Teal'c. And especially you, Kristie O'Neill. I hope you remain well."

Moments later a flash of white light filled the room and when it vanished, Thor was gone.

Kristie yawned quietly. "I think I'm going to go to bed. This kid is making me sleep almost twice as much as I used to."

"That's a good thing, Kristie," Jack quipped. "You almost never sleep. You're almost as bad as the science twins over here."

Kristie smiled as she left the room, "Goodnight everyone. It was very nice to meet all of you. Finally."

Chapter Five

Daniel rounded on Jack as soon as he heard Kristie's bedroom door click shut. "So, Jack? Want to play a game?"

The Brigadier General eyed the younger man suspiciously, "And what 'game' would that be, Space monkey?"

"Twenty questions."

Jack glared at him, "I don't really feel like 'playing' that right now."

Now was Sam's turn to add wood to the fire, "Oh, come on General! It would be fun. And we can make a little wager about it too."

"Carter, what would we bet? Twenty questions is not a game of competition."

"Indeed it is, O'Neill," Teal'c said in his usual monotone voice.

"Not the way these two play, T-man."

"If you answer all twenty of Daniel's questions and all twenty of mine truthfully then you win. If not, we win."

Jack thought it over for a few moments before asking Sam in a husky voice, "What do I win?"

Sam blushed profusely, before leaning over to whisper something in his ear that made his eyes bug out temporarily. "Okay, I'm game. But if I win, you have to…" Jack leaned over and whispered her part of the deal.

By the shade of red Sam's face got, the other two men in the room had a general idea of what Jack had bet her. "Alright, I'm game," Sam said after she regained the ability to speak.

Daniel looked back and forth between two of his closest friends, trying to piece together what they may have said to one another. "Okay. First question: How big is your family?"

"I am the seventh child out of eleven. I have six brothers and four sisters. My father was the youngest out of seven boys, my mother the second oldest out of four children. My siblings, in age order are Bran, Brendan, Devin, Doran, Finnbar, Finley, me, Líle, Kayley, Kiera, and finally Mave. Bran and Brendan are twins, Devin and Doran are twins, Finnbar and Finley are twins, my twin is Líle, Kayley and Kiera are twins and Mave's twin was a stillbirth. Bran, Kayley and Mave are all not married. Devin is married but has no children. Doran is married and has six children named Kristina, Sarah, Babette, Luke, Martha and Thomas. Finnbar has five daughters named Ada, Abigail, Astra, Alena, and Alexia. As you can tell his wife and him loved the letter 'a'. Líle has eight children named Bridgette, Athena, Paden, Padma, Gabe, Melissa, Ean and Una. Kiera only has two children right now, Peter and Paul. And I think that about sums up my family."

Silence filled the room as everyone tried to process the amount of siblings, nieces and nephews Jack had. Kristie came out of her new room dressed in pajamas and paused at the sight before her. She turned to her uncle and asked very calmly, "You told them how big the family was didn't you?"

Jack smiled rather smugly, "Yep. It's the first time in nearly ten years that they've been speechless. What are you doing up? I thought you went to bed."

"Oh, I wanted a glass of water, and I wanted to let Sam get a look at the new toy Thor left in my room."

Sam's head shot up at the mention of a new 'toy' for her to look at. "Thor left you a piece of Asgard technology freely?"

Kristie smiled, "I've known him for almost thirteen years. He leaves me things that are broken, and I fix them for him."


"Something about 'dumb ideas'. Anyway, I thought you might like a chance to look at it before I do anything."

Sam grinned, already thinking of what it might be. "I love to."

"Great, I'll just give it to Jack in the morning so you don't ruin your team night with mechanics." The young girl then turned on her uncle. "I have school tomorrow so I don't want you four being really loud and I don't want to wake up to find an uncle with a hangover. Is that understood?"

Jack looked down sheepishly, "Yes, ma'am."

"Good, now I'll be asleep, so don't burn the house down." With that she walked into the kitchen, retrieved a bottle of water from the fridge, and went back to bed.

"Napoleonic power monger," Jack whispered under his breath.

"I heard that!" Kristie yelled before shutting her door.

Chapter Six

Daniel, shocked at the turn of events, continued his interrogation after Kristie had gone back to bed. "Okay, second question: What happened to your other two brothers? You left out Brendan and Finley."

A sudden wave of grief washed over Jacks entire demeanor as he stared at the younger man, "I didn't exclude them at all. They both died in a plane crash ten years ago."

"What happened?" Sam asked in a small voice.

"Does that count as question three?"


"I was flying them both to Ireland for Devin's wedding and our plane crashed when there was some engine trouble off the coast." Jack's eyes glazed over as he remembered that fateful day.

"Number four: Is that why you were disowned?" Daniel asked.

"Partly, that was just the proverbial straw."

"What else factored into it?"

"My divorce with Sarah, Charlie's death, my being in the Air Force, my suicidal behavior…" He smiled coldly, "God forbid that any O'Neill screw up."

"Suicidal behavior?" Daniel asked in a whisper.

Jack's eyes flashed extreme anger, "You know what, Carter? You win, I can't and won't do this with you."

"No," Sam whispered, "We had no right to bring up memories like that with you. But, please, can I ask you one more question?"

"I reserve the right not to answer."

"That's fine. Do you know who the father of Kristie's baby is?"

Jack furrowed his brow in a frown, "No. She said that she passed out and was raped."

Now it was Sam's turn to frown, "No one deserves to go through that. Just thank the higher powers she can't remember it." The look of utter helplessness that passed over her face was enough to send all three of her teammates silently to her side.

"Sam, were you…?" Daniel couldn't even bring himself to finish the question.

She nodded silently, "It was a long time ago. I'd really rather not talk about it."

Jack nodded, "Alright then, I think it's time for the movie of the night. It's Teal'c's choice."

The somber jaffa grinned as he pulled out the DVD from his bag; it was Star Wars Episode 5. "I believe that this film would be the next one to view in chronological order of the series."

"Okay, T. Put it on while I get the drinks and popcorn," Jack said rising from his seat.

When he had left the room, Daniel turned on Sam, "So, what did you win?"

Sam's crimson face made the man's thoughts go immediately to the gutter; "He has to stop calling me 'Carter' when we're not at work."

When Jack came back into the room, he found Daniel doubled over in laughter, Sam red as a beet, and Teal'c simply sitting there with an amused look on his face.

After the movie was over, Sam glanced around the room and found Daniel curled up in the chair asleep – Teal'c attentively watching the closing credits, and Jack staring at her intently in the glow of the television.

Their eyes met for a brief second and Jack relayed to Sam his concern for her after her confession. Sam's look conveyed back to him that it was all right and that she'd tell him later.

Sam gently woke Daniel up, as Teal'c turned off the DVD player and put the movie back in his bag.

Jack cleared away the glasses, while Teal'c picked Daniel up and took him to the making a very quiet exit.

Jack shut the door after the two men and turned to find Sam closer to him than he'd thought. Their noses were a hair's breath away from one another and before either had time to process what was happening; their lips were locked in a passion filled kiss that spoke volumes.

The two broke a few minutes later out of a need of oxygen. Jack rested his forehead against Sam's and asked, "What was that for?"

Sam smiled impishly, "Oh, I don't know. I guess it was for being you. And possibly because I'm kinda horny right now."

Jack could feel the blood leave his face as he took in what she just said. She kissed him softly on the lips before moving past him to the door, "Bye bye, flyboy."

As she sauntered out to her car, Jack watched from the doorway, flabbergasted at the kiss that had just occurred. After shutting the door and turning around, he found Kristie staring at him intently with her head cocked to one side, "Smooth move… flyboy."

Chapter Seven

A week later, Kristie was getting dressed for school, and upon trying to zip up her favorite pair of jeans came to a frightening discovery – they wouldn't zip up. Try as she might, the damn zipper just wouldn't zip up.

She walked into the kitchen where her uncle was eating breakfast and said, "Uhh, Jack?"

"What, Kris?" He said, not even looking up from his coffee.

"I have a little problem here."

He looked up and saw her holding the zipper of her pants, "They're too small."

"Try a different pair," he suggested helpfully.

"This is the sixth and last pair of jeans that I own. None of them fit anymore."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

Kristie sighed and sat down, "Call my school and tell them that I'm sick so I can go shopping today and buy bigger clothes."

Jack looked at her like she had just asked him to explain quantum physics to her. "No. I'll have Carter meet you here after school so you can go shopping then. You are not missing school without a better reason than 'none of my pants fit anymore'."

Kristie glared at him, "You are so mean."

Jack grinned, "I've had lots of practice."

Kristie sighed again and got up from the table, "I guess I'll just have to be a little more formal today. I have a couple of skirts that have elastic waists that should still fit."

Kristie, dressed in an outfit that she normally saved for church, was waiting by her locker for the first class of the day to start, when three girls her age came up and started talking to her.

"Hey, Kris!" The first girl, with deep brown shoulder length hair, said, "You never actually told me where you were staying last week."

Kristie smiled, suppressing the queasiness that she was starting to feel with a saltine. "Hey Clara. My uncle, Jack, is letting me stay with him for the moment."

"Isn't he the one that got disowned?" the second girl inquired.

Clara shot her a look, "That's not a very nice thing to ask, Melanie."

Kristie smirked, "No, it's all right. Yes, Mel, he's the one that got disowned."

The third girl, who knew nothing of Kristie's pregnancy, had the gall to say, "My God Kris! It looks like you've put on a few pounds, you're starting to look like a cow."

The other three girls glared at their red headed 'friend'. "Gee, thanks, Susanna. It's not every day that a girl becomes pregnant and gets to here from one of her friends that she looks like a cow!" There was a sudden gust of wind that sent the cold-hearted Susanna plummeting to the ground with her skirt hiked up revealing Barbie underwear. Strangely enough, the wind left the other three girls untouched.

The bell rang, summoning all the high schoolers to their first class.

It was during second hour that Kristie's day got a little bit more interesting. She was in biology listening to the substitute explain the day's assignment.

"Today, we are going to be looking at the organs of a pig. But, as always, you have to find the organs first – by dissecting said pig," the middle-aged man stated calmly.

At the sound of the assignment, Kristie started to feel nauseous again. She quickly pulled out another saltine and began to nibble on it.

"There's no eating in this class, Ms…O'Neill is it," the substitute, Mr. O'Brien shouted. "Put that away or go to the principal's office."

The class, who had heard a rumor that the beautiful Kris was pregnant, looked at her to gage her response. "Mr. O'Brien," the young girl said calmly, "Either I eat this cracker and am able to do the assignment, or I don't and I throw up on your shoes. Take your pick."

The class erupted in laughter at the antics of the impertinent O'Neill. Mr. O'Brien, however, was not easily swayed in his resolve. He turned to the student teacher that just so happened to be Jonathan O'Neil – Jack's clone – and said to him, "Mr. O'Neil would you please escort Ms. O'Neill to the principal's office."

Now it was John's turn to stand up for the niece that he hadn't seen in years, "You know, Mr. O'Brien, you could get in a lot of trouble if it was found out that you were discriminating against a pregnant student." John's eyes got that dark shade of brownish-black that Jack's subordinates and enemies had learned to fear as he continued, "You wouldn't want the school board to find that out would you?"

Mr. O'Brien was outraged, "Fine! I'll take her to the principal's office myself! Stay here and watch the classroom Mr. O'Neil."

With that the over dramatic teacher grabbed Kristie's hand and flew out the door to the infamous Principal Slone's office. Halfway there Kristie could no longer control her stomach, and she threw up everything she had consumed for breakfast right on the man's shoes.

"You're going to pay for that you little bitch!" the man hissed in a low tone that only Kristie could hear before dragging her into the office.

When the secretary saw the state of one of her favorite students, Kristina O'Neill, she immediately took the trashcan from under her desk and brought it over to where the young woman had been deposited in a heap on the floor by the furious substitute.

"It's all right, Kristina," Mrs. Shirley cooed as she stroked the girl's hair.

She turned her attention onto the sub and demanded, "What happened? Dragging a pregnant teen anywhere is a crime, Mr. O'Brien."

The man was indignant, "She was eating in class and when I called her on it she spoke back to me, refused to do what I told her to, and then on the way here she threw up on my shoes!"

The elderly woman looked at the man's shoes and tried to suppress a smirk. She really didn't like the man all that much and thought that he probably had deserved it. Mrs. Shirley looked back down at Kristie, who had stopped throwing up and was now sitting there quietly, "What happened in class, dear?"

"We were suppose to dissect pigs today and just the sound of it was making me feel ill." The young woman explained. "I knew from last week when we dissected frogs that if I just had a cracker my stomach would settle, so I took one out of my bag. He yelled at me that food wasn't allowed in class and so I very politely asked him if he would rather me eat the saltine and do the assignment or not eat it and throw up on his shoes. Mr. O'Neil then told him that it was against the law to discriminate against pregnant teens and that was when Mr. O'Brien took my hand and dragged me out of the classroom. My stomach was already upset so it wasn't long before it just came up."

Laughter coming from the direction of Mr. Slone's office caused all three of them to turn and stare. The man was dressed in a crisp gray suit that perfectly set off his gray eyes and gave him a distinguished air. After a few minutes, Mr. Slone spoke, "Mr. O'Brien, by the sounds of it, you deserved what she gave you."

"Mr. Slone," the angry sub cried, "I demand that her parents be called immediately and that she be suspended!"

Those remarks made Mr. Slone very angry, very fast. "Mr. O'Brien," he said in a dangerously low voice, "You know nothing about this girl other than that she is pregnant and threw up on your shoes. If you had any idea about the family she comes from you would think twice about what you demand." He turned his attention to Kristie and in a much kinder tone asked, "Do you want me to call your uncle?"

The girl knew exactly which uncle he was referring to and nodded silently. Mr. Slone went back into his office and shut the door before making the call.

A few minutes later the door opened again and a very smug principal came out. He looked at Kristie and said, "General O'Neill is unable to make the trip because of a phone meeting he has with President Williams in a few minutes. He's sending three in his place." At the sound of that Kristie began to smile. "One Colonel Sam Carter, a Dr. Daniel Jackson and a T. Murray. Do you know who they are, Kristina?"

"Yes, they're friend's of my uncle. Sam Carter is his 2IC," the young woman said proudly.

"2IC?" Mr. O'Brien asked confused.

Mrs. Shirley snickered at his lack of knowledge with military terms. Colorado Springs was, after all, home to a large military base. "It means second in command. The general is sending his second in command to take care of this issue personally. Now, if you three will excuse me, I have work I need to get back to." At the proclamation of his student's family standing with the president, Mr. O'Brien found it difficult to breath and was suddenly inclined to make it known to all that he was in the right and Kristie in the wrong.

Approximately fifteen minutes later, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c all arrived on the scene of the principal's office to find Kristie silently crying, Mr. Slone trying to comfort her, and Mr. O'Brien sitting yelling that he had done nothing wrong.

Sam chose this moment to make their presence known, "Silence!" she yelled in her command voice.

Mr. O'Brien stopped talking and turned toward the voice, only to find two muscular men and a slim woman, all three dressed in BDU's. Sam glared at the teacher before directing her attention toward Mr. Slone.

"Now, Mr. Slone, what is this all about? General O'Neill said that there was a mishap at the school involving Kristie," Sam asked politely.

"Well, Colonel Carter, it appears that Kristina threw up on Mr. O'Brien's shoes after eating in class, and defying an order from Mr. O'Brien," the man explained.

Daniel went over to Kristie and she latched herself onto him like if she let go she would die. He managed to get around her vice grip enough to get something out of his pocket and hand it to her. She took it and smiled, "Thanks Daniel," she said as she began eating the chocolate.

Sam smiled at Daniel's common sense; of course a pregnant O'Neill would crave chocolate! Tears were still streaming down the girl's face, so Sam looked pointedly at Daniel, he got the hint and released Kristie to Sam's care and before going to help Teal'c deal with the insolent teacher.

Sam hugged Kristie as she cried her eyes out. "Shh, it's going to be all right, Kristie. It's going to be all right."

When the pregnant girl had finished crying her eyes out, Sam wiped the tearstains away with her thumbs. "Now, what happened?"

Kristie started explaining everything that took place – but to the dismay of Mr. O'Brien, she explained it all in French, a language he didn't know.

When she got to the part about Mr. O'Brien calling her a bitch, Daniel stopped his yelling at the man and punched him. The man went down, and stayed down. "No one," Daniel said, fury evident in his voice, "I mean no one, calls Kristina O'Neill a bitch and gets away with it, we could have you arrested for inappropriate behavior, Jack O'Neill still might."

"In the land where I come from." Teal'c started formally; "If a man calls a woman an inappropriate term, her family and her are within their rights to challenge him to a battle to the death." Teal'c's eyes bore down into the teacher's skull, "Be grateful we are not in my home land."

Chapter Eight

While Teal'c and Daniel where busy dealing with the scumbag of a teacher, Sam was busy comforting Kristie and calling Jack. She sighed silently, she had always thought of him as Jack, now if only she could say it out loud.

He picked up on the third ring, "O'Neill."

"Hi, sir, it's me," Carter responded into the phone.

"What's up? Did you get the situation taken care of?"

"Yes, sir. Her teacher called her a bitch after she threw up on his shoes. When we arrived she was in tears, sir."

The anger that Jack was trying to control was clearly evident in his voice, "He did what? I am so gonna kick his ass!"

Sam smiled, "Actually sir, Daniel beat every one else to it."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"As soon as Kristie told us what happened, Daniel decked the teacher. I think he broke his nose, sir. The man also has a pretty bad split lip. I think Daniel's been getting lessons from the Marines on how to throw a good right hook."

Jack chuckled, "Yeah, it's amazing to think that when we met him he was a wimpy archeologist."

"Yes sir." She paused for a moment before continuing; "I'm going to send T and Daniel back to the base so that you can reprimand him like a good CO. I'm going to spend the rest of the day with Kristie."

"You do that, Carter. See you tonight probably. Bye, Carter."

"Good bye, sir."

Sam closed her cell phone and looked pointedly at Daniel, "General O'Neill actually thought it was funny." She turned her attention to Teal'c, "T, could you make sure Daniel gets back to the base in one piece? The General would hate it if he got left out of all the fun."

Teal'c bowed his head gracefully. "Indeed I shall, Colonel Carter."

As they left, Sam turned her attention to the girl at her feet, "Come on, I'll go with you to get your stuff, then we're out of here. Mrs. Shirley, where's the sign out sheet?"

The secretary got out the necessary form and after Sam had signed out the girl; they left to get the bag that had been forgotten in the science classroom.

Kristie decided to let Sam drive, since she was still too emotional to see clearly. When they had piled into the car, Sam started the engine and tried for conversation, "So, Kris, where do you want to go?"

"Burger King first. I have a craving for one of their chocolate milk shakes and French-fries. Then we need to go shopping, so I can get maternity clothes," the girl told her, without taking her gaze off the window.

Sam smiled, as she wondered if it was a trait of all O'Neill's to think of their stomachs first, other necessities later. "Great. Now, the big question is: where do you want to go shopping?"

"There are some pretty good stores in the mall, and we can do other shopping while we're there."

"Fine by me."

After they had eaten their fill, the two found themselves wandering around the mall, buying maternity clothes and other miscellaneous items. when they saw an ad for the movie The Phantom of the Opera.

"God, I hated the ending to that movie," Sam complained.

Kristie glanced at her and smiled, "I know what you mean. Jack hadn't seen it so I made him sit down and watch it with me two days ago. He liked the ending. We got into this big argument about what the movie was actually all about."

Sam was rather shocked at this, "How could he like that ending? Kristine only wanted to be loved, it didn't matter which one of them she ended up with as long as they loved her. Raoul didn't love her as much as the Phantom did. He liked the fact that she ended up with 'second best'?"

As the words exited her mouth, Sam could see the parallels between the movie and her own life. Sam had felt so torn when she was with Pete only the previous year. She loved him so much, but it took him buying them a house and seeing Jack with Kerry Johnson for her to realize that she wasn't in love with him. But still, even now, Jack wouldn't even take the initiative and confirm that he was in love with her.

"All that had mattered to Kristine was that the man she ended up with loved her and was in love with her," Sam said in a quiet and meek voice.

Kristie nodded as she stopped in her tracks in front of a window display for ballroom gowns.

"Oh, Sam!" She cried happily, "Look at that black number right there. It would look perfect on you."

Sam eyed the dress her young companion was talking about. At first glance, it looked like any other black princess cut dress, but if you looked closer you could see what made this dress unique. It was strapless, with a shallow cut in the front to show off a little bit of cleavage on the wearer, it came to a defined waist, and then flared out gracefully to the floor. The thing that had caught the eyes of both women was that the skirt of the dress was covered in a sapphire blue flower pattern that looked interestingly enough like lotus blossoms.

"Sam you have to try on that dress!" Kris cried as she dragged her friend into the store.

Sam struggled half-heartedly. She really did want to try on the dress, but the store it came from was notorious for their overly high prices. "Kris I have nowhere to wear a dress like that."

Kris smiled impishly at the older woman, "You'll find some place to wear it. I heard yesterday, that the president was planning on throwing a black and white ball, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the program."

Sam looked at her, shocked at the news, "I guess General O'Neill told you that?"

"Actually, I picked up his cell phone when he was in the shower, and the president told me." She cocked her head to one side, very much like the way Jack did, "He invited me also, it's in three months so I'm not going shopping for a dress until about two weeks before hand. Now go and try that thing on! If you like it, then it will be my gift to you."

"I can't ask you to do that," Sam protested while fingering the material.

"You didn't. If you want that dress for the ball then I'll buy it for you – now scoot!"

"Yes, ma'am."

Chapter Nine

Sam thought that the dress was from heaven. There was only a very thin layer of tool underneath it, and beneath that, closest to her skin, was a silk slip. When she tried on the dress, she felt like a princess, it accentuated her curves, as if it was made for her. The blue thread that formed the lotuses on the skirt, was tinted slightly with silver causing it to twinkle in the light.

She walked out of the room, and found the shop girl and Kristie watching her expectantly. When Kris saw the look on Sam's face she turned back to the other girl, "We'll take it."

Sam went back into the dressing room to change back into her clothes and smiled, she was actually going to own this magnificent dress. Silently she wondered what Jack would think of it all – his niece spending a small fortune on a gown for Sam, and what he would think when he saw Sam in said gown.

After it was bought and paid for, Sam tried, for the better part of an hour, to get Kristie to show her how much it had cost. The younger woman fervently refused to show the receipt, even to the point of threatening to swallow it if Sam didn't shut up.

"Now, we need to find your accessories for that wonderful dress. I know the perfect little jewelers that should have what you need in way of jewelry," Kris stated expertly.

The two left the mall with enough bags to rival everyone else. Kris got behind the wheel, and took Sam to a small jewelers that she had seen many times before, but never entered – it had always appeared too insignificant.

Inside the shop seemed well lit, and contained many priceless beauties. An older looking man, who appeared to be about sixty, came out of the back room, and grinned when he saw his customers.

"Kristie," he said as he gave her a hug. "How are you?"

She smiled warmly in return, "I'm doing as well as can be expected, Stuart." Kristie turned to Sam, "Sam, this is my families jeweler, Stuart Comet. Stuart, this is one of Jack's friends, Samantha Carter."

Stuart held out his hand for the young woman to shake, "So you're the famous Samantha Carter? You have no idea how often young Jack comes in here talking about you." Sam blushed profusely at his words as he let go of her hand, "And what's this I hear, young lady about you being pregnant?" He turned on Kristie with mock hurt, "Why didn't you tell me? Here I found out because that father of yours came in to buy a gift for your mother without you." Stuart shuddered, "That man has no taste in gems whatsoever."

Kristie smiled, "I only found out last week. I have my next appointment with the doctor tomorrow actually."

"How many are there?" he asked.

Her smiled turned into a full-fledged grin and she looked down at her toes, "Dr. Fraiser said that she could hear at least two heart beats but she wasn't positive that there weren't more. We should know for sure tomorrow."

Stuart grinned like a fool, he loved Kristie like the daughter he'd never had. This news was some of the best he had gotten in months. "So, what are you looking for?"

"We're looking for some sapphire and silver based jewelry to go with a black ball gown on Sam," Kristie explained. "I was thinking a whole set."

Stuart smiled, "I have just the thing." He went back behind the counter and pulled out a necklace that consisted of three teardrop shaped sapphires evenly spaced and separated by seven smaller circular diamonds.

"Oh, wow," Sam said as Stuart carefully removed it from the stand and put it on Sam's slender neck. The middle sapphire hung right below her collarbone. Stuart then pulled out the bracelet and earrings that went with the necklace. The color of the sapphires was the exact same as Sam's eyes and made her look like a princess.

"Now we need the ring," Kristie said.

"No," Stuart said pointedly.

"Why? It's right there," Kristie questioned, pointing to the ring that she knew went with the rest of the set.

"It has already been sold. The buyer is supposed to pick it up tomorrow."

"It's all right, Kristie," Sam said to the younger girl, "I think a ring would over do it a little."

Kristie nodded, "I think you're right." She got out her credit card and handed it to the shopkeeper. "Just put it on here."

At that moment the bell attached to the door ringed and a woman about fifty years old came running into the shop, "Stuart I need your help!" she said exasperated. "It's Athena's birthday next week and I don't have anything for her yet." It was then that she noticed the other customers in the room. "Kristie?"

Kristie looked down, ashamed, "Hello Aunt Líle."

Líle Masters, the twin of Jack O'Neill smiled at her niece, "Your father told me what happened." She winced, "Or at least all that he knows. Where are you staying now?"

"With Jack."

Líle nodded, she had expected as much. She remembered the second woman in the room, and turned her attention to her, "And you might be?"

"This is Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter. She works with Jack," Kristie explained in a tone that told her aunt not to press the matter.

Líle smiled warmly at the other woman who was occupied in taking off the jewelry she had tried on. "It's nice to meet you, Samantha. I'm Líle Masters, Jack's twin."

Sam smiled a little nervously back and took the offered hand, "It's nice to meet you."

Kristie glanced down at her watch, when Stuart came back out moments later, the jewelry all bagged and ready to go. "Oh my gosh, Sam! We need to get going now, or Jack will have a fit when he gets home from work. It's already 1700 hours."

Sam took the bag that contained her new accessories and followed Kristie out to the car. "It was nice to meet you, Líle!" Sam called as the door to the shop closed after them.

When the duo arrived back at Jack's house ten minutes later, they found food on the table, and Jack in the living room, watching a hockey game beer in hand.

"Did you guys have fun?" he asked, seeing all the shopping bags the two held.

"Yep," Kristie replied, laughing at the way Jack looked at Sam.

Chapter Ten

Dinner that night was a beef pot roast, potatoes, and carrots – all cooked by, none other than, Jack O'Neill.

The trio ate in silence, for the most part. Kristie tried to concentrate on her meal, as opposed to dwelling on the glances Jack and Sam shared. Jack seemed to be preoccupied through the whole meal, while Sam tried to gage how bad "it" was.

When the food was being cleared away Jack stood up to do the dishes. Kristie waved him back down, "You cooked, I'll clean up."

Jack sighed and sat back down, "I don't exactly know if putting frozen food in a crock pot counts as actually 'cooking'." He winked at Sam, "But if it will get me out of dishes…"

Kristie walked back in briskly, "Do you want to do the dishes? Because Sam got an outfit today that I really want to see the full effect of."

This statement made Jack perk up. "What outfit?"

"No, no, no. You don't get to see it yet." Kristie informed him, "It's for the SGC's anniversary ball. So, do you want to do the dishes or not?"

"No, no, it's all right. By all means, you do the dishes," Jack waved her back into the kitchen before following Sam into the living room.

Sam sat down on the couch with a sigh, "That was really good, sir." She eyed him warily, "I didn't even know you owned a crock pot – let alone knew how to use one."

Jack put his hand over his heart in mock pain, "Why, Colonel, I'm surprised at you. Don't you know by now that I have many hidden talents?"

Sam smiled knowingly at him, before making a complete 180 with the topic, "What's bothering you, sir? Usually you're not this quiet."

Jack rose from the chair he was sitting in and began to pace, "I talked with the president today." He paused, before sitting back down next to Sam, "He told me some very frightening news."

"What's wrong, Jack?" Kristie asked on her way from the kitchen doorway to the vacated chair. "What did he say?"

He looked down at his hands. "They're going public."