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The Ties That Bind

"LEAH MCCAWLEY!" shouted the old looking nurse from behind the check in station

"Ok Leah this is it" Leah McCawley thought to herself as she walked towards the crowd of young girls lining up to check in for their first day of nurses training. "No turning back, this is everything that you've ever wanted."

"LEAH MCCAWLEY!" shouted the nurse again

Leah took a big breath and walked confidently towards the front desk.

"Yes, yes that's me." She stuttered

"About time" said the nurse with a thick New York accent "You will be in room 219 with Betty Anderson and Evelyn Johnson, that's on the 2nd floor" said the nurse unenthusiastically, while handing her a brown paper package most likely filled with her uniform. "Orientation is at 12" added the old nurse "Welcome to the Navy Nursing Corps, Miss McCawley."

"Thank you" she replied. Leah scanned the room full of girls laughing and talking to each other, looking for a friendly face to talk to.

Becoming a nurse had been what Leah had wanted to be ever since she was 9 years old. Now that she was here in New York she couldn't believe that her dream was coming true. Leah had followed her two best friends into the army, Rafe McCawley, her brother and Danny Walker. They had been inseparable since they were 5 years old, growing up Jackson, Tennessee. Where they would spend their days running about her daddies crops; playing their various war games. That was how she spent her childhood, with Rafe and Danny, always. She has never been so far from home before and being so far away from her family made her feel lonelier then she already felt.

"Hi there" said a voice behind Leah that broke her out of her train of thought, she whipped around and say a face of young looking girl with wavy blonde hair.

"I'm sorry but I over heard you checking in… Hi, I'm Betty Anderson; you're new roommate, if you like can show you to the room?" she blurted out rather quickly

"Oh, hello," said Leah rather taken aback "Sure if you like, I can't find anything in this crowd."

"Yes I know but, I arrived yesterday from Boston so I already know my way around." she stated "Where did you come from?" Betty asked as they walked towards their room

"Tennessee, just a small farming town in Tennessee" she said with a smile on her face reminiscing back in memory of her home

"Tennessee! You've came along way? How long did that take you to get here?" asked Betty

"Just about a day I presume." Leah said

"I guess you'll want to get some rest then?" Betty stated "Here we are." she said inserting the key into the door and opening it.

The room was plain, but clean with one big closet, three small beds and bedside tables. A big vanity sat in front of the wide window, which let in a fair amount of light. It wasn't much but it was home for the next three months. A young woman with dark brown hair was already in their unpacking her things into a small dresser.

"Evelyn this is Leah McCawley, Leah McCawley meet Evelyn Johnson our new roommate." said Betty

"Very pleased to meet you" said Evelyn coming up to Leah and shaking her hand "You sure have a lot of things" stated Evelyn

"Well I'm not sure how long I'll be here for so I packed quite heavily" said Leah heaving her suitcase onto the closest bed to the wall.

"Are you ok, Leah?" asked Evelyn "You don't look to good."

" No I'm fine just tired from all the huslin' and buslin' of today." Leah said

"You should get some rest before orientation." she replied

"No, its ok, I think I'm just going to unpack" she said

"So…" said Betty jumping on to the bed in between Evelyn and Leah, "You girls know any flyboys?" she said hopefully looking back Leah and Evelyn

"No, I'm sorry Betty I can't help you there" said Evelyn giggling

"How about you Leah?" she asked bunching up a pillow in her hand

"Two, my best friend and my brother." she sighed

"I like the sound of that, hope they got some friends, what's their names" blurted out Betty

"Rafe and Danny" she replied "Their over at the base just on the other side of the city. I miss them a lot I haven't seen them in over 6 months."

"I've never really had a family so I don't know what it's like to be away from someone you love." answered Betty "You will probably be able to see them soon, at the medical exams, I think were scheduled to go in about a month."

"I only wish it could be sooner!" sighed Leah

"Would you look at the time girls we gotta head down to the main hall for orientation!" said Evelyn

"Wow, time flies when you're having fun I guess?" stated Leah

The three girls walked out of their room and down to the main hall for the first day's orientation.

Later on that night…

"That could have been the most boring thing that I have ever had to sit through!" exclaimed Betty

"I need to get some rest!" added Leah collapsing onto her bed, resting her eyes onto a particular dark spot on the roof...

"Sounds like a plan we have a big day tomorrow we all need to be well rested" replied Evelyn, pulling out her pajamas.

"Good God Ev, you really need to lightin' up some times, relax! We're in New York!" squealed Betty "I could use the beauty rest though…"

The girls jumped into their pajamas said good night and turned out lights, exhausted from a long day. Half an hour later everybody but Leah was asleep who was under her covers writing a letter to Rafe about the days happenings…

My Dearest Brother Rafe,

Today was one of the most exhilarating and tiring days of my life! This place is everything that I had ever wanted it to be! How is the training going? Hopefully you guys haven't done anything stupid to get yourselves kicked outta that place! I would never forgive you if you did. Are you and Danny well? Hope their not working you too hard and feeding you well. I have met some wonderful people here; my roommates Betty and Evelyn are really nice. I think you would really like Ev, you two are so similar! I just found out that were coming down to the base in about a month to give medical exams. I can't wait to see you and Danny; words cannot explain how much I miss both of you. I'm sorry this letter is short but it's late and I'm mighty tired. Make sure you say hi to Danny for me, I miss you both so much. I hope to see you very soon.

Lots of Love,


With that she sealed up the letter and placed it on the nightstand for her to mail tomorrow. She smiled to herself and turned out the lights and fell into a deep sleep dreaming of what else could possibly be in store for her.

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