Pokemon Trainer.

I love that phrase.

Covers up all sorts of sins doesn't it.

A Trainer is supposed to be someone who takes care of and respects their Pokemon, just being named as a Pokemon Trainer is an easy way to getting respect in most places.

So why do so many people abuse this position of power?

There are those who use that title, just so they can reduced price goods, or a free night at a Pokemon Centre or… but they don't care for their Pokemon, they don't raise them properly, they don't have any respect, even for those who they left home with. The Pokemon are nothing but tools to these people.

Saving up ninety odd Rare Candies and using them to level up a Pokemon just so you can claim you have a level one hundred doesn't count as training. That counts as cheating.

Claiming you are a Pokemon Trainer and have more experience than someone else, doesn't make you a better Trainer, it just gives you the bigger head.

Claiming that just because you left on your journey before someone else means that you can steal the last comfortable spot in the Pokemon Centre from the Trainer who has travelled the furthest to get here is a complete and utter lie.

And treating your old friends and Pokemon like shit because you lost to them makes you a complete and utter asshole…

Woe is me, my Trainer is one of those from the above complaint.

My best friend, a Charizard by the name of Krillen, has a good Trainer, Buffy is a good Trainer, she's worked with Krillen, and Yamcha, her Articuno she got from Seafoam Island, ever since she got them, which for Krillen has meant since the two of them left on their Pokemon journey.

He feels sorry for me, he's told me so every time our Trainers have met in battle, a Blastoise and a Charizard… in theory I should beat Krillen every time, but I can't, because my Trainer never raised me with enough love and care, because my stat gains were stunted by my Trainer's obsession with Rare Candy and it's effects of instantly levelling up his Pokemon. I was his starter Pokemon and he hasn't treated me with half the kindness that Buffy has Krillen… Why do we bother fighting for him?

I do not know.

It's not loyalty.

I haven't had that towards my Trainer since he made me fight Krillen for the thirty second time, expecting a different outcome.

What did Krillen tell me his Trainer told him?

Oh I remember.

The definition of madness is doing exactly the same thing and expecting different results.

Guess my Trainer is mad then.

I've noticed something. Krillen and the others all refer to Buffy by name, or as their 'partner'. Me and the rest of my team refer to our Trainer as 'the Trainer' or 'him' never by his real name… could that be because we don't know our Trainer like Krillen knows his?

Or could it because we really don't care for our Trainer?

I wonder if I could join Buffy, maybe she could undo the damage my Trainer has done to my stats…

And if not, maybe she'll treat me with more respect…

Like my Trainer would ever let me go…

I'm his 'first Pokemon' and one of his all important level one hundreds.

Like anyone cares anymore.

He treats me with exactly the same respect he does all his other Pokemon.

Which is not at all.

Which is why next time Krillen and I face off, Krillen will win.

Because I refuse to fight any longer for a Trainer who cares more about the dirt on his shoes then his Pokemon.

Good luck Trainer.

Because when all your Pokemon fail to protect you in the middle of your journey, you'll realise what a mistake you've made.

But it'll be too late.