Authors note: Just a Remus/Lily one-shot. It's very short but I have some odd attachment to it. It's obvious I don't own them. Enjoy and please review.

"Every time I've gotten my heart broken, Remus, I've gone to you. And you've held me next to this tree and told me I was beautiful and that the boy was horribly stupid to let me go and you brought me Oreo cookies and god only knows where you got Oreo cookies but Remus, I'm really wondering. What are you going to do now? Now that you're the boy who broke my heart,"

"Oh Lily, you're being hopelessly dramatic,"

"It's true though isn't it? It's always been you I've gone to and cried on and now I have no one,"

"You have James,"

"How dare you, you arrogant prick. You break my heart then force me on James Potter of all people? I hope that spine of yours twists and chokes you,"

"Lily, that's a little harsh don't you think?"

"Don't you think it's a little harsh for you to break my heart?"

"It was inevitable, Evans. We were doomed from the first time you kissed me in this very spot. We're too alike and too different and too tragic. And tragedy's never have happy endings, love,"

"We could have had a happy ending,"

"Lily, you'll leave me one day. Just like everyone else. You'll fall in love with James Potter and marry him and I'll be left all alone. That's why it's easier to end this now, before we're too horribly in love,"

"Oh, Remus darling, you're so silly and you're much too late. I'm yours. Forever and Always,"

"Do you promise?"

"Of course I promise. In fact, I'll tell you a secret. When we get married, I want to get married when it snows because I always said that when I was really in love, I would marry the boy and we would dance in the snow,"

"And you think I'm that boy?"

"Oh Darling, you're the only boy. From now until the day I die, Remus Lupin. You're the only boy to ever make my stomach flip flop and bring me Oreo cookies when someone has broken my heart or I've had a bad day. You're the only boy I love, Darling, and the only boy I'll ever love,"

"Do you still need those Oreos?"

"No, darling, I think my broken heart just fixed itself,"

"Good to know,"

"Yes, it's very good to know,"