Dealing with Devils

Abby Ebon


Summary: House needs to get rid of Tritter- so he calls on an old favor. Lex is only too happy to do so- for a price. Smallville and House, M.D. crossover. Slightly Slashy, what with hints of blushes, and male/male crushes –snickers-

Disclaimer for "Dealing with Devils": I do not own "Smallville" or "House, M. D.".

Any rumors otherwise are subject to Greg House's biting humor. Wave a cane at your own risk.


House sat on his couch, hunched over his cane, and his eyes shut tight against the sight of the phone that sat on the table, right in front of him. Tempting as a devil.

The room was dark, silent, and while normally a silent refuge- it now felt empty, even to House.

He didn't really care- he needed the quite, he was hurting- a pain that wasn't just a dull ache. It was an avalanche hurtling down and drowning him in it, buried so deep there was no up or down- just the heavy pressure of pain.

Of course, he didn't show it, in any way his co-workers would recognize. Rather then mop about and whine about it, he was sarcastic and biting. He needed the cases, not to challenge him, but to distract him from the pain.

Everything he did tied back to the pain.

That was it in a nut shell. No one understood what kind of pain it was either, but then, why should they when they'd never felt anything like it?

He shuddered, as like a wave it stuck, shaking him about like a tug boat in the stormy sea. House had more self control then anyone, and he knew it, but this constantly increasing of pain was sheer torture.

He was lashing out, barely controlling himself when the pain increased, and someone said something that seemed idiotic. It was past the point where he could solely concentrate on one thing and forget the pain.

He was useless like this.

But, he kept going to the hospital to distract himself, if only a little. House knew he was hurting people that considered themselves his friends. Despite how sarcastic he was, that wasn't something he wanted to do to them.

He was left to one choice.

House was finished ignoring Tritter and his bullying. House knew of one way to get rid of a bully- throw a scarier bully at them.

Though, in this case, House knew he was doing the equivalent of throwing a rocket at a small fire- but it would get rid of Tritter, let his 'friends' keep their jobs, and get him back his pills.

It might backfire- they both might join up and turn on him. But at least, if they did that, he'd be the only one to go down. He'd probably get to keep his pills, and keep working out medical puzzles, if only in secret- and doing so privately on an expensive pay check.

After all, if Tritter thought that all those years of being a brilliant doctor, and saving hundreds of people didn't have its advantages, he didn't know who he was messing with.

House heaved in a deep breath, and shakily let it out, reaching for the phone. Dialing a number he knew by heart- only before now he'd only dialed it in his nightmares.

"This is Dr. Gregory House; I'd like to speak with Lex Luther. He'd be interested to know it's to call in a favor. Yes, I'll hold."

The secretary put him on hold- with Christmas music that didn't even get through the first lyrics, before Lex picked up.


Clark looked curiously over at Lex as he took the call. It wasn't like Lex to take a call when he could hold it off till Clark was gone. So, Clark let Lex have his illusion of privacy- but he knew neither of them would forget the others presence.

"Doctor House, Lex Luther speaking- how can I help you?" Clark frowned; something about Lex's tone had changed. He wondered if this 'doctor' was threatening Lex. Clark concentrated- focusing his hearing on the phone.

"I'd like you to get a bully of a cop out of my hospital- get my pills back- and make sure my friends keep their jobs. Can you do that for me- will we be even then?" Was House's pained reply; Clark chanced a glance at Lex. He looked worried- but, not as if it was the worst news of the day.

"Of course; are you alright?" Lex asked, sounding concerned. House let out a bitter laugh, and Clark didn't have to use his super hearing to hear it across the room.

"They took away my pills, Luther, how do you think I am?" Clark had to suppress a winch at the sarcastic remark.

"Alright, I'll get right on it. I'll even make a personal appearance." Lex finished, not waiting to hear the doctors reply, as he turned to phone off. At Clark's curious look, Lex grinned.

"Turns out, I'm flying to New Jersey to see a old friend at Princeton- Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, want to come?" Lex asked with a grin, Clark, pretending innocence of having listened to both sides of the conversation- shrugged.

"I have to ask-… " Lex threw him the cell phone with a small smirk. "Tell them it'll be a learning experience." Clark nodded, and dialing his parent's number- while Lex made arrangements.

His father was against it- but as it was his mother who had answered- and Lex was waiting, she vetoed him.

Under the conditions that he'd be back before Monday - called three times a day- as it was Friday evening.

Clark had a feeling they had 'adult' plans for the weekend, as their decision would satisfy his curiosity. and Lex was in the room- he didn't mention the doctor's call. He had a feeling his father would have forbid it if he had- and Clark did want to go.

He hung up- and Lex looked at him expectantly, he nodded to show his parents had agreed to it, Lex grinned.

"Great, the 'copter will be here in a half a hour. I also made arrangements for two rooms in a hotel- if we have to stay overnight. Now, what were you going to tell me before the call came in?" Lex asked; Clark had been trying since meeting Lex to tell him just what he was- however subtly.

Clark swallowed, and decided to tell him about Lana, and how he felt. He could practically feel Lex's urge to roll his eyes being suppressed- but like a real friend, he did listen to Clark.

Clark had discovered something within the first five minutes of being in a helicopter. The noise was hellish.

The very feeling of being airborne in a machine that could plummet to the earth at any minute, with only an explosion in the middle of nowhere to tell where they'd gone down at, was terrifying.

He'd probably survive it, but Lex wouldn't, and that made him even antsier. Not to mention that the stench of something akin to gasoline made him feel sick and strangely tipsy.

The bottom-line was that Clark Kent was not having fun.

Lex was aware of this, but he was also preoccupied, reading about Tritter. Lex was determined to know everything about the man, every mistake, every blunder, and every rumor.

He couldn't do that with Clark twitching every five minutes. You'd think now that we can go across country in half a day they'd make a cure to flight-sickness and nerves. Lex thought in mild distaste.

He resolved to invest in it, if only to have a calm Clark next time (if there was a 'next time') he went in a 'copter with Lex.

As it was, a calm Clark was preferable to the one who jumped at every noise, and looked ready to bolt, if not for the safety harness.

Lex was half afraid Clark would jump if the 'copter lurched too far. Lex switched his (and remotely) and Clarks microphones to 'private', which wouldn't let the pilot hear their conversation.

"Perhaps, it would have been better to have used the jet." Lex commented lightly in attempt to calm, or distract, Clark. Clark made a jerk of his head that could have meant yes, or no, just as easily.

"So how much does this weigh, exactly?" Clark asked, in a tone of voice one used when you didn't really want to know the answer. Lex merely sighed; he just knew he wasn't going to get any work done on this 'Tritter' character.

"It doesn't matter how much it weighs, Clark, just how much lift the blades can produce." The scientific explanation would boggle the mind of anyone off the street, and Lex didn't half understand it himself, but he knew that much.

Clark looked a little reassured, but not as much as Lex had hoped.

"So how far away is New Jersey from Smallville?" Clark asked, he might well have asked 'how long will I be trapped in here?' Lex had to hide a grin from Clark.

"I'd say about three hours." Lex said, the unspoken message being 'so get used to it'. Lex could just hear Clark pout, even if Lex was pretending nonchalance, and not looking directly at Clark.

"So what do you think would impress Lana?" Clark questioned him, Lex hummed; Clark had told him about the school dance, and that Clark wanted to go with Lana. At least that was what he had said; Lex felt that Clark had had his mind on something else, non-Lana related.

"Honestly, Clark?" Lex looked up to find Clark looking at him intently.

"Just ask her to go to the dance, sometimes it's just a matter of when, where, and how you ask her." Lex answered dryly, Clark slumped in his seat, disappointed.

At least he isn't thinking of the flight, Lex reassured himself.



AN: Not my usual style, but that's alright, I know the both shows- to a point, but we'll see. It seems an original crossover too…oh well, just an idea that wrote itself before I could stop it.

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