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Tenten wasn't having a good day, to say the least. First of all, she woke up late, which is why she was going to be late for training today. Second, there was no hot water today so she had to take a freezing cold shower. Then when she finished, she couldn't find any hair ties, so she was forced to wear her hair down for the day. Tenten hated wearing her hair down because it got in her face when she trained.

On the street stared at her when she went by, because they had never seen her with her hair down. The only one's who have seen her with it down was her family. She arrived to her team's training grounds 20 minutes late, so her team was already there. When she arrived, they all stared at her in awe, amazed her hair was down for once. They were silent for a few minutes, until Gai broke the silence.

"Tenten, my youthful student! You are late today! You will do 50 laps around Konoha as punishment when training is over." he exclaimed happily. "Yes, Gai-sensei," Tenten said, knowing that trying to get out of the laps would be useless and would just end in her getting 50 more laps to run.

"All right, now that everyone is here, we can begin!" Gai said exuberantly. He got no answer from any of his students, for Tenten was looking in her bag to see if she had any hair ties, and Neji and Lee were still staring at Tenten in shock that her hair was down.

"Okay, Lee will spar with Tenten and Neji, you shall spar with me. Now, let's begin!" Gai said to his students. Neji walked away with Gai, leaving Tenten and Lee to train. Lee was still staring at Tenten while she rummaged through her bag for a hair tie. "Damn, none in here," she mumbled to herself. "I guess I'll just have to deal with my hair down for the day. Lee, are you ready to spar?" Tenten said, directing the last comment to Lee. Lee stopped staring and nodded his head. He jumped up and got into his stance. Tenten got up as well and took out a kunai.

Tenten made the first move. She aimed her kunai and threw it at Lee. He easily dodged it and started advancing on Tenten. Tenten took out some throwing needles, preparing to throw them. She waited for Lee to start moving toward her and when he did, she threw them. 2 hit him in the shoulder, but he kept coming at her. Tenten jumped back and threw some more needles, but Lee dodged them all. Lee advanced closer and closer until he was in range to hit her. He suddenly came up right in front of Tenten, preparing to hit her.

Tenten leaned backwards to avoid the punch, but she leaned back too far and lost her balance. She began falling backwards and she closed her eyes, preparing to hit the ground, but the impact never came. She opened her eyes to see Lee had grabbed both of her wrists to keep her from hitting the ground. He slowly lifted her up and she fell into him. He put his arms behind her back to keep her up.

Tenten didn't know what she was leaning on now. Her eyes were closed, and when she opened them, all she saw was green. She suddenly realized she was in Lee's arms, because he had just stopped her from falling down. She looked up and saw Lee's face staring at hers.

"Tenten," Lee whispered softly to her. Tenten opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out, because Lee's lips made their way to hers. She didn't try to push him away, either, because she liked the taste of his lips on hers. He pulled away, much to her displeasure, and whispered in her ear, "You look beautiful with your hair down."


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