Dealing with Devils

Abby Ebon


Summary: House needs to get rid of Tritter- so he calls on an old favor. Lex is only too happy to do so- for a price. Smallville and House, M.D. crossover. Slightly Slashy, what with hints of blushes, and male/male crushes –snickers-

Disclaimer for "Dealing with Devils": I do not own "Smallville" or "House, M. D.".


House had left him in the early hours of the morning. 1 -or 3 AM, perhaps, Lex couldn't be sure. Other then the occasional nurse, he was alone – and once or twice he had thought that Clark would awaken – only to be sorely disappointed.

Lex found himself confused, why did he care so much for Clark? His own emotions went beyond simple friendship, it had taken Clark to near-dying, but Lex was not fool enough to deny what seemed to him to be very true.

He loved Clark, in a more then brotherly-way.

He wondered how his father would take it.

He wondered how Martha and Jonathon Kent would take it…

Most of all; he worried over how Clark would react to such a concept. He was not blind; Smallville was not a town where you flaunted differences – and Clark, out of fear of becoming even more different, might reject him.

Lex breathed out shakily, refusing to fear what he did not know. He was a Luther – son of a billionaire, and a millionaire in his own right – here was nothing that was not within his reach – for a price.

Lex knew the risks, knew the chances he could take, and knew Clark had always proved to be unpredictable.

"Lex…?" If anything could have snapped him out of his musings – it was Clark's voice. Lex looked up, his blue eyes locking with Clark's; he let himself smile for his friend. Even if he could feel that it was weak and somewhat shaky.

"Hey, Clark. Are you …comfortable?" Lex asked, desperate to keep Clark aware, Clark shrugged one shoulder weakly, a grin flashing over his lips.

"As much as I can be I suppose…do they know what's wrong?" Clark asked, his eyes peering up at Lex through heavy lids. Lex shook his head, silent, drawn – he hated that they did not know. Clark didn't seem surprised though.

"What happened?" Clark asked, blinking his eyes open – trying to keep awake.

"You fell over, after moving that table…anything else you did recently?" Lex asked as he brushed back Clark's sweaty bangs.

Clark shook his head, and then paused, frowning – he sniffed Lex's hand and chuckled – even as Lex looked away his mind filling his head with other things he could have Clark do with his hand if – no, Lex told himself...when, they got together.

"Never noticed how good you smell, Lex." Clark teased, then glimpsed as Lex touched his hand. Lex restrained himself from jumping away, furious with him self that he had hurt Clark – however accidental.

"Do your hands hurt?" Lex asked softly, paying attention to them. They were rough and big, and Lex purposely did not think of what those hands could do. Clark nodded, and then whimpered, the action causing him pain.

Clark's seizure took him then, sending small spasms thorough his body - right before Lex's eyes – and there was nothing Lex could do about it, and it drove home to him how badly injured – or sick Clark really was.

Later, the last thing either of them agreed on remembering was Lex screaming for someone to get House.


Lex woke with cool sheets underneath him, to a darkened room – and the scent of a hotel. Lex groaned, painfully sharp spikes shooting into his brain. Carefully, he touched the back of his head – sure enough, there was dried blood.

Someone had better have a damned very good lawyer. Then he remembered Clark, and the pain in his skull was forgotten in favor of near-panic of having lost Clark to the seizure the night befor.

"Lex, are you awake?" Lionel's voice echoed from behind the hotel room's door. Lex grunted an affirmative, knowing that his father would have someway of hearing it.

" Clark is alive. His parents are visiting him. The hospital has a two-person visitor's limit. Or so Dr. Cuddy is claiming." His father told him, Lex could hear the amusement in his father's voice.

"He is asking for you." Lionel finished then, and Lex heard his fathers footsteps fade. Lex, for the first time in his life, rushed to get dressed and appear in public.

The 'he' his father had been referring to turned out to be House.

"Did anyone happen to see someone hit me on the back of the head?" Lex asked, having seen the bump in the mirror, it was distinctly cane-shaped. House looked innocently up from his desk – and Lex wasn't fooled for a moment.

"Nope, no one saw a thing. Although, there was this most suspicious old lady with a walker- she complained of you're screaming about Clark dieing." House teased, Lex resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"What is it you wanted, House?" Lex snarled, in his opinion having just found out he was in love with a boy who was dieing of something unknown, and not having gotten enough sleep last night, Lex fully believed he had every right to snarl at whomever he wanted to.

"You spoke to him. What did he say hurt?" Lex felt the bottom of his heart drop out to be filled with cotton.

"His hands- said they hurt, he…he said I smelled good – which I really doubt, and then he whimpered, when he moved his head...and then…then…" Lex found him self unable to go on, and House nodded slowly, understandingly.

"Said you smelled good, huh?" House leered with a waggle of his eyebrows, and Lex glared at him, causing House to chuckle.

"My, hands." Lex snarled, and regretted it when House started laughing. Lex had to admit though, feeling awash with anger was better then the disheartening depression he had woken up with.


Martha was led crying from the hospital room, Jonathon hugging her around the middle, rubbing her back soothingly. Lex watched all this with regret, but he was quite unable to make Clark wake up to speak with them.

Lex, with wariness, approached them as they sat huddled together in the lobby.

"Hello, Lex…" Martha tried, dabbing at her eyes, to greet him. Lex nodded slowly at her, wondering what, exactly, he thought he was doing as Jonathon Kent glared at him.

Then, quite suddenly, Lex remembered watching a movie where a girl's future-boyfriend-husband, had asked her parents to let him date their daughter before doing so – and later to marry her.

It seemed a stupid thing to do, face-to-face with them, and in the surroundings of a hospital.

"Is there something you want?" Jonathon asked- the blame clearly thick at Lex's feet by his tone alone.

"I love him." Lex found himself blurting out to them. Stunned silence was followed, and then Lionel, apparently having stood just behind him during his confession without Lex's knowledge, cleared his throat.

"Well, that is certainly an interesting development…" Lex wondered if this was what utter humiliation felt like.

Oh, but he should have known better.

A scream – Clark's, sounded, and they ran to his room.


House stared down at Clark's charts, puzzled. If he didn't know better, he'd swear some grad' student had made this up for mid-terms. Yet… he had living proof in front of him. Clark's body was keeping itself alive by eating itself, giving, somehow, a healing. It worked better when Clark was awake, but it made him seizure as well.

House was curious, but not curious enough to kill the boy.

Another thing tugged at him – why did Clark say his hands hurt? There was nothing wrong with them. House eyed Clarks hands – picking one up, it was heavy –heavier then House had expected. House went over it with a fine eye.


House checked the other one – the one Lex would have been the farthest away from. House thought he might be on to something when he heard Clark moan softly with pain, and hoped he was when he saw the fine – barely noticeable black and green embedded into Clark's palm.

He knew he was when Clark woke up, screamed, and the green flicks flared to life. Of course, that was when the cavalry – a pale and furious Lex, the just-too-nice-for words Kents, and an amused-worried looking Lionel, came running.

House, seeing the nurses behind them, ordered a microscope and pinchers. Before the Kents could demand an explanation, House turned to them, thinking of something off the top of his head that sounded scientific and doctor-ish. When really, all it was a really good hunch.

They took it too easy, and House had them and the rest of the cavalry removed from the room as he worked on Clark's hand, painstakingly picking every bit of powdery green stuff out. It stuck like sand, but after three or four hours, House knew he had gotten all of it.

As if to prove this, when he looked up, Clark was watching him – Clark nodded his thanks, and House smirked.

"What are you kid, eh?" House teased – but Clark's eyes widened, and he looked panicked – and it dawned on House, Clark couldn't be human. Just as House was about to tell him not to – Clark ran, sprinting down the hallway in a hospital gown.

He was surprisingly fast for someone who had just been bed-ridden.

Lex was an adult –he was not wandering aimlessly to avoid his father and Clark's parents. He was…getting accounted with his surroundings. So, it came to quite the shock when Clark ran head long into him – landing them both flat on their backs.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Clark stuttered, looking down at his victim and seeing Lex, he gasped.

"Lex, oh! Are you alright?" Clark asked, Lex nodded, but remained very still, he found his reaction to Clark-in-a-hospital-gown very interesting indeed. He grunted instead hoping it sounded reassuring and not lustful.

"Lex...look I gotta go. I'll, um, see you back at Smallville? Could you tell my parents I'm alright?" Lex started to nod – anything to get Clark off… No, bad-thought, bad-thought, bad-thought…of him.

"Wait, why are you going? Why can't you tell them yourself? They've been so worried about you…." Lex told Clark, holding onto Clark's wrist as the teen tried to squirm away. He followed, till Lex had Clark trapped against the wall.

"You don't understand – I'm, I…" Clark stuttered and then silenced himself looking mulish, caught against the wall by Lex's weight.

"He's not human. Doesn't matter too much, he looks like one – and acts like one, but his insides are…much more…advanced I'd say, if I were an evolutionist." House said, looking very much amused by their situation.

"Hold him there, would you Lex? I'll go get the Kents – I don't doubt they knew, but it's about time they learn you're going to live Clark." House added, seeing Lex's face turn unreadable, he limped away, leaving the two of them against the wall, a sheepish and worried Clark, and a thoughtful Lex.

"Say… something…please, Lex?" Clark begged after a time of silence, Lex blinked down at him, seeming to take notice of their positions again, this time he smirked – leaning down to brush his lips against Clark's ear. "Love you." Lex whispered to him, a blush spread over Clark's cheeks.

Feeling daring, Lex pressed his lips to Clark's, hearing his soft whimpered moan, and the brush of his tongue against Lex's bottom lip, begging entrance. Clark sighed and pressed himself willingly against the length of Lex's body, and Lex wrapped his arms around him – a promise that everything would work out alright.

This time he ignored his fathers cleared throat. Though he did hear Martha's giggle and Jonathon shushing her as they walked away, the tap, tap, tap, of House's cane echoing their footsteps.


The End


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