But for the Difference of Ten Minuets

A/N: OK, this is very important to the people reading this. I AM A KATANG SHIPPER! NOT ZUTARA! I am just doing this because the idea crossed my mind. So if it sounds not so Zutara, that's why.

SUMMARY: What if Katara had healed Zuko's scar? Would he have changed for the better? This is my idea.


Katara touched Zuko's face.

She knew then and there what to do. She pulled the necklace from under her shirt. She pulled the cork out of it, waterbended it into her hand, touched Zuko's face with the water, and in a heartbeat, the scar was gone.

"Zuko? How are you?" Katara asked Zuko.

"It feels like something is missing. Something that has been a part of me for almost as long as I can remember." Zuko said.

"It is. Zuko, it's gone." Katara said, tenderly touching Zuko's face where the scar had once been.

"Thank you. I just wish there is something I could do for you in return." Zuko said.

"There is." Katara said, leaning up to Zuko, and kissed the face of somebody who she had thought evil for a long time. The face of a Prince. The face that she was beginning to fall in love with.


A/N: This first chapter was short and sweet. Like I said before, I don't normally ship Zutara, but I gave it a chance. And it turned out that it was good, I thought.

If you guys like this, please tell me. Also, I want to continue. Tell me if you think I shouldn't.