Monster, Monster

Written by Jia Zhang

Monster, Monster, they would call and mock, their voices hissing with green venom, their eyes half-slit with cruelty. They would grin, and glare at him without smiling eyes.

Monster, Monster, they would chant like a herald, those words crashing and breaking his bones—he would prefer sticks and stones.

Monster, Monster, they would sing, that heart-breaking tune his only serenade as he fell into the cool embrace of Nox, drifting silently inside that womb of darkness.

Monster, he was called. A little boy who had lived barely a decade, with piercing blue eyes that glittered like pure sapphire stones the colour of the water and sky, locks of a translucent gold that reflected the benevolent light of the sun and the moon, and his skin a sweet, honey-coloured tan that reminded you of the ocean and the beaches and a land far away. A little boy, he was called Monster, and berated and mocked and victimized by a slur of words that cut through him much deeper than any sword.

Monster, Monster would hide away from all the sinful laughter and all the pain inside his own little world, buried under a heavy veil of sorrow and fear. Monster, Monster would sneak a peak out at that Other World and dream of belonging. Monster, Monster was afraid, so terribly afraid—because, he could hear inside of himself a warped beast who cried out in agonizing screams of anger and rage, and sometimes he couldn't distinguish the suggestion of that carnivorous beast from his own self.

So, he crafted a brilliant mask, and kept his secret cavern hidden from view. He would ignore the chants of Monster, Monster in hopes of someday belonging in that Other World.

And Monster! Monster fashioned for himself a strange jester costume in bright orange to entertain his cruel audience, and they would call him Jester, Jester in a childish manner instead of those malicious taunts. And so the Monster became a Jester, and kept himself buried beneath layers of masks and paint and brightly coloured fabrics.

But Monster! that Monster deep inside of him would scream with rage—Let me out! Let me out! and sometimes he wouldn't know what to do. He was just a little boy with bright Cherubian locks and eyes of blue gemstone. He, too, was afraid of the Monster, the monster deep inside—a literal manifestation and not a figment of imagination, a real living Monster, Monster! and not a writer's metaphor.

But Monster, Monster—the little boy couldn't be heard as he screamed in fervent fear and terror. He was ignored; he became a face and not an identity. He wasn't human, that's what they thought as they chanted Monster, Monster, MONSTER!

Oh, how cruel they were, so mean, so mean, who would call a little boy monster, Monster, MONSTER! But they were like that—always, always, forever and ever unchangeable and unmovable—they were terrified of nothing but the extraordinary.

But there was nothing for them to fear, there was only fear for the little boy they called monster, monster.

They little boy who cried all alone in the dark, who screamed in fear Monster, Monster!

Ah, yes. They were a monster. A Monster! who terrorized a child with Cherubian locks and gemstone eyes.

Note: This was written because Jia was bored, and refuse to be studying for her exams. In truth, she'd rather be playing Need For Speed: Carbon. But because her precious laptop, Chappy, was stolen, she really can't. Anyways, this is a Naruto piece written for Naruto that is a companion fic to my Sasuke vignette Hero.